Trade in your old Country Road for a good cause and $10

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I love it when big business plays its part in being a good community citizen.  And when fashion companies take the lead in this area, the capacity for making a huge difference is very real.  You only have to look at how successful Witchery’s White Shirt campaign is for ovarian cancer research.

So, snaps all round to Country Road, which yesterday announced its Fashion Trade program.  This program will not only help the Red Cross charity help vulnerable Australians, its aim is also to reduce the amount of clothing dumped in landfills.

How will it work?  From today, simply donate any clothing or accessories and include at least one pre-loved Country Road item to any participating Red Cross retail store and you will receive a $10 voucher to put towards your next purchase at Country Road (of $50 or more). The donated clothing and accessories will be sold by Red Cross retail stores to raise funds for its programs.

There is a big shortage of quality secondhand clothes donated to Red Cross (yes, when you’re cleaning your wardrobe out, please be mindful that if you think it’s too scrappy for you to wear, then it’s too scrappy for others too!).  This program will help create a constant supply of high quality clothing and accessories for the charity.  And that’s a very smart fashion industry move.

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