OMG. It’s time to buy a swimsuit, cozzie, togs, bathers … whatever you call them

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Sorry, girls, it’s Day 2 of summer (Day 1 was a bit of a fizzer in my neck of the woods. Sunshine State? what Sunshine?).  This week we’ve dealt with shapewear (my secret weapon to get me through the party season seemingly bulge-free) and today I’m talking swimwear because ironically no sooner than we’ve downed our last Christmas cocktail, it’s apparently time to hit the beach for our annual summer holiday. 

It really is a cruel, cruel world.

Here are my top five tips when it comes to buying a new cozzie:

1.  Buy your swimwear from a swimwear specialist.  Just like buying a bra, specialist help from assistants who know what they are selling will stop you from making a big mistake.  They will offer you alternatives based on your size, shape and bust.

2.  Plan your swimwear shop.  This will help you to get your head in the right frame of mind for the task ahead.  Allocate two hours to the task (without tackling other chores) so that you focus.  It’s easy to distracted when this is not a clothing purchase we enjoy.

3.  Do not be harsh on yourself in the changeroom.  Only a few genetically blessed people (Miranda Kerr, you hearing me?) have a perfect swimwear body.  The rest of us need to just make the most of what we’ve got. 

4.  Get a spray tan several days before the mission.  Trust me, the reflection coming back at you will seem so much more beach-ready.  (Please don’t go trying on the day of the actual tan, though.  Shops will not love you for staining their togs)

5.  Women, do not add long board shorts to your swimwear attire.  They do not make you look smaller.  In fact they have the opposite effect.  Opt instead for a floaty, kaftan-style cover-up.  I currently own about 17.  Like handbags or shoes, you can never own too many.


And while you’re shortlisting your swimwear choices, check out Bond-Eye.  Designers Tash Sassoon and Steve Philpott have taken their  “nip tuck”  swimwear one step further, introducing a new patented Secret Adjustable Cup that is so concealed by rouching.  This is actually an adjustable string that allows you to fit the cup to your exact shape.

The bond-eye Nip Tuck range includes a specialised power mesh fabric to shape, firm and streamline the body. The power mesh is available in one-pieces for a complete hourglass figure, tankinis to tuck in your tummy, and beautifully moulded bikinis which work back with Nip Tuck pants available in a range of different styles to suit all body shapes.

Bond-Eye Alexandria Nip Tuck Pleat One Piece $119.95

Bond-Eye Ra Frill Bandeau Bikini top $69.95; frill pant $54.95

Bond-Eye Ankh Nip Tuck D-DD Tankini $119.95 and pant $54.95

Bond-Eye Lotus Frill Bikini top $89.95, frill pant $69.95

Bond-Eye Ankh Nip Tuck Bikini top $89.95, pant $54.95

Stockist inquiries: (02) 8399 2239

So, what’s your swimwear purchasing secret?  Have you found a label that works for you?  Spill below, I’d love to hear.

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  1. Great tips! I never thought I would feel as comfortable in a cossie as i do now and I am 6 months preggy! But I do love the idea of kaftans too, and beautiful sarongs and of course having a tan (real or fake) when trying them on, certainly does wonders I agree. What is up with those gross white lights in the fitting room anyway!

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  2. Bought a great pair of ‘minimising’ swimmers at Myer last summer that I lived in. They flatten out my stomach (no easy feat) and have a good bust line. Wish I had followed that old advice of when you find something good, buy two!!

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  3. Belive it or not, best pair of bikinis I ever bought were online from Victorias Secret – and they were white!!! Now I’m not tiny, I’m a healthy size 12 with a larger than average bust so its not easy to find togs that fit, BUT I did look for ones with a thicker strap (to hold the girls in place) and the white is TRIPLE-lined so no over-sharing coming out of the water.
    So happy with them I am buying a black pair this year!

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      1. hi,i have a question.. what about the bottom? im thinking of buying a white bottom from victoria secret and im afraid it might turn see-thru when i get in the water..

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  4. Gorgeous blog and beautiful bathers.

    I have a swimwear dilemma. For the first time in many years I have had to foray into the one piece market. (due to a large surgical scar in my tummy that I have to keep out of the sun) I am struggling to find one that doesn’t make me feel like my mother. They all look gorgeous in the photos but decidedly matronly on me.

    Thanks for the above inspiration – I am definitely going to check out the Bond Eye range because they look like they may do the trick….

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