How to control flyaway hair

A simple way to control flyaway hair

Nikki Parkinson Beauty 18 Comments

There I was sitting at my hair salon the other day (a lovely upside to currently not having a shower in which to wash my hair) when my lovely stylist asked if I’d like a bit of spray to put those pesky flyaways in place.

You know the ones, don’t you? The hairs that have an anti-gravity mind of their own? The hairs that ignore the memo the rest of the hairs on your head received when being blow-dried and ironed into submission?

Yes, those ones.

Of course I said yes, and then she did something I’d never seen done before.

Check it out on my super short video.

Now, this trick to help control flyaway hair may not be new to you. I had done the “spray hairspray on to fingers” trick but not on to a kabuki brush trick.

Not only is this less messy but it’s also more effective in keeping those suckers in their place.

How to control flyaway hair

Are flyaways a problem for you? What’s your hot tip on how to control them?

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  1. I am also finding that hairspray helps control humidity issues with my hair. I put my styling creme in when wet, let it dry (or give it a quick helping hand), then touch up with a drop or two of hair oil, then a quick hairspray and it really helps with flyaways and controlling frizz

      1. I find it best in general with curly hair, not to fight the fly aways because it would drive you out of your mind over a life time. I just use plenty of product while it’s wet and try not to fight my hair, just let it do its thing.

  2. Oh the flyaways… that was pretty much all my hair yesterday! That plus flushed cheeks from morning sickness and two-sizes-too-big trousers because I haven’t felt well enough to go maternity shopping and I was rocking a pretty sexy look. Keep an eye on the catwalks next season, I could see this look coming in!

  3. OMG Thankyou Nikki,flyaways are like one of my daily problems so will be trying this one asap ,as I have fine hair it can be a big problem,hopefully not anymore!

  4. I just spray the hairspray into the palms of my hand and then gently rub over my flyaway hair for a sleek look. Will also try this idea too. Thanks

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