Some of the current NYDJ styles available for autumn-winter 2012, priced from $199-$209

Jean Genie: WIN a pair of NYDJs

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There’s a whole period of my fashion life that was devoid of jeans. I was no different from the size I am now. None of this “wish I had my pre-baby body” malarkey 😉

Sure, I could find jeans that fit me. BUT. And it’s a BIG but (or should that be butt?!), these jeans looked dreadful on me. They did zip for my legs, tummy and behind and were super uncomfortable to wear.

Whenever friends were going out they’d have the luxury of just throwing on a pair of jeans and a top. I’d glance at the line up of pretty tops in my wardrobe, all begging for a turn to come out and play, and look back at my friends, green with envy that they could pull together an outfit so simply.

I read all the fashion mags, I knew that I needed a pair of jeans as part of my line-up of wardrobe basic essentials.

What I didn’t know was that my quest for jeans would all eventually pan out ok. That the final piece of my wardrobe puzzle would not only get filled once … but six times over.

The love affair started five years ago with my first pair of Not Your Daughter’s Jeans (NYDJ). It was pretty much love at first fitting. I remember holding up this seemingly tiny pair of jeans and thinking, yeh sure, they’re not going to even do up, let alone look any good.

But they did. They sucked me in and made me look taller (thanks to NYDJ’s exclusive Lift Tuck Technology), all while feeling like I was wearing tracky pants. Winning.

This technology is genius and works via a patented criss-cross panel from the inside of the jean to subtly shape curves. It’s technology that’s been imitated ever since the NYDJ launch in 2003 but I’ve not found a brand that comes close to doing what these jeans do … which is why I’m happy indeed to fork out the designer price tag.

Yes, I’m still wearing NYDJ and I’ve watched them develop more fashionable designs since that first pair – which is a GOOD thing – as it means that my butt and my front butt can embrace trends like coloured or skinny jeans without looking and feeling like a tightly wrapped, over-sized chorizo sausage.

Some of the current NYDJ styles available for autumn-winter 2012, priced from $199-$209

Some of the current NYDJ styles available for autumn-winter 2012, priced from $199-$209

The rise of the NYDJ is high-mid, which works for my body shape – no gaping at the back when I sit down and minimal muffin top – but not too high to cause an unfortunate case of camel toe.

I no longer feel ostracised from the fashion jean brigade and those lovely tops that used to stare longingly at me from my wardrobe? They very much get a turn at coming out to play. In fact, I’ve now ALWAYS got something to wear.

Here are some examples of me and my NYDJs. I wear a US size 12, which is an Australian 15-16. (I’ve just bought a cobalt blue pair too. I’ll be taking them out on an excursion very soon and I’ll add them to the gallery as soon as I do!)



Silly me, of course you would. NYDJs are available in sizes 8-20 (US sizing 0-18). Styling You and NYDJ Australia have 1 pair to give away. We want to hear your jeans story? Do you find it difficult to find jeans that suit your shape? The woman with the most creative and original story will win a pair of NYDJs of her choice (subject to availability). Maximum word length: 150 words. There is scope to add a photo to your entry in the comments section below, so please feel free to do this if you would like! This competition opens on Wednesday, March 28 at 5.30am (AEST) and closes Wednesday April 12 at 5.30am (AEST). One entry per person. Australian entries only. The total prize pool value is a maximum of $219. The winner will be contacted via email and her entry may be re-published on Styling You and her name will be published here.


I’m attending Digital Parent Conference 2012 thanks to my sponsors Not Your Daughter’s Jeans. You can find stockists around Australia via their Facebook page.

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Comments 93

  1. Muffin tops, what a flop
    G strings for the world to see
    Jeans just dont have enough coverage
    Or are bottoms  getting bigger to me?

    NYDJ have helped the world
    They hold things in, less to see
    While looking stylish and slim with one reprieve..
    Oh to look good and still be able to breathe

  2. Jeans can be worn anywhere,

    From the catwalk to wrestling a bear.

    Simple with a casual tee,

    Or glamed with heels for all to see!
    Skinny jeans don’t suit me,
    But bum lifting ones make me happy!
    I need a staple pair for every weekend,
    So these would be a godsend!

  3. I entered my teens as a size 16. Jeans were just becoming
    fashionable for women.  I was told I was ‘too
    fat ‘to wear them, and besides they ‘were for men’. When you’re a teenager, you
    believe that stuff.

    I found courage at the age of 22 to buy my first pair of
    jeans – from the mens department. Again, I was told that I was too fat to wear
    them. I was still a size 16.

    At the age of 43, I was able to buy a size 12, and 10 years
    later I’m still wearing them. They’re old and they’re shabby and I’d probably
    need a size 14 nowadays.

    I don’t wear jeans a lot; I never feel comfortable. I always
    feel “I’m too fat”. 
    That’s probably because the picture in my head is different
    to the one in the mirror.

  4. With short legs and a short waist, buying jeans is a nightmare!  Thank God my mother is a seamstress and has saved me so much money adjusting my clothes!

  5. My first pair of jeans was from Kmart. I was 12 and not exactly the sveltest girl in  my class. Since then, my jeans experience has gone downhill, just as my body has expanded upwards and outwards. I love wearing jeans, but they certainly don’t love me – or my hips, my thighs, my buttocks, my stomach. 

