NYDJ coloured denim jeans

5 for Friday: packing for an autumn weekend in Melbourne

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This time next week I’ll be in Melbourne. I will have enjoyed one night in a hotel room, a couple of vinos with some bloggie buddies, and more than a few stories with some more bloggie buddies.

Yes, it’s Digital Parents Conference Go Time and I am counting down the days.

It’s about this far out from a trip that I stop and give some thought as to what I might throw in my suitcase. And yes, there will be a suitcase. I’m going for three nights, people. Carry on luggage just won’t cut it.

I mean, what if it’s super hot one day and then colder than a Queensland winter’s day the next? This is Melbourne, after all. A city that boasts about its special skill of producing “four seasons in one day”. I need to make like a Girl Guide and be prepared.

If that isn’t justification for taking as much as I can, then I don’t know what is.

I’ve already given you the geeky run down of the essentials that will be travelling with me for all the socialising intense work I’ll be doing, so I thought, today being Friday and all, I’d let you take a peek in my suitcase to see the top 5 things that I won’t be leaving home without.

Now, of course, you do understand there will be more than five things in my big red Samsonite suitcase, don’t you? I need OPTIONS. And more than a little room for maybe some shopping … but this is a good start 😉

NYDJ coloured denim jeans

Even if NYDJ Australia weren’t sponsoring me to go to DPCON12, I’d still be wearing their jeans. Because basically they rock. I’m obsessed with my red jeans, so much so I decided today they needed a cobalt blue mate. Oh, and stay tuned … next week I’ll have some more news that might excite YOU about NYDJ. It just might involve a little competition …

ASOS ankle boots

Please let the weather be cool enough for me to wear my brand new ASOS ankle boots. See, I picked them up for an absolute steal ($65 – don’t hate me, they were on sale) a couple of weeks ago and I think they’re really made for walking … all around Melbourne. What do you think? OH, and yes, Mr Styling You has added these boots to his list of shoes I should never been seen in. That’s ok, HE won’t see me as I’ll be in Melbourne ;).

Benefit Cabana Glama kit

When I travel I like to make out that I streamline my beauty routine, keep it simple and pack only the bare minimum. Except there was this one time that I got caught out and I was outed on a very popular blog for not being very minimalistic at all. But let’s put that all behind us, shall we? Instead, let’s concentrate on this new little travel gem from Benefit (it’s on counter tomorrow). The Cabana Glama set is about the size of a CD case (remember those ancient things we bought before iTunes came along?) but twice as deep and contains the key essentials for a minimal makeup all in one kit. We’ve got Some Kind of Gorgeous as an alternative to a foundation, which to be honest, as this old chook actually needs a foundation, not an alternative, probably won’t get so much of a run. BUT, I’m set with that eye colour trio, Hoola blush/bronzer and mini Posie Tint. Yes, I am … but I also might sneak in some extras … just in case.

Oroton Signature O Small Umbrella

Mr Styling You works in the city. This makes him particularly useful when very important emails like Oroton having a 50% off sale arrive in my inbox, as one did just last week. I quickly flicked it on to him and added in the promise of undying love should he make the trip down the lift in his lunchbreak to buy me a new umbrella. There was some mention back to me via return email about the umbrella that I had left somewhere lost the day before but I assured him that I would indeed look after this new one. And then, God love him, he lined up for almost his entire break to buy it for me … because, of course, the shop was seething with women beside themselves at the amount of money they were going to “save” on their must-have-now-while-the-price-is-right purchases. He is a good man.

Annah Stretton chameleon dress

Friday night after working REALLY hard all day at the conference, it will be time for the predominantly female attendees to frock it up. I enjoy this part immensely. Last year, so much so, I danced on stage using a sponsor’s vacuum cleaner as a microphone. An effort that actually saw me come home with said vacuum cleaner for my husband. Anyhoo … I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to bring this Annah Stretton dress properly out  to play and I think the conference gala dinner and dance will be just that time. Suitably blinged up, of course (the earrings are from here; and the ring from here).

