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Can you remember your first mobile phone? I can.  It was a Nokia.  And pretty chunky.

I used it to *talk* to people.  And people phoned me.  To talk.  We’d have a conversation that didn’t require a keyboard. Strange but true.

None of this texting or Tweeting malarkey.

But I am what’s known as an early adapter in the geek department.  Before long I was SMSing like my thumbs were playing pinball.

Now, I can’t seriously imagine life WITHOUT a smartphone.  I started with a Blackberry, swapping to an iPhone4 last year.  As a small business operator and blogger, a Smartphone is an essential tool (well that’s what I tell my husband when I’m sitting on the lounge at night Tweeting my way through an episode of Grey’s Anatomy).

So imagine how rapidly my inner geek levels rose when the lovely people at Nokia contacted me to see if I wanted play around with a Nokia N8 smartphone.  Did I mention it was pink?

Nokia N8 Pink $634

Nokia N8 Pink $634

Yep, that’s right.  Pink + geek = love at first sight.

Apart from it’s obvious good looks, does it deliver the goods as a solid “mobile office” alternative?

The short answer?  Yes, it does.  And, dare I whisper it in the vicinity of my iPhone … possibly more.

Get this … the Pink N8 features a 12 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and Xenon flash and clever social network uploading capabilities. That’s some serious camera power in a phone. You can also edit photos and videos on the device, share them with friends and family instantly and upload them to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter straight from the home screen.

The phone even lets you organise your social life simply by syncing calendar events from Facebook to the Nokia N8 calendar.

So, what about apps?  The Nokia equivalent of Apple’s App Store is Ovi Store.  It works the same way – there are free apps and paid ones.  Yes, the kids can still play Angry Birds while you’re buying five minutes extra to drink your coffee in peace. And yes, I can blog straight from my phone with the WordPress app. There’s no Instagram but I’m loving the look of Pocketbooth and Colorizit in the photo app department.

Now, to get to the REALLY exciting bit.  Yep, that’s right Nokia and Styling You has a N8 Pink to give away to one lucky reader.

How good does the Nokia N8 Pink look?

How good does the Nokia N8 Pink look?


THIS COMPETITION HAS NOW CLOSED. For your chance to win a Nokia N8 Pink valued at $639, simply leave a comment below. Tell me about your first mobile phone.  Was it a brick?  Can you remember your first text? Entries open June 16 at 7am and close on June 23 at 8am.  This competition is open to Australian residents only.  One entry per person. The total prize pool is valued at $639. The winner will be drawn at random using  He or she will be notified by email and their name will be listed here.


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  1. I know this competition is closed but i still wanted to share my story! I had the shitiest second hand samsung e221ol for when i started high school (3 yrs ago) and my first text was to my Mum saying ‘hi does thi work’! So sweet!

  2. i am sorry to tell u that i dont have experience of any new cell phones so i would like to get nokia n8 as my first ever cell.

    1. Post
  3. Mine was a sony ericsson brick with a joystick navigator… naturally the joystick broke after about two weeks so I could only scroll up or left. I’m also pretty sure that for the first six months of having my phone, I used 50c of credit. Now I probably use that much per minute. How times have changed…

  4. My first phone was a Nokia. I don’t remember my first text but it started my mobile gaming addiction with the classic “SNAKE”!

  5. I don’t mean to name-drop, but Sol Trujillo gave me my first mobile phone. I loved that phone — mainly because of “Jawbreaker” — until I dropped it in the loo 🙁

  6. Loved my old nokia, wish i still had it, loved the ‘cool things’ i could do with them, and the ‘cool’ txt pics it would receive. Oh and i don’t forget the good ol ringtones classic!!! i had mario.. i remember it like i only had it yesterday

  7. My brick with the external battery pack is just getting too big to carry around – please please let me win this prize and join the 21st century 🙂

  8. Sadly (and increasingly embarrassingly) I’m still back in the dark ages with my first phone, a Nokia don’t even know what. I use it to talk, text and take [really poor quality] photos, but until now, it’s been functional (if nothing else). Recently, even when hubby’s phone had a meltdown, my good ol’ faithful clunka stood in for it.

    Nevertheless, I’ve decided it’s high time for me to forge ahead and become more tech-savvy… bring on the Nokia N8, I say!

  9. My phone was pretty and pink! It was small and stylish because I didn’t get a phone until years after they came out – I refused at the time to believe they would take off, I couldn’t have been more wrong!

  10. My first phone was a Nokia 3315. Although it was a brick and lacked a colour screen, it opened me up to the world of snake and also never cost me $200 to fix the cracked screen!

  11. Well I still have my first mobile phone …. a Nokia I think 1200, it is in front of me but just has Nokia on it, nothing else, it is years old and now I am having trouble hearing the callers, I have turned the volume to the max, but still difficult to hear, it is getting very very old and has served me well but now it is time for a change, but not a change from Nokia and I very happy with them just an update in the equipment side of things, i have my fingers crossed

  12. The mobile I have at the moment is my first..a Nokia, I think it is 1200, it’s in front of me but doesn’t have anything apart from Nokia on it, getting very old (it’s years old) and I have trouble hearing the callers even though I have turned up the volume to the max; It is time for a change, but I don’t want to change from Nokia I am very happy with them, I just need a new phone and I am not great at texting, not sure a new phone would help that, but maybe!!! so fingers crossed

  13. My first phone was an Old Nokia brick, a hand me down from my parents. I was so proud of it that I bought it a bright pink and purple dalmation skin and a bright pink tiger print case from Kleins. I used to buy credit for it and take it to school.

  14. It was a Nokia brick that texted and also took/made calls that’s all. I couldn’t cope when it rang and struggled with the intuitive text. I’ve stuck with Nokia ever since.

  15. my first phone was and still is a dinosaur to big to fit in a pocket
    all it does is text messages i would really like to win so i can finally replace and retire it to a museum HAHAH

  16. My first mobile was a Nokia 3210. It was heavy and unbreakable. I think my first text was from a friend who said hello.

    1. My first mobile was an ancient Nokia in 2000 and I thought it was the coolest thing I have ever owned. I soon cottoned on to predictive text for SMS and I became the fastest texter on the block. I spent many hours showing girlfriends and colleagues the benefits – a fast text is a good text!
      I got my first smart phone last year and it revolutionised my life! Its not as smart as some though and that’s why I’d really like to win the fabulous Nokia N8. Oh and its PINK! Too cute!

  17. i remember the firsy phone i had it was a nokia and it didnt work propely the first text i sent was to a random contact on the phone they repleyed asking who am i? 🙂

  18. It was my mum’s old mobile… kind of small…one key didn’t work, but had the worst ring tones EVER!!! – and the back cover kept falling off.. but I still felt blessed to have A phone… no matter what it looked like.. I love PINK… so this would be my ideal mobile…

  19. I remember my first mobile – I waited so long for it! My parents told me I couldn’t get one until I had finished school, so trust me, by the time I could get one, I was desperate for the most coolest phone there was! At the time, that was a silver Nokia phone with the blue screen! How amazing it was! Not just an ordinary screen, but a funky looking BLUE screen! My first call was to my best friend “I’m talking to you from my stylishly-cool hip phone!” “Stylishly-cool and hip” – haven’t times changed!

  20. I put off getting a mobile phone and my first one was very basic and so slow compared to now (or was that just my lack of texting ability!). My first message was probably checking that the teeneagers had done their homework. At least they read texts, Mum’s voice is usually ignored!

  21. The day I received my Motorola BRICK, I used it to whack who I thought was a bag snatcher, he was only a homeless man who quickly said “WTF if THAT!!!”

  22. my first mobile phone was in 1999, it was actually a remarkably small and tough Sagem phone. but texting was obviously a new phenomena – no predictive text, one click to scroll through each letter one at a time – it’d take 5 mins to write a basic sms, so i rarely bothered! oh, and i wasted my entire prepaid credit because i wasn’t aware of the phone lock option, and i accidentally redialed when i put the phone in my pocket, whilst my mother listened in for over 15 mins of me trying to chat up some girls!

  23. It was big and black and ugly. Oh yeah that should be IS. I have still have it – time for an upgrade. Would love to be pretty with pink

  24. When phones first came out I used to make fun of my friend and the way he always put his brick of a phone on the table whenever we went out and made a real show of using his phone. Years later he took me out for my birthday and gave me a present which promptly started to ring. Although it had stopped ringing by the time I had finished opening it , everyone was now watching as I took out one of those big plastic yellow Fisher Price phones into which he had inserted a modern day phone. There was an SMS message on the phone which read …”A brick for my brick’. That phone was such a good memory of our great friendship and the way he always made me laugh

  25. OMGoodness!

    My first time was with a large Nokia blue walkie talkie 🙂

    My first ever text was to my high school stalker “Leave me alone!”

    LMAO… well it only resulted in a $2000 phone bill as I kept switching my phone off and in those days under contracts we were charged HUGE amounts of money to listen to voice messages 🙂

    Oh well!

    At least now days Nokia’s look more akin to supermodels and
    my stalkers carry flowers and not back packs!


  26. My first mobile was a Motorola brick…. I was 17 and thought I was so cool having a ‘cell phone’. Back in those days nobody even knew what an sms was!

  27. My first phone confused the hell out of me with all the messages I’d get saying, “Please call”. Please call who? What? When? I didn’t realise that I had to scroll across to the next screen to reveal the number for my voicemail service.

  28. My very first mobile phone was not QUITE a brick. I used it on the go, to phone my aunt in Ireland and thought that an amazing achievement!

  29. It was a brick alright, I was careful not to drop it just in case in landed on my foot and it broke a toe or two.

  30. I was given a Nokia by my older brother. It was like carrying around a barbell it was that big nd heavy, but I thought it was the coolest phone out!

  31. Who would have thought that my original brick mobile shrunk to the size of a weeny calculator and can do so much! My first text messages took me ages to write and I couldn’t figure why people used instead of calling. Thought I was so cool finally learning the abbreviations, lol c u l8r 🙂

  32. I seen my first mobile phone at about 18 years old. my uncle had it, it was this huge black brick with a thick antenna.

    We were in awe and I remember thinking “no one will ever want a mobile phone, what for? we have house phones and public telephones”
    But he was still thought of as the cool uncle with the latest gadget.

    Who would of thought!

  33. My first phone was a blue and grey Ericsson, with an antenna that used to get caught on just about everything. Can’t remember what my first text was, but it was most likely to my husband! My sister gave me her Nokia a few years back, and when our youngest put it in the loo I just had to get another Nokia 🙂

  34. Hubby works in IT and used to be “On Call” About 20 years ago he was given home a mobile phone to replace his old fashioned “pager” Everyone was amazed with it and the phone became a real talking point at parties as it was state of the art technology! Looking back now, we laugh as the “modern” phone was so big it couldnt fit in his pocket, had an 18 inch antenna that you had to manually put up and couldnt even send texts!!!!