  6. Jeans have always been a part of my wardrobe… Yeh not the Lone Ranger there I know. I still remember my first pair of jeans… An 80s essential, black cords! Still have the pic of my then bff & I proudly wearing said jeans. Through my teens & 20s buying jeans seemed to be governed only by preference… If I loved them, I bought them and they fit. As the years ticked by, buying jeans has become a frustrating experience. When I heard about NYDJ from your blog, I was more than heartened that the perfect jeans may actually still exist for me. Would love to get my butt into some NYDJ sometime soon.

  7. I actually don’t own a pair of jeans as to date I have not found any that fit perfectly, I have a small waist and big hips therefore they either fit in one or the other but not both. I would love to wear NYDJ jeans with a gorgeous top and boots and actually feel normal for wearing jeans. Please help me……

  8. I have a short hourglass figure. I find it hard to get jeans that don’t need to be taken up too much and that fit me around the waist and bum. On top of that, I need jeans to be soft enough to be comfortable on my skin. Very tricky! One night, after a disastrous date – I ended it after he told me he regularly uses prostitutes – I went out on the town, drinking with our mate Bern Morley. Very tipsy, she went through her makeshift wardrobe (suitcase on the floor) and gave me her NYDJ that didn’t fit her anymore. They’re soft, fit around the waist, and a good length.Those jeans were the best thing that I picked up that night 😉

  9. Camel toe ughh, I’m not even that big, but jeans are unflattering on the short and size 11’s. I have baggy ones, thin ones, short and bootleg, relaxed fit, you name it and all are depressingly wrong. the only time I felt good in jeans was when I was a size 8. But then I looked good in everything then.

  10. oh jeans jeans jeans.  I blame my genes on hard to buy jeans.  At 181 cm and slim (no I’m not complaining) what this means is a hard time in the change room.  
    1.  Too short.  Yep sit down and cross your legs and suddenly those perfect length jeans are crops.
    2.  Too wide on the waist.  I have hips and sometimes to get over them, the waist band is so wide a belt looks like a  piece of string around a paper bag.
    3.  Skinny leg.  Don’t even get me started.  If I can’t get them over my calf there is no way they are getting over my hips!
    4.  From the sales assistant  “they stretch a size”.  So I have jeans in my cupboard worn twice that did not stretch and ones that did and are too big.

    I need just one pair, in great styles that will never let me down and are not my daughters!

  11. My quest for the perfect jeans has been long and unsuccessful. I spent the 80’s in high waisted flares and stonewash skinny leg, the 90’s in a stolen pair of men’s 501’s and the next decade in “Boyfriend Jeans” which were not at all flattering. In all this time I still haven’t found my butt ‘but’ my muffin has been a constant feature. I tried NYDJ’s in a boutique and loved them but their price tag scared me off. Please colour my behind with the perfect fit and help me discover my rear end before my half century comes around!

  12. I am still in maternity jeans, 4 under 4 wrecked havoc with this body. Twinnies are now 15 months on, and I still cannot find my old shape. Please help fit these hips into a respectable pair of jeans. xxx

  13. With wide hips and thighs, but my waist not overly large, jeans always gape at the back when I sit or slowly ride down to my hips. Hipsters are fine if you don’t have a muffin top and plumbers crack showing everytime. I’d love to try a pair of these as I’m yet to find the perfect jeans.

  14. I do not own a single pair of jeans! With a big behind and small waist, I have always struggled to find jeans that fit properly. Those that I have bought always and up getting discarded because they have just not been comfortable, and certainly have not looked nice!  I would love to try a pair of these 🙂

  15. The years have not been kind,
    To my stomach or my behind,
    A pair of NYDJ jeans to trim my tummy,
    Make me into one hot mummy.

  16. I’ve spent SO much time and money over the years buying pair after pair after
    pair of different jeans in search of “the one” true pair that will both flatter and be comfortable, in fact, I’ve spent more time
    looking for the perfect jean than I ever did looking for the perfect husband! (luckily I found him quite quickly). Despite my best efforst, the search to
    date has been fruitless.

    Unlike my body shape (apple) which is so hard to dress in jeans.

    I have the unfortunate luck of having a very round and squidgy midsection with toothpick legs so I can either have jeans that flatter my legs but strangle my stomach into the most delicious looking muffin you’ve ever seen (ew), or I can be comfy around the waist and have the material around my legs billowing in the wind.

    I’d love the chance to try the NYDJ and hopefully end my jean woes forever.

  17. LLike you I was never a jeans girl. Then one day about 5 years ago I was sitting on the couch breastfeeding baby number one and watchinga shopping channel and I found myself being totally sold on these nydj. Long story short…I own 3 pairs…they’re the only brand I wear and I LOVE them. They are great for curves and oh so comfy. my current pairs are getting a little tired now…ooh how I’d love a new pair to get my winter wardrobe on the way!

  18. A brief history of me and jeans!

    In England in the 80’s my jeans were stone-washed and had
    brass zips at the outer ankle area. Worn with my reversible sweater, I was
    doing okay in the style stakes! In my late teens my jeans were BAGGY, green,
    and not an ounce of feminine, but I still thought I was doing okay for style! In
    my early 20’s, I moved to remote Outback of Australia. Determined to remain in style,
    I scoured the latest western clothing catalogue, and ordered several pairs of
    high waisted, tapered jeans in taupe and navy. Decorated with silver Conchos, I
    was still a player in the style arena!!

