WIN: one of two pairs of Habbot hand made Italian leather shoes

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I knew I was in for something special the moment I opened the embossed shoe box.

Oh, who am I kidding?  I knew I was in for something special the moment Annie Abbot contacted me offering me a chance at trialling a pair of her hand made Italian leather shoes from the Habbot Studios footwear collection.

Oh, ok, you got me.  She had me at the word shoe.

Like my love of statement accessories and handbags, I have a thing for shoes.  And by thing, I mean unhealthy obsession.

I am easily seduced by a shoe. Flat, high or anything in between. I’m that easy.

Especially when they look like this.

I present to you the Habbot Torres in Porpora $380 ...

I present to you the Habbot Torres in Porpora ($380)

Can I talk you through how they feel on my feet?

OMG. The spiel on the website says “Made from soft Italian suede and glove leather” and I kid you not, it’s so soft it practically caresses your foot.  The strap at the top has been hand-cut and I’m totally in love with the power of this vibrant red and it’s ability to make an outfit pop.

It’s no wonder that these shoes (and others in the Habbot collection) have been created with ultimate care for maximum impact.

Creator Annie Abbot started her career in the buying office of, followed by business strategy at sass & bide and product development for a Melbourne footwear group.  She describes herself as a shoe “enthusiast”.  (I may steal this description as it makes my shoe habit sound more like scrapbooking and therefore possibly more acceptable in general company)

Annie wanted to create shoes that combined European detailing with a fresh Australian style.

“I could only ever find this type of styling and quality in international luxury brand footwear, which made it a ‘luxury’ that was sometimes difficult to justify! Habbot will offer a new variety of dress shoe options, offering an adventurous colour palette and amazing quality, that women can invest in each season without having to sacrifice any of their other new-season essentials!” 

The Habbot Spring-Summer 2011 collection is Annie’s second.  You’ll find a balance of flats and heels in neutrals and brights, with the common thread being that distinctive style which is the cornerstone of Annie’s designs.

The Habbot Spring-Summer 2011 collection. Check the website for colour variations.

The Habbot Spring-Summer 2011 collection. Check the website for colour variations.

1. Lentore $290 | 2. Careme $340 | 3. Herme $300 | 4. Friberg $390 | 5. Torres $380 | 6. Willaume $360

“I want my shoes to say something about their wearer.”

You can find and shop for Habbot Shoes here and here.  Check them out on Facebook for the latest news.




Habbot Shoes and Styling You are giving two readers the chance to each win one pair of Habbot Shoes of her choice.


Just leave a comment below.  I’d love to know: what’s your favourite style (and colour) from the Habbot Spring Summer collection? Australian and international entries very welcome! The two winners will be drawn at random using, notified via email and names posted here.  The winners have 48 hours to contact me to claim her prize.  Should she fail to do so, the competition will be re-drawn. This competition closes 8am Thursday, September 29.

Now you know that I usually reply to all comments on my blog, don’t you? The exception is with competitions as I’ve got to use my non-existent maths’ brain to add up entries. So, know this, I’ve read and loved each of your comments.  Thank-you!
*The gorgeous red shoes pictured above were gifted to me in accordance with my disclosure policy.



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  2. I LOVE the Willaume ghisa shoes. They will go well with this beautiful spring/summer wardrobe I’ve been dreaming of. Time to go shopping and say goodbye to my plain jane wardrobe & style it up.

  3. I’m a danger to myself in heels so the Torreblanca in Ghisa are my favourite here. Simple yet stylish and they look so comfortable too.

  4. I just love Willaume, they look so comfortable which is what I look for in a shoe, especially for work and they would look awesome with all my outfits, so stylish.

  5. Oh wow, what beautiful shoes! I love the Willaume in granata… but it is the Lenotre(nero) I can imagine wearing ALL the time. SO gorgeous.

  6. The Friberg (Nero) – what a beautiful elegant shoe – I would love to wear such a fine leather shoe, it would match perfectly with many outfits I currently own.

  7. I love Willaume, because they look modern, stylish yet comfortable. The colour is a great go with anything colour for summer (although I’ve a real weakness for red!).

  8. The Torres heel in Artico. I don’t stray too far from classic colours so these heels would make a great addition to my wardrobe and the comfort factor certainly doesn’t hurt either.