  35. My first mobile phone was a Nokia 1100. It was a birthday present. Unfortunately, I didn’t take care of it well. At my party at the beach, I entered the water without realising that the phone was still in my pocket. Fortunately, the people at Telstra were nice enough to give me a new one.

  36. My first phone was indestructible. It could withstand heavy forces, water damage, and contact sports, and still be able to call my mum to pick me up from school!

  37. Our first mobile with huuuuuuuuuge, hubby used to drive around in his truck with it and when the phone rang the truck horn would BEEP really loudly. Was hilarious!

  38. It was a Nokia 3210, it was good for its time, it was a brick but unbreakable. Feels like a million years ago now how funny, no way i could remember my first txt though 🙂

  39. I still own my first mobile phone. A Silver Buick that makes my shoulder groan. A large keyboard helps my fading eyes. A flip top ensures no dialling surprise. A simple menu that even I can master. No Internet distractions means I can go faster. The only problem is they no longer make a battery to keep my phone awake!

  40. I resisted a mobile phone for a long while, not wanting to be disturbed when I was out and about. How times have changed. My first was a Nokia as is my current phone!

  41. my first phone was a Nokia. It was shaped like a giant pill. It was white and the screen was in black and white, no colour! The first time I texted was in year 7 and it was to ask my dad if he was picking me up. The phone was my brothers old on but I felt so cool with it, when I look back at it I laugh because the phone was just so funny looking.

  42. my first phone was a sky blue nokia which i got for mothers day in 1997 but dropped and broke it a few years later. now i have an old nokia pink flip phone which doesnt have blutooth or internet and is on its way out…….i would really love a new up to date phone

  43. I was 16, I believe it was a Panasonic brand, small but wide and I only had it for a couple weeks before it got stolen at a party along with my whole handbag. I was devastated and had to save up to buy another. i had to flip alot of burgers :o)

  44. A hideous blue & black coloured brick,
    Sony Ericsson was the brand,
    Compared to what we have these days,
    I would be horrified holding it in my hand!

  45. My first phone was a massive brick. Enough to win a fight or argument with. I was the envy of all my classmates.

  46. My first phone was a nokia 3315, a black and white phone.
    I was 12 and i had been wanting one for ages because everyone had one. When it was christmas my dad finally said i could get one, he even asked me if i wanted a color phone, but i said no because everyone else had these black and white ones! the cool thing was to have one with a funky case and lanyard. Every birthday, christmas or easter me and my twin sister would buy one for our phones haha, my first one was a paul frank case and lanyard. I miss that phone, it was easy to use and had my all time favorite game snake,which was so addicting!

  47. My first phone was an old blue nokia brick with the black and white screen and none of the things phones have nowadays. All i used to do was sit there and waste all my battery playing snake! haha. Such a good phone 🙂

  48. My first mobile was back in 1990 and it was a huge clunky thing – more like a walkie talkie than a phone. It wouldn’t even fit in my hand bag. I thought it was pretty cool, despite the fact that the bills were HUGE.

  49. I held off getting a phone for some years until my daughter decided I should ‘get with it’ and gave me her old Nokia flip. It was covered in diamantes that she’d glued all over it!

  50. It was the Nokia 5110 and i loved it, all my friends did too and bought the same 1, if it wasnt for the fact that you could change the faces on them, we’d have gotten very mixed up whos phone was whos!

  51. It was a motorolla flip phone and believe it or not my boyfriend and I (gasp) shared it. We are now married and both totally addicted to smart phones but his is newer than mine and totally not pink……

  52. My first phone was a hand-me-down, my sister told me it’d give me cancer if I used it, so naturally I buried it

  53. My first mobile phone was when i was about 6. My aunties got it for me and as you would expect, it was a nokia. A nokia 1202. I currenttly have an Alcatel OT-880 XTRA but if I win this Nokia N8, I would give it to my mother because she has never had a phone and is currently fighting cancer and it is almost her birthday (1st of July). I would appreciate it soo much if I won this phone and would never stop thanking you.

  54. Big buttons and pale blue.My first love was a Nokia and It was flawless.The year was 1998 and my model was really hip.No such thing as iPhones or smartphones then.Mobile life was simpler then,I miss it.

  55. My first phone came very late, I held off what I thought was a silly trend, until I saw this one Nokia. I saved and saved for this very expensive phone by working my part time job (I was still at school). By the time I had enough money the amazing phone I wanted was so cheap, so out of date and so old I had heaps of money left over to buy more clothes!

    Loved that Nokia!

  56. My first mobile was only mobile if my car was moving and in an area that had any service and it needed almost all the space between the driver and passernger seats. At least I couldn’t lose it in my handbag… but there was the one time I forgot where I parked my car ; )

  57. i remember the first time i went to buy a phone, i got flattered on samsung set with blue light on the screen. It was something unique and different since at that time only mobiles with green light on the screen used to come. Since then i have changed so many phones,the mobile make has changed drastically over ages, but i still rember that excitement of buying a personal mobile for the first time.

  58. Oh my, the sturdy old Nokia 3315. I remember it like it was yesterday playing snake at recess at school. The old brick got decked out with the old flashing keypad. Handfuls of different ‘cool’ cases and little things to hang off the side.

    The good ole Nokia 3315 would probably outlast some of the phones out these days. In fact i was in a training course last week and a guy pulled out his 3315 to answer a call. RESPECT haha (clearly not a smart phone addict)

  59. My first phone was a hand me down that had already been passed to three other people . It was bright baby spew yellow and black with one of those massive antennas – not even a little bit stylish 🙁
    But it was mine and I cherished it . It survived my baby sister chucking it in the swimming pool , it survived sky diving out of my handbag and onto the concrete . My trusty little nokia sure was worth its weight in gold.

  60. I was the annoying friend that held off getting one for too long! You know its bad when your 65 year old Dad has one before you! It was a brick of a Nokia and I love/hated it!

  61. was so heavy it gave me shoulder pain when I had it in my handbag. And I thought it would ring even when it was turned off!

  62. My first phone was an old Nokia 3315, loved it, black and white, and had snake 2, which was the best game going round at the time. best part about it was the interchangeable covers, can’t really do that with many phones these days. It was a bit of a brick! First message I think was to my mum asking what’s for dinner!

  63. My first phone was a brick in disguise. I remember calling my friend to tell her my dad had finally bought me one, and used up all of my $25 credit in one go!

  64. My first mobile was the original Motorola Flip Phone called the”Digital Personal Communicator”. I got it with the extended life battery. It was a brick with mortar…lol

  65. My first mobile phone cost a gigantic $150 and was , i think, a Siemens something or other lol. Its was black and i painted the back with silver glitter nail polish. I was so cool lol

  66. At the time my boss was the only other person I knew who had one, so I sent her “I love my job!”. And yes, I still have a brown nose…

  67. Being 4Ft 11, my first mobile phone was almost bigger than me. It was big black and looked like a briefcase. Glad that as the world advances, mobile phones and NOT ME are getting smaller and more funkier. A pink one would be the fun in every call!

  68. My first mobile was a pink one, it was a pretty handy phone but I didn’t really use it all that often because Fisher Price doesn’t have very good service coverage in Australia….

  69. Yes, it was a work phone I had access to, not mine, they were too expensive back then, it was novel then so the size didn’t seem too bad. Now, it would be hysterical.

  70. My first mobile was for work and it had a seperate battery pack whick was VERY heavy and had to be lugged around with it. My first text was to my son. I didnt know how to correct anything or backspace so it turned out a bunch of garble. He had to ring me to clarity what I was trying to say!

  71. I was a blubbery mess when I bought my first mobile phone, which was an obese Nokia. I couldn’t believe I finally had ownership of one. We lived on a farm so when I got it home, I had no reception so couldn’t make calls and couldn’t receive calls. I didn’t care though – I finally had a mobile phone.

  72. My first phone was also a Nokia, big thick thing with a cover that was black and thick also, even just recently my daughter laughed when I asked her how do I make a smiley face on a text and my son refers to me as a digital dummy!!!!

  73. I had a Nokia, Larger than my hand and soo heavy! It was ‘advanced’ and could text but the screen was so small you could only see one word at a time!

  74. My first phone was bigger than my hand and the buttons were so big that when you were talking on the phone they pressed into your cheek and left indents!!!! Thank heavens for technological advances since then!

  75. My first phone was shaped like a little white egg and only did the basics – but that was all I needed back then. Mind you sometimes I think it was a step up from my current model!

  76. My “first” was a Nokia too, and it was a brick! It was given to me by my new boyfriend (now my husband!) as a hand-me-down in 2002. It was simple to use (couldn’t even text with it!) and was all I needed at the time! Less than 10 years later, phones are so much more.

  77. My first mobile was bigger that the cordless ones are now. It had such an easy number to remember, but I never used it much only for travelling. Now I have one on me 24/7

  78. I can’t remember my first phone but it wasnt a brick as i was almost last to get on the mobiel phone bandwagon, however my first phone didn’t survive very long and I was forced tyo use my mum’s old phone for a while. I remember haging out with one of my friend’s one night and being asked ” Did you bring your house phone with you?” I guess it was pretty big.

  79. I don’t remember a lot about my first mobile, other than it was a Nokia, and in those days my mobile phone was big and my handbag was small – the absolute opposite of today!

  80. My first mobile was a hand me down Nokia that was the size of a brick that worked with an antenna! All I could do with it was make and recieve calls and it took up most of the space in my handbag – there was no way I could carry it in my pocket like you can these days.

  81. I used to borrow my Dad’s brick when I went to the movies. It had a really loooong pull up aerial and it took up my entire Billabong hemp mini backpack. It was also really heavy and I’m pretty sure the battery only lasted a couple of hours! I don’t think it even had the texting feature back then.

  82. My first mobile was a Philips Diga – it was enormous! I was so chuffed to own a mobile I used to get it out in supermarkets and pretend to “check it”. A couple of times hubby rang me when I was out in public and I would whip it out of my handbag and talk very loudly. Can’t believe I was such a wanker! Next phone and every one since have been Nokia, as they are so reliable. Hubby, (who is a complete technophobe) still uses a Nokia 3350 and refuses to part with it.

  83. I got my first ever nokia when I was in year 8 – I guilt’ed my mum big time, I was the youngest in our family by 5yrs and mum was a busy working mum with her own business and continuously forgot about me, after countless evenings spent waiting for her on the side of the road after school sport, music practice or swimming training and after continuous nagging on my part she finally bought me a nokia 2100, I was on a $10plan and I was the first one at school to have a mobile phone and I loved it. I was strictly only allowed to use it call mum and reminder her to pick me up.
    I remember when I upgraded to the 6110 with snake – ahhh the memories spent in the back row of maths class playing snake.