    One wedding, two children and a divorce later, I’m 36, on
    the sunshine coast and my jeans are: bootleg, skinny, boy-friend, wide-leg,
    straight-leg, curve-embracer….. I KNOW it is not possible for all styles to
    suit me, and I’d love a single pair for every occasion.

  19. I would have to say that I am in the majority as most of the ladies discussing their jeans stories. I would love to just wear a pair of jeans that can disguise a multitude of lets say designer defects.  I have come to the realisation that after having a child some of us are just unlucky to not bounce back and I am getting used to my post baby body however it doesn’t mean that I accept how my current jeans look on me.  These NYDJ’s look fabulous and by wearing these I would avoid my brother referring to my butt looking like two puppies wrestling under a blanket.  Yes inappropriate I know but that’s family for you they don’t hold back.

  20. I have no hips. Quit your collective eye-rolling oh hip-bestowed women of the world, no hips is quite a load to bear. Oh sure, I never have the ‘does my butt look fat in this’ malarkey but instead I live a life of clothes on my bottom half either constantly falling down or being hitched up under my boobs. You have to admit, neither of these options are attractive or fashion-forward. This train-wreck of a body shape truly comes home to roost in the realm of ‘the jean’. It is like I am a walking homage to The Muffin Top. I get saggy-butt, muffin-top, hitching-up disease. I’m yet to find a jean that flatters my bum and skinny legs while not accentuating the belly that resides above. Get onto that will you?

  21. My shape is sponge cake X muffin top X BBQ sausage X pear…..mmm…maybe my obsession with food is the reason I haven’t been able to find a pair of jeans to fit my bumpy body for 10 years !
    I would love to be able to swap the purple trackies (sad but true..) for some NYDJs (which I hope they aren’t as my little toe wouldn’t fit in my 18 year old’s jeans !)

  22. Nikki your channelling a supermodel in those red threads. How I love thee NYDJ. For years it has been a challenge to have jeans fit taute around my lower spine. How I envy these dynamic cuts that suit all shapely curvy chums. Devine intervention is what I need to find my magical coloured pair that keeps my rump from being bare. 

  23. I buy jeans that fit, then they stretch and are so baggy, then I start a fitness program and loose weight, more jeans purchased, and passed on to my daughter when the muscle gain puts me up a size.  The money I have spent trying to get a good fit with a small waste and wider hips is astronomical.  I would love to try these on for ‘sighs’. 

  24. Camel toe, builders crack, short legs and a tummy have hindered my efforts in choosing a jean that I can wear post babies. On my hit list every season I fail to add this piece to my wardrobe.  Target, Country Road, Susans and Sportscraft have had a go and failed. The jegging found a place for a bit, though don’t do much to flatter my wide calves (thankfully not cankles). I dream about wearing a coloured jean, with heals.My friend told me about this site and I am now addicted. I learn of  NYDJ’s and now desperate to try them. If NYDJ’s can fit and flatter me…it will be the first jeans that I have been able to wear in 10 years. Oh Jean God, let me in!

  25. Ever seen a size 8 person that still looks fat?  Well that’s me.  I fit into size 8 jeans but still have chicken thighs, junk in my trunk and a muffin top.  I believe the scientific term used by the fitness community is “skinny-fat”.  But my waist is really small so whilst my jeans are stretched beyond imagining over my womanly hips, they gape open at the back of my waistline.

    Do you know how frustrating it is to go through life with this bodyshape?

    So I got a personal trainer.  I told him his mission was to streamline my lower body.  ‘Okay’ he says and then he turns into a demon from hell and takes away every type of food I’ve ever loved and puts me through night after night of gruelling training sessions which brings me to the brink of death.  After 10 weeks I hop on his magic body fat revealing scales – I’ve lost 5% bodyfat … AND MY BOOBS!  How is it my bra size goes down and my chicken thighs, junk in my trunk and muffin top are still there??????

    Still, thank goodness for NYDJ jeans.   They’re made for ‘curvy ‘women like me.  I’ve grown to love my soft womanly thighs, rounded bottom and marshmallow belly.  By the way, I’m not “skinny-fat”, I’m “voluptuous”!


    1. I couldn’t agree more!  I am size 8-10 but have a short body and long, long legs.  So finding jeans that firstly are long enough is hard, then I need to find jeans that will not give me a muffin top.  Unlike you though, I don’t have big hips, but a slim but very short waist (if that makes sense!).  Getting the length and correct rise has been a challenge but I have found the jeans from JeansWest have been great so far – just be mindful they stretch ALOT so always, always get the smaller size.   I’d love to try these NYDJ jeans but they are a bit pricey for me. 

  26. I pay for jeans within my means
    It makes me sick when they don’t really fit
    Finding a size that fits my shape, gotta better chance making wedding cake
    If I find a pair that fits really well, there goes the Visa, back into it’s shell
    I’ll stop my whinge now or so it seams
    Typing this little rant, I’m wearing my jeans

  27. I’ve always found it hard to find jeans that fit property because I have a ‘swayed back’ (jean talk for having a butt) and now its even more difficult as I am sporting a ‘just had my second child belly’.  However I have found a pair of jeans that fit and make me feel better about my figure, Emerson’s $9 are full of win!

