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A bit like I could eat canapes or hor dourves all day every day (anyone remember the movie, Mermaids? … Cher’s character served them to Winona Ryder’s character for dinner. Every night) I seriously could spend all day in my pyjamas.

Now, I’ve talked loungewear before but in this post, I’m today I’m talking pjys.  Sexy pjys. I mean imagine if I looked like this in bed – and then kept didn’t change for the school run …

Frankie & Nicole Meghann Frill Nightie $69.95

Frankie & Nicole Meghann Frill Nightie $69.95

Oh, who am I kidding … as if I’d be doing the school run if I looked like this and that man my husband was in bed with me.

I’d like to introduce you to the designer of that gorgeous nightie though (and other beautiful pjs below).  Her name is Nicole Dixon and I’m here to tell you she has created a range of pjs that make you feel fabulous (even if you don’t look like the model in that photo).  The detail in her designs is incredible, the fabric is not flimsy, yet it is oh, so comfortable and you do feel amazing when wearing her designs*.

Frankie & Nicole designer Nicole Dixon

Frankie & Nicole designer Nicole Dixon

After falling in love with her designs, I put Nicole through a Styling You Designer Chat grilling …

Tell me the story behind Frankie & Nicole I have always been the creative type and knew that one day, I wanted to own my own business – I just didn’t know what! I have had a very colourful working background. I am a qualified PE teacher and over the last seven years or so I have taught in various schools, been crowned Miss World Queensland, modelled and appeared in a bunch of tv commericals and even co-hosted a children’s program on Channel 9. But the entertainment industry is a fickle one, and I wasn’t comfortable with the fact that my job prospects often came down to how tall I was, what colour my hair was and whether I had the “right look”.  About four years ago, my brother (aka Frankie) and I started a men’s t-shirt label. It was fun, but it didn’t really go anywhere and I, to be honest, lacked the passion for men’s t-shirts. However, through my constant research into the textile and fashion industry I started to see gaps here and there – the biggest one being in sleepwear.  When it comes to pyjamas, the market is saturated with either cutesy graphic prints or saucy lingerie style pieces. When I couldn’t find anything in between – I decided to do something about it!

Where are you located? I’m based on the Gold Coast, where I have been living for the past two years – however I was born and raised in the northern suburbs of Brisbane. I’m a bit of a late bloomer – I didn’t move out of home until I was 27 (thanks Mum!).

What is essential for you in a sleepwear garment? Beautiful fabric – it must have that luxuriously soft hand feel to it.  This why I chose to work with rayon. It’s lightweight, breathable and flexible – perfect for sleepwear. It’s also essential that the garments offers the right amount of support and coverage, which we addressed in our tops and nighties by featuring light padding, thicker adjustable straps and an empire elastic bust line.  These pyjamas are designed to be caught in – not covered up at the first sign of an unexpected guest.

What inspired you to create the collection you have? The first collection is called “Lazy Sundays” and to me there isn’t a better pairing of words.  Sundays for me (well most of the time anyway) are all about sleeping in, lounging around in my pjs and sometimes breakfast in bed. It’s the one day of the week where my boyfriend and I can relax, put away the computers (that was until we got our very first iPad!) and just chill out and recharge the batteries for the upcoming week. This first collection also has a resort-esque feel to it – swanning around in these stylish pieces lends itself to being on a luxury holiday somewhere. I think we have really captured that in the photoshoot.I have also named the garments in the collection after friends and family – in particular girlfriends who played a very important and much appreciated role in getting Frankie & Nicole off the ground.

Do you have a favourite piece? I live in my Leila Lounge pants!

Is it acceptable to wear PJs outside the house? If you have fabulous looking pjs and you simply MUST duck down to the shops or pick your kids up from their friends house, then I believe it’s perfectly acceptable. However, if you know you are going to be out of the car and in view of the general public, i.e doing the shopping, filling the car up you have to get changed. Seriously, it takes two mins to get into an outfit. I think it’s a tad lazy if you don’t.

What’s next for Frankie & Nicole? I really would like to develop our blog – life in my pjs – and keep customers continually updated and inspired with the latest recipes, profiles on local businesses, beautiful artwork (I am obsessed with the amount of quality pieces one can find on Etsy at the moment) and anything else related to the home and being in your pjs. Within two years we are aiming to open our very first store either here on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane and eventually branch out into homewares and accessories. We really are more than a brand, we’re a lifestyle and I want that to filter through all that we do.

So, Stylers check out some more Frankie & Nicole designs below – and also check them out online. Tell me what you think?

*I was sent the Meghann nightie as a gift to trial as per my product disclosure policy.

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  1. Nikki I have decided your blog is dangerous!! You review and feature beautiful things… and I want them all!!

    These PJs are gorgeous. Feminine and pretty, but comfortable too.

    Love that you are promoting Qld designers as well. Your a legend. 🙂

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      Oh, Vicky, I do apologise for putting up lots of lovely things … well, sort of apologise 😉 I do love to support Queensland designers as it’s a tricky path out there in fashion land.

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