  84. Massive, heavy, huuuuuge long aerial…convinced my parents to buy it for me “for safety at uni” – and to pay the bills too 🙂

  85. My partner bought my first mobile. It was a massive brick and yet I was so gentle with it (not like my current model which hits the dirt regularly!). I felt rich owning a mobile! haha

  86. My then husband was a computer nerd and was convinced Nokia had the best phones so I got one of their early models. I must admit it withstood all the dropping that I did and still worked without a problem. I think it eventually came to grief when it slid out of my pocket at the same time I was closing the door to my car – hence squished, cracked phone. I am a lot more careful with my phone these days!

  87. I remember getting my phone, then trying to figure out who on earth was going to call me, because no one else had one!

  88. A Motorolla phone in 1993
    I thought I was the bees knees.
    The fist time I gave my mobile number out ,
    they thought I was making it up, to give me some clout.
    Tnen next a Nokia for me. I ould text! Wow Wee!
    Now my phone is glued by my ear to keep in touch to all whom I hold dear.

  89. i got mine on my 12th birthday it was a flip phone and i was so happy but my friend was really jealous, but a week later she came to school with the exact same phone but in pink, i was so upset

  90. my first phone was a car phone, it was big and chunky and not hands free, was mounted near the gear stick.i loved that phone!!!

  91. Haha, mine was a Motorola flip phone and I thought I was too cool for school. Only problems were it was so heavy and the battery lasted less than three hours, so conversations were kept to a one-minute maximum and texting was limited to a few words (cos that’s all that fit in the screen!). Hahahahaha.

  92. my first phone was a sony ericson the brick ones it got by and still even works to this day 8yrs later but was only good for answering calls but had good reception

  93. My first mobile was huge and it was a Vodafone mobile phone back when they had good coverage. It weighed a tonne and was too big to carry around with me when I wore jeans. I had to wear dress trousers as they had a big enough pocket.

  94. My first mobile phone was just very basic and black with a blue trim. It didn’t even have a camera. Now a lot of mobiles are like a fashion accessory. The last two mobiles have been Nokias and they’ve been excellent. I’d be so happy to win the pink Nokia, I need a new mobile again now, the Nokia I have at the moment is four years old, still works but pretty scratched up as one could imagine of four years…

  95. My first phone was a flip phone, a nokia as well! And it was the size of a brick. I thought I was so cool for having my own mobile, but now that phone is considered ‘uncool and old’

  96. My First phone was a Nokia 3315, At that time it was the best phone out and everyone wanted or had one. I loved to play the game snake on it and was always excited when i beat my high score!! The first day i got it i was so excited to send my best mate a text message to let her know i finally got a phone 🙂 The 3315 was unbreakable, no matter how many times i dropped it, put it through the wash or near ran over it. NOKIA is defently the best branded phone!!


  98. My first mobile was a boring black one, which weighed a tonne and was not very stylish. It was very simple to use and didnt have half the apps that are available on the new phones these but it did its job going back 15 years ago. I would really love the nokia N8 smartphone because it is PINK yeah, it is stylish and very fashionable but most of all it is PINK, which is my favourite colour.

  99. The year was 1994 and it was a definite Nokia brick, heavy and weighed my bag down. It was technically my Mum’s, but she bought it for my sister and I so she could keep track of us when we were out and about. We jokingly referred to it as “The Leash” but it was definitely worth lugging about so we could call Mum at some ungodly hour and beg to be picked up 😉

    Interestingly, Mum still has the same number 😉

  100. I have only just bought my mobile phone, first one I have ever had and still need help in using it. Finally am catching up with the times.

  101. My first phone was a Nokia 5110 and my father gave it to me as he got a new one. They live in Qld and Dad somehow got a $5 per month plan. 10 years later I’m still on the same plan. This plan enables him to call me and my kids or us call them for free for 10mins every week night. I do remember when I first started texting and not being sure if the message was sent I send it mutiple times and the messages used to take so long to get to the person you sent it to. So if you sent a message to a friend to say you were coming over you normally got there before the message did.

  102. I remember being told by my children that I absolutely must have a mobile phone as everyone else’s Mum had one. This was in 1999. We had managed well before then (able to hide from people 🙂 Now I’m not sure how I’d manage without one. I am just about to start a consultancy business and am still using a little Nokia flip phone that is “ancient”. This phone would certainly let me carry my office with me and give me the edge. I might need some lessons on how to use it though – I’m sure my tech savvy kids would be happy to get me up to speed.

  103. My first phone was a black Nokia that was heavy and boring. Nothing like the current ones that are fancy and web enabled.

  104. My first phone was so big and heavy, you could almost do weights with it! And even better, you could see me coming from a mile away with that big antenna sticking out!

  105. At 20 y.o. I was given my first Nokia mobile phone as part of my new job. Looking back I don’t know how I lived without a mobile beforehand.

  106. My first phone was a 3315 that I received for my 16th birthday. I used the entire $30 credit on the first day and my parents wouldn’t buy me any more – I didn’t even get to use it for the first month! Everyone else had the newer Nokia that when you stood it on end and made it vibrate it would turn in a circle! I upgraded to an iPhone recently but would love to have a new and improved Nokia instead!!!

  107. my 1st phone was my mums old nokia that she gave to me when i was only 10, and it was about the size of a house.
    I remeber never using it much, and when i did get texts they where so loude that they scared me half to death.
    This also led to the end of the phone when it was in my hand and it rand causing me to drop it onto a toilet.

    Im in need of a new phone as the one i have now has had a few tumbles.

    And would love to get a new Nokia 🙂

  108. my first mobile was a huge brick that you had a bag to carry it around in as the battery was bigger than the phone but we thought we were so cool as not many had a mobile then

  109. I don’t even know what type it was, only that it was huge, something like carrying a house brick around with this thick antenna sticking out of it. First SMS?! I don’t think it was capable, let alone me lol. It was even too big to tuck into my handbag (which has been know to swallow entire outfits/medicine cupboards and small children). It finally died when we had a burst water pipe in the kitchen, I came downstairs to see it (the phone that is) floating, along with everything else, in it’s equally large charger through the lounge-room. Ah memories, thank goodness they’re in the past.

  110. My Dad wanted to pass his mobile phone onto me as he thought that would be a good place for me to start, like there was no way I was allowed to have the latest like all my friends. It was the size of a briefcase, you couldn’t fit it in your handbag let alone slip it on your jeans pocket. It weighed more than me, it was the most embarrassing thing every. My this story show’s my age!

  111. My first phone was a Motorola Flip Phone and I thought it was amazing, compared to the phones these days it was ancient. I’d love a new Nokia N8 Pink Smartphone.

  112. My first phone was a brick (can’t recall what type it was that long ago) I shared it with my boyfriend at the time. I am amazed how the mobile phone has changed so much since then!

  113. Hi Nikki, my first experiences of a mobile phone was the first generation Motorola Bag Phone back in 1991. It doesn’t seem like that long ago but the changes in technology blow me away. The Bag Phone was so large it had a carry bag to house the batteries. It was almost the size of a Green Bag and yet we thought it was the most amazing thing ever invented. By the time my daughter was born 6 years later we thought it was so funny we gave it to her as a toy. We had to take it off her soon after as the thing was so heavy she nearly knocked herself out whenever she tried to play with it.

  114. I am a slow learner re buying the new groovy toy so my first mobile was a Silver NOKIA with blue face 10 years ago and I am 46 now. I do not know how I survived so long without a mobile. I loved the fancy look of blue and silver was sad to see it go when its lifespan had run out.

  115. Like everyone my first phone was a brick. A sony ericsson brick. I never carried a handbag back then, I’d get my man(well idoit) at the time to place it in his front pocket…is that a phone in your pocket or are you just happy to see me!!!! Since then, I’ve owned about 50 phones, and honestly…none compair to a nokia phone 🙂

  116. Mine was a Motorola “Jazz” – with about 5 really naf ring tones (only one of which was “musical”!), no predictive text (let alone QWERTY keyboard!) and little aerial that stuck out the top! =P

  117. My first phone was a siemens , it was as big as a brick and so fiddly to use. now i have a nokia n73 which i really hate , it has a cracked screen and water damage due to master 3 putting in in the loo last year

  118. Oh – I’ve had my current phone for so long (since my son was in Year 8 – he’s now at Uni), that I can’t remember my first one.

    My current phone is tragic – a Samsung flip phone (free with Telstra plan). I know I need to update but wanted something pretty. Nikki – I think you’ve found it!!

  119. Oh, I still get excited just thinking about it. My Nokia 5190 – I still remember Christmas Day (the last Christmas before I started high school)… Opening up that gorgeous mobile phone box – I still keep them, to this day!! – and almost crying. I was gonna be SO COOL! Too bad I didn’t know anyone else with a mobile phone. But I sure did text my Mum a lot 🙂

  120. i got my first phone when i was 16 it was a Nokia 3315 i was so proud of my self because i paid for it! I’m now 21 and have gone through countless phones

  121. My first mobile was a motorola flip phone. (thefirst I think) It came with 2 batteries!! A large brick and a slimline brick!!

  122. My first phone was a brick and my lifeline, living in the country ,as a chronic Asthmatic it was my only way to get help if I got in trouble and couldn’t breathe. I still can not go anywhere with out my old trusty phone just in case.

  123. I got a Phillips Digi in the early 90’s and this thing was so heavy! It was bulky, but not too bricky. And all it could do was make phone calls. Certainly no SMS’s yet!!

  124. Yes my first phone was a Nokia. It was in the days when you used to wear them on the belt of your jeans like a status symbol! You felt very “with it”.

  125. My first phone was a Nokia which was HUGE yet awesome. It cost a mere $900 which was cheap because a friend was a telephone salesperson. All my friends were in awe of my amazing new phone which was too big to even fit in my handbag. I had to purchase a new handbag to accommodate it!

  126. My first phone was a Nokia brick too, it was massive (I still have it for sentimental reasons)yet I was chuffed as the whole idea of a portable phone was mindblowing. My first text was sent with a dot between words as I didn’t know how to space, and it was HAS.THIS.GONE.THROUGH. The sheer cost of calls and texts made it a real luxury!

  127. The year was 1997, the phone was a Nokia, it was blue and silver and weighed more than everything else in my handbag…but I loved it!

  128. Probably indicative of my age…but my first mobile was like a brick…heavy & not particularly attractive! But, I felt connected and ‘with it’. However, this stunning pink Nokia Smartphone will really make me young and hip.

  129. My first mobile phone was chunky,
    Like a brick it was heavy,
    And very ugly,
    Not like this cute ubeaut technology,
    Which I’d be tickled pink to win for free !

  130. Yes, I too had an old Nokia Brick as my first phone, I was 18, could only send texts to the same people on your network, mine had a fluro yellow face. No camera or fany ringtones and yes I loved it.

  131. A Sony Ericcson Digital phone GH388. It was one of the first phones with coloured LCD and the antenna flashed red and blue when the phone was ringing, which amazed me at the time.
    They also had interchangeable face plates for the phone, and I thought that I was so fancy and fashionable, I used to show everyone how I could change the look of the phone (I was 14). I still have this phone sitting somewhere in the spare room, a few months ago I was listening to the different ring tones on the phone and couldn’t help but crack up- they were hilarious!

