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In case you had been hiding under a Styling You rock (or just new to my blog), you know that I’m obsessed by a big fan of statement jewellery.

To me, a statement piece is something that acts like the icing on the cake of your outfit. Really good icing. The kind of icing that makes you so get why kids just lick it off and leave the cake.

Now, the bespoke jewellery designers at Victoria-based Leoni & Vonk give good outfit icing.

They design and make contemporary pieces as well as modern-day classics.

See what I mean?

(click to enlarge)

 1. Small flower necklace $160 | 2. Long coral bird necklace $250 | 3. Let your spirit fly necklace $180 | 4. Let your spirit fly locket $150

Here is what Leoni & Vonk has to say:

Leoni & Vonk is all about good quality, well-designed jewellery. Our aim is to produce interesting, on trend pieces which transcend any age barriers. Good design and quality is our mission – our pendants are hand cast in Australia and as far as possible we only use Australian suppliers– this is very important to us and believe that is one aspect of our jewellery which stands us apart from other imported labels.

The majority of our pieces are made from sterling silver with 14kt gold fill accents. We also use a smattering of semi precious stones to bring an element of colour to the pieces. The current Summer 2011/12 colour palette is inspired by the lazy, hazy days of summer – glamour beach style. Stunning statement flower pendants, brushed silver leaf necklaces and inspirational sterling silver tags all combine in a collection which has already proved extremely popular with retailers Australia wide.

We also produce a bespoke collection of one-off pieces using vintage treasures collected from all over the world – vintage watch faces, antique spoons, antique Vesta cases and photo lockets are all given a new lease of life in the Leoni & Vonk style.

Leoni & Vonk jewellery is stocked in galleries and boutiques throughout Australia and New Zealand and online in their own online store and at Young Republic.  You can also find news and special offers on the designers’ Facebook page




Leoni & Vonk, together with Styling You, are giving two readers the chance to each win a $250 gift voucher to shop online at Leoni & Vonk.


Just leave a comment below.  I’d love to know: what’s your favourite piece from the Leoni and Vonk store and why? Australian and international entries very welcome. The two winners will be drawn at random using, notified via email and names posted here.  The winners have 48 hours to contact me to claim their prize.  Should they fail to do so, the competition will be re-drawn. This competition closes 8am Thursday, October 6.

Now you know that I usually reply to all comments on my blog, don’t you? The exception is with competitions as I’ve got to use my non-existent maths’ brain to add up entries. So, know this, I’ve read and loved each of your comments.  Thank-you!
*The gorgeous flower necklace pictured above was gifted to me in accordance with my disclosure policy.


Comments 196

  1. It’s charming & whimsical & says Summer is on the way. Long bird and ball necklace is my favourite.I like its design very much and i feel i will look very stylish in this. The Long Coral Bird Necklace is beautiful, it is a lovely length and the the coral beads are gorgeous.

  2. I hadn’t heard of this store before. THANKS for giving me yet another thing to covet!

    My fav is the coral bird necklace because it’s something I would never normally pick, but something that I think would make an awesome statement piece.

  3. With red hait like mine, there’s only one piece for me…
    It’s the CORAL BIRD NECKLACE! Leoni & Vonk DEFINITELY!!! 🙂

  4. I had blue bird earrings, necklace and bracelet. I love the blue bird on the let your spirit free locket it’s a touching piece that takes me thinking back to when i was a child.

  5. The “Let your spirit fly” charm necklace, and the coral bracelet. The silver contrasts so prettily with the beautiful coral. I think both pieces are just so sweet 🙂

  6. I really like the long bird & ball necklace. Elegant but different, and would go with many outfits. But they’re all gorgeous pieces aren’t they?

  7. My favourites are the flower earrings! I love how simple and unique they are, yet they are so pretty. They are elegant enough to dress up the most basic outfit, my idea of icing on the cake 😀 Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great product!

  8. My favourite piece is the gorgeous limited edition Paris Locket
    It takes me away… reminds me of the excitement of travelling
    and seeing new, breath-taking places

    “Let your spirit fly, we can touch the sky”

  9. the let’ your spirit fly’ necklace looks really nice. the words would help to motivate and encourage anyone having a difficult day!

  10. How could I choose?! All of the pieces are exquisite, and I just spent a jolly hour imagining all the outfits I could use to compliment this stunning jewellery….OMG!

