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Jive Designs first caught my eye in the pages of Vogue Australia magazine. I was pretty damn excited as my girlfriend was the model in the advertisement but I was also excited by the stunning jewellery she was wearing. Really excited.

It’s no secret here on Styling You that I’m a huge fan of using jewellery and accessories to give your outfit a leg up to the next level.

So, I started browsing around the Jive Design site (the physical store is actually just up the road from me in Noosa but I’m a night-owl shopper and browser … I love me some online shopping fun) and I quickly realised this this could be trouble. With a capital T.

Statement rings, statement necklaces, statement earrings. Some at the wishlist end of the budget; others mine for the buying, now.

This is what I’m talking about:

jive design

1. Sterling silver and 14ct gold 7-Daisy necklace $179 | 2. Gold carved teardrop earrings $179 | 3. Oblong quartz and sterling silver ring $995 | 4. Sterling silver brick necklace $645 (this one that appears in the editorial pages of Vogue Australia November 2011) | 5. Black rose earrings $45 | 6. Sterling silver cuff narrow $239

Here’s what Jive Design has to say:

Jive jewellery collections cross many categories – from bold, leading edge creations, to colourful Venetian glass jewellery to modern gold, silver and precious silver and gem combinations. Jive brings together the best designers and strives to give the brand a certain look. This look is distinctive, it’s contemporary and it has an element of the unusual. It’s the Jive look.

Owner Jan Sinclair personally selects the jewellery from countries around the world. She works with designers in Australia, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Israel, Thailand and Indonesia and stays on top of global fashion trends and developments in jewellery design.

Jive has a higher priced range of designer jewellery, a stylish but very affordable silver essential range, Murano glass jewellery for the more conservative woman and an extensive range of contemporary men’s jewellery.

We want a woman stand out from the crowd for the right reasons – for her style, for her taste, and for her self confidence.


Jan has an incredible eye for design – and for understanding what a particular customer may be interested in. When asked in store for her opinion on a piece a customer is thinking about buying, Jan prefers to help the customer through the process so that he or she finds exactly what they’re looking for – and that they feel fabulous every time they put that necklace or pair of earrings on.

This is what Jan asks (listen up because they’re good questions to ask yourself when buying any accessory):

1. What style of jewellery do you usually wear – small and delicate or big and bold?

2. Which piece best fits your current style? Can you see it becoming something you reach for time and again, or will it end up being something you love, but that never feels quite right for you?

3. Is it for a specific outfit or event and, if so, does it also work with the rest of your wardrobe for your non-event days?

4. Which piece of jewellery puts a spring in your step, a gleam in your eye and just makes you feel good the minute you put it on?

“Jewellery is a very personal style statement – be confident enough to make one,” says Jan.

And I couldn’t agree more!

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Jive Design, together with Styling You, is giving five readers the chance to each win a $100 gift voucher to shop online at Jive Design.


Just leave a comment below. I’d love to know: what’s your favourite piece from the Jive Design store and why? Australian and international entries very welcome. The five winners will be drawn at random using, notified via email and names posted here. The winners have 48 hours to contact me to claim their prize. Should they fail to do so, the competition will be re-drawn. This competition closes 8am EST Thursday, November 10.

Now you know that I usually reply to all comments on my blog, don’t you? The exception is with competitions as I’ve got to use my non-existent maths’ brain to add up entries. So, know this, I’ve read and loved each of your comments. Thank-you!

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  1. My favourite piece is the daisy design jewellery. As soon as I saw them they reminded me of the happy days in my childhood when I used to sit in the park with my sisters and pick the daisies and make daisy chain necklaces and bracelets and put the daisies behind our ears for earrings. Oh! how beautiful we all looked! Thank you for reminding me of those very special days.

  2. The sterling silver cuff; it’s just my kind of stuff.
    Simplistically elegant; for a wow factor that’s instant.
    A dramatic look with a dateless outlook.

  3. After seeing the photos here, I just knew – I have to have the Sterling Silver and Gold Daisy Necklace! And while I’m at it, the matching stud earrings too.

  4. I love the Gold Carved Teardrop Earrings in the delicate peacock design because they are elegant and pretty without being too chunky.

  5. Onyx and sterling silver cuff PCB Oladonix is absolutely gorgeous, winter summer autumn or spring… this is has the perfect balance of bling

  6. I can’t make up my mind which piece I love more! I love the oblong quartz and sterling silver ring but my daughter would take ownership of that! All stunning pieces and brilliantly crafted 🙂

  7. Daisy Drop Earrings are just like me,
    Cute and hanging carefree,
    When it comes to the crunch,
    These beauties are the pick of the bunch!