  28. Being 5ft 2in and with every kilo i put on, looking like the Michelin Man..layer uppa layer uppa layer, jeans just never suited my straight torso with er…larger apple belly!
    Oh, to be honest i have owned a couple of  jeans bought at trendy jean shops, that i rushed into, tried them on and rushed out..never confident in them really!!!
    With 50 just around the corner and those dreaded kilos hanging around for the last 10yrs i thought its time to get moving more and with the help of MyFitnessPal App on my iPad i was away!
    First proof that things were heading in the right direction..Jeanswest Capris bought with gift card – size 14, nice fit and look…4 weeks later went back and with the fantastic sales they had on, there was one more capri hanging – size 12, hmmm should i?…the lovely lady there convinced me to try them on and…to my surprise they slipped on and ZIPPED up easily!
    My first totally relaxed, happy and confident pair of jeans only took 49yrs to achieve! 🙂
    Now i want more!!!! 🙂

  29. A jean story that still haunts me when buying jeans! I was youngER not a care in the world trying on all sorts of silly jeans tight fit, flares you name it! So a day in the change rooms wasn’t anything new to me until I some how managed to zip my belly button into the zip, I squealed in pain drawing unnecessary attention to myself with the only option but to yank the jeans and relese my belly button. To this day i have no idea how i managed it but what i do know is I fear trying on jeans!! So please winning this may just help me overcome my fears (possibly) 

  30. Jeans have always been the staple in my wardrobe, but also the  bane of my life-more so after making babies than ever. I can rock a great pair of jeans with my long long legs. But with no butt and a too high waist, I’m forever hitching up my low rise, or smuggling muffins in my mid rise.  I can’t continue to wear maternity jeans and the pair from the ’90’s with exposed buttons have to go…
    My love of jeans was ignited in the ’70’s, singing along to Skyhooks “Everybody’s wearing blue jeans”.  I was 4.  
    We lived in a town that manufactured Lee jeans and had an outlet store. I loved everything about that store. The posters, the smell, the shelves and racks of freshly made denim jeans.   But I especially loved the thrill of owning a great new pair of jeans. 

  31. In my teens I had to lie on the bed and put a coat hanger in the zip of my jeans to pull them up.  I could barely walk let alone breathe but I thought I looked so cool (and probably did).  Nowadays it is sad, but I am going purely for comfort rather than looks, and damn it, I still want to look good.  Bring on the NYDJ’s!

  32. Oh my, it is so hard to find jeans which also happens to be a favourite staple in my wardrobe. I am buying mens jeans because they sit higher on my waist and are a bit wider so I don’t have the enormous muffin top spilling over or the farmers crack which nobody wants to see. 

  33. Now, let me see….mmm……my jeans are all old and I cant recall the last time I brought a new pair, truly!  I think it was when target had a sale, it wasnt easy finding a pair to fit as some were too short or too baggy on the bum!  I am relatively slim and have “no” uumph on the bottom and my hips are not very wide!  I like tighter fitting  jeans that are not too loose on my bottom but fit good everywhere else too!

  34. Once upon a time there
    was a young girl, blessed (cursed) with an hourglass figure and curvy thighs.
    She loved to look pretty and fashionable and delighted in spotty dresses and
    stripy tops, sparkly shoes and frilly scarves.

    But one item brought
    her to her knees, shaking and quivering with dread. Jeans.  These straight legged, unforgiving
    foundations for fashion weren’t made for her curvy frame. High-waisted ones
    left a gap the size of the grand canyon above her bottom. Low-waisted and the
    mortal enemy of the curvy girl was straight on the scene to ruin any outfit…the
    muffin top.

    Years passed and the
    girl grew to a lady. Still the perfect pair eluded her. One day, she heard fantastical
    stories of a jean made for ladies just like her. A pair that fit and flattered…could
    it be true? Could she dare to dream? Could jeans like these be hers?

    …to be continued…

  35. I am six foot tall and after having 4 huge babies, have an embarrassing muffin top that is always on show in normal jeans because I wear them lower than usual to get the leg length or risk looking like Harry High Pants. I need NYDJ to help me look great in jeans once again.

  36. Being petite, which sounds so much nicer than short or as my
    Dad used to say suffering from Duck’s disease (when you step off the pavement
    and your rear is bashed on the pavement’s edge) and  as I also suffering the affliction of chubby
    knees purchasing jeans has always been a source of anguish for me with hopes
    raised as I find short lengths and then dashed when they won’t go over my knees
    or they do but the top is too baggy & too high.  Finger’s crossed NYDJ’s will solve the problem
    – I’ll hunt down a stockist now before winter hits.


  37. Three babies carried and born in 4 years
    means Muffin Top Extravaganza that brings me to tears.
    I love jeans with bit of stretch here and there
    so I can tuck in the folds without anyone being aware.
    Long spider legs means jeans need to be the same
    if Jeans have all above then I’m in my “A” game!

  38. I have a small butt and my jeans have a habit of falling down. I need to buy ones with belts to hold them up!! I have dropped my dacks in public quite a few times!! (Accidentally of course!!)

  39. Don’t think because I’m slim jeans will be an easy find!
    Too long, too short, too skinny, too wide or makes me have a big behind!
    Argh the anguish of finding a perfect pair of denim
    Help me SY & NYDJ as it’s frustrating searching when you’re out on a limb!

  40. A mummy tummy, some junk in the trunk and legs that are seriously short one end….. if you can find a pair of jeans that will fit me properly I will eat my own hat!

  41. It is that time of year,
    as winter comes near.
    To drag out those jeans, (I am feeling a little nervous),
    if you know what I mean!