  11. Hmm I can’t decide between the leaf leather necklace and the flower necklace. I love jewelry that is simple but different. Necklaces are a big mood thing for me and these are light and free.

  12. I can’t decide between the long coral bird necklace and the small flower necklace. They are both gorgeous and they are something I would wear often.

  13. Long bird and ball necklace is my favourite.I like its design very much and i feel i will look very stylish in this.

  14. Jewellery is not whimsical or superficial, it should be taken seriously. It says a great deal about the type of person you are. I have a great deal of respect for the Leoni & Vonk philosophy. Love your work.

  15. ‘Let your spirit Fly’ necklace as I can just picture my wife wearing this around her wonderful neck; she’d look fantastic wearing it.

  16. How I love this necklace’s philosophy,
    The simple words mean so much to me,
    I tell my daughter, ‘Let Your Spirit Fly’,
    And soar high up to the sky,
    Stretch out your wings,
    See what life brings,
    Don’t be afraid of who you are.
    The ground below is not so far,
    We grow stronger with the tumbles,
    The good times sweeter for the stumbles,
    Life is for living,
    Each day is a new beginning…

  17. Let your Spirit Fly Necklace is a fave. It symbolises exactly what My Mum said to me in the last few months of her life.

  18. The “Let Your Spirit Fly” charm necklace, because it is a permanent reminder to be the best you can be and really let yourself fly and be free!

  19. The ‘Let your spirit Fly’ necklace. I can layer it with my existing gold fob necklace for a real statement effect.

  20. They’re all really pretty, but the flower necklace is so delicate and feminine it would be the perfect addition to my spring outfits.

  21. I love the Flower Necklace. So often I find statement necklaces a bit garish or over-the-top, but this one strikes the perfect balance between being eye-catching and elegant.

  22. Love the jewellery, the flower necklace as a real flower smalls and looks great, that how i want to be. To make me feel better.

  23. My favourite piece is “let the spirit fly necklace” because it reminds me of a summer spent with my beloved family….It’s colours resembles the emotions of those joyful and unforgetable moments 🙂

  24. I love the “let your spirit fly” braclet. What a simple but beautiful statement to live your life by and it would be fantastic to be reminded of this whenever the braclet caught your eye.

  25. The coral bird necklace is a stunning representation of soaring freedom. Adorned with embellishments, it reflects the beauty of this piece of jewellery.

  26. I love the flower necklace & matching bracelet.It would make the perfect wedding jewellery for my non-traditional wedding dress!

  27. The Let your spirit fly locket is perfect for my artistic daughter.

    By the way the Leoni & Vonk online store has just gone offline. Hopefully it will be back up soon.

  28. I absolutely love the let your spirit be free necklace with it’s beautiful sentiment and splash of bling it’s lovely.

  29. I love the bird with text. Sometimes during the day if things are getting tough, it’s great to have a nice piece of jewellery to stroke and remind you that while there’s a lot of ugliness ‘out there’ sometimes, you have something beautiful to hold. I like an inspirational text too – some simple words to remind you that life is bigger than one stressful moment. I like the idea of being reminded to ‘let your spirit fly…’

    Thanks Nikki

  30. long coral bird necklace to me it symbolises peace and harmony and i would feel at ease with this precious piece around my neck.

  31. ‘Let Your Spirit Fly Locket’
    I buy a special piece of jewellery for my daughter when she has a baby.
    Her 3rd child is due next year and this is my’s georgous.

  32. I just adore the springtime, sunshine and nature in full bloom,
    captured by the L&V bird necklace, with a shiny stirling silver plume.

  33. I love the long coral bird necklace the best. It is jewellery perfection for me – I love long necklaces, mostly only wear them long, coral is gorgeous for summer, and birds are so pretty on accessories. The silver makes it lovely and fresh for summer, too. LOVE.

  34. My favourite piece is the Leather Balloon Necklace because I like the contrast of the silver and leather and the shape of the hot air balloon.

  35. They are all very pretty, but my favourite is the ‘Let your spirit fly’ locket. I don’t wear very much jewellery (usually just a pair of plain silver or pearl stud earrings) but I do so love silver lockets, and that little birdy is just so darn cute!

  36. Definitely the ball bracelet, gorgeous (but I think my bubba would like it more _ I can picture her deciding that those sweet shiny balls look like the perfect thing to ease her aching gummies…).

