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You know how I like my statement necklaces?  Well, I’ll let you in on a little confession, I do so love my statement cocktail rings as well.

On my left hand I always wear my engagement and wedding rings (except when I leave them next to the bathroom sink and worry all day that they’re not actually there …); on my right hand you’ll often find me flashing around a ring that’s big and bolshie. (umm, a bit like me)

In fact, if you ARE standing in my vicinity and notice that I do in fact have the mother of all statement rings on one of the fingers of my right hand, then keep a wide berth.  You see, I’m particularly fond of talking with my hands and I might just (accidentally, of course) knock you out.  You’re probably safe if said hand is wrapped around a champagne glass because I will limit any flailing arm movements to prevent spillage of said beverage.

Key tips

1.  Personally, I don’t think there is such a thing as too big a ring but I’ve got average-sized hands.  If your hands are on the petite size then perhaps wind back your statement size a little; conversely if you have larger hands make sure your chosen ring is not too small.

2. Where you wear your ring is up to you. I switch from the first second and third finger, depending on which ring is feeling most comfortable at any given time.

3.  You don’t need to spend a fortune on a statement ring but if you are looking at budget options, choose something that has a little bit of weight to it.  It will look more expensive than it actually is.

4.  Don’t matchy-match your ring with another piece of jewellery.  It can complement your other accessories and outfit but shouldn’t be the same.

Some shopping suggestions

1. Mawi Deco Rocks ring $54.95 to rent for the week Love Me and Leave Me

2. Carly Paiker Black Concentric Leather Flower ring $176

3. Peter Lang Art Deco Swarovski crystal ring $64

4. Secrets Shhh… autumn-winter 2011 Liberate collection.  Pictured includes: brilliant cut black diamond simulant statement ring ($180); micropave ring ($290); black & white stack ($250); oval cut statement ring ($180) and brilliant cut solitaire ($150).

5. sass & bide Call to Arms ring $250

6. Oroton Irregolari ring $40 (on sale, was $55)

7. Equip Berrylicious three-band diamante ring $12.99

Do you like a statement ring? I’d love to know.  And remember if you have a style question you’d like answered in these Fab Friday vlogs, then email me: [email protected]


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  1. Absolutely love my statement rings…and the collection is growing. For many years I wore a diamond dress ring on right ring finger, but now I’m so used to big chunky statement rings that the dress ring looks small and insignificant and gathers dust in my secret hiding spot! Re size of hands etc., I always avoided too much hand jewellery so as not to draw attention to my short nails (weak and won’t grow long) but now all the attention is on my fab rings and couldn’t care less about short (but well groomed) nails haha! I say no matter what size hands you have, wear and enjoy your rings.

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  2. I have a friend that wears statement jewelry (necklaces and rings) but I am still a big chicken! I have a couple of rings I am trying to work into my wardrobe…soon.

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  3. Do so love my cocktail rings too!! Have sooooo many budget ones – as the addiction gets more and more out of control!!! Great post 🙂

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  4. I wear at least one statement ring every day! I love the extra weight and I feel rather naked without one on. These styling tips are wonderful, good job spreading the word of the cocktail ring!

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  5. I SO love the cocktail ring! I use to look at Margaret Pomeranz’s (ABC’s movie reviewer) massive rings on her stubby hands and think, not a good look. But then I realised I was always looking at the rings!
    I’ve bought a few at Secrets Shhh, but another great place is http://www.madeit.com.au which is Australia’s version of Esty. There are a lot of quirky, one-off pieces there worth considering.

    PS love the vlog!

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  6. What about people like me with fat hands, shouldn’t I avoid? I’ve always steered away from drawing attention to my hands – don’t even have an engagement ring for this reason!

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  7. I am SO with you on this!! Love a big fat sparkly ring.

    My mother has her grandmothers big opera rings (they were worn over your opera gloves, so had to be extra flashy) and I wish she would wear them. She’s scared to for fear of losing them. They won’t fall off and they’re begging to be worn! Tragedy!

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