  132. It was my husbands old phone, some sort of a Dick Smith’s special that never worked anyway because we lived in a rural area with no phone service.

  133. A nokia with fake patented leather
    Almost glued on top of plastic,
    My first mobile was not fantastic!
    It was plain ugly!
    It lacked any charm
    and almost broke your arm!
    I was so heavy and bulky,
    It really was as ridiculously thick,
    I could have been speaking into a brick!

  134. A Nokia 2260, it was actually really awesome, easy interface for text messaging, cost about $60 and lasted around three years,

  135. My first mobile phone was alittle too much technology for me. My boyfriend at the time spent time to teach me how to text, make calls, delete messages…etc. Now I’m a techno whizz and teach others all the new and lastest features…how things have changed since then.

  136. My first mobile was a Nokia, i felt so cool. I would talk to my boyfriend for hours and racked up HUGE bills that took me months to pay off. So now i still have a Nokia but it’s pre-paid cause i still don’t trust myself!!

  137. I was a bit late on the mobile phone wagon and had to be convinced by friends that I needed one. Ended up with a nice looking Nokia and all I used it for was playing snake!

  138. My first mobile was a hand-me-down from my husband. I used to get in trouble because I would leave it at home and forget to turn it on.

  139. I was soo cool with my Motorolla SLIM half BRICK ! Still using it TODAY , errh to hold the door back on windy days !

  140. My first mobile was Nokia but can not even remember which model,husband got himself a new one so I inherited the old one.I did not need at the time,it was more for emergency(in case)then for social life.This days life is complitely different.Impossible to live without those wonderful things.

  141. Being naturally clumsy I was resistant to an ‘expensive’ $90 phone, then finally I got a chunky red Nokia through a post office deal. It went through the wash, spin dry and all, in the pocket of my jeans. It dried out and kept working!

  142. Wasn’t a brick, is a stylish siemens something something. At that moment, the smaller the phone, the cuter it was. And it was coming with white screen and a few of rainbow strips (green, blue and red), I know it sounds like XMas but hey it my first and people say first cut is the deepest right?!

  143. My first mobile was definitely a brick and my first ever message was to my BF at the time which said Oh my gosh, babe I finally got a mobile!
    Needless to say I can LOL at that moment now!

  144. I suppose it could be called a ‘mobile’ phone. It was dad’s car phone that you carried in a bag with a huge battery that weighed a tonne. But it did the job… make calls that is! No texting on this ‘little’ beauty!

  145. My first was actually mobile-prehistoric, as in, a pager. I wonder if I’m showing my age with that comment! Does anyone else remember all the codes?

  146. My first phone wasn’t far off a brick! I thought I was so hip, using my phone in public as much as possible I even once pretended I was on the phone…how embarassing!!

  147. My first mobile was only given to me a couple of years ago. I avoided them like the plague. When it finally disintegrated I thought Id lost my arm. Cant wait to get my hands on this smartphone especially in my favourite colour. Thanks for the huge opportunity

  148. My first phone was a motorola… a few months after i got it, the antenna started falling off and after it DID fall off… the reception was sketchy to say the least

  149. My first mobile was a Nokia 3210. I’ve never had a brick mobile, though do remember the days when mobiles were used for calling rather than taking photos, video, playing music, browsing the Internet… I remember being absolutely obsessed with playing the Snake game on the mobile, I was constantly trying to beat my own high score – none of this having to post scores online and hence feeling inept even though you thought you did awesomely well! I also remember that I wasn’t so attached to my phone back then – nowadays I couldn’t survive without it!

  150. A red Nokia 3315 which I pretty much just played snake on. I think my first text was to my Mum to say thanks for getting me a phone.

  151. My first mobile was the Nokia 5110 I got it from my mums best friend, I think I had just started high school and well all the older kids had phones so I wanted one.

  152. Motorola 1888 analog it was black with a battery pack in it, thought it was cool that you take the battery off & replace it. No sms back in those days! Probably felt secure knowing we could phone anyone if any emergency arose!

  153. My first mobile was a panasonic GD95. I bought it in 2002, i had a full time job. This was before prepaid. I thought it was so cool! Lol! It was silver and had 3 different back lights green blue and orange. Anyway I only had the phone about 2 months before I lost it because I left it on the roof of my car then I drove off. Lol! I miss that phone. You always remember your first.

  154. I remember the very first one we had, came in this big zip up case, and it had the base of the phone, and it was corded, and huge! It was about the size of an A4 piece of paper, and was heavy and SO incredibly expensive on phone calls! lol The good old days huh?! 😛

  155. My first phone was a brick, more like a walkie-talkie than a mobile and had an aerial almost twice the size of the phone which had to be screwed on with each use. It weighed a tonne in my handbag, had no games but strangely it had amazing reception, unlike my current mobile.

  156. Huge arkward and very heavy that I would have to carry in my handbag and take out to use everytime as too big to put in my pocket! In the end I would just switch off and leave in my bag!

  157. I loved my first mobile, it was a Nokia Brick and it was cool and slick. My texts at that time were warring words with my ex – and I ended up losing it in the porcelain bus after one particularly boozy night!

  158. I still have my first phone. It doesn’t take photos and is so slow to text. My first text was accidently sent to myself

  159. My first mobile phone was a plastic toy one from a toy shop. I pretended to be so cool because I had a mobile phone but in actual fact I didnt. Nothing much has changed, I do own a mobile but I can only get incoming calls as every other button has broken and so has the screen so I couldnt see to text even if it did work.

  160. My first mobile was a second hand Nokia, my son gave it to me when he got his new one it was about 10 yrs ago now. I wouldn’t be without one now as it keeps me in touch with family on the mainland and overseas.

  161. I’m sure my first phone was not just a brick but had the whole house attached! Had to be a weightlifter just to carry it!

  162. Yes my frst phone was a Nokia and yes it was a brick and weighed a tonne. But it was my favourite toy and never left home without it. When I ordered mine so did 4 others in the family. All our mob numbers were like 1 digit apart. We all lived together but would still call each other every day as we we liked using the phone when we were out. Went into shock on the first phone bill, ouch!!

  163. My first mobile was not a brick, it was a slab. Gave you neck, shoulder, arm and wrist pains if you used it any longer than a few minutes… of the range….roughly around the same time that the dinosaurs roamed the earth…or so my kids inform me

  164. I got my first mobile phone whilst working as a temp many years ago, I just remember that the calls were so expensive at the time, I wouldn’t dare make calls on it for fear of running up a huge bill!!

  165. It was the nokia 3110 the first one out! I remember waiting at the store just so I could get one of there first shipments!! And the first message I ever sent off it was: hello mum this is my new number I just bought the new nokia!! I even remember my mobile number! My daughter who is two now plays with it as a toy phone it doesn’t work though!!

  166. Yes, and I still have it. My teen thinks it is old fashion I may need callers to yell (because the sound isnt loud) but it still kicking on.

  167. My first phone was a huge brick, handed down from my sister. I couldn’t remember the number, so I used texta to write it along the side of the phone. I was embarrassed to have a phone because none of my friends did, (Mum wanted me to have it for safety), so I used to leave it in the car hidden under the seat, and always forgot to charge it. First text? Well, texting didn’t even exist then!

  168. My first mobile phone was a Nokia in 1996. It was always, reliable which was really important as my daughter was very sick as a baby and I needed a phone that was easy to use and reliable. I love Nokia phones and my eldest daughter has just given me her old N95 and I am having heaps of fun with it.

  169. I remember the first call I made was to my Grandson,
    who loves to answer the phone when it rings.
    he loves to talk and talk,and he often sings

  170. My first mobile was a Nokia 2110 which was a Christmas present from my husband and I was so thrilled to finally have a mobile phone! It didn’t have a colour screen or a camera, in fact it had no features at all other than being able to make calls and send texts, but I loved it dearly and decorated it with many colourful covers and often played around with the built in ringtone selections. At the time, it was my favourite thing in the world!

  171. Mine was a Siemens I shared with my husband. Just as he became outdated, so did the very basic mobile, in no time.

  172. My first mobile phone was my husbands old one about 6 years ago , it was a really basic Nokia, pretty battered but I was happy. My first text took me so long to do, I accidently sent many messages to god knows before I got the hang of it.

  173. it was a motorola brick so chunky anologue ringtones, and i thought i was the ducks guts as i was the first of my friends to get a mobile, imagine 2 years later when texting became available, i still remember my first text to my sister saying hello is this thing on … now we text at second nature , send pics ,blog, tweet and facebook all in one go!

  174. I remember my first phone, it cost $199 in 1994 and I am pretty sure it was a Motorola. It was completely crap because the battery (which was thicker than the entire phone I have now) didn’t fit the phone overly well, so the phone was rarely ‘on’, the connection between the two just not there! I remember receiving my first text message while I was at a conference in Bangkok in February 2000, I have been using text messaging ever since!

  175. My first phone had a screen which only fit one line of text. I also had to share it with my brother. Although it wasn’t too much of a brick, it had a ginormous external antenna.
    I cant remember what the first text i wrote said, but it probably took me a long time to write it!

  176. My first mobile was definitely a brick. My first message scared me. I didn’t know what the noise was and waited a week to read it because I thought I had broken the phone and didn’t want my hubby to find out. Very funny thinking back.

  177. My first phone would be a purple Nokia 5110 back in 1998 🙂 Its screen was monochrome and I had fun playing snakes! 🙂

    1. And oh, it wasn’t really a brick and I didn’t really have friends back then (very sad I know), so my first text was probably to my mom 🙂

  178. i cant remember what phone it was except it was a Nokia i have never bought any other make i love my Nokia’s

  179. It was a brick and I had to hide it from my nanna so she didn’t lecture my dad about buying a 12 year old a mobile! First text was probably sending all my friends my number 🙂

  180. My first phone was in 1994… it was a super sized Nokia with an aerial and all… I was the first of all my family and friends to get one so it was quite a novelty. I don’t know how I ever coped without one. As I’ve upgraded phones over the years (all bar one have been Nokias – I very quickly went back after missing their ease of use terribly) I’ve passed my old one on to my appreciative Mum. So Mum if I win this one you’re up for your first Nokia smartphone – look out world – she only learnt to text last year hehehe

  181. My first Nokia was bought about 11 years ago, and in todays standard it was a brick. It had no camera, no video, no mp3, no colour and the only game on it was snake. It was my first phone and I loved it. I love nokia and cant wait to replace my LG, hopefully for something pink.

  182. Ah yes my first mobile, the good old Nokia brick. Strictly for emergency use only – & we thought texting – BRING HOME MILK – was sooo cool we were amazed!