  37. My neck is bare!
    What can I do?
    Log in to Nikki’s
    Styling You

    Leoni & Vonk
    What talent to martial
    But to a bluebird
    I am partial!

  38. The Bird necklace is cool – my 18 month old son is always pointing out birds and looking for them in the sky so it reminds me of him.

  39. Let your spirit fly necklace, it reminds me that I can make decisions on my own and you can achieve great things when released from insecurities.

  40. I too am obsessed with jewellery (unfortunately I dont own enough lol) so I absolutely love all of these pieces but my absolute favourite is the Let your spirit fly locket.. anything that lets me put a photo of my kids in it is perfect for me. Its gorgeous

  41. Loving the Paris locket – brings back memories of the short time I spent in that amazingly beautiful city – sigh!

  42. Long Leaf necklace is my fave
    sleek sexy lines that I crave.
    Flowing leaf marks freedom
    gentle sway would make me calm.
    Polished silver would go with any style
    gorgeous design so versatile.

  43. This is SO hard. I’ve themed my April 2012 wedding ‘tropical & coral’, so the coral earrings would have to be my current fave – they’d be an amazing gift for my bridesmaid, and they’d match her outfit, too!

  44. Let Your Spirit Fly locket – there should be no limits to your possibilities and this locket will be a constant reminder of that!

  45. My favourite is the long coral bird necklace…wearing it would make the extreme nausea from my current pregnancy seem a little less miserable!

  46. It has style and grace,
    Perfect posture,
    Perfect face,
    Looks elegant ,
    Simply divine,
    Let your Spirit Fly necklace, perfect for anytime.

  47. The Let Your Spirit Fly necklace is a ‘statement’ piece of jewellery in more than one sense.
    Whether it would be for myself or as a gift it is well worth the dollars and cents!

  48. I love them all; such beautiful statement pieces. If I had to pick one it would be the long coral bird necklace – just devine!!!!

  49. Such beautiful jewelry and a tough choice to narrow it down to just one piece! My daughter picked the long coral bird necklace for me as I was so indecisive. I also love either of the leaf necklaces that sit crosswise. Quite lovely.

  50. The Let Your Spirit Fly necklace which has the Eiffel Tower with it is a special piece of mine. I love all the L & V pieces I have as every single design is gorgeous.

  51. OMG. Love them all but my absolute favourite is – the Leather Balloon Necklace. It’s just so different. And I always love it when jewellery uses a mixture of different media. Love it!

  52. Wow – it’s hard to choose just one fave piece!!

    I think I’d go with the Long Bird and Ball necklace – simple, beautiful, entrancing…exactly what a statement piece should be! 🙂

  53. My favorite piece from the Leoni and Vonk store is the Coral and White Jade Necklace, the coral/orange and white palette is so on trend this season and the simplicity of the piece will transcend time.

  54. Both the flower Bracelet and Necklace are my favorite, they define the idea of making a statement, to me. Whilst being delicately beautiful, I imagine so many outfits to team this with 🙂

  55. I absolutely adore the flower necklace and matching bracelet as not only do they make a statement, they epitomise Spring and Summer which, despite the grey clouds here today, I KNOW is on its way.

  56. Oh i just adore the number 4. Bird pendant….it is so mystical and quaint.
    I actually own a little blue bird ( a real one!) and this would be perfect for me xx

  57. Love the coral bird necklace- great for summer and reminiscent of holidays snorkelling at coral reefs and enjoying warm tropical beaches.

  58. I love the ‘Let your Spirit Fly’ locket for the Bluebird. It reminds me of the Bluebird locket I had as a teenager (wish I still had it!) and the Bluebird symbolizes cheerfulness, happiness, prosperity, hearth and home, good health, new births, the renewal of springtime, etc. These are all things I want to attract into my life. LOVE the collection <3

  59. I love the ‘let your spirit fly’ necklace. Not only is it beautiful to admire, it’s simple wording is a great reminder to honour your spirit and let it be free to connect with and inspire everyone around you. I love pieces like this that can be inspirational and beautiful!

    1. I adore the coral bracelet, and the long BIG Coral piece. they will go so beutifully with my Coral and Turquoise cross necklace and my Coral and Gold earings. These pieces are beautifully made, gorgeous quality and very very eyecatching! Very luxurious!!

  60. I love the square Paris locket ,after a trip there earlier this year this piece would remind me of a wonderful time
    and of course then I’d always have Paris!

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