What are your top 5 essentials for an autumn weekend in Melbourne or if you’re coming to DPCON12, what’s on your must-pack list?


I’m attending Digital Parent Conference 2012 thanks to my sponsors Not Your Daughter’s Jeans. You can find stockists around Australia via their Facebook page.

NYDJ blog banner ad


Have you entered this month’s competition yet? There are 14 prizes to be won worth a total of almost $1400.

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  1. Rocking two ‘trends’ today that I would never have tried without you Nikki – coloured AND skinny jeans.  Love my Emerson @ Big W cobalts so much, this week I also bought a red pair!  Am wearing the cobalt today to take my doggy to the RSPCA Million Paws Walk 🙂 

  2. I’ve recently gone through my supposed travel kit to see what I may and may not need if I ever decide to travel. I def need a new suitcase and did you know red is the best according to feng shui? I have my toiletry bag, smaller travel bag for travel clock, night mask, jewellery etc, and then a smaller two sided bag for carrying during the day filled with all the essentials in case of an emergency. Raincoat, zip lock bags, whistle, shopping bags, tissues etc. I call it my first aid kit and it’s full!

    I’ve also gone through my clothes to see which would travel best, as in wrinkle resistant, non ironing, non “if you touch me i’ll get a pull in me” kind of clothes, and as it turns out, except for skivvies, I don’t have a lot of long sleeve tops for autumn/winter. Bugger! And I refuse to take too many shirts/bouses because of wrinkles and ironing. So, I really don’t have that much.

    But what about ipads/ipods/electricals etc? I’m still trying to find the right bag for my igoodies and their cords and what not but haven’t been able to find anything. And then there’s pcs and their stuff, any ideas on what’s best for travelling with essential electricals?

    1. Love your organisation! I only travel with my iPad now – there’s a link in the post as to what I’ll be traveling with geek wise for this conference. I’m stoked that my red suitcase is good feng shui!

      1. I was too busy gawking at your suitcase goodies in the Beach Cottage blog post – Beach Cottage How To Get Your Glow On at Christmas….exclusive with StylingYou – that I missed the geeky post. Have now read it and commented. I’m still in need of an organisational (is that a word? if not, it is now) bag for my igoodies though.

  3. Hope you have a great time Nikki, and am looking forward to your follow-up posts after the event. Could you include pics of what you wore for each day/occasion? (I’m going for a girls’ weekend away to celebrate my sister’s birthday in a couple of weeks – we’re off to Montville – so lots of winery visits and shopping, and I don’t have a clue what to pack!) So some inspiration would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  4. Where on the NYDJ website is the coloured denim?  I keep looking and it’s probably right in front of me but I cannot find them!!!

  5. I keep wanting to try NYDJ that are just out of my price range, those cobalt ones look amazing though!
    I usually overpack, I was proud of myself though earlier in the year as I managed to pack 2 weeks of (Summer) clothing into carry on for my trip to Adelaide! I knew I had spare time and a washing machine though!

    LOVE those boots!

    1. Very impressed with your packing efforts! And yes, I get that $200 for a pair of jeans is not possible for a lot of people. I don’t think it would be possible for me if I hadn’t discovered how much they work for me! But come back to the blog next week … I’m giving readers a chance to win a pair!!

  6. very funny that you even think anyone believes you that all you are taking is No. 3 in the cosmetics/beauty department…

    I will be sneaking into your room and taking iphone pics of your huge toiletry bags full of stuff, oh that’s not if first you don’t force me to put some of it in my luggage 😉 


  7. Ok, well where am I getting the red NYDJ?  I lived in my denim NYDJ travelling thru New York and Paris during their winter just gone. Best ever for travel.

  8. I just returned from 6 days in Melbourne – it was 30 degrees and muggy one day and a chilly, windy 18 the next.  Of course I packed too much and not enough!!!  I took a knee length cotton skirt which I wore for shopping in, with a t shirt, and packed a blazer to smarten it up.

