Budget buy: L'Oreal Paris Lumi Magique Light Infusing Foundation $33.95 | Luxe buy: Guinot Youth Time Anti Ageing Foundation $89

A tale of two liquid foundations

Nikki Parkinson Beauty 36 Comments

Day-to-day I’m generally a no-frills, slap-it-on kind of makeup girl. There’s not a whole lot of point putting on a full face when it will be mostly facing a computer all day.

I will put on a BB cream (Garnier or the new L’Oreal one) then dust over some mineral powder, add some cheek colour, a slick of mascara and a dab of lipgloss. And I’m good to go.

But … and it’s a big but … If I’m heading out somewhere fancy schmancy and need my makeup to go the distance, I’ll opt for a liquid foundation (with powder on top).

Last year, in the liquid department, my face fell big time for Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation. This foundation has properties found in BB creams so it’s no wonder my face was very happy with the outcome.

I’m still using it – and loving it – which is a big call in my beauty pimping books.

Don’t tell my Skin Base but I’ve been a little unfaithful of late. In the last couple of weeks my face has been all flirty with a couple of new friendly arrivals in my beauty cabinet.

Budget buy: L'Oreal Paris Lumi Magique Light Infusing Foundation $33.95 | Luxe buy: Guinot Youth Time Anti Ageing Foundation $89

Budget buy: L’Oreal Paris Lumi Magique Light Infusing Foundation $33.95 | Luxe buy: Guinot Youth Time Anti Ageing Foundation $89

One sits at the budget end of the line. The other at the more luxe foundation line.

One is more liquidy (L’Oreal) ; the other more creamy.

One has SPF 18 (L’Oreal); the other includes seaweed and green tea extract to treat the skin underneath the foundation over time.

Both have staying powder.

Both have the light diffusing ingredients that, as a woman of a certain age, I need don’t leave home without.

Want to see how they look on my “certain age” face?

Keep in mind … the only makeup I have on is the actual foundation. None of the other things that would help pretty me up. No powder, concealer … nada … nothing. Not even a hint of lip balm.

Ok … here goes.

L’Oreal Paris Lumi Magique Light Infusing Foundation

L'Oreal Lumi Magique Light Infusing Foundation

Guinot Youth Time Anti Ageing Foundation

Guinot Youth Time Anti Ageing Foundation

I’m actually hard pushed telling the difference from the photos.

L’Oreal probably wins on the luminousity front. Just.

I do prefer the ease of pumping out the L’Oreal Lumi Magique but I’m also seduced by the paraben-free treatment formulation of the Guinot Anti Ageing.

What’s best for you? That’s not for me to say.

If you can, I’d try both for yourself. Or try one of these up against your current liquid foundation and see whether it’s worth a change up for you?

Do you ever use a liquid foundation? What’s your current fave?

  • Jacqueline

    The choice between two good foundations is easy for me in this case.

    L’Oreal test ingredients on animals and Guinot do not.

    Also I find company’s that don’t test on animals tend to use less chemicals and safer more organic ingredients, so it’s not only better for animals, it’s better for us.

  • Janine

    As a woman on the wrong side of 45 that has oily skin and needs good coverage, staying power and shine control, my fave is Estée Lauder double wear liquid foundation. I dust with a translucent powder also, although the sales girl (who was about 12) told me she prefers to go without powder for a dewy finish. As my skin is oily, I find I’m dewy enough! The price is $68 however you can get it on Strawberrynet for about $40.

    • Hahah, Janine, I’m dewy enough too! Thanks for your recommendations.

  • I must say I like the Guinot and love mineral liquid and powder makeup.

    I use a totally Australian Made product from Melb – Livinia Mineral Makeup. It’s actually made by a friend of mine and is fantastic, I wore it when I lived in North Queensland and found it to be fantastic for all day wear when I needed to wear make up. It just doesn’t clog up the pores.

  • Melanie

    Great post! I use Face of Australia foudation for my every day wear; it is super affordable (approx $12 from Priceline) and is really light on the skin plus it gives my skin a little glow. For my weekends, I use Mac Mineralize Satinfinish as I’m usually in bars or nightclubs so has great staying power.

    Mel x

  • Wow very interesting experiment there! I tend to use the cheaper ones for everyday wear, as I find you can’t often tell the distance. But I do find they tend to wear off quicker. Whereas the more expensive ones are worth investing in for more special occasions as they seem to have staying power.

    • Sounds like a great way to approach it Maid in Australia!

  • Juanita

    I use Mirenesse Velvet Maxilift Foundation, it’s the best one I’ve come across. But I love the look of the L’oreal Lumi Magique, that’s my favourite on your skin, it really is luminous, dewy and has great coverage. I’m definately going to give that one a try.