    So, out they come and I try to pull them on
    and I am filled with fear,
    as they don’t wrap around my rear!
    With a pull and a wriggle up they come
    and I get them over my bum.
    It doesn’t matter that my legs feel numb.

    Then there is the zip,
    I just can’t get a grip,
    so I lay on the bed,
    that’s what my Mum once said?

    Yay, they are done up!
    I heave myself off the bed
    and I am again filled with dread
    as I look in the mirror,
    the reality becomes nearer,
    that dreaded muffin top!
    Please, someone, make this stop!!

    So I would love some help
    to find some jeans that make me look svelte.

  42. i own at least 8 pairs of jeans, boot leg, skinny leg, curvy cut, or other
    my oh my, between the camel toe, plumbers crack and my rolls hangeth over,
    i want my butt lifted, shaped and toned, to be sculpted and moulded 
    i dont want my daughters jeans, i want my very own pair fresh and folded,
    if i am to be lucky enough to win an offer i surely would not refuse
    i promise to be your most grateful model and muse.

  43. I would really love a pair of NYD jeans,
    and you have no idea how much winning means. 
    It means on the street I can confidently strut,
    when I am out walking my playful mutt.
    It means I can bend over with complete confidence,
    without flashing my g-string and causing offence.
    It means I can reach for the high shelves at the shop,
    and not hear giggles or whispers about my muffin top.
    It means Winter will be colourful and fun,
    as I skip about with a colourful, denim clad bum.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win.  Rachel x

  44. My SON, yes SON, decided to chop the bottom half of the legs from my Ralph Lauren skinny legs and make them into Metrosexual knee length cut offs! I am now wearing the $9 emerson jeans from Big W.

  45. yes please.  my sass&bides were recently eaten by our labrador puppy,..  the One Teaspoon high waisted super flares recently bought are bloody uncomfortable, (I call them my ‘good in theory’ jeans!), and I wear skinny leg black jeans most days of the week.  am totes in a jean rut.  

  46. I have been wearing the same jeans for a few YEARS  now…yes I know! The reason is I keep promsing to loose weight and therefore will need a smaller pair very soon. My jeans were getting a bit daggy to say the least  so I started to look around and discovered NYDJ could solve all my “issues” without  therapy. So I had been looking looking looking for where to buy and then D day came…..I locked myself and the kids out of the house. I had to climb through the window to get back into the house and climbing in I split my very thin jeans right across the bottom. Very very embarrassing, but thankfully I was at home. I need new jeans please!!!

    I turn 50 next week. My husband says it’s time I stopped wearing jeans because, well, I’m almost 50 and just a little bit of a chubba.
    I admit I don’t fit my jeans like I used to but really . . . .!
    I’d like to prove him wrong. That’s all!

  48. Ah yes… being curvy (14-16) and tall (5’10.. 6ft+ in heels), it can be so difficult trying to find jeans that fit. Manufacturers seem to think that if you are curvy, you are short and if you are tall, you must be skinny. Either I have Urkle (Steve Urkle.. remember him?)  jeans or long jeans that I cant get up past my thunder thighs.  Awkward turtle moments!

  49. Since the birth of my two children (especially my daughter) I have been on a little journey of self empowerment through my appearance. It’s taken over two years but I think i’m on the right track. I’ve joined the gym (and I go too) I’ve mastered my new hair and i’m taking the time to get it cut regularly. Most days i atteSince the birth of my two children (especially my daughter) I have been on a little journey of self empowerment through my appearance. It’s taken over two years but I think i’m on the right track. I’ve joined the gym (and I go too) I’ve mastered my new hair and i’m taking the time to get it cut regularly. Most days i attempt the two minute face. I’ve identified my body shape (Petite on top short waisted H shape with post baby belly) I have sourced jackets and blazers that fit me correctly. Found some of my best colours and shapes to flatter my figure. Reduced my wardrobe by at least two thirds. The one thing that alludes me is the close to perfmpt the two minute face. I’ve identified my body shape (Petite on top short waisted H shape with post baby belly) I have sourced jackets and blazers that fit me correctly. Found some of my best colours and shapes to flatter my figure. Reduced my wardrobe by at least two thirds. The one thing that alludes me is the close to perfect pair of jeans. Please tell me a pair of Not Your Daughter’s Jeans will be my cure all!

  50. I coveted the “J-brand” colour block jeans look that is everywhere lately, worked up the courage to enter the uber-cool and ultra- expensive boutique that stocks them, thrilled to discover they DID come in “my size”, devastated to find it wasn’t my girth that would prove to be my problem, but my curvy calves! In short, couldn’t even get those babies on my LEG. I’m off now to try the miraculous NYDJ – there is hope in the world again!

  51. I’m writing this as a total skeptic. These jeans sound fabulous but as someone who at the age of 32 has NEVER purchased a pair of jeans I would have to see it to believe it.

    I am tall with a larger pear shape body, and gave up on jeans years ago. I tried so hard, even once spent a day trying on every pair of Jeans I could get my butt into in a large shopping centre in Sydney, and couldn’t find one pair I felt comfortable in.

    Now as a single parent on a tight budget I am very wary with my clothing purchases, only purchasing styles I’ve felt comfortable in for years, basically skirts and tank tops, my wardrobe is VERY boring. 

    I’d be interested to know if its possible to try these on in a retail store somewhere on the Sunshine Coast, if you could get me to appreciate these jeans, you could most likely convert anyone

  52. I am half-Filipino with the customary muscley thighs and I am nursing my fourth child plus I am pear shaped!  I have yet to meet my Sweet Dream Prince Genie Magic pair of jeans.  When I do I will even take them to bed with me!  Could these jeans be the dream pair???