  8. My favourite Jive Design piece is the Sterling Silver Gold and CZ Circle Bracelet. I love the glitter and opulence of the gold/silver/cubic zirconia design. Definitely a unique piece.

  9. The Murano Brio Necklace is a stand out for me. I love bold and/or colourful necklaces. Coloured glass is a favourite-it brightens my look and my day!

  10. The Silver Gold Branch Bracelet is spectacular. I love that it could be paired with an LBD and you wouldn’t need anything else.

  11. Loved the silver triple oval earrings but there is so much choice… Thanks so much of the opportunity to get some amazing jewellery.

  12. The 7 daisy necklace, I want to start a family tradition, each family member represented as flowers on a jewellery piece . This is simply PERFECT !

  13. The seven daisy strand necklace! It’s the perfect accessory for summer. If you love silver or yellow gold you can work the rest of your jewellery with this piece. Maybe a gold bangle, silver ring and gold ear rings. It would look lovely as a stand alone piece drapping nicely down the cleveage 🙂

  14. i adore the Sterling silver and 14ct gold 7-Daisy necklace its simple but very pretty and i canrock it up with any oufit i wear,its gorgeuos and daisys are ymfavourite flower too!!

  15. I LOVE the Interlock Ring in Rose and Yellow Gold – put simply this ring is me! I love jewellery that is timeless and will not go out of fashion. I purchase all my expensive jewellery with this in mind as I figure I will be wearing them for a long time. If I spend a lot of money I want it to be able to be worn as much, or as long as I want, not for as long as the fashion lasts! This is truly a classic, timeless piece!

  16. I love the multi disc sterling necklace,classy and elegant it screams style!,it would also never fail to be noticed and admired

  17. i love the Sterling Silver Basket weave Cuff because i have perfect earrings to match and love this style of bracelet 🙂

  18. Garnet & sterling silver necklace for me.

    allergic to a metal in some jewellery (nickel?), love that this one’s on leather choker.

  19. Round Crystal & Stirling Silver Ring LPR-GU41. This is a stunning and bold ring that makes a big statement. Surely to be the hero of any outfit in eye-catching red!

  20. I love the Oblong quartz and sterling silver ring, it’s sparkly, sure to be noticed and will brighten every day by matching everything so easily!

  21. So many unique designs it’s difficult to choose only one but my pick is the gold seed and sterling silver earrings – their daintiness and elegance is what attracts me to them and I would wear them with any outfit all the time!

  22. Jive design have done themselves proud with so many unique,stunning precious pieces that make me swoon! The exquisite,feminine style of the sterling silver brick necklace has me mesmerised by it`s beauty and craftsmanship

  23. ‘Sterling silver and 14ct gold 7-Daisy necklace’. I Love it! Daisies are my favourite flowers and I think this necklace is absolutely beautiful.

  24. Gorgeous designs and very affordable!
    I love the Beaten Sterling Silver Bracelet, it is the sort of thing I can wear with EVERYTHING and look fabulous 🙂

  25. I love too many to mention. Seriously, I’m picky with jewellery but I keep finding pieces I like. So glad for the introduction to this range. Thx. 🙂

  26. I love the stunning silve necklace you have pictured but the necklace I would reach for more days than not would be the Silver Rolling Ring Necklace. That is ‘me’ to a T 🙂

  27. Im in love with the 7-Daisy necklace! It takes me back to laying on the lawn with my sisters through summer making daisy chain necklaces, bracelettes and head pieces. They are so pretty and simple.

  28. I wear bold jewelry as I am not too adventurous clothes wise, so the cuff would be perfect with anything I was wearing to go out. I wouldn’t wear it day by day, as I like a jewelry-free day and to do something special when going out. I have a very dramatic necklace with a many strands and a large silver rose that I wear with t-shirts and jeans that really lift them.

  29. So many gorgeous items, i love the gold acent on the silver jewellery my favourite item is definately the Reversible 14ct gold and Silver heart necklace, i love it because it captures the love i have for my 2 kids and its just stunning <3

  30. I have a weakness for jewellery with a mixture of silver and gold and I love the sterling silver and gold circle ring, and necklace and earings and bracelet

  31. My favourite is the ‘Oblong quartz and sterling silver ring’. Is absolutely amazing and would be my favourite piece of jewellery in my whole jewellery box if it belonged to me. Thanks for a wonderful opportunity to win. Enjoy your Christmas and have a Happy New

  32. will be coming soon!

