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ManLand: the women’s fashion men just don’t get

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The other week The Stylist mentioned that an Australian women’s fashion brand was doing its bit for black magic by raising from the dead the scrunchie – that ugly and totally over-used hair restraint from the late ’80s and early ’90s.

While we agreed about the horror of the return of such a despicable accessory, it quickly became apparent The Stylist and I have VERY different views about the good and bad of what women are wearing these days.

There are so many things about women’s “on trend” fashion that us guys just don’t get.

High-waisted jeans/shorts: These things mess with my head. If a women’s waist is down there, why would you put the belt line and top button all the way up there? I don’t think it looks flattering at all; it just looks like you’ve given yourself a wedgy trying to get dressed in a hurry!

Brown brogues and white socks: To me this is another return to the awkward ’80s/’90s. From what I can gather, you girls have an almost endless supply of footwear options to choose from, without having to pull your old brown school shoes from the bin.

Genie pants:  The opposite of the highwaister! Instead of creating an exotic look, the saggy, baggy bum and crotch ends up looking like you haven’t pulled these pants up enough … and that you’ve filled them with something unmentionable.

Gladiator sandals: The ancient Greeks Romans wore these because they didn’t have the benefit of a few thousand years of progress to recognise the error in their footwear ways. Don’t keep making the same mistake.

Cork Wedges: Tacky and nasty. I really don’ like cork wedges on anyone. There are no winners.

fashion men just don't get

Should you want details on these garments (REALLY?), head over here

Maybe you could explain why you love the things I hate? Or maybe, just maybe, you too have been suffering from a dislike of what the fashion world dictates you should be wearing?


In the bathroom:

It’s been a bit of a L’Oreal month in the tiny corner of the bathroom, in which the Stylist lets me store and play with products.

L'Oreal Men Expert

1. L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic X-Treme POW! This is like wiping an energy drink across your mug. And it’s awesome. For the first time L’Oreal Men Expert has added the anti-oxidant taurine to a skincare product that helps to protect against the ageing effect of free radicals, sooth the skin and help it to better protect itself. Perfect for helping your skin recover from whatever you did too much of the day or night before.

2. L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic X-Treme Cleanser Magnetic Charcoal $12.95Another first, this time the addition of charcoal, which works like a magnet to trap and remove toxins, excess oil and perspiration – in other words… a long day or night working or playing. My face felt really clean after using this in the shower and the pores on my nose are noticeably smaller.

3. L’Oreal Men Expert Vita Lift 5 Daily Moisturiser $19.45This moisturiser is great all over your face and neck in the morning and the evening and is great for soothing razor burn after shaving.

4. L’Oreal Men Expert Vita Lift 5 Eye Roll-On $15.85The icy roll on ball works to instantly sooth and reduce the bags under your eyes, while the Pro-Retinol and Nutri-Peptido Complex lightens the dark circles, fights wrinkles and improves the skin texture.


In the wardrobe:

I treated myself to a new pair of RM Williams boots last week – a black pair to give my chocolate brown pair a break from the daily slog. Lucky this shirt was just an $19 addition on top of that. Go Mix Apparel at Coles.

mix apparel at Coles men's checked shirt $19


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  1. I wore scrunchies all through my teens, twenties and into my thirties before having my hair cut off back in 2010. I still have them but now they decorate my jewellery dolls aound their necks.

  2. My problem is that ‘high-waisted’ pants are actually waisted. Our waists are not ‘down there’ at all. Our hips are down there. Why do so many people have trouble with the idea that your waist is that small part and your upper and lower hip are the bigger parts where the pelvis is.
    Whether the pants are flattering or not is a different issue. I personally prefer them as I am quite a curvy girl with short legs and they elongate my leg line and prevent the unavoidable ‘muffin-top’ that I get otherwise.
    It’s simply a pet peeve of mine when people lose their waist.

    1. I think the best thing is that if you find the rise of pants that suits your shape. For me mid-rise pants work best – I could never wear jeans in the ’80s! For me high-waisted is shocking as I have a short waist – so if I emphasise my waist, my hips look worse. However, if I have dress drape and drop from under my bust it skims the hips.

  3. My husband hates empire line dresses, not a fan of the high waist and doesn’t get the bright lipstick trend.  Oh and when we went to pre-natal classes one of the videos involved a woman with a scrunchie.  When the class broke for coffee we might have gone home 🙂

  4. Call me whatever but I agree with Mr. Styling you. I often find no meaning in high fashion and all the hooplas attached to it. I mean I am presentable and on occasions, well dressed but pardon me if i dont get fashion as its supposed to be taken. 

    Thank you so much for the post. Something sensible on fashion, after ages. I’m a Mr. Styling you fan 🙂

  5. Dear Mr Stylist
    Maybe it is THOSE particular cork wedges – Sergio Rossi for $450 – perhaps you are focused on what you could get for that price – like 23 of the featured checked shirts.

    Although I rather like the shoes myself.
    I gave up listening to TheHusband and his fashion opinion several years ago.  He simply couldn’t get his head around me calling some of my clothes – investments.  I thought he would understand, being as Finance is his career.
    But no, my Chanel 2.55 was not deemed by him to be a good long term buy – even after I explained the cost per wear principle.  He also hates Genie Pants, he thinks they look like pyjamas.  

    I suspect you and TheHusband might get along quite well.

  6. I’m with ya there, mate!! I don’t mind wedges (want to get a pair myself in fact!) but prefer the other type *mental blank* … the straw/jute/natural-material type, lol!

  7. My fiance cannot stand wedges, high waisted pants/jeans and maxi dresses.
    Everytime I ask him how I look, his response is always: “is that what’s in fashion?”…except if I am going for a ‘bombshell’ look…then you can guess his response…!!

  8. The Welshman is not a fan of highwaisted pants nor my genie-inspired pants either.  I love my brogues though – in fact, I think I might wear them tomorrow.  But quelle horreur, I would never, ever think about wearing them with white socks.  That is gross.  I wear mine with liners and rolled skinny jeans.

    The scrunchie has died a death already – let’s not resurrect it.  Lords only know what will try and creep out of the grave with it! 

    I am impressed with your change-from-twenty-bucks shirt though – nice!

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