What’s on my NYC shopping wishlist?

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Those who know me will not be surprised that I’ve made many lists in relation to my forthcoming trip to the US.

I am genetically programmed to do so ;).

And now that those lists can be made electronically … well, somebody stop me.

Actually don’t.

I’m having way too much fun. Particularly with THIS list.


See, I’m applying the same prep work I apply (and advise others to apply) to when planning for a new-season wardrobe.

By creating a shopping wishlist, I’m creating a shopping vision board, of sorts. I’m putting it out there that the ridiculously high priced designer items that my beer budget never allows into the equation, will suddenly appear before my eyes with a significantly reduced price tag attached.

Yep, I’m a dreamer.

Seriously, though, what’s wrong with a little dreaming?

I don’t doubt that I will see clothes that I like and decide I must immediately have but it’s accessories that always carry the greatest shopping seduction power for me.

Maybe that’s because it won’t matter how many gluten-free New York bagels that I eat, accessories will still fit when I get home …

There are also key stores I’m keen to experience for the first time … Athropologie for all round lustworthyness, Kate Spade to up my geekery collection and Sephora to fill the imaginary makeup void I don’t really have but will invent just to take advantage of ridiculous US prices.

I’ll also be on the lookout for some completely impractical, yet bargainista, statement designer shoes, some additions to my NYDJ jean collection, at least one pair of new sunnies and a new wallet to replace my falling apart well-loved Mimco one.

Part of the list making process involves me spending A LOT of time researching online and checking out the “normal” price – both here (if available) and in the US.

Knowledge is power, Stylers.

This kind of knowledge helps you to be armed, prepared and importantly quickly able to make a bargain judgement call when in the midst of a New York buying frenzy.

New York Shopping Wishlist

 1. Anthropologie necklace | 2. Miu Miu sunglasses | 3. The Cambridge Satchel Company Batchel| 4. YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres Glossy Stain @ Sephora | 5. Kate Spade New York iPhone case | 6. Jimmy Choo heels | 7. NYDJ jeans | 8. Coach wallet

Thoughts re my list? If you’ve been to New York, what else should I have as a must-see-spend shopping destination list? 

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  1. I’m in New York at the moment Nikki! Snapped up a pair of Jimmy Choos at Saks 5th Ave for just under 200 bucks. They had 70% off clothing racks on an entire floor! I’m sure the end of summer sales will be even better by the time you arrive!

  2. I recently had a total frenzy in Sephora in Waikiki! Some things are HALF price. And, I am not sure if it’s just Hawai’i or a US thing but I found swimwear shopping much more possible. Lots more choice than just rows and rows of triangles.

  3. I just came back fron San Diego and stumbled across the most amazing accessory store called Charming Charlie. See if there is one in NY! Everything is grouped according to colour so all the shoes, handbags, rings, necklaces, earring, hair pins and even scarves are all together! It’s amazing! And also huge! Since you have opened my eyes to orange I now have the most beautiful orange handbag, ring, earrings and scarf… All for $40! And I also brought other ‘sets’ in different colours! Have fun if you can find one! Xx

  4. The little boutiques in Soho are amazing! I got the perfect pair of Italian soft leather ballet flats in one, then walked a couple of doors down and bought a tan leather tote. I have used them both to bits since I got home and they were both under $100.
    Have a great time! I’m sooo jealous. Xx

  5. Love your list Nikki and can totally see you in those sunnies, shoes and satchel! Since I became a mum and became sensible (ha ha!) I’m a lover of lists, especially the shopping/dining ones I make for girls’ weekends away – the research is always worth it! I haven’t been to NYC but reading all this is making my feet seriously itchy! xx

  6. I know I’ve said it before but DSW in Union Square will be the most dangerous place you’ll go to the whole trip… Go straight for the far right wall and the clearance at the back – $600 Choo’s for $300 or less – credit cards beware!

  7. Hi Nikki … designer items on a beer budget? Century21 Discount Department store, four floors … it will take your breath away 🙂

  8. Oh as I have mentioned before the NYDJ, total bargain at Macy’s, Sephora on 5th Ave is lovely & Anthropologie at Rockefeller I’d gorgeous even just for window displays. Macy’s full stop for all round shopping, walk, walk , walk there & discover shops on the way. Have fun!