  183. The first mobile phone that I owned was a huge chunky black one with a huge chunky charger and they lived together in a huge case. If you left the city limits you would lose service quickly. The colour was black as that is all you could get then.There were no mobile phone plans so you paid a huge cost for calls to telecom. The charger would need to be constantly charged as the battery went flat really quickly.

  184. Got my first phone when kids went to pre-school…on a tight budget so could only afford a daggy-looking “brick” with chunky big buttons, I felt very un-cool…now my old eyes are starting to fail me…I WANT MY OLD PHONE AGAIN…waaaahhhhh!

  185. I had a nice chunky motorola flip – I still wish I had it, I’m often looking for things to use as weight training at home! No sms messages or called ID on this old gem!

  186. My first mobile phone was a Motorola and it was so bit and chunky. I used to carry it around in a bag and the handpiece was connected by a cord. Not very compact by todays standards.

    1. Got my first phone when kids went to pre-school…on a tight budget so could only afford a daggy-looking “brick” with chunky big buttons, I felt very un-cool…now my old eyes are starting to fail me…I WANT MY OLD PHONE AGAIN…waaaahhhhh!

  187. i cant remember what brand my phone was but i thought it was great,i do remember it had an aerial i had to pull out so i could get good reception,my how technology has changed

  188. To be honest I can’t remember my first phone or my first text…..all I can tell you is I can’t imagine life without either. Love my technology

  189. My first phone was fat and heavy. I had a plastic cover for it and really looked after it. I was so attached to it that I didn’t have the heard to throw it out.

  190. Can’t remember what the make was but it was huge – I could only make calls on it and remember being very envious of my mates with their hi-tech phones that could text!

  191. Mine was a Nokia and it was blue. I thought it was way cool. It was tough too. My father dropped it in a farm paddock and found it three weeks later, having withstood rain, wind, sun etc. It still worked!

  192. A brick which nestled somberly between the front seats. It was connected to the console by a stretchy cordm so it wasn’t exactly “mobile”. Nice – weighed about 3 kg and absolutely no hands free. In fact, I had to stop the car to pick it up! Times sure have changed!

  193. My first mobile was a Nokia “bag phone”… The mobility capability was low – it had was to stay in your car plugged into the cigarette lighter! The whole thing was the size of a shoe box! Certainly no texting options with this dinosaur…

  194. My first phone was a ‘hand-me-down’ Nokia 3315 from my daughter. The first time it rang I was in a staff meeting and it vibrated in my pocket I screamed.

  195. I had a Nokia brick, and thought I was uber cool with it too. I remember the day I got it, walking out of the office in the middle of the city to make a really important call. I fished it out of my handbag as soon as I got outside, waited for the largest number of people to be walking past so I could make them all equal parts jealous and impressed by my new gadget – then called my Mum. After her urging me to get off the phone because of the sky high call rates at the time, I finally relented. After all, every single person walking past had noticed me, so my work here was done.

    It was only when I hung up the brick phone that I realised they were all looking at me because I had a bright red plastic comb caught on the aerial. Nothing says class like a massive brick mobile phone swinging about with my overly animated movements, complete with cheap plastic comb attached.

  196. Famous last words! I don’t really think I’ll use a mobile much – do you think I really need one? Well that was back in circa 2002 and I’m brave enough to admit I was wrong. Was there a communication life prior to their invention. Those were the days when I wrote handwritten notes, how times change and how quickly. My mobile has survived drenching in champagne etc. I just wish someone had explained that early on that LOL means laugh out loud, I thought it meant lots of love and sent a text to a friend whose son was very ill in hospital and ended with LOL – oh dear!

  197. My first moblile phone was a big ugly brick (ericsson I think)… it was a long time ago. I was a bit slow to catch onto the whole texting thing. I couldn’t see why you would type something you could just say, then you would have to wait for their answer… then reply to them etc. But now I love it, so easy and non intrusive even.

  198. The first ‘mobile’ phone I ever had to use was one for work. It was contained in a large bag that you had to take everywhere – the size of a briefcase with absolutely no style. I was at a school fete the first time that it rang, and it caused young children to cry and other people to stare. Now I want people to stare at my phone in admiration for its style and versatility.

  199. BRICK! With it’s own carry case plus an external house aerial to improve reception, I was on the cutting edge with my first NOKIA!

  200. My first phone was a Nokia, I got it in year 12 and I thought i was so cool, I brought it a peal coloured cover and it had the huge rubber buttons, texting in class was the thing to do. I was crushed when it died.

  201. My first mobile was never officialy “mine” just mine to use, my first car had a habbit of breaking down so my parents wanted me to be able to contact them incase of an emergency. It was a sturdy nokia and definately didn’t fit in ones’ pocket but at the time was smaller than some other phones on the market…. not anymore! It did have text capabilities but you where charged per letter or word (can’t remember exactly) per text! There was also little chance of hitting the wrong button. It had a permanent fat little arial that stuck up and definately no fancy ring tone or games… not to mention camera. But at the time I thought it was cool LOL

  202. Remember the film ‘Wild Things’with Matt Dillon and Neve Campbell from 1998? Matt was so cool with his mobile phone, yet check it out again, it looks like a satellite phone it was so big and chunky, yes, that’s what our first mobile was like! Things have moved on, but I still do not have a pink smartphone…..

  203. My first mobile was a Nokia too – the pixels were so big only 2 lines of text could appear on the screen at once and I was flat-out trying to fit most people’s names on one line… and the phone itself was the size of a Foxtel remote… heh heh – showing my age!!! It only made calls – it was a pre-text era. Oh, and it didn’t survive falling off my 3rd floor balcony onto the driveway below… 🙁

  204. oh my, well, my first phone was a brick looking thing, there were even toy phones made to look identical to it, it was a motorola. It had this big aerial which i dont how the heck i managed to not snap it carry it with me, i didnt even put it in my handbag, was just put into the basket of my baby’s pram when we went out. wow the memories, i didnt send any texts as no one else i knew had a mobile until later when i upgraded to another brick but smaller, Ericson.

  205. My first phone was in the 90’s I was in my teens the Nokia 2110E I thought I was such hot stuff with it LOL, it was MASSIVE and had a orange light up screen…ah the memories 🙂 I dont think I sent a text message until upgrading phones in the naughties. Im still a bit behind the times im the only person I know who doesnt have a mobile phone with a camera in it but what can I say I clearly dont know what I am missing!

  206. It was a motorola, it was huge, but had a flimsy flip and an antenna i had to pull out. It not user friendly and was heavy, very ugly and black. But it did save the day when I was going for interviews to get messages while i was at uni

  207. I bought my ‘first’ years ago so I could track my teenagers’ whereabouts if they weren’t home by a certain time.It took me another few years before I switched it on for people to ring me! Now I panic if I don’t have it with me.

  208. My first phone was a basic Nokia, it only lasted a few months before one of my children dropped it in the toilet. It was the first of many of my phones to die a watery death. First SMS message was a test hello to my husband.

  209. My first mobile was back in the eighties when I answered my brother’s business calls. BRICK was an understatement! It was so heavy that I used to take it out of my bag so I wouldn’t get a sore shoulder and leave it at home!

  210. My first phone was a HUGE Sony Ericsson with a lime green backing – I could change the colour to match my mood, and that was where the uh technology ended!

  211. My first mobile is actually my current one. My parents never got me a mobile phone until recently because they thought I had no one to text, and that it gave you cancer. But I moved schools, and now need it in case I get kidnapped or something, and they need to call me, haha. It’s the Nokia 97 mini, and I love it. It’s got a QWERTY keyboard (which is awesome for texting), it’s white and classy, it’s got a epic camera, it feels cool to hold, it’s a touch screen and it doesn’t get scratched…too badly.

  212. At first I didn’t like the idea of having a mobile phone so people could always contact me but a friend of mine thought I should move with the times and gave me a hand me down Nokia and a Sim card to get me started.He had to show me how to text!Once I got the hang of it-I was ready to move on to the next level and then the next…and you know how the story goes from here-I can’t live without my phone and had no idea how we used to cope without them!

  213. I’ve been very slow to take up the technology. First was a Nokia and, just as I was getting the hang of it, had to get replacement. All the buttons in different places! Now I need reading glasses and by the time I have found the (black) phone from the bottom of my bag, put on my glasses and texted “I’ll be there in a minute” 15 minutes have passed. I like having my teenage daughter about when I need to use it- I call her my seeing eye teenager and text assistant! Bring on bright colours (pink!) big screens and technology that’s smart. Sounds like I need a Nokia N8 Smartphone I think!

  214. My first mobile was a Motorola black and white phone with a very tiny screen but I was the first one to get a mobile in my group of friends so I was quite happy with that… 🙂

  215. My 8 year old pink Ericsson Razor is still going strong apart from the screen is part cracked and my husband says it has the longest SMS ringtone in history. It’s been a good phone but I’m keen to continue on with the pink theme.

  216. My first mobile was one of the first Nokias released with a colour screen. It was 2003, I was in year 8, and I happened to be the first person in my class to have a colour screen phone. Needless to say, I was very popular that week!

  217. My first phone was called a Savvy – it was really really cute! I got it when I went to uni in 2000. I kept that phone for a few years. It wasnt a special brand or anything but it was a great phone – just thinking about it brings back great memories 🙂

  218. my first phone was a motorola. It was very basic. It didn’t even show who was calling or smsing me. I had to remember phone numbers and that was hard

  219. My First phone was a Nokia, i think it was one of the 5000 series. It was light blue, pretty fancy back then. As for my first text I can not remember. I do remember the screen was very hard to read due to the small size and bad lighting (no colour)

  220. To call my first Mobile phone a brick is to be polite actually. It could have taken down a bull if projected accurately. No text here. Nothing much ‘smart’ about it either.

  221. 1st phone was a nokia 1100 way back when. First text was gibberish as I didn’t realise you had to press the buttons more than once to get the other letters!

  222. It was an Ericsson T10 which went for a swim when I was kayaking. The second faired no better – stolen this time. I think my first text was a reply to a regular texter and it must have taken me 10 minutes to type just a few words.

  223. My first phone was actually larger than a brick and it was in 1988/89, it had a strap but it was so big you couldn’t carry it around. It sat between the seats in the car and the biggest part of it was the battery. It was so big & cumbersome…. look how far they’ve come.

  224. my first phone was the uber-pink nokia 2220. Tried to resist buying it but was soooooooo pretty. First text was to my bf who was next to me – ‘check out my sexy phone’

  225. It was a sharp silver flip and it was bought outright for $1000 for my 21st. My parents took me away skiing for my 21st as i had recently had a massive social breakdown with my group of friends due to my ex-friends girl..yeh long story, but thats how i will always remember my first phone 🙂

  226. Mine was a Motorola “brick” flip phone in a lovely matt grey. I thought i was soooooo cool answering and flicking out the bottom of the phone on something that was almost bigger than an ipad!