    I like the Black Rose Earrings and the Daisy Necklace. It’s hard to say which I like best. I had a pair of black rose earrings – kinda similar to those shown above. I lost one and maybe the other one is still in my jewelry box. That Daisy necklace speaks to me – it says “fresh, beginnings, rebirth – to live again”. I Love it!

  33. I can’t but help adore all these unusual and gorgeous pieces, the Daisy Necklace is simply unique and would definately combine well with a cute black, white o yellow outfit :0

  34. The Murano Frida Dark Red Gold Necklace (JM-CO016A11) is absolutely stunning.I love the marriage of the dark red Murano glass and the gold beads in between. Would be my favourite on your excellent site.

  35. Gold carved teardrop earrings – would feel great with a summer dress, sandals and hair tied back, a stylish edge to a relaxed day 😉

  36. The Blue Crystal Sterling Silver ring is amazingly beautiful and blue is my favourite colour…definitely top of my wishlist!

  37. I love the oblong quartz and sterling silver ring. Unfortunately I can’t wear earrings as my little one tugs on them (ouch!!) but I’m sure he’d also love the look of the ring!

  38. I am ever so obsessed with the titanium and yellow gold men’s ring. It is ultra modern without looking like some god-awful piece of architecture strapped to your hand. I know it is a wedding band but there is no reason why you couldn’t just wear it as a fancy piece of brushed bling. Must have for the modern gentleman

  39. Oh Nikki! I love it when I find a great new online store.

    If I have to chose just one, I’d go for the Oval Quartz and Sterling Silver rings.

    How can I break this to my husband??

  40. I love the sterling silver cuff – a classic. (I too saw Jive Designs in Vogue and then hot footed it down to the store in Hastings St – the cuff is at the top of my Christmas list).

  41. I absolutely love the gold carved teardrop earrings! I would get a lot of wear out of them, they would look great with a lot of my outfits.

  42. I love the Oblong Quartz and sterling silver ring as a ring makes quite a statement if its made from quality materials !! Let’s face it: Quality is the best policy and it never dates !!

  43. The Heart Bangle in silver and gold, a fun piece of jewellery for young and older girls to wear during a daytime or nighttime function

  44. I’ve long admired Jive’s Jewels and my favourite at the moment is the sterling silver concave spinning ring.
    Fabulous feature in Vogue and lovely giveaway.

    Happy day!

  45. I love The silver dahlia cuff for many reasons!
    1- the subtle and beautiful contrast of the brushed sterling silver flower petals against the cross linished finish cuff. It’s just the right balance of variance to create interest.
    2- dahlia according to Japanese language of flowers or Floriography means “good taste”!
    3- the matching ring and necklace is absolutely gorgeous and really compliments each other!!!
    4-this beats the iconic Tiffany cuff anyday! Sorry!! ;)))

  46. I love them all but my favourite will have to be the flower necklace, as it reminds me of the daisy chains I often made as a child.I still make them occassionly and have often wish they could last forever.

  47. I love the Sterling Silver and 14 Ct Gold 7-Daisy Necklace. I just think it’s a real conversation starter and if I win the voucher it will be exactly what I’m purchasing for my Mom for her birthday. She will love it!

  48. I love the 4 daisy necklace. It reminds me of when I was younger and used to pick the petals – he loves me, he loves me not.

  49. I love the beaten sterling silver bracelet. I’ve been on the hunt for a stylish yet versatile bracelet, and this cuff style is perfect!

  50. There’s so many great pieces, ‘it’s hard to choose just one, but the ‘Murano Glass Ring in Blue’ would go very nicely with the dress I just purchased this morning, but yet to accessorise!…

  51. I was instantly drawn to the leather and silver pedasco necklace. It seems to hold some symbolism for me in the way it resembles a ladder…

  52. The 7 Daisy Necklace would make a perfect gift for my besties upcoming 40th! I have fond memories of us making daisy chains together as kids (friends now for 35 years)! What a great gift for her 🙂 xx

  53. Worthy of any event,
    Can seduce the red carpet, make me content,
    Oblong quarts and sterling silver ring brings me total zest,
    Will leave others impressed and me looking my very best.