    I wore it most of the time I was there as I found jeans were too hot and uncomfortable on the hot days.

    I bought those boots too, they are GORGEOUS!!!!  And only $65 !!!  We are very smart shoppers.  Thanks for all the great posts.

      1. Oh I hear you think my hubbie is same and I’m 6’2″ so the stilletos thing is a pain – i don’t mind a heel when the outfit calls for it but there are limits!!  On the disqus thingy I didn’t like how my name appeared as it is misspelt so I logged out and was using guest but couldn’t log back in so I have created another profile.

  9. Mr Styling You doesn’t know a great pair of boots if it kicked him in the butt lol. Love them and annoyed you got such a bargain and I missed it! Baahaaaa!!! I’m loving the cobalt jeans for winter and might just have to buy me a pair to go with my red and hot pink ones.

    Have I told you I love your blog and styling tips

  10. You’ll def get to wear those boots…it’s really cold here today and it doesn’t look like it’s going to warm up anytime soon. Have fun. Maybe I’ll bump into you while you’re here.
    x Marnie

      1. I’ve been meaning to tell you Nikki – I took your advice and reconsidered my previous thoughts regarding jeggings. You are correct – if you get with proper stitching, zip fly and back pockets, they are the bomb! I scored some off the Supre website for nicks, got a rusty orange colour and love them so much I’m thinking which colour I’ll get next! This is all thanks to you 🙂

  11. I had NYDJ when they first came out to Australia because I had just had a baby. They were great. I also got a pair of 3/4 pants as well. Happy to say neither fit me because I have gone from 88kg to 76kg. Hurrah for me!

  12. Thanks for the great tips Nikki.  I am going to Melb next month for a 30 year high school reunion which is going to be held in a pub in Prahran – what the hell I am going to wear to this so that I look like I am effortlessly fabulous 40’sR 30’s.  I ‘m so happy today as I read my email from J-Crew – they are shipping to Australia now yipppeee – they do tall girl options and offering free shipping and returns until end of April.  I’ve given up on the UK tall girl site as nothing ever fitted properly or was as luxe in the flesh as it appeared online.  P.S not sure if its something I’m doing but I no longer get your replies to my comments in my email :-((

    1. So stoked about J-Crew!! Re the comment replies … because I’ve switched to Disqus, you’ll have to sign up an account with them. When you do this, you can opt to receive replies to any comments on blogs using this comment system. Sorry for the switcheroo, but this one is much more user friendly with adding in photos and “liking” etc.

    2. Hi Caz
      Re the comment replies … because I’ve switched to Disqus, you’ll have to sign up an account with them – add in a lovely profile photo too if you like? (www.disqus.com) When you do this, you can opt to receive replies to any comments on blogs using this comment system. Sorry for the switcheroo, but this one is much more user friendly with adding in photos and “liking” etc. Nikki

      Nikki Parkinson | managing editor | Styling You
      p 0417703290 | e [email protected]
      46 Yorlambu Pde, Maroochydore Q 4558

      I also blog at Just.b Australia

  13. Thanks for this Nikki – I have avoided this topic for weeks and it says on my to do list today “figure out what you are packing for DP Con!” – coming from Queensland my  biggest debate was whether I need a warm coat as I don’t even have a decent one (rarely needing one up here)

    1. mmm … I’m not going to take a coat but I’ll definitely have a jacket and probably a knit just in case. If it were July I’d definitely have a coat. We should technically be ok in March, although just checked the weather and they’ve only got a top of 16 degrees today!! See you there Deb!

  14. Excellent packing, Nikki!  I like the look of  the Benefit kit.  Very much so!

    Enjoy the weekend.   

    SSG xxx

  15. Love those boots. Actually I really need new ankle boots. I’d love you to do a post on winter boots soon as i am always is indecisive on what to get. I like to pack jeans, black pants nd lots of different necklaces and earrings so i’ve got options even with limited clothes.

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