  227. I can remember my Sister’s first mobile. It was one she was given from her work and I was so excited for her. I’d never used a mobile let alone seen one. It was a brick with a long antenna that slid in and out. It was just a basic number pad and was unable to text or anything else. And it was quite heavy, things have changed amazingly.

  228. My first was a Nokia brick – not so mobile though because it was attached to a phone charger in the car!! If you went under a tree you would lose signal, if it was a cloudy day you’d lose signal – and more often than not you would hear other peoples conversations when the signals crossed!! One day I was talking to my husband (yes you could talk and drive in the olden days!!) when I heard an outraged women abusing her husband!! Hubby thought it was me she thought he was her hubby, and the poor womans hubby and I were left very confused!! Then I passed under a tree and lost signal!! They were lots of fun!!

  229. It was the late eighties, it was a work phone – I thought I was so cool! I Worked for a Bank and was on call to fill the ATM at our branch over the weekend if it ran out of cash, so had to take the phone everywhere. It was longer than a brick, on a heavy battery that was the size of a concertina file!!!

    Gosh we are so lucky to have the smart phones of today.

  230. I lagged years behind the mobile phone trend (thankfully missed those brick years), constantly saying how much I hated them and telling hubby I didn’t want one until my youngest let slip it was my Chrissy present – so I had to spend the lead up saying how much I now loved them so he wouldn’t feel bad. I am a convert now and probably ready to take it to the next level!

  231. Soo long ago.A brick.Pretty sure could only take calls.Company went bust that it was connected to.So big you needed a suitcase to carry it around in.Had the worse reception.Thank god updates have come along before cyclone yasi.

  232. I can clearly remember my first mobile phone as I’m still using it! I have come to the realisation that I need to upgrade and would love a smartphone. The Nokia N8 meets all my requirements!

  233. Yes do remember the brick, my private mobile was a motorola had it for about 8 years speek and text thats it, think i need a upgrade to keep up with family and friends.

  234. i Can remember first phone.It was in 1990 on the analog system and was about the size of a brick!!!! I bought it from Kmart on special for $1500-which was quite a bit of moolah back then.Lord i love that pink smart phone-i want it bad:-)

  235. My first phone was a Nokia as well – sounds just like the one you described, and yes….I also used it to *talk* !!
    And despite it being a brick, it was a great phone, and stood up to all the bumps and knocks, and never missed a beat. Would LOVE the new Pink N8 to remind me just how good Nokia is!

  236. Oh my goodness, my first phone was the 2110 which was given to me in 1997 by my dad. I was in my first year of highschool and was told that I had to have it on me at all times in case they needed to call, and in case of emergency, Yeah right! I was highly embarrassed, pretty sure i was one of the only kids in my year to have one and I hid it very well at the bottom of my school bag. After about a year or so, I ironed a whole stack of my big brothers shirts so that I could have his old flip top phone. That’s when I felt cool!

  237. It was definitely brick like with an aerial. It was also a hand-me-down from my husband when he upgraded to a newer Nokia. However it served me well for many years and I felt very important to even own one. It was only used for phone calls as it did not have text capability. And it was boring black; certainly not stunning pink! LOL

  238. I cant remember it’s real brand name but it was known as a Mars phone because of its shape and size and I loved it. Until someone told me what Mick Jagger had done with a mars bar and then it lost its appeal.

  239. My first mobile was a big blue motorola. I use to think it was the best thing I would ever own. All my friends had the same phone.

  240. My first phone was big but small compared to most and it was Optus Prepaid and it was a PHILLIPS SAVVY! I still remember sitting out the front of my house (only place to get reception) talking to my crush at highschool! Aaagghh the memories!

  241. My first phone also resembled a was an old-school Nokia and was the most durable phone I’ve ever owned and withstood being dropped countless times without so much as even a scratch! I absolutely loved the original snake game that came on it and spent endless hours playing. I can’t remember my 1st text but I know it would’ve been quicker to just call the person because my texts were extremely long and ‘sms language’ didn’t really exist back then 🙂

  242. Mine was a massive Morola flip phone that came to me second hand from my sister it had a pull out antenna and the battery clipped onto the back – again huge! Don’t remember texting from it! I was 23.

  243. My first mobile phone was a Nokia I got in 2002 in case my car broke down when I was visiting my grandmother in a nursing home in the country. I couldn’t text on it because it kept coming up with ???? all the time and used to frustrate me.

  244. Mine was a Nokia too. Black and thick like a brick. I can remember how good I felt about owning it thou. It was awesome back then 1998. And I still have the same phone number :O)

  245. My first beauty was a Nokia 3310 one of the best phones ever, super reliable easy to use we fell in love until the newer Nokia 3315 came a long but none have ever been as beautiful as the Pink N8

  246. ooo the pink nokia 2220. I couldn’t resist the amazing colour!!!!!! Thought I was so cool back in the day that i messaged my best friend who was next to me – ‘check out my sexy phone’

  247. my first phone was an alcatel. Not sure what model it was, but it had an aerial which you had to pull up till it was the size of an average 3 year old. I remember thinking I must look so cool with this thing in my hand. I ended up getting rid of it when my parrot learned to mimic the one and only ringtone it had!

    One good thing about it though, I met my partner with it. well, indirectly… i met him online and used the phone to txt him, about 300 times a day! lol (he lived in Ireland). Still together 13 years later. wish I could say the same for my little alcatel with the 3ft aerial… 😉

  248. my first phone was a motorola with a fold down cover and pull up plastic aerial.

    my first text message was about 2 phones later a nokia something- the first one definately did not have the capability.

  249. My first phone was a Nokia. It was a clunky old thing. Back in the days when I had no credit card, and had trouble purchasing due to this fact. Storeperson had to ring Head Office to get the okay to purchase on a keycard. My most remembered phone was the one I got in England – also a Nokia, but it had a button that slid the mouthpiece out. It was so Matrix I had to have it 🙂

  250. Nokia 5110 🙂 A brick?? Yes… yes it was!! It was also VERY reliable and never had an issue with it UNTIL it went for a swim!! 😀

  251. My first mobile was a Nokia and I loved it. But I wasn’t very technology-minded so whenever friends and family received a text message that was just full of gibberish, they knew it was from me!
    How I would adore one of these beautiful pink phones!

  252. my first phone was a brick which created my first accident in my first car ! Crazy times …. looking at phones now makes you wonder what we were thinking to think those huge brick phones were cool lol even when you look back at phones from just a few years ago they look so daggy and out of date but were all the rage when they came out 🙂 I would love to have an up to date phone for once 🙂

  253. my first phone was the nokia 1616 5 years ago (i was a late adopter). Sadly it’s also my most recent after my beloved X6 was stolen. My first message back then was *SURPRISE TACKLE HUG* to my partner…and as history repeated again it was the first text with this phone too – although the sentiment was lost on them 🙁

  254. My first phone was when i was 16. Nokia brick! Is all i can remember. I thought i was so cool because i had a mobile but little did i realise everyone had one at the time. I have had a few different phones over the years now, but really am in dire need of a new one as my current LG Slide phone is being held together with tape over the back to stop the battery from falling out and the tape needs replacing every 2 minutes because the slide action makes it come loose.Sigh. Anyway lovely phone and thanks for such a great giveaway.

  255. my first phone was a nokia 3315 i got it when it first came out.. i had it for years, i dropped it so many times and it still kept working.. love to win this phone because my phone atm is broken i have black tape on both sides keeping it together lol.. still working too.. it looks so awesome and its PINK !!!!

  256. my first mobile phone was a Nokia. it was a hand me down from my son and was an absolute brick.i am sure the shoulder pain i now suffer from was caused by carrying it around.

  257. It was a Nokia 3100.
    It STILL IS a Nokia 3100!
    It’s been cared for and still makes phone calls OK but it’s not a smart phone.
    I’ve never owned one, so know not what I’m missing – but I suspect it’s more than just phone calls!!!

  258. I got my first nokia in 1995 still have the same number, the phones have developed but I’m not sure my skills have kept up. I used to think I was special ’cause not many people had their own phone, but now I think my phone and I are old school, still have a nokia not keen on change, but now at least i can text even with with the pre-cursive text, maybe i need a phone-makeover.

  259. I had the nokia 5110- I think it was called? The first ever ones that people had. People started calling them the brick cause they were so heavy and virtually indestructable!

    It was 1997 and I was in year 12. It was so dodgy, you’d swear that you actually turned the thing on silent and then BRRRINGGGG it would ring really loudly in the most inconvenient place- such as the back of your boyfriends car (ha ha)

    It was black unitl I bought a cover for it, (yessss a Pink one!!! You would be proud!) an illegal one from a market for about $3.

    I miss it’s simplicity and the fact that it served as a replacement for the street directory and highlighter that my dad gave me to KEEP MY ONLY DAUGHTER SAFE!

  260. Oh my – my first mobile phone was fairly slim but the antenna was so big. I used to put it in my handbag with the antenna sticking out of the side. I thought my 18year old self was sooooo cool, but it must have looked ridiculous – I do remember that is cost me $899.00 from Grace Bros, my weekly pay was only $149.00. As for first text I don’t think it could text!

  261. My first phone was a good old Nokia 3310. No colour screen, no camera, no internet connection, and until I learnt how to use the ‘smart texting’ i had to press the keys multiple time to text (no keyboard in sight). The best thing about it was snake, a super cool game at the time. I’m so glad technology has come as far as it has, I love my smartphone!

  262. My first phone is a Nokia old style which my girls gave me to keep in touch. I still use this phone to this day and stay in touch with my six daughters. Would love a new up to date Nokia N8 Pink smartphone for realibility

  263. the first phone i had was a nokia 3210, sort of a bit of a brick, but still quite smallish compared to other around the same time. i cant remeber my first text, but me and my friends used to sit and play the “snake” game for hours to try get the highest score

  264. My first mobile phone was a Nokia and I was so thrilled to have it! I felt so smart and up-to-date with such a marvelous piece of technology. It was Big, Black, and it was a Beauty! My first text message said, “I’ve just bought a Nokia Mobile Phone! Aren’t I lucky?” My second and third mobiles were also Nokias. Love that Phone!!!

  265. It was a hand-me-down from my son! Huge ,heavy,and no frills, no camera , in fact I’m not even sure about texting either. Anyway I wouldn’t have used any of those at the time. It was a security thing , as my kids thought I should have one in case of emergency. I think it was in the early 90’s. I have since then recieved a “new”hand-me-down, each time my son has updated , but never had a new phone!

  266. My first mobile was a blue Alcatel..I thought it was small! But it was really quite bulky and awkward to use!I loved it though, and only changed it when the battery couldn’t be replaced. Texting! It took me ages to “get it”!

  267. My first Nokia was a brick of a thing. Should have had wheels like luggage it was so heavy to hold. Come a long way since then. Thankyou.

  268. My first phone was a blocky nokia with a 2 inch antenna and a lurid green display.Have upgraded once or twice since then,I have the feeling that after this initial jump into the world of smartphones, there shall be no looking back.

