Why shapewear need no longer make for Bridget Jones moments

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I have a drawer dedicated to underwear my husband would prefer he didn’t know I ever wore.  The said underwear are not skimpy, nor embellished or colourful.   But, oh, can I count on them when I’m called on to don fitted frocks (or white lycra pants like I did last Saturday night).

The polite term for underwear from this drawer is shapewear.  Others may know them as Nanna Pants or Suckerinnerers.  Whatever your preferred terminology, no matter what your size or shape, they are very much wardrobe essentials.  Even size 0 celebs won’t hit a red carpet without a little Spanx or Nancy Ganz. True. There is no other way to get such a smooth line (even going commando won’t work under some fabrics).

So in my smalls drawer I have the aforementioned brands of shapewear but the new kid on my suckerinnerer block is holdmetight with a range that has me seriously impressed, not least by its budget-friendly pricing.  Holdmetight’s Second Skin range is seam free and each piece will tuck, trim and contour.  And here’s what I consider a real bonus, most of the pieces look good too.  Well maybe not the Harry High Pants/Bike Pants versions (but sorry, they ARE sometimes a necessity).  No, I’m talking about the Second Skin Strapless Dress ($39.95, mocha or black size 10-20) and the Second Skin Seamless Bodysuit ($39.95, mocha or black size 10-20). 

holdmetight Second Skin Strapless Dress $39.95. www.holdmetight.com.au

These are my new friends.  The strapless number works under most frocks (you can add the straps if you need) and the bodysuit works to create an enviable upper silhouette free from back fat.  True.

holdmetight Second Skin seamless bodysuit $39.95. www.holdmetight.com.au

Anyway, the range gets the full endorsement of Aussie performer Ricki-Lee Coulter (can I just say she looks smokin’ in these promo shots?) so I decided dip into HER smalls drawer and get the low-down on her underwear secrets …

Have you used shapewear before holdmetight? I have used shapewear for years – never performing on stage, walking a red carpet or stepping onto a video or photo shoot without it. It’s really nice to know that it’s always there to give you a bit of a confidence boost and smooth out lumps and bumps so that you never have to worry about it.

Why did you get behind holdmetight? I have worked with holdmetight for three years now, and I jumped at the chance to work with them and tell women about a product that I genuinely love. holdmetight is all about embracing your shape and encouraging women of all shapes and sizes to love their bodies and enhance their best bits and also smooth and sculpt your body so that you are feeling sexy and confident when you wear it.  holdmetight shapewear is made for women by women and there is a huge range of designs for women of all shapes and sizes. Each targets different problem areas and is very reasonably priced – especially in comparison with other shapewear in the market.

What’s the difference shape-wear can make to the way you feel in an outfit?  Shapewear can make a HUGE difference – there are days when all of us need help in certain areas and we tend to dress around that and just choose to wear something loose fitting because we feel insecure with what we see and uncomfortable. For example, that favourite pair of jeans might be getting that little bit tighter and you have a little bit of the dreaded muffin top … but if you wear the holdmetight high waisted brief underneath your jeans you CAN wear that fitted top you love to wear with those jeans and not have to worry because your hips have been smoothed and sculpted. You no longer have to worry about it and you can leave the house feeling sexy and confident.  Confidence comes when you aren’t feeling insecure about what your hips or your butt or your tummy looks like in what you are wearing.  And I love that no matter what shape or size you are and whatever area you need a little bit of help in – holdmetight has got you covered.

Bridget Jones didn’t help the campaign in her “Nanna” pants … do you think it’s possible to be sexy when it comes to blokes seeing what you’re wearing under your red carpet frock? Or should we whip them off in private first?  One of the biggest misconceptions about shapewear is that it is not sexy and who can forget the Bridget Jones Undies?  But that is something that myself and the whole design team at holdmetight have been aware of and wanted to change. Holdmetight uses beautiful materials and lace and really is sexy. I wouldn’t be ashamed for anyone to see it.
What’s your favourite piece from the holdmetight collection and why? My favourite piece of the range is the new seamless dress – you can take the straps off and wear it with almost anything and smoothes out EVERYTHING. And it somehow manages to make your butt look really perky – which I’ll never complain about. ha-ha!

All holdmetight products are available at BIG W stores nationwide and online at www.holdmetight.com.au

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