  53. Mum recently discovered a memory of my final year at high
    school abandoned at the back of her wardrobe. It was an old pair of my jeans.  They were stretch acid stonewash (eek), size
    6 and my pre teen boys would have difficulty getting them.  At the time I remember thinking that I was
    fat – why are teenage girls so cruel to themselves?  Now, many years later and sizes larger, I
    have a more realistic and less judgemental image of myself.  That’s not to say a girl doesn’t want to look
    her best and feel a bit special.  What
    better way to boost your esteem (and butt!) than a fabulous pair of NYDJs.  With the US sizing I’ll even be a little closer
    in number to those old jeans – another psychology victory!

  54. When I was 14, I went away with the school to the
    Commonwealth Games in Brisbane. My parents had not long broken up and my dad
    bought me a pair of red jeans after the sales girl convinced us they were the
    ones to have. I didn’t have any denim ones and wore those red ones most days as
    I didn’t have anything else to wear. I was teased mercilessly about them and
    have never worn coloured ones since! Now that thirty years have passed, I am
    ready to try wearing a new pair of red jeans. Smiles and thanks for the chance
    to win my very own pair of NYDJs.

  55. I have a few pairs of jeans but two are very old favourites.

    One pair I bought in 2000, from Gap in London. At the time I thought that I was too fat to wear such jeans – hahhahhaaaaaa, confirms we are never happy. That was pre babies, pre wedding and when I had broken up with a boyfriend, was miserable and scrawny looking. Anyway, I still wear them because they are still the only jeans I really really love the look and feel of. 

    The other pair is a pair of Hudson jeans. They are about to rip in the knee so I am too scared to wear them anymore as once they go I can’t replace them, they are so old that the style is not made anymore.

    I have other pairs, but they come and go like boyfriends at uni. I am looking for another pair to wear now that allow me to send the Gap Jeans to jean heaven.

  56. Iwould love to look good in a pair of jeans again,i am small BUT i have no waist at all ,so there is this little or should i say big problem in finding the right jean that doesn’t either cut off the circulation in my girly bits or too big in the waist or too tight that i can’t eat or look just plain ugly ……women who say it takes 2 years tovget your post baby body back are uhmm lying ,I have been waiting for over twenty tears andI am still searching for it,so these jeans would be very happy on my bod.

  57. Not Your Daughters
    Jeans? Thank God… daughter is only 4 and I’m sure I would struggle getting
    into those little puppies! I have no aspirations to ever dress like my
    daughter, but I do aspire to look as damn good as I can and be the best role
    model possible for my little girl. I want her to grow up with a mother who takes
    pride in her appearance, and I want her to know that confidence comes not from
    the size or shape of the package, but in the way you choose to wrap it. So please
    wrap me up in a pair of those jeans!! xo

  58. I was at a party some years ago. I was around 22, 23 years old. I was wearing a new pair of jeans, wide-leg. I’d generally had more typical, straight-leg, thigh-hugging type jeans.

    A bloke I know, lovely guy, but somewhat tactless in conversation, said:

    “They look nice. Most of your jeans are too tight, aren’t they? These make your legs look better.”

    I’ve stuck with wide-leg ever since. Sadly, given the expanding rate of my thighs over recent years, wide-leg are now more like straight leg.


  59. Ah the infamous jean!  I have always had trouble purchasing jeans (and reading below so have some other girls….our cross!!!) ….and as our winter season is upon us, there is a lump in my throat!  Mind you I am two sizes slimmer, but still I dread the outing for new jeans!  I have not tried NYDG as I never wanted to set myself up for that disappointment…so maybe this winter it is time for some new bright colours to show off the new slimmer and happier me 🙂

  60. I was young. I was thin. I had every type of jean imaginable. I had the bright coloured straight leg jeans when they were in fashion the first time around. Purple. Cobalt blue (see pic of me with Dodgy Santa. Yeah, that’s my Dad) I’ve had stonewash, Harry Highpant high waisted, baggy, ripped, pale, dark, flower-printed, and oh, remember the bejewelled ones? All the brands, all the styles. I was Awesome Jean girl. Then I had kids. I became Oompa Loompa. I became Trakky Dak girl. Gradually, I have evolved into Target Stretch Blue Denim Bootleg girl. I really now want to be NYDJ girl.

  61. I used to love to wear my jeans
    Back when I was young and slim as a bean
    But now I’m a woman, curves and all
    It’s my leggings I turn to Winter, Spring and Fall
    Now at the ripe old age of twenty-seven
    Putting on jeans is the opposite of heaven
    I’ve yet to find the perfect pair
    To fit my voluptuous derriere
    But if Nikki says these are the perfect jeans
    I believe her, but wish I had the means
    To buy me some – one black, one blue
    But I’m paying for a wedding and a renovation too
    And so I’d love for you to pick me
    As the luckiest winner of this Jean Genie
    Who’d rock her NYDJs like she was Beyoncé
    So please name me your winner…what do you say?!