  269. My first phone was a second hand brick… my first text was to my ‘would be’ husband. I was soooo slow at texting 10 years ago… now Im a wizz – even if my phone is a cheapie!

  270. I can’t remember the name of my first mobile, but it had a name like a car instead of a mobile! i got it in 2001 when we moved to the country & my husband wanted me to have a mobile in case my car broke down in the middle of nowhere! only thing was, the mobile coverage wasn’t as good as it is now! it had a pull out antenna too & we had to sit it on the windowsill to get any coverage!! i rarely used it for calls, just mainly texting.. 🙂

  271. My first phone was a Motorola of some description, a flip phone and rather bulky by today’s standards of course. I do remember feeling very grown up though 🙂

  272. My first mobile phone was a Nokia in 2005 – My children still wonder how we ever survived life without them!

  273. It was an Ericsson and it was 1999 and probably was half the size of a brick with a little fixed antenna. I was 15 and thought I was so cool but remembering it now was soooooo ugly lol!

  274. Mine was the nokia 2280 10 years ago – you could drop it off the roof, snap the case back on and it would still work…accidently put it in the washing machine for a wash..let it dry out for a few hours and it would still work, not charge it for a week and it would work, give it to the kids, absolutely indestructible, except when they leave it on the driveway, backed the car over it, cracked the screen, but it still works! My first text was asking…”when’s dinner?”

  275. My first mobile was a Sagem. But all my friends had a Nokia and could play Snake. I was SOOO jealous… All my phone could do was text and call. Useless. My first Nokia was the 8250 (with the FANCY blue screen – LOVED IT)

  276. I caved, and got my first mobile phone, in 2001 when we were travelling across Australia in our caravan. 90% of the time it didn’t work because there was no coverage! And yes, it was a brick – a bright blue brick 🙂

  277. My first mobile phone was not far from 2 tin cans , thank god nokia came allong and made n8 the smart phone , tin cans look a little dated so i would love to win this prize.thanks , Bridiejane:)

  278. My first phone was a brick somewhat like the tradesmen used to have many many years ago. There was no camera and it had huge buttons and an antenna. You almost had to take a bank loan to pay for the bills however.

  279. I bought my first mobile phone in 1994. I can’t remember the brand (‘The Brick’), but it could ONLY make and recieve calls – no texting or storing contact details – and it was so expensive and big I rarely took it outside the house! When I did get a mobile that could text, my first text was something along the lines of “I am the queen of technology”… but the only other person I knew with a ‘textable’ mobile was my boyfriend, who was sitting next to me at the time!!

  280. Oh my gosh! I am still using my first mobile phone, my good old faithful Nokia 315 is still going strong even though maybe not quite the smartest around!

  281. My first mobile phone was also a Nokia. It was square and black and resembled a dry square loofah. When I first started to text I remember using full words such as great, you etc. When someone first said gr8 to me I was very confused and had to ask what they meant, how embarrassing!! Years later I am still using Nokia and my texts are much shorter. I am a Nokia girl and always will be especially thanks to the fact that they don’t resemble a dry square loofah anymore.

  282. my first mobile was a acetel and it was bright blue. I got it in my first year of uni and i thought i was so cool when i usse it to talk to my uni friends…. it was a brick compared to now

  283. My first phone was Nokia 3310 in Navy blue colour . very compact and lightweight. I have always loved Nokia for being so user friendly . Never ever used any other brand except Nokia. First text i sent was to my girlfriend and it was “Hey” , waiting for her to send me text asking who’s this.

  284. My first phone was a Motorola that I got on a $10 plan at age 14. I remember feeling very “cool” as I was one of the first in my class at school to get one. I still have that phone, my kids now play with it. It looks remarkably well for it’s age!

  285. my first mobile phone was like a brick, can’t remember the brand but I was proud of it as a whole new worled opened up there and then. At that time texting was not possible. what a change yet again when I then received my first Nokia living in the US. I could actually fit it into my small handbag, truely mobile then.

  286. My 1st phone was a Nokia n I remember being so excited to have my 1st phone, I cant remember my 1st sms but I can remember my 1st bill, I was known by some of my friends as “the fastest texter”!!! I’ve been to an iphone since then but it died, Nokia’s are my favourite phones, I always said all you need to use a Nokia is common sense!!!

  287. My first phone was a Sony Ericsson flip phone that was red. It was so cool. My husband and I got two for the price of one kind of deal but it was terrible. It was always having problems with not being able to hear the conversation all the time. so when the contract was up, we bought Nokias and have always found them to be easy to use and reliable!!

  288. My first mobile was also a chunky Nokia. I loved it and couldn’t imagine how my fingers would cope with the new smaller models with keypads – but of course, they did. My husband, as a sales rep, was provided with one of the earliest mobiles which was literally,the size of a brick. How far we have come!

  289. My first phone was a Siemens and it was a brick of a phone that had a stand up charging dock, a long antenna and a flip down mouth speaker. This thing couldn’t be off the charger for more than half an hour, so it basically spent its life on charge. I think my first text message would have been to my mum, seeing as she was the one who graciously betrothed to me the ancient hand-me-down telecommunications device.

  290. my first phone was a sony ericcson something-or-other… it had a colour screen and back then that was the bee’s knee’s!
    It sent txt messages which i was greatly impressed by!
    The first txt? probably straight to my old man.. the only mobile number i knew!

  291. The first phone I had, was basically a portable landline!! It you could hang it up and it came in a carry pack that was heavier than a laptop!

  292. a Nokia 3210.. a veritable brick, but i had seen worse. Nice little backlit monochrome display..Yeah! pixel problems here! You could send picture messages!..came with a fancy little ‘happy birthday’ picture amongst others. Was also the first mobile to have an internal antennae instead of the bulky ones. Had pre-loaded games which i thought was very cool at the time..’snake’ and ‘memory’ i think… Most camera! and no connectivity of any sort! Hardly a phone at in the days when phones were just that..phones!! Mine was a very stylish grey colour..i wish i still had it as it is probably a bit cool in a retro way now 🙂

  293. Another Nokia 3310, everyone seemed to have one at the time. I wish I could remember what my first text was though I imagine it would be along the lines of how totally excited I was to finally have a mobile phone.

  294. brick is an understatement! my neices play with my first ever mobile “with the antenna” and ask “what is this thing Aunty????”, they think its a computer or something…funny. pinks my fav colour too, praying for a smartphone 🙂

  295. My first phone was a hand-me-down ‘Alcatel’ classic flip cover ‘cell phone’. It stood out like a sore thumb being GINORMOUS and BRIGHT BLUE!! All my school friends had Nokia 3310’s at the time, and here I was with this HUGE, ridiculously UGLY phone! I was just so apprecative at the time that I even had a phone, despite the fact it was hideous!!!

  296. My first phone was a Nokia 3310, I absolutely loved it, I think I was in year 8 or 9 at the time. Everyone at school had the same phone and we all used to sit around playing snake at recess and lunch time and see who could get the highest score haha, I got stuck on 1087 and couldnt go any further!

    Ohhh and we used to get those cute little covers for them too (I had a pink Roxy one, classy I know)! My first text was to my best friend telling her I loved her! 🙂

    Ahh the good old days, how times have changed. Phone technology is phenomenal now. I really hope I win – pink is my fave colour and my current phone is on it’s last legs (also pink) so to get this awesome prize would be so wonderful! 🙂 Cheers heaps! xxo

  297. Im not sure what my first phone was, but i got it when i was 8, and it was a flip phone and it had a mirror, it was quite fascinating, but i only got it without a simcard and bcause i didnt know how to text lol, but it would to be cool to have a pink phone that is actually in fashion and style. 🙂 thanks

  298. I have never had a phone which is the reason I am entering this competition and if I win my first text will be ‘OMG I won a phone!’

  299. My first was a Nokia 3310, is was given to me by my dad and it was the coolest thing yet. Snake was the best game ever! Unfortunately I dont remember my first text…

  300. My first phone was a really old nokia brick. I was really gutted when I found it had gone into the laundry with the washing. So by the time I got my next phone (which was one of those old flip phones) i thought i’d finally have a phone to keep up with the times. But no, smart phones had arrived. i found my really old flip phone had gone into the wash today and I’m really upset and really need a new phone because it’s become really important in my life. And to have one that’s smart would just be tops. And i love pink and I’m actually a total geek 😛

  301. my first phone was nokia 6070.and i am still using this N8 is a great phone with HD recording,large touch screen. this is best among all smart’s price is less with respect to its facilities

  302. My first mobile was a chunky nokia decorated with stickers & had exciting gaming capabilities . . . snake!. Looking back I could never use technology without a coulour screen again!

  303. My first mobile was a blue-grey Nokia brick. I spent hours and hours playing snake, as I couldn’t get any reception at home!

  304. My first phone was a silver Nokia phone that i got in yr 7. I cant remember my first text but i remember that i used to crank snake on it all day because no one else actulay had a phone yet! I have been through multiple phones since then but have had the exact same number to this day!

  305. Yes, I remember my first phone, I was in year 6 and it was a nokia flip, I was the only one in my grade that had a phone so the people I texted was my mum, dad, older brothes and everyone in my family! Finally one of my friends got a phone and then we would text and text forever! Then I got a new phone which was just one of then nokia bricks and then I still texted the same people and then more people got a phone, so I text them, and believe it or not, because i wasn’t on facebook or anything i was playing snake! now phones are different! and p.s it is time for me to have a new phonw but just cant effort it, so it would mean lots if i can have this one!!

    xoxo shania xoxo

  306. My first phone was a Nokia and I’ve only bought Nokia phones since. I sent my first ever text message to my friend who was standing right beside me just because I could. At high school it was a competition to see who could score the highest on the game Snake (the old school black and white version).

  307. My first phone was a Samsung e250. It wasnt a brick and The text was quite simple to figure out. Many people got this as a first phone. The text could be changed into different colours and you could choose whether you wanted it in big letters, medium letters or small letters.

    It was nice to have a phone and the N8 is eally a beautiful phone.

  308. It was a Nokia 3210. I wasn’t allowed one til 15 and it was the best birthday present ever (til then anyway). Picked a bright blue cover! They were so much heavier than what they are now!

  309. My partner and I bought our first mobile phone after the birth of our first baby. We decided we needed it for her, in case of emergencies. I was about 20 years old, and it was the year 2000 (We were obviously behind the times!). We went to Cash Converters and bought a Nokia. It was blue and in good condition with flat white buttons. We bought a prepaid SIM with it, and were finally able to feel that we could ring anyone anywhere 🙂

  310. My husband ( boyfriend at the time ) painted an entire shop in exchange for a mobile.. Which he gave to me. It was a brick! This was about 19 years ago!

  311. My first phone was a Nokia 3315, I remember buying new cases for it and glow in the dark buttons! I was totally devastated when it was stolen at school because I had bought it all with my own money!

