You think you have trouble finding clothes that fit and flatter? Meet Amazon Eve.

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Amazon Eve views clothes as “resources”.  And after spending an hour with the world’s tallest model, it’s not difficult to understand why something that can seem fun and frivolous for most, is a real effort for others.

I’m SERIOUSLY never going to complain about clothes not fitting me again.

For the record Eve is 6″ 8′ (or 203.2cm).  As she greets me in the reception of her Brisbane hotel, to look her in the eye, I literally have to look up.  It’s impossible not to do so.  Yet, somehow even this action seems rude.

Amazon Eve - the world's tallest model - stands a very tall 6"8'

And so does asking her for a photo with me.  Yet, I do. How else am I to try and convey just how much of a challenge it is for Eve – and other tall women to dress on a daily basis? (Apologies for the out of focus shot – there was literally a clap of thunder as this was being taken!)

That's me - the shorty - on the right with Amazon Eve.

“It comes with the territory,” she said, of the photo requests.  “I see my self as role model for tall, young girls.  I want to help them.”

Up until just over a year ago, Eve hadn’t been in a position to do that.  But since being “discovered” by Zoo Weekly in Australia, the Californian has been in high demand as an ambassador for tall women and companies and brands which sell clothes and shoes for tall women.

She’s currently in Australia as an ambassador for Barefoot Tess – a US brand of shoes for women whose feet are bigger than a size 10. (Eve’s are a 14). The company’s slogan is “because style doesn’t stop at size 10”.

And it’s a slogan that resonates well with Eve. She’s been taller than “average” since she was 14 and was on the receiving end of the taunts that go with that.

“One of the biggest challenges I’ve had my entire life is finding clothes and shoes that fit.

There’s a huge disparity with resources.  There’s plenty of stuff for Rubenesque women, plenty of stuff for plus-size and average-sized women.

“What (tall) women want is that retail experience.   They want to be able to shop, to try stuff on, to see that it fits, so I love bringing designers together in a store, I model them and show how it works.

“I want to put forward a postive message if you’re feeling freaky, tall and out of place.  There are resources out there for you.”

Eve said that Australia was leading the way in opening retail shoe and clothing stores for women, offering more options for women to head in store to try on – not just shopping online.

More tips for dressing if you’re tall:

1.  You can wear shoes, eg gladiator style, that would otherwise truncate a shorter woman’s leg line.

2.  Ditto with wide belts.  The effect of a wide belt shortens the torso length and you can afford for this illusion to happen.

3.  A-line style dresses work to skim the body.

4.  If you have athletic shoulders, then lessen that with a one shoulder garment or deep V.

Websites and online stores for tall women:


At Last Shoes

Sarah Vain and Tall

Tall Jeans Australia

Sole Haven Shoes

Tall Women’s Club

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  1. Hi Nikki. Love your blog. Just stumbled across another online shoes store that specialises in stylish shoes for ladies with large feet (Like me!). Got a few pairs the other day and they are amazing, and I just want to tell the whole world about them. I have always found it hard to find shoes that A) Fit B) Look good and C) That I can afford. Their site is
    Hope some of your readers get some benefit out of this link

  2. Hi Nikki, thank you for spending the day with me and going over some of the challenges tall woman face in out society. I call it resources because lets face it food, shelter and clothing are the basics. Since we don’t want to wear a sack over our bodies and as humans we have evolved with a sense of style and taste we like to decorate ourselves in flattering fashions. Thank goodness there are resources out there for tall women.

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