  62. When the leaves start to fall, I’m searching for my BFF. She’s snuggly and comforting but unfortunately last season she let me down.  My bosom (bottom) buddy did me no favours and left me looking a little down in the mouth and in the bottom. So I ditched her. Now I have no BFF and the chill is making me feel a bit lonely. NYDJ could be the BFF I’m looking for. She may let me have more than one and I could have a whole new fashionable circle of friends. Thanks Nikki x

  63. Is there a woman who DOESN’T struggle finding the perfect pair?! Too tall, too wide, too short, to thin. I used to be too tall with a size smaller waist so I’d be gaping all over the place when I sat down. Now post-baby, my leg length and waist actually agree on a size… but now there’s the baby pooch muffin top. Gah! Can’t win!

  64. I’ve been in exactly the same place as you in wanting to cover up. I once thought to go baggier but that’d  just make the whole look even worse. Years ago when faded 501’s were the thing (remember the 50’s ad campaign, with a young Julian McMahon and another young hottie getting down to his boxers in the laundromat?)  I thought I could work with those.
    So I picked up a pair of pre-worn men’s 501’s. After I paid, I asked the salesperson where the piles of pre-worn jeans came from. I was not expecting to hear: “Oh, US convicts. We get them in from the prisons…” OOOOhhh…suddenly a whole different image filled my head. Come BACK Julian McMahon!

  65. I love and live in jeans. It’s so bad my personal stylist (that’s
    you!) once said she’d switch that round.

    I’m ecstatic NYDJ jeans have switched you round Nikki so now
    I can wear jeans anywhere, anytime with your blessing.

    After reading about NYDJ jeans on Styling You I rushed to my
    nearest stockist to try them on.

    You didn’t lie. They’re as comfy as track
    pants, hide my jelly belly and make me look as hot as the NYDJ model.

    But sadly the shop didn’t have the style and colour I need.

    It’s true, I not only want NYDJ jeans, I need some too.

    Sure, I have jeans in dark blue, light blue, black, red and
    cobalt but I urgently need white. As Liz Hurley knows, nothing says glamour
    like white jeans.

    Ah yes! My need is great. I’m over living in jeans. I want
    to live in NYDJ.


  66. My favourite jeans that have been worn so much they are really beyond the point of being publicly acceptable, i purchased in the US from Guess. They are the only jeans that didn’t highlight my pear shape and short legs (what a combination!). I have been wanting to give the NYDJ a try and your description of the exclusive lift and tuck technology sounds like a winner! Gimme, gimme, gimme. (Please)!

  67. I cannot find jeans in Australia but when I went to Europe all jeans fit like a dream! Mid high rise with room for your bum and thighs 😀  My ultimate jeans moment was when I stepped into Top Shop in London, saw a pair of jeans I could not take my eyes off and took the plunge and wah-lah!! THEY FIT THEY FIT YAYYY!!! Then I went crazy and tried jeans in every shop that I went to, holey moley they all fit. Ladies, if you are fairly short and curvy perhaps buy jeans online? Cuts seem to be different in every country 🙂 Jeans jeans jeans! <3

  68. OMG where do I start??? I have your typical hour glass shape with a Brazilian shaped butt thrown in for “good”, or should I say absolutely annoying, measure. Trying to find jeans to fit my shape is of hair ripping out proportions and none of my current jeans fit me properly. Each and every one of them have the good with the bad leaving me to wear tops that make sure they cover all the bad bits. To be honest, I am at my wits end now so I just wear leggings with tunics/dresses instead!

  69. NYDJ can give my body a lift, since having my kids its all gone adrift.

    Yes its mums turn to have a treat, to put herself first for once and look great and neat.

    Definitely need these to get through the colder months, its mums turn to shine at last.

    Just so glad I found styling you, your blog is about the real me and you!

    Please pick me for the NYDJ!

  70. I’m now fairly convinced I need a pair of these jeans! Muffin top and baby belly (even though ‘baby’ number three turns one next week) are synonymous with my jeans even though I persist in wearing them almost every day to do the school and kindy run, shopping, footy training and swimming lessons…all the while trying to position myself so as to not give the  ‘yummy mummies’ a glimpse of my side profile! Always worn with a “balloony” top to try and hide what I can. My favourite pair (read, the pair that ‘fit’ me – or at least, do up) are on the terminal list and I give them maybe a week before I go through the knee of them (I just hope I don’t go through the bum of them first whilst out on that school pick-up!).

  71. My long, dis-heartening journey started when I realised I am short. I never knew I was short until one of my friends pointed it out, I was blithely going through life, nary a concern for my 155cm frame until a comment in passing stopped me dead in my tracks. Forever more I have been on the hunt for a pair of jeans that makes me feel WOW! Being short, with actual thighs and a butt has not been an easy burden to shoulder, but carry on I must on my quest to find the perfect pair of jeans.

  72. After 5 kids, chronic illness that medication changes the body shape, and feeling uncomfortable with anything I put on…… especially jeans.
    I hate shopping for jeans, my body just isn’t doing it for me any more. Long skinny legs.but a big fat tummy so finding the ultimate jeans has been a nightmare.
    I love jeans that I could wear with the layering tops but because of my tummy size I have to wear bigger sizes then they don’t fit on my skinny legs.
    So maybe the NYDJ might be my saviour to my nightmare??????

  73. I have two pairs of jeans. Both are more than five years old. They are fraying and worn and all wrong in so many ways. But I cling to them for the simple fact that I cannot face buying another pair.

    When I was 25, I was sent out by Vogue Australia to write a story about buying jeans. They sent me because I was the most ‘normal’ body type in the office. Read: not fashion model thin. It took me eight hours, five different shops, and 30+ pairs of jeans,  And they sent a photographer. I have borne the scars ever since.