  312. My first mobile was an Ericson E something or rather, love the thing, spent ages shopping for it, even did my uni study on it… i still remember the battery life last nearly 2 weeks, noe i have to change my ipohne everynight. life was so much similar then

  313. My first mobile I got whenI was 15 years old. It was only for emergencies, ifI was going to be late home or I missed the bus or something like that. It was a brick alright. A Nokia flip phone with a big chunky aerial in baby poo browny green colour ha ha ha. Least I never had to scramble around in my handbag cause it was so small that I couldnt see where it was, like the phones of today. Didn’t really use it for texting either, Don’t actually think I discovered texting till a while later

  314. I got my first phone when i was pregnant with my daughter , she turned 18 three weeks ago! It was a Nokia and felt like the size of my austar remote lol. The most txts i have ever sent was 3000 in one month .

  315. My first mobile I owned was a nokia 5110 at the age of 14yo it was the start of a new revolution in compact handsets. The first thing i did after recieving my new phone and number was I called the two numbers on either side of my number and welcomed them to the neighborhood. It was the funniest.

  316. My first phone was a pink Nokia,cant remember the model but i remember that i loved it because it had a bright light on it!!
    It was bought for me at Cash Converters.

  317. it was a little nokia bought to keep me safe by mum (god bless her!). my last phone upgrade was 3 yr ago by my darling fiance – he would be wrapped if i won some technology because he loves it! he would play with the new phone more than me!

  318. i got my first phone about a week ago from my mum, it’s and old brick and its so bad. i thought it might be fun to have an old phone but it really sucks. all i do on it is play snake. my first text was to my mum saying “this sucks”

  319. I actually remember my Mum’s first mobile from when I was in primary school, around 20 years ago, and it was definitely a brick. It sat between the two front seats and if I remember correctly it actually had one of those curly, stretchy cords attached to it. The base must have plugged into the lighter or something and while my memories are vague I know it was BIG and chunky and not for carrying around with you but just for keeping in the car. When you stop and think about it you realise just how great the advancements in technology have been over the last couple of decades.

  320. My first phone was a Motorola – one of those flip out jobs. It was about the size of a house brick and weighed as much too. I thought I was sooooo cool when I had it though!

  321. Wow pink! My second phone was pink 🙂 My first phone was an Ericsson and had a fancy detachable colour rings around the aerial (yes, a stubby little aerial that would get caught on my bag) and matching detachable keypad covers in yellow, green, blue and red. Tre chic. Same mobile phone number for 13 years.

  322. I certainly do remember my first ‘mobile’ phone. It was a motorola bag phone.In fact it was bigger than my hand bag and heavier than a brick. That was almost 20 years ago. Thankfully these days they are smaller and lighter.

  323. my very first mobile phone was a motorola(which was sposored by coca cola), it was greay and red and i LOVED it! i remember my first text which by the way, was to my self and it read: oh my god your so awesome u have a phone :)… i only remember it cause my mum had a pic of it LMAO

  324. My first phone was a Nokia 3015. One thing I remember distinctly is thinking to myself “wow, it’s lucky I turned my phone on in time to get that text message”, not realizing that the text message was from earlier in the morning and by turning the phone on, I got the notification – the message hadn’t been sent right then and there!

  325. Office grey and as big as a tank. Big is not better. Nokia is like finding the treasure at the end of the rainbow

  326. my first phone was a nokia i cant remember which one it was all i do remember is it wouldnt fit inside my school uniform pocket thats how much of a brick it was.

  327. I still use my first and only mobile, a Sony. Its keypad is cracked, the power button has fallen off, the back is completely taped on and the handsfree and volume button don’t work.

  328. Sadly, I was the first among my frieds to have a mobile. I think it was a samsung or something similar that my godfather got for me as a christmas present. I still never got along with him, although he tried to buy me with gifts. Icecream, computers, etc. However I don’t think it’s a prerequisite that you HAVE to like your godparents… Anyhoo, my phone stayed in the bottom of my school bag, just getting pulled out to show off to my friends, considering I didn’t have the money to put any credit on it, and I had no one to call except my mum (which I could do from the easily accessible local phone boxes)… So it didnt get the use it should of. Until I found the SNAKE game, but that’s another story.

  329. LOL, my first phone was a Sony CMD-C1. Everyone had a Nokia 5510 at school and I decided to be different. I even remember my first text message because when I bought the handset I didn’t see it in person just from a catalogue. I texted my friend “just bought a TV remote 🙁

  330. wow! Um my 1st phone i was aged 25 (i think ) i had sony phone ,then Nokia e63 ,nokia e71 cos the other one went blank lol… Now i want a new phone as i am 40 in 6 days!!!!! woot! woot! wanted an iphone 4 as its all the craze but this phone N8 is loads better . Would be a wonderful bday gift to moi LOL… (cos really atm I can not afford 1) flat broke :-(((

  331. 1st phone for me was seimens, $5 plan phone. Didn’t have access to all the things we do on internet these days. And no camera option.

  332. My first mobile ever was a bigger than a brick! but who cared, it was great. But now I just want to keep up with my niece and nephew and to be honest with everyone else. I can text but when it comes to all the new technology I am an old fogy (not that I feel like it), but I must be. And to be able to be technogy funky and together with my favourite colour, it is just so me! We have come such a long way and I just want to keep up with the ‘jones’

  333. my first phone was a nokia 3210 i loved it it was great just to have a mobile as all my friends had one way before me i wasnt alowed to have one till i could pay my own phone bills i used to be forever talking on it or texting my first bill was 180 dollars worth of text it was all the rage those wer the days i never had a problem with my old nokia its a great brand

  334. Mine was when I was 43 and a hand me down Samsung,then I got someones nokia and has lasted 6 years, never owned a new phone.

  335. My first was a Nokia too. Something like a 5520, a music phone. It was great, it had a full qwerty keyboard. I love nokias so much I still have one and not even a new one- 6882. I’m old skool- just need to text and make calls really! But if I won a new phone I’d definitely trade up, especially if it’s a nokia!

  336. My first phone was an Ericson in 2000 it was a brick and the first time I dropped it I had to tape the battery to the phone for it to work

  337. The first mobile I ever had was one that my Mum won in a competition would you believe. I was too scared to use it because the calls were so expensive (1999).

  338. My first was NOKIA 7373, got it at the first year of uni .. like that phone, small beautiful ladylike!! never gonna forgot that one

  339. my first mobile was a nokia now i have a hand me down from one of the kids i would really love an updated one as i cannot even take photos on it as they are really grainy so i would really love a new phone (and a nokia at that) thanks

  340. My first phone was in 1996 and it was a Motorola, it was big and clunky and you had to pull the aerial out to make a call. I couldn’t text anyone because nobody else I knew owned a phone:( so I didn’t really use it much (ahem, compared to now), plus I live in a regional area so coverage was terrible.

  341. My parents got me my first phone in 1999. It was a very old big chunky Nokia (maybe a Nokia 5510)! I was at high school and was embarrassed to use it in front of people because it looked like a landline handset! My first text was to my bf. Not many of my friends had mobiles at that time.

  342. i got my first mobile 1995 first year of uni. It was a fat nokia but it looked soo trendy! My first txt was to my boyfriend telling him to ditch tafe and come to my uni and we will go to the beach! Well we went to the beach the car got broken into and yep my trendy fat mobile got stolen! A few months later i went mobile shopping again and got a new slimmer more trendier nokia! It was meant to be!

  343. it was Nokia 5100, it was black, i remenber that i was so happy when i got it, it was 1999 or 2000

    i was standing for 6 hours in order to buy it 😀

  344. Nokia 3310 in a blue case,
    Almost as heavy as a vase!
    It was bulky with simplistic features,
    Nokia should be schooling from the teachers!

  345. My first mobile was a Nokia 3210 – exactly like this:
    It was on a $20 p/m plan. Such value. No. Billshock. Ever.
    I had a metallic blue cover on it, and my screen had a heavily pixellated penguin sliding on ice. The penguin was made up of little squares, its rude bits weren’t pixellated out. No true to life images on wallpaper either.
    I loved it 🙂

    I had to use a 3210 the other day. For something with such simple ‘features’, it was really difficult to use!

    Thanks for this competition!

  346. My first phone was a Red Nokia 3310 – love the simplicity of Nokia phones and never switched brand… still using Nokia (E71) and loving it!!

  347. It was a Nokia, blue. I was so excited. My flatmate had to put it together for me. I never knew what lol meant. I saw my ex and was like “I have a mobile” he said “So do I.” Just to impress each other! A decade ago. Ahhh, scary. Lol

  348. I actually cannot remember the exact brand of my forst mobile phone, all I could remember is that it was like carrying a brick around!

  349. My first phone was a compact brick, but it had snake, which I loved to play! I also think my first text was an entry into a competition.

    1. My first mobile phone was the Motorola V22. It was an absolute brick that I bought during my parent’s divorce to see who’s house I would be staying at. It came with rubber cases (that fitted the phone much like condoms) and if you dropped it, the phone would bounce back up and you could catch it (if you were lucky).

      It also came with an extremely invasive program that used to internet to find people’s phones and phone numbers within your vicinity, the internet was also text-based (no pictures) and was free.

      Gah, what a phone!

  350. My first mobile was a Nokia 5110. I was given it for my birthday from my Mum who decided she would keep the new phone she had bought for me (a nokia 1100) and give me the old one!

  351. My first phone was the trusty ol’ 5110, boasting such great features as… snake 🙂
    And i’m pretty confident (thinking back so many years) my first text message was actually to myself. As i received a message from my mum, which came up as “MUM” i thought whatever i put my name under, that’s how it would show up on someone elses phone. As i was in primary school at the time, i was not a stranger to the old prank call, so i would save my number under someone elses name hoping they would think it was this other person.. oh how i was wrong!

  352. My first phone was rather late to my peers, I got my phone in my final year of highschool as a birthday present from my friends (much to the dismay of my parents who were hoping to keep me from the technological grasp). From there onward it has been my best friend and my savior on so many occasions

  353. I only got my first phone when I moved out of home to start uni. It was a little brick of a blue nokia, the keys were always jammed and the predictive text function sucked. My first text was letting my mum know that I was safe in a new city… guess what, until I got home later on, I didn’t realise she didn’t know how to check the text!

  354. my first phone was a little pink plastic phone filled with little lollies, keep in mind i was only three at the time. i thought i was so cool calling mummmy <3

  355. My first mobile from the children led to an interesting learning curve. I used to jump when it rang, and spoke loudly into the mobile.
    Now I wouldn’t be without one, for keeping in touch with friens and family.

  356. my first phone was a reject nokia from my 14 year old daughter. in fact i don’t think i have actually ever purchased a phone – i always get the hand me downs because unlike nikki i am a very slow adopter. i still have trouble sending a text from my husband’s and kids’ smart phones.