The Model and Me: Eco Diva kaftans

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The Model and Me: Ever looked at a model wearing an item of clothing that appeals to you and dismissed the purchase out of hand?  Yep, me too.  Well, I’m here to tell you that you SHOULD get into that change room and give the object of your desire a try.  You may not look like the model (I don’t, I’m a size 14), but you never know, it just may look right for you.

In my mind I float through summer on a waft of silk only stopping to refill my cocktail glass.

Yes, it’s a fertile imagination considering most of my days are spent in front of my computer or ferrying the kids to school and social dates.

But there’s something about slipping on a silk kaftan that does transport you to an alternate life.

It’s a timeless garment that can suit women of all shapes and sizes – the key styling tip being to create shape with the use of a slip underneath a semi-sheer fabric.  You also have the option of wearing it as a dress or as a longer top.

The kaftan style can be more moo moo than marvellous if you don’t play your fashion cards right, so it’s essential to work with a fabric that is lightweight and allows you to give a glimpse of your shape underneath.

So, I was excited to find out about the label, Eco Diva, which specialises in one-size kaftans that fit sizes 10-22.

Eco Diva is a wholesale business made up of Australian designers working together with marginalised and in-need communities overseas to create practical and stylish collections of jewellery and clothing unique to the Australian market.

Oh, and warning: it’s a label for women who aren’t afraid of colour!

Which, of course, we aren’t anymore, are we?  Not this summer.

Eco Diva silk chiffon kaftans are hand-painted by a Balinese women’s artisan’s cooperative, so no two are are completely alike. The label also includes a range of model slips, tops and pants that can be worn underneath the long or short kaftans.

Here is the model wearing the short green kaftan:

Eco Diva long green kaftan rrp $179

Eco Diva long green kaftan rrp $179

And here is me:

Eco Diva kaftan worn with: Eco Diva turquoise modal singlet, Not Your Daughter's Jeans, Natasha flats, Mezi ring and unlabelled necklace

Eco Diva kaftan worn as a top with: Eco Diva turquoise modal singlet, Not Your Daughter’s Jeans, Natasha flats, Mezi ring and unlabelled necklace

Here is the model wearing a short pink kaftan:

Eco Diva short kaftan rrp $149

Eco Diva short kaftan rrp $149

And here is me:

The Eco Diva short pink kaftan worn as a dress with Country Road platforms, Witchery bracelet and Sophie Kyron earrings

The Eco Diva short pink kaftan worn as a dress with Country Road platforms, Witchery bracelet and Sophie Kyron earrings

To find your nearest stockist of Eco Diva kaftans, click here.

So, have you got a silk kaftan in your summer fashion dreams this season?  Do you have a favourite cocktail recipe to go with?

* These Eco Diva kaftans were sent to me for editorial review and consideration, in accordance with my product disclosure policy


  • Geneva Nolan

    Wow ,when Genine Howard suggested to me the other day that she finds a nice Kaftan for me for a photo shoot when I said my style was “elegant hippy” ….. Stunning. You look great!

  • Kaftans were my go to when I was pregnant and in Fiji – so nice and easy to pop over my cossie and massive belly.

    • Works just as well when belly not pregnant but still needs covering 😉

  • Nikki, looking gorgeous as always! Love an affordable kaftan option- I can’t justify Camilla for casual so this looks fab!

    • Me neither – and I’d be afraid to enjoy myself in one. Not this one … cocktail time!

  • I personally love the blue/green one on you. Kaftans are great for covering a bit of tummy too (if one has one). You look great!

    • Thanks Karen – yes, the tummy covering is a big appeal for me!

  • WOW. You are so beautiful. Kaftans aren’t bad either. xo

    • Thanks hun, I’m thinking I need to plan a ’70s party: green and red cocktail onions with cheese and kabana. On toothpicks sticking out of an orange.

  • Simone

    Another new look to try, looking forward to it x

  • Aaahhhh. There’s just nothing like the feel of light as air silk on sunkissed skin. Nicky the green and turquoise is my choice for you…it enlivens you beautifully. I hope you’re going to wear it down to Dan’s as well as out to dinner. Too fabulous to be locked way and only worn on special occasions. Stunning.

    • oh, thanks Anita … and yes, once this rain disappears, I book in for my regular spray tans and spring arrives … I’ll be floating everywhere on a cloud of silk!

  • Adrienne

    Wow ,when Genine Howard suggested to me the other day that she finds a nice Kaftan for me for a photo shoot when I said my style was “elegant hippy” ….. I was horrified….. ( thinking of Mamma Kaz)… now if I had seen these shots first….would have known exactly where she was going …and loved it !

    • Haha, yes no Mamma Kaz or Moo Moo – it’s all about the sheer fabric!

      • Adrienne

        Love the soft flowing look but love the two colour ways too ..they really are elegant and feminine 🙂

  • You look absolutely gorgeous in both, but I adore the pink version, I have a garden wedding to go to in october and think it just maybe perfect, although I would be worried that the short version might be too short on me, and the long version too long to wear as a cocktail dress…hmmm the pitfalls of having stupidly long legs 🙂
    I can also imagine sipping cocktails on a warm summer night, perhaps sharing a pitcher of White Sangria- yum!!

    • The long one would be ok as you would wear a shorter slip underneath (one that comes to the knees). I like this look as you have the longer sheer fabric floating over the shape and length created by the slip underneath.
      Oh, and it’s a date with the white sangria!

  • christine morris

    These Kaftans are absoloutley gorgeous i would so love to own one i love the green and Blue colour combination as they are my favourite colours and i really like the style. 🙂

    • It’s a fresh combination, Christine, that’s for sure!

  • Oooh, I actually love these. I’d wear one … just in time for a Spring Soiree. Pimms anyone?

  • You are rocking the casbah in those colours! Great look for you. I think you’re having entirely too much fun with your blog 😉 Inspired!

    • I try not to take myself too seriously – last couple of days have been completely daggy ones as have been in bed for most of it!

  • These look flowly and beautiful and comfortable too.
    I would look hideous in one but I want one anyway.
    I drink anything unless it has malibu in it.

    • I will get out my cocktail list – I’m thinking Singapore Slings all round?

  • I actually think it looks BETTER on you than the model, and would be more likely to buy it from your pictures.

    • Miss Pink you are full of flattery, which I love and that will get you everywhere x

  • These look great. I would love some, but we’re heading into fall, do they come in more subdued fall colors?

  • Bronwyn

    Love love this post on Kaftans, have been looking for something like this as I am pregnant and was not having much luck, I also wanted something that would carry me nicely into summer. I will be buying some. Thanks!!Do they do scarves too?

    • Yes, they do do scarves. I haven’t seen in person but are same as kaftans.

  • Paula

    I love your model and me posts!
    I’m off on a warm holiday in a few weeks, these would go nicely with my daiquiri(s)

    • Ooh, where are you off to? I will live vicariously through your daiquiri drinking.

      • Paula

        The shangri-la pool bar and shopping…. I’m sorry, I meant taking the kids to universal studios Singapore

  • Your Model and Me series is inspired. I adore it!

    • Thanks Eleanor … there will be more throughout the spring-summer season.