  54. Beautiful jewelry! My favourite are the black rose earrings, even though they are the least expensive (love that). I have abnormally small ears so i am always on the lookout for pretty but small earrings that will look good without dwarfing my nonexistent ear lobes. Hope I win them and I will have change to spare on something else!

  55. As I can see it,it’s quiet expensive.I can’t afford to buy.Well,for some reason I am not into jewelry.Anyway,I like those designs.

  56. What a great competition! I love the murano clara necklace black silver – that is my style! Simple, stylist and elegant. Thank you for sharing Jive Designs and the chance to win jewellery.


  57. I love the gold & sterling silver flower necklace – simply beautiful & made me smile when i saw it. Santa, please put it at the top of my Christmas list!

  58. The pearl cluster drop earrings would be INCREDIBLE for my wedding day – I’ve been looking for gorgeous jewellery which is pretty enough for a wedding, but casual enough that I can wear them again and remember my special day. They’re perfect!

  59. I love the ‘Murano Fusion Necklace PLUS’ necklace. Long chunky, interesting, and colourful necklaces are always great additions to my wardrobe as they suit me and go with so much.

  60. The ‘Daisy Necklace’ would brighten up my wife’s day and the people she comes into contact with at work. Just perfect for summer.

  61. I have to say I might sell one of my children to have the sterling silver waterfall necklace or the silver 30 strand fluid necklace or the cascade silver chain….

    actually the cascade chain would make a lovely tinkling sound when you move which I would love so I would choose that one.

  62. The mens silver and black bracelet speaks of both being strong yet not over stated. It’s a neutral piece that is timeless in design.

  63. It is very hard to choose just one gorgeous piece but browsing through the website, I kept coming back to the Amber Ring. I have always wanted an Amber piece because I love that it is fossilised tree resin and it’s very pretty.

  64. Hello, my face from the collection are the gold carved earrings. By the way thanks for all your great blogging you are single handedly turning me from slummy mummy to….slightly less slummy mummy 🙂

  65. The sterling silver flowers ring is my favourite piece of jewellery from the Jive collection because it is simple yet elegant and feminine.

  66. OMG…trying to decide on just one favourite is so hard!! I LOVE rings, they are my absolute all time favourite jewellery so I would have to say that the Sterling Silver Rose Gold and CZ Circle Spinning Ring looks pretty special!I can just picture it on my hand!!lol!! Now to convince hubby!!

  67. My favourite is Sterling Silver and 14 ct Gold 4-Daisy Necklace as its design is very unique.Its feminine and can really make anyone look beautiful.

  68. Ok wow, I’ve just fallen in love with the silver gemstone collections, most especially the sterling silver amber ring. Such gorgeous modern design and the clarity of the stone is spectacular!!

  69. I completely love all their jewellery because I can only wear sterling silver but I absolutely love the ball bracelet with coronary heart. I love it is simply because I love bracelets but so numerous of them these days are either silver plated, too chunky or just too expensive. This 1 is reasonable priced, little and delicate and Sterling silver. Ticks all my containers!

  70. love love love the spiral pearl & matt silver ring…. I love the simplicity of this ring so much so you could wear it and enjoy it every single day! Every day is a special day and we should wear and share our special bits of bling, not saving them for “good”!

  71. My fave is the Amethyst Crystal Silver Ring…the combination of the fresh silver and clear purple amethyst typify the statement I like to make with most of my jewellery – uncomplicated, stylish, beautiful. I aspire to be those things personally, too. Well, I work to do it and I hope to reach it one day! LOL

  72. Love the Murano Diva Necklace. I never get to be a diva in my household, but Id love to accessorise like one next time I go out!

  73. Oh yeah the reason why I love it is because I love bracelets but so many of them these days are either silver plated, too chunky or just too expensive. This one is reasonable priced, small and delicate and Sterling silver. Ticks all my boxes

  74. I absolutely love all their jewellery because I can only wear sterling silver but I absolutely love the ball bracelet with heart

  75. The glass and silver earrings in snow white. I can never find earrings that seem to sit midway between style and being a uni lecturer! I love wearing stylish jewellery but the college I lecture at has a strict business dress code. And I’m sick of wearing my studs or small hoops. These ones could toe the business line but be funky enough to make my students think I’m a little more funky and little less old.

  76. I love the classic simplicity of the Multidisc Sterling Silver Bracelet, making it perfect for any occasion and any outfit.