    All this before I even had children to make it all harder.

  74. My most fun times wearing my jeans for as long as can remember its been my thing to have “the” pair of jeans..from using a coat hanger in my teens to get my Faberge zipped up, to having all sorts of flavors of bubblegum’s, then my beloved Levis..including some awesome ripped 2nd pair I adored, baggy’s to then bootlegs I also got quite attached to a couple of different Roxy pairs (that I haven’t thrown..yet!) I feel I have lived through them all…thankfully I missed the exclusive designer jeans my friends were wearing like “Diesel”…as I spent 4 years pregnant or post pregnant..trouble is my youngest is now 14yr and although I have yoyo-ed between a size 12-16 I have yet to find “my Jeans”…don’t get me wrong I still own some, they just sit at the very back waiting for their time again..then there are a few pairs that I seriously have good days to wear…that is if you don’t consider my muffin top…thankfully I would like to think I own enough appropriate tops for this sin…these jeans you talk so admiringly about sound like a dream especially after all the colored ones I have been on the hunt for..such fabulous colors..but the fits are embarrassing…so till my muffin decides to evaporate from all the exercise and juicing I am doing… not wanting to delude you on my jeans sadness I will not be supplying a “jeans” photo as I don’t have any..for a good reason.   LisaG

  75. Well, you know I am a huge fan of these jeans, I could endorse these no probs, and think I should esp the cute red ones which I am desperately trying to source…my motivation is to demonstrate to my two teen daughters that I wear something other than black (thou I do live in Melbourne town) and I have some idea of fashion!  And best of all they wont fir into them.  As they say ‘sucks to be you’

  76. Finding jeans for my shape is crazy!! Wide hips, a not flat tummy, small waist, ski jump bum that starts at my waist, slim-ish thighs all coupled with short lega does not make for fun times in the fitting room…so many helpful shop assistants have tried to find me the perfect jeans but alas they are still elusive…I’m sure they are out ther & will be well worth it when eventually we meet & get married because once I find those suckers I’m never letting go…NEVER!!!!

  77. My “ultimate jeans” moment came 20 years ago in New York when I walked into a shop to find a wall filled with Levis. I have always suffered with finding jeans that fit and are long enough. The combination of waist, hip and length were endless – I was in jeans heaven! Unfortunately I have never been able to match this experience but reading your article and spying NY in the NYDJ brand name hope springs again! PS Will try to dig out a photo from my travels

  78. At almost 52, my lifelong quest to find the **perfect** pair of jeans is on-going!!  At various stages, I’ve had a dozen or more pairs of various shades/cut and length – with length always being the issue.  Thirteen years ago I had a Eureka!! moment when accompanying my husband on a business trip to Denmark and found long jeans.  At that moment I would have given up my Australian citizenship in a blink and become a Dane as they cater for tall women, probably due to their Viking ancestry….or something! 

    I’m still (always) looking and would love to give NYDJ a go and maybe finish my quest before I become the sad, “old” lady still riffling through the jeans racks in every store I come across!!

  79. I didn’t wear jeans until I was in my mid twenties because I just found them so uncomfortable. And I love how easy it is to dress up or dress down jeans but I find it really hard to find well fitting jeans. It’s the child bearing hips! I love that I have a shape and I am very happy overall with my hourglass shape and wouldn’t change it but jeans have a tendency to not fit without creating the dreaded muffin top and slipping down because to get them over said child bearing hips they don’t fit properly at the waist.

    I am waiting to be convinced that I can even wear skinny jeans. I suspect they just make me look like a busty sausage. 

  80. After buying jeans online for dpcon12 that ended up being 3 sizes to big. I’m not sure how this happened either because I followed the sizing guide down to the last mm. I headed out last week to buy another pair with a teething cranky 10 month old. 

    I ended up taking fashion advice from a 20yr old posing as a stick insect who also had decided to turn the aircon off in the change rooms because she was cold. Solution for her was to gain 10kg, meanwhile for me and a squirmy baby it was a steaming sauna. I managed to try on 3 pairs before the baby lost her shiz. Maggie started off with uber cuteness by kissing the change room mirror unfortunately this quickly turned to head butting and tears. I grabbed the pair that seemed to fit the best and got myself out of there quick smart.Upon arriving home the jeans are not that crash hot so I would LOVE a pair of these jeans!!

    No great jeans photos but here is a photo of the baby in the change room before she lost her cool.

  81. My hour glass figure has never been the best to fit into jeans, then if they do fit there is a big gapping whole at the back due to my suede back! Fun times. Then I was involved in a car accident in 2010, where I had major hip damage. So jeans were out as there was a big growth on the side of my thigh! Another bulge! I would love bulge free jeans!

    1. And coloured jeans at that would be the perfect thing to brighten my day! Hip bulge, curvy bottom, a swede back and a small waist! It is what makes me and Nikki has taught me to be proud of that bumps bulges and all. Empower yourself in your clothes, accessories and confidence that you are a beautiful person and we should feel that each day!

  82. I would love to win these!

    I never owned a pair of jeans until I was 18 – can you believe it? Ever since I bought my first pair of jeans, I have become jean obsessed. However, I am still searching for ‘that’ pair, you know the one.. The one pair that makes you feel taller, appear slimmer and looks effortlessly stylish when paired with a pretty top – and that is why I need a pair of NYDJ in my life!!

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