  9. I love that Coach wallet … Coach is ridiculously cheap in the US especially if on the day you are at the Vegas outlets, Coach has 50% off everything!!!!!!!! I thought I was going to hyperventilate (until I realised that if I did that, there would be nothing left) so I pulled myself together and got some amazing things. I know that I can get it here but when you see the US prices it is so hard to pay the money for it. I also love those glasses and bag … enjoy your trip and the shopping!

  10. I love all the orange! You have truly made me obsessed with orange.

    Have an amazing time Nikki. Can’t wait to see a post with all of your NYC purchases! x

  11. Not so much what to buy because there are so many fabulous things in NYC, but make sure you catch the Staten Island ferry instead of going on a tour of Statue of Liberty. It goes right past and it’s FREE.

    Get all your make up/skin care while you are there, the prices are unbelievable. Look for brands that we don’t get here.

    I love NY. You will too. It’s the most fab city I have ever been to. We are going back next year for 2 weeks.

    Have a great trip.

  12. You are so organised Nikki! I like that you research first, thats smart shopping. Can’t wait to see what you do get 🙂
    As for Sephora I’s love to know what you think of the Kat Von D range ( I think its called high Voltage). I follow her in IG & she’s been showing a heap of stuff that looks really great.

  13. I agree accessories would be on my list too! especially anything in soft squishy leather ,that’s how I like my bags ,soft not hard ,the ones that look better with age ,not unlike me lol,maybe some OPI nail polish as it is so cheap over there ,especially in the colours you love “hello” over the taupe,one of my personal faves,Michael Kors perfume,makeup,skin care and everything that we pay too much for and get a bucket of junior mints,they are yummo,cashmere is much cheaper in the US so you would be mad not to buy something lovely,and a Tolani scarf they are gorgeous,and maybe something from Tiffany to remember your trip by and if you have some spare cash a 2.55 lambskin Chanel bag in black( sorry my wishlist not yours ) I can’t wait to see what you buy,and we can lust after, so exciting!Not long to go now Nikki…

  14. Anthropologie near the Rockefeller Centre is three floors of heaven for anyone looking to dress like Nina Proudman- scarves, jewellery and shoes are all great buying here for something a little bit quirky/boho.
    Soho is all chain stores, but just 10minutes walk to heaps of great shopping- and some cool restaurants and bars. In this part of NY I bought a beautiful cobalt blue leather bag in a tiny leather store, but also some second-hand red cowboy boots that were the one thing I wanted to buy in the US!Try Mott Street and Mulberry Street in Nolita for great shopping you won’t find anywhere else.

  15. Looking forward to your report back and shopping recommendations as I go to NY in Sept, so will love to hear your tips! So far I have a ‘bit of a list’ in my head, just not sure if I will be able to get left over summer items on sale or it will all be autumn/winter by then in the stores. Will have to wait & see!

  16. Yep, I went with a must get list to the USA. BUT so many things spoke to me and I soon learned that thinking about purchases with the intent of going back, was a complete waste of my shopping time- YOU WILL NOT GO BACK TO THE SHOP LATER TO GET IT!! Because there are so many more things to do and see. So buy it the first time you see it and say yeah I like you! You are so much better off to perhaps have a couple of wrong buys than no buys and regrets( do you get what I mean?) Plus the men folk get so frustrated when they are revisiting shops 😉 My theory is just like yours, price match now online and don’t buy anything that you can get later online fairly reasonably- go for the items that don’t ship here, Are in the sales bins(which I find are really superior!!!) or are really precious, perhaps really expensive stuff that you will want to wear (hello jewellery!- I collected enough silver-1st trip and Gold charms-2nd trip- from cities or tourist sites to fill a bracelet!) My Big thing is to buy yourself a really precious piece or collection(like my charms) of Gold jewellery say from Tiffany’s to remember the trip with. Again- so jealous!

    1. Ooh yeah, you forgot perfume! Compare with what you can get online here or duty free. And booze! In the states it is cheap at the supermarket! Or on departure. Do not lugg it from here. The only exception being bundy rum, which I found hard to find after oz.

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