  9. I love Willaume as it would go with my new season neutral suit which I bought to go with jewel toned tops and pastels as I’m so bored with black. They look super comfy too! I normally fall prey to pretty but uncomfortable heels so would love to see an alternative 🙂

  10. I love Willaume as it will go with my new season neutrals suit which I bought to go with other neutrals or jewel coloured tops as I’m sooo bored with black! They all look so comfy 🙂

  11. Absolutely love “Willaume” particularly the colour. Will go with anything I would choose to wear as a celebrant at Weddings either formal or mor casual beach style weddings.

  12. I love love love the Willaume in Ghisa (Nude) I am actually yet to find myself a nude coloured pair of shoes, these are absolutely divine my feet would be in heaven…i can smell the kid leather already :O)…..fingers and toes crossed i win cause i can then go buy myself a matching handbag….

  13. The Lenotre ones are gorgeous. The Tuscania colour is a change from my usual black shoes.I have problems walking in high wedges and heels so flats do the trick.

  14. i am in love with Friberg in the red. I wear alot of black (yes i know how passe) so throwing a bit of colour in would be divine..

  15. Wendy wishes wistfully for Willaume! Sassy wedge heels in versatile nude. Just perfect for my naughty weekend away with hubby to see The Merry Widow next month! 🙂

  16. Loving the Lentore in Popora!! Summer in QLD is bright and block colours are in, so I couldn’t think of anything better to pair up with my bold maxi dresses this Summer!! Love Love! xo

  17. I’m thinking the Willaume, and it would be my first nude-ish shoe. How could this shoe not make my legs look longer! And being a shorty I really need the longer look!!

  18. It has to be the Lenotre in Red – great for summer with maxi skirts, denim cut-offs, wide legged pants…ooh need to go shopping now!!!

  19. Torres in Artico is divine! Love the style and colour, reflects my personality perfectly. Loved reading about Annie’s 2nd collection, they are lovely 🙂

  20. Lentore and Willaume are my favourites, evocative names and styles and unlike the generic mass produced shoes commonly available.

  21. The problems with the shoes I usually like are they are stylish and elegant but they are not comfortable. I like your description on the shoes. It is really great that they feel great to wear especially that I already love their stylish designs.

  22. Have just totally fallen in love with the Herme – Artico (blue ones)! They are soooo fresh and original, i’d never take them off.

  23. Despite the immediate attraction to the red or blue Torres heels, I’m going to have to say that the practicality of the Herme flats in pearl win me over. The red Careme are gorgeous too but too hot to wear anytime soon in Queensland. I have just discovered your blog through a magazine article & I am enjoying your practical and realistic tips. Thanks.

  24. A surprise for my wife!
    A summer treat – something new and classy.
    Time to book somewhere nice to head in her new shoes, and no doubt new frock!

  25. Ooh, the Torreblanca in Artico would be my favourite for weekends – closely followed by the Friberg in Ghisa and Nero for the office and evenings – both gorgeous classics.

  26. Willaume
    Made with love.
    Would fit like a glove.
    Would make my wardrobe complete.
    And shoe fetish replete.

  27. Torn between the more practical Careme in Nero and the gorgeous Torres in Porpora…this time the black flats are going to win out!

  28. I believe number 6 and I had a brief encounter in a previous life and I soooooooo want to be reacquainted….pretty pretty pretty please.

  29. ODDIO!!!
    Sono tutte bellissime!!
    Pero FRIBERG in rosso e la mia favorita!!
    They are all stunning!!!
    However my favorite is FRIBERG in red!!

  30. I absolutely love Torres in Black or the blue. They look so comfortable yet stylish and practical. They are the type of shoe you can wear to an office job with a skirt or trousers yet can also be worn with a pair of jeans on a day out. Or if you are like me anywhere that my kids allow me to go.

  31. I think I’ve fallen in love with the simplicity of the Willaume, the nude wedges. Nude shoes are a new favourite of mine for lengthening the leg, and anything that makes this curvy sister look taller is a bonus! Wedges are so comfortable, so what a wonderful combination!

  32. My petite feet are calling out for a proper, comfortable fit! I love that navy appears throughout the range – its my fav colour at the moment! The whole Torres range is just decadant, and I love every colour. Despite loving the navy, I would have to opt for the classic red or black because I would want to show these shoes off for many, many seasons to come.

  33. The Lenotre in black, no…red….no black…definitely black, although the brown is lovely too. OK, the Lenotre in brown would be the perfect summer sandal for me!!

  34. Bells will ring – ding-a-ling a-ling, that’s amore!

    If I really had to choose just one pair, I’d go for the Torres in Artico – perfect heel height, soft suede, they are HOT and would go perfectly with my red jeans, or frock.

    But I also love Lenotre in Popora – way cooler than your average gladiator.