  • It’s been a few years since I have used a liquid but when i did it was always Revlon colourstay since it was invented. I used to have to mix 2 shades together to get the shade I needed. It made me look very made up but covered pimply imperfections so very well. I have been a devotee to minerals for ages, glominerals, revlon colourstay minerals and now Jane iredale and funnily enough don’t have so many ‘imperfections’.

    • And if you did have imperfections you’d hardly notice them as the minerals are great “light diffusers”.

  • Mrs Woog

    I use Maybellene Age Rewind or one from Laura Mercier. But if I am just hanging around I am a Garner BB cream girl all they way, MAYBE with some Jane Iredale power over it. But I am now obsessed with cheek colour. Can we have a post on that please! xx

    • I’ll doing anything you ask of me Mrs Woog … cheeks it is!

  • Caz

    They both look pretty good to me and wow what gorgeous cheeks you have Nikki 🙂 I have been using the Garnier BB after you and another blog I read raved about it and I do like it when I just want a little bit of something (with mascara and lip gloss of course) and not a full made up face . I can’t go past my Mac foundation I just love it and its the best colour match i have ever had – i have olive skin and I have found the cheaper foundations for some reason are just never a good colour match. Also I went out and bought me some Clarins Lotus oil that you recommended last week and have to say my skin is feeling pretty damn fab thanks for reminding me about this fantastic product I had forgotten all about it and also found the poppy red lipstick I have been searching for forever at the Clarins counter 🙂

    • Oh Caz … that’s fantastic! Great to hear on the Clarins front … and yes, my advice if you’re having trouble colour matching is to choose a brand where you can get that done by a professional. Makes all the difference!

  • Marcia

    Both look great to me. But what I want to know is how are you applying your foundation these days???

    It used to be that a sea sponge was the way to go but now all the fancy-schmancy makeup artistes are suggesting we use a brush. But which brush??? The flat one that seems to paint on foundation or the stipple brush??? Argh! Too many choices! Any tips or will I just stick to slapping it on with my digits? LOL

    • I use a brush – mostly a flat foundation brush – but the Illamasqua consultant I linked to above used a blush brush that had more of an effect of buffing it into the skin rather than painting it on.
      I’m a convert to brushes as you actually use less product so the brush more than pays for itself.

  • Both look great, I love Make Up For Ever High Definition liquid foundation. And Laura Mercier translucent powder.

    • Oh, both excellent products Alex … you speak good foundation!

      • Thanks Nikki!

  • I second Marnie Nikki because you actually look FAB without any makeup on …no wonder your husband cleans house for his gorgeous gal.

    Need a new LF so this post is well timed – like the Guinot but budget constraints mean I will go the L’Oreal – thanks for the tip. I am rapidly moving your posts into my “can’t live without” compartment – yesterday bought 3 great pieces of BARGAIN Emmerson which I wouldn’t have even KNOWN about if it weren’t for you. And the Verily tip-off? You are a LIFEsaver and a timesaver, and a spunk LOL.

    • Ah, Kylie … happy to do my bit … I love helping women to feel a bit spesh about themselves. Makes MY day xx

  • Sarah

    The Loreal ones looks good and I suppose a bit of powder over the top would tone down the luminosity a little if it was too much. I’m always wary of the Loreal counter though – especially for foundations as they don’t have any counter staff to help me colour match!

    • That does make it trick, Sarah, I agree. Colour matching is super important. The Illamasqua one I talk about and link to above is one of about 20 shades they have so my match is spot on!

  • Great post Nikki! I really love the Healthy Glow by Bourjois. It’s fantastic!!! Just enough coverage, but makes your skin glow.

    I think both “after” photos look so similar, but the finish on the Guinot looks just a bit nicer.

    • Thanks for your recommendation – I love people sharing their finds – we’re all different and our skin changes so we need to try different products … well that’s what I tell myself!

  • Kellie

    Hmm, they look really different on your hand, but I can’t tell much difference in the photos. I have been using Revlon Colorstay liquid for ages and I like it for the staying power. But it does lack luminosity. Might give the L’oreal one a go if it stays on! I would never spend $89 on a foundation unless it guaranteed me to have the skin of, say, Taylor Swift!

  • Nikki, you look beautiful without the foundation on…lucky lady!! I love both finishes and would probably choose Guinot for a function where I knew I’d have my pic taken….like a wedding (wouldn’t mind that in my kit). It photographs really well and looks velvety.I think L’Oreal products are always a winner and this foundation is next on my hit list for everyday.
    end of ramble…have a great day
    x Marnie

  • I think I am liking the finish of the Guinot more, but that is just because I get a little scared when things are a little too luminous. So for me, Guinot would win!

    Great post as always Nikki!


  • Tam

    I’ll be up for a new liquid foundation once my current one runs out – I’ve not been 100% happy with it. Nice to know a budget brand can compete with the exxy one!

    You have lovely skin, Nikki!

    • Thanks Tam – the L’Oreal one is definitely worth a try!