Fabulous Friday June 25: What’s made your week?

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Welcome to Fabulous Friday.  Every week, I share a little about my week, the good stuff (I’m not into the negative), a little retail therapy and a few fun moments.  Then it’s your turn.  What made your week?  Did you find a fashion bargain?  See a great movie?  Read an inspirational book?  Let me know by leaving a comment below. 

Apologies straight up for the lack of blogging this week.  Umm.  The dog ate my blog notes.  Only kidding.  My creative brain was totally zapped by having to write 12 pages of text about MYSELF for the Sunshine Coast Business Woman of the Year Awards.  Have you ever tried to do that?  I found the best strategy was to actually pretend I was writing about one of my clients.  If I stopped to think I was actually writing about myself I’d have to bring myself down a size or two.  My research did, however, uncover evidence of two hair-related career horrors – way too much hairspray and a scrunchie.  And yes, for all you young things out there, I really did think I had it going on!  And yes, that is a typewriter in the hairspray photo.  Computers came to my workplace circa 1988.  And yes, I am ancient.

So, about those typewriters and my former life as a journo.  Could not help but feel the newsroom pumping through my veins on Wednesday night as I sat here working at my laptop (note, NOT a typewriter … I’ve moved on) and the first #spill tweets started to pop up on TweetDeck.  Politicians may squabble and backstab as they’ve always done … we just find out about it more quickly.  For the record, Twitter was way ahead of Facebook on delivering the “news” and both social networking sites were way ahead of the free-to-air TV stations.  Yesterday was historical and symbollic for women who dream big but I can’t help thinking that if you have to hurt others along the way than it can’t be such a good dream. Feeling for KRudd and his family and know with conviction that I’ll never be cut out for politics.  Anyway, with everyone adding their two cents into the debate yesterday, this comment from my gorgeous friend Raelene Byrne was one of the most reasoned and poignant I read: [table id=9 /]

If you missed my Fabulous Friday post last week where I confessed my new-found and fully embraced “tea lady” status, you will not understand my excitement at finding this teapot ceramic jewellery from Elk Accessories.  Super cute ceramic pendants in the shape of a teapot  – hanging on a rope necklace ($40) or a ceramic teapot brooch ($30).  Love the whole Elk contemporary slant on accessories made from natural materials from this Melbourne-based duo. 

Sometimes I feel like a bit of a “clothes whisperer” when I work with my clients to create their best possible look – one that will give them complete and utter confidence to take on the world – whatever THEIR world might throw at them.  This week I worked with two new clients to achieve just that and it’s left me with such a buzz.  One client is about to launch onto the national speaker circuit and the other is a business owner who wanted a weekend wardrobe update.  My speaking client had everything she needed (bar a new pair of shoes) in her wardrobe to create 10 or more outfits – I just came at it with fresh eyes and we created new combinations.  My business owner client and I had huge success at a small Sunshine Coast boutique, creating a capsule weekend winter wardrobe that is both relaxed and elegant.  And all of it on sale! Just seeing the light turn on their eyes by the end of our session absolutely makes my working week.

Confession time … I’m a teeny weeny bit Twilight obsessed (but perhaps not enough to register as a Twilight Mom).  I did lose a week of my life reading all the books in one sitting.  Food was not purchased or fashioned into Masterchef-inspired meals.  No Siree. I’d bought the books under the pretence of trying to get my reluctant-reader-13-year-old daughter interested in reading.  The books still sit on her bookshelf but I don’t think she’s got past page 50 … of the first book.  Told you. RELUCTANT.  Me, definitely NOT reluctant and I’m a little bit excited that my fave book of the series, Eclipse, is about to hit the big screen.   Also, excited that my current fave band, Florence and the Machine, has a track (Heavy in Your Arms), on the soundtrack.  For your musical and gratituous Edward enjoyment …

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    Kim, Wendy and Rachael … thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. It means so much to me and really does make my week. Rachael, I hear you on the SCBWN awards and reflection. Has been mentally challenging but something I’m now very proud of. Wendy, you should set up a Facebook page for your group – I’d be the first to like it! Kim, you are such a special friend and you are an amazing role model for your kids. Bet Jacob had his “speedy” drops!

  2. My week was amazing – such a mix of things. Spent many hours refining and reflecting for my Submission for the SCBWN Awards also. My family and friends believing in me and urging me to step up and find my moment to shine… thankyou. Looking forward to my big kids coming home with stories of their fun at the snow, missing their energy around the house. Also was a time to say goodbye to a very special lady in the true sense of the word, in Grandma Joan. Just typing her name makes me smile, she was a woman of great classical style, an amazing dress maker and so proud of her family. She will be missed and remembered with great fondness.

  3. The response to my Fabby Beyond Thirty Social group has been fantastic! We have our first gathering this evening, I am nervous but hey, none of us know each other so we are all in the same boat. I am positive that this will create friendships and experiences that will inject some fun & frivolity into our lives.

  4. What’s made my week? Well seeing your application for the SCBWN Business Woman of the Year awards was pretty breath taking my friend! Having my gorgeous children home from school on holidays is always the best especially that they had such amazing reports and both excelled in their respective skills and passions. My son won his age group athletics championships and will now represent his school – he is absolutely fizzing! Excited by Australia’s first female prime minister…And I have a family that loves me… Cant get better than that!

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