  35. Willaume, darling, Willaume – why Nikki? I have been obsessed with getting nude colour shoes since reading your blog, and might I add, I do love your red ones with a passion.

  36. Friberg Porpora has style and grace,
    A perfect posture,
    Perfect face,
    Her style is elegant,
    Looks divine,
    Makes me look nothing less than glamorous .

  37. Much as I find it VERY hard to go past a funky red heel (Willaume in Granata is DIVINE) I know I would get way more wear from the gorgeous Lenotre in Tuscania!

  38. I think it would have to be the Torres in Tuscania (thou I am v tempted by the red!)

    Don’t you just love well made shoes

  39. Torres – in red; I have always wanted to wear red shoes [left over from ballet mad childhood perhaps] and those are the perfect style for classy spring and summer occasions adding the necessarily bright individuality to every outfit

  40. Oh my gosh these are so beautiful it’s hard to choose! I love 3,4 and 6 especially! I would love to wear these to work or on a spring picnic or holiday. So beautiful and number 4 would be the prefect work shoe

  41. My choice is:

    CAREME in ghisa


    That is a CLASSIC shoe I can wear every day, every season and it looks like it will be comfortable too. Very hard to find something like this in Sydney shoe-shops – it’s not uber-trendy, it’s very well-made and it’s classy. And the ghisa colour is a no-brainer – I can see it already with my new jeans, and I just bought a pair of navy trousers which will go so well with this colour. I’ll add a little blazer and a scarf with cream accents and I’m in heaven.

    One last thing. That colour would ROCK with light pink trousers too. Ah, the possibilities.

    Thanks for the competition Nikki! And for introducing me to these amazing shoes.

  42. The Willaume in granatais the shoe that shows me I am stylish and up with the fashion trends for this season. The soft leather is my obsesison, or should I say collectors guilty pleasure!! This well difined, designer shoe shows I am WOMAN!!

  43. Willaume
    Ghisa, love the sound of that kid leather lining & italian glove and suede leather upper….actually a pair of each style wouldn’t go astray.

  44. I love #5, the dark blue Torres, they look beautiful and it’s not a colour you often see which makes me love them even more. I actually like more than one above but these are my fave! Have my fingers crossed 🙂

  45. Hi Nikki,

    I actually love No 1, “Lentore” it looks like a curvier version of the gladiator, which is very flattering on a larger foot. Love black… nude… and red :0) but gee… green could be fun! how to choose.


  46. Ohhhhhhh, dang, now there’s drool all over my desk. Those gorgeous red Torres shoes. They really do need to be on my feet – now!! Thanks Nikki for bring these to our notice.

    Shoe enthusiast – sounds like car enthusiast – completely respectable.

  47. Wow great competition! Just the mention of Italian glove leather is enough to get me all excited! I think the Lenotre sandals would be perfect for summer in Brisbane in the light beige ghisa colour. Very fabulous!

  48. I love Lenotre in the colour Tuscania! Oh wow…they look so soft and gorgeous. Damn you Nikki for always showing me things that I need that I didn’t know I needed! 🙂

  49. Willaume is divine!! Gorgeous neutral tone that suits most colours, design that flatters both pants and skirt. Love, love, love!!!!

    Lentore is great for summer. Very cute!

    And the Torres is really cute. But I rather fancy the porpora! (lucky you!!!!) 🙂

  50. Willaume are divine!!! Gorgeous neutral tone that will suit most outfits, design perfect for pants or skirts. Love, love, love!!!

    Torres are my second faves. Navy is a nice all rounder, but I do fancy the propora (lucky you!!!).

  51. I adore Number 6. They are the perfect height wedge, adore the colour combo, they look supportive yet comfortable (important from one who has recently had to buy Rockport and Ziera) plus my surname is Williams, so I feel the Willaume belongs with me! 🙂

  52. I just can’t choose between 4 and 5.

    4 would be so nice with all my work suits and 5 would be for work and play and with all the new navy I have planned to buy this season…

    But then I have a bad back and heels can be a disaster but the wedge is kinder to my back…so maybe the wedge.

    Sorry, I am not very good at making shoe decisions!

  53. the cream coloured willaume wedges are to die for! I have never owned wedges, and they have been the shoe I have been eyeing off recently, so I guess it would be natural that I would pick them, but my gosh the Willaume ones are lovely!

  54. Just one? Ummmm….. I love the Friberg in Ghisa colour, or the Toreblanca in Nero, Ghisa or Porpora.The Willame in Ghisa or Granata are catching my eye as well…….. 😉

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