Christmas party beauty tips

6 Christmas party beauty tips

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Hands in the air if you’ve already attended a Christmas party or two this season?

Me? The next two weeks are 2012’s peak Christmas party time for this old chook.

Need to find me some staying power. Quick smart.

Now, part of that stamina is having a strategy in place.

A strategy that involves drinking lots of water – before, during and after – plus maximising sleep time. Never underestimate the power of a weekend nana nap to top up the sleep bank. Never.

My strategy also involves having a good supply of face wipes on hand should lazy-girl beauty tendencies collide with those champagne-drinking ones.

I also never, ever forget eye cream application at this time of year. It’s too frightening for the outside world, let alone me looking back at my own reflection.

But what about when I’m actually at a party, trying to look semi-dazzling on the outside when not so dazzling on the inside?

Listen up, Stylers …

Christmas party beauty tips

6 Christmas party beauty tips

1. Master the smokey eye. I’m not perfect at this by any stretch of the imagination but it’s really such a clever way to take your everyday makeup look to evening wow. Loving The Body Shop’s new 4-Colour Eye Palette in Smoky Copper ($39.95). The copper colours are a softer way to create this look and really pop a blue eye.

2. Let your nails do the talking. What do you do most at parties? Apart from dance on tables and sing like you think you’re the next contender for The Voice? You have your hand wrapped around a glass, of course. Just like I’m a fan of the statement ring for such glass-holding occasions, I am a fan of the the statement nail. Or at least a nail that gets you noticed for all the right reasons. Loving this chartreuse colour from Australis (Acid Rain, $7.95). Loving. Check out new blog Nail Romance for more nail-worthy inspiration. It’s been created by the fabulously talented Christina, the blogger behind Hair Romance.

3. Get shimmy with it. ‘Tis the season where you get get away with shimmery-ing up your outfit and your makeup routine. Really, too much shimmer is never enough. So, over my self tan I’ve been whipping on a bit of this Nuxe Multi-Purpose Dry Oil ($29.95), which is, in my opinion, too functional a name for such a yummy product. It really helps you get your glow on. Love it.

4. Work a lip that lasts. There is nothing worse than lip colour disappearing quicker than the first drink. My tip is to start with a stayer and you’ll need fewer trips to the ladies’ for a top up. I do love a two-in-one product too. Benefit posiepal ($39)  is a newbie from benefit that harnesses the power of posietint on one end and California kissin’ sparkly lip gloss on the other. Don’t be scared about the blue bit … it actually acts as an instant brightener to the tint. Perfecto with that smokey eye.

5. Keep all your party bits together. Oh, I’ve been a big, big fan of Borne Naked bag liners since before this blog began. One of my first posts here way back when no-one read the blog was about these. This cute little mini ($19.95 plus includes a free brush set) is perfect in silver and the ideal size for keeping the essentials ready to go for a night out. Have already bought more as gifts.

6. Keep your hair appointments. If, like me, staying blonde involves some quality chair time, have you got your pre-Christmas appointment booked? If not, hop to it as slots get booked super quickly. I’m also a fan of booking in for a style from the pros if it’s a particularly swish party I’m attending. But yes, I’m lazy like that 😉 A quick medium to long-hair ‘do that my hairdresser suggested for staying cool at a summer party: pack your hair full of mousse before blowdrying to really pump up the volume then pull back into a really high pony tail. Sweaty necks be gone. Yep, I’ll be working that one this summer, don’t you worry. Big earrings on … and BANG, I’ll be good to go.

What’s your party beauty routine look like? Any key products you don’t leave home without?

  • Tips of Beauty

    Thanks for the beauty tips….it’s very useful to us…

  • 3picklesMarnie

    Great post Nikki….I always love reading your beauty posts. For my Christmas parties, I like to make sure I’m wearing make-up that photographs well (so many pics end up on Fb the next day), so I avoid foundations and powders that have too much silica in them as the flash from a camera throws white patches…(remember the Nicole Kidman disaster?)…my biggest fear as a make-up artist. Oh and dental floss….lol x Marnie

    • I’m a shocker at cocktail parties and getting stuff stuck in my teeth! Good tip on the foundation!

  • Amanda – from Borne Naked

    Thank you so much Nikki! Borne Naked is a HUGE fan of yours too! Thank you for having such an amazing blog, us girls would be lost without you. xxx

  • Kelly

    Thanks for the tip about lip colour – lipstick is something that I find so hard to keep on. I love the bold lip colours but hate the look when they start to fade. I guess it is just trial and error with different brands but for now, I will stick to your advice and go the smokey eye and subtle glossy lips! And thanks for that link to Nail Romance – very cool!

  • rachelmp

    Great post Nikki. Just quickly booked a mani pedi while I thought of it!

    • Oops, forgot that … yes, pedi essential. Wearing closed shoes for Friday’s party but will need for next week.

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Yes I am like you Nikki need my beauty sleep at this time of the year and the eye creams,always a a must for me and I have long been a fan of the Nana nap:) Last weekend was a wrecker for me an 18th on Friday night in 40 degrees heat a Christmas party on Saturday in 40 degrees heat( just quietly I am not a fan of Backyard parties) and then another outing on Sunday afternoon and dinner,I need a rest before the next onslaught and I think there is only one big one to go before Santa comes, My hubby’s Christmas party it is at a posh restaurant at Darling Harbour and I am tossing up between 2 outfits ,I might IG them and see which one everyone prefers.I still need to do a fair bit of Christmas shopping as well so maybe this week I hope to have it finished then I have to put up the tree and cook,it is a very busy time of the year I don’t know about you ,and you have your daughters birthday as well it is a lot of work for one day.
    Thanks for this post Nikki any help in looking fresher than I feel is greatly appreciated and I have always loved Borne Naked.

    • Phewww … yes, the heatwave has hit us now. Just a Year 1 Christmas party this afternoon to get through in the heat!!

      • Lisa mckenzie

        I remember those 🙂 yes try and keep cool Nikki,it is going to be a long hot summer!

  • workingwomenaustralia

    This has reminded me that I have to book an appointment at the hairdresser before the weekend of craziness starts! I love this time of year. The kids get to eat chocolate for breakfast (thank you advent calendar) and we get to go out to loads of parties. Bliss for everyone.

  • Caitlin @ Chasing Cait

    LOVE Borne Naked too! Such a great idea, have been a fan for years. Must try that Nuxe multi-purpose dry oil – love a bit of shimmer in my life (and this NZ weather is killing me!!) xo

    • I feel for you in the weather right now. It’s summer. Need to get your summer on!

  • Carolyn

    I knew not of this Borne Naked. Thank you for the link.
    The interior of my handbag is shameful and I can never find a thing!

    • They are good – I have all sizes but find the smaller liners best as you don’t try and stuff too much in!