  77. I love the Gold carved teardrop earrings, they are very delicate & oriental and the silver cuff is fabulous toooo. so many gorgeous pieces it is hard to make a choice…

  78. its so difficult to pick just one! I love the multi-ring sterling silver stud earrings, simple but elegant and sophisticated!

  79. How gorgeous is the Amethyst CZ Sterling Silver Long Necklace?! Crystal cz and amethyst coloured cz on sterling silver – devine. I would wear this absolutely everywhere!

  80. The gorgeous sterling silver cuff is the perfect piece to highlight my summer glow, fresh chic plus a flowing dress spells an elegant season!

  81. I love the asymmetric necklace on the main page for sterling silver. I’m not sure if that piece is still in the collection? I have a weakness for very minimal pieces and asymmetry so this necklace would be absolutely gorgeous for me!

  82. Wow… Nice find Nikki. I am in the market for a new silver heart necklace and the Puffed Silver Heart has caught my eye, simple elegance!

  83. So many pretty pieces to choose, gng on to my xmas wish list. I love the simple design yet elegant twisted circle necklace. The design will work well for work and play.

  84. The sterling silver and 14ct gold 7-Daisy necklace. I love flowers! Plus being silver & gold it makes it a more versatile piece for me.

  85. I love the Pearl and Sterling Silver Cuff PCB Olaperla because Ive honestly never seen anything like it before. Such a unique and interesting design.

  86. I’m pretty much in love with nearly all of the earrings (I even have a new appreciation for the need for clipons, as my mother-in-law has Parkinson’s Disease and can no longer keep her hands steady enough to thread a fine earring through a small hole) but I am in the middle of a necklace fetish right now, so I’m loving both the Daisy necklace and the Waterfall necklace. Just beautiful.

  87. Hmmm I think my previous comment did not go through – I spent ages browsing but my fave is definitely the sterling silver and gold heart earrings – super pretty the way they’re silver on the outside and gold on the inside xx

  88. My favourite piece was very hard to choose as they’re all so stunning! I spent ages browsing, but in the end I think my favourite was the sterling silver and gold heart earrings – they just look so pretty the way they’re silver on the outside and gold on the inside.

  89. The best thing about online shopping is that you have all the time reading some review about the product you wanted to buy. As if you are trying to convince yourself to buy the product. And it also save you lots of time out. Wish I can win the $100 gift voucher from Jive’s there accessories really looks beautiful.

  90. I actually really love the flower necklace, the first pic on this post. But on the website I dont think I can make a decision in the “statement jewellery” section!


  91. I found these guys the other day and fell in love straight away – along with bookmarking them for a review over at I love pretty things. Because they are VERY pretty!!

  92. I am in love with the Silver Gold and Blue Topaz Flower Ring. This shows who I am, happy and distinctive and full of colour and vibrance, beautiful ring. There were quite a few items at Jive Design that I fell in love with. Thanks for a chance. 🙂

  93. ohh I love the rolling rings necklace it is a simple essential and also love love the Silver/Gold and CZ circle ring ti would look fantastic on my chunky fingers.

    I am pregnant and accesories becomea bigger part of my focus.

  94. I like their Semi Precious Sterling Stacked Rings. So I can always choose how I want to match them or just wear one to keep it simple. 🙂

  95. Im in Love with all of the Jive Designs, it’s really hard to decide, i love the 7 Daisy Necklace, because it’s very unique and it think it would look Stunning with a black ane white outfit. Plus i adore the Gold Carved Teardrop Earings as they look very Dainty and would also go with many different outfits. Sharing this post on FB. Thank You 🙂

  96. I love the hammered silver hoops medium. Being a personal trainer who spend my days in gym gear, the opportunity to dress up is rare for me. Which is why I love simple, elegant earring that I can put them on even when I’m in my gym gear for just a touch of elegance & ‘girlyness’.

  97. I love the Ball Drops on Silver Stud Earrings. Simple and elegant says stylish and chic. A small drop earring compliments every face!

  98. You want us to choose just one. Are you crazy? Okay – the daisy necklace just says ‘Summer’s here’. I like mixing silver and gold pieces so this would be perfect.

  99. Definitely the sterling silver cuff – I love wearing just a couple of statement pieces and that would work just as well with jeans and a tee as it would for a special night out.

  100. Oh Nikki thank you yet again for another brilliant store/designer to lust after. My partner asked me the other day what I wanted for Christmas… Think I will just send him the link to Jive design! Silver is my weakness…

    I love the cuff – it has my name all over it! 🙂

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