Fabulous Friday June 18: What’s made your week?

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Welcome to Fabulous Friday.  Every week, I share a little about my week, the good stuff (I’m not into the negative), a little retail therapy and a few fun moments.  Then it’s your turn.  What made your week?  Did you find a fashion bargain?  See a great movie?  Read an inspirational book?  Let me know by leaving a comment below. 

I’m usually an early adapter of trends – annoyingly so.  I’m a marketer’s dream.  If it says “new”, I NEED it.  So the fact that it’s taken me until this month to sit down and watch Mad Men, has me baffled.  OMG.  My husband and I can’t get enough of Don, Betts, Joan and the so non-PC office at Sterling Cooper.  {For those who don’t know … Mad Men is a TV series set in the 1960s world of advertising when men were men and women supposedly knew their place}. We’re half way through season three on DVD and I’m officially obsessed.  I’m in awe of the sense of occasion that women put into dressing in the ’60s; my husband is in awe of the need for scotch at an 11am client meeting.  Ok, so I may be taking my obsession a little too far but imagine my excitement at discovering you can MadMen Yourself.

I have realised that I am indeed a lady who likes to indulge in a tea or two … well, let me clarify, that is the lady I’ve become since ditching the coffee in January.  I can sniff down a freshly brewed chai (DO NOT serve me syrup!) from a 100 paces.  So, it was with great excitement that I stumbled across the Madame Flavour range of teas in my local Woolies.  Well, I didn’t just stumble, my husband stayed at the Crown Metropol last week and Madame Flavour teas are stocked in the room. Knowing my new-found passion for tea, he brought me some home to try.  (well, I think he was trying to make up for the fact that I wasn’t staying in a flash hotel with him) And try I did.  And then I did a little happy dance in the tea aisle at Woolies when I found a big box to bring home.  I am in LOVE with the Sultry Chai Infuser Pods – and the little note that comes inside each box.

Is it just me or does it seem like all your girlfriends are jetting off to Italy?  One girlfriend left last week, one yesterday and a third goes next month.  All with their husbands.  All very romantic.  Try as I might on these cold nights to conjure up that sun-soaked Mediterranean feeling, my fluffy socks and dressing gown just are not cutting it.   Wearing this striped tee-dress from Verily ($85) comes close.  If I close my eyes and squint really hard, I really am sitting in a water-side cafe in Positano.  Really, I am.

My gorgeous girlfriends, aka The Choccie Chicks, are out there showing women all around the world that they need to look after number one … and not feel guilty for doing so!  {Excitingly, their Like Chocolate for Women message is about to be heard loud and clear throughout India with Hay House Publishing picking up their book }.  The tools that they offer women include their Twenty8 organic range of aromatherapy blends and I use at least one blend daily.  I’ve sent a couple of my girlfriends off on holidays (you know, those ones I spoke about above) with the Romance and Intimacy blend.  Seriously girls, this is the secret weapon you need to re-kindle that “sparkle” … you know, the sparkle that’s usually puffed out and buried under piles of unfolded washing and the kids’ homework.  Get some today and holiday at home!

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  1. GREAT site, Beaut Vintage Clothing – well done!
    Jeanne – what an amazing sister – you’re very lucky.
    Wendy – Fabby Beyond 30 – love it!!
    Jacleen – your daughter’s a cool cat indeed!

  2. Having fun with my daughter who has entered her cat in the Whiskas competition. She’s started a group page for Minx on Facebook and we already have 103 group members and 85 votes 🙂

  3. Starting my new womens group in Noosa, Fabby beyond Thirty. For women who want to increase their friends network in Noosa and the surrounding area. Whoop Whoop! x

  4. My gorgeous sister was one of the CEOs who slept on cardboard in Canberra last night to raise funds for the homeless. I belong to an amazing family and am so very grateful for my sisters, brother and beautiful parents.

  5. Post

    Oh, girls … you’ve made MY week over again.
    Sharni – I totally get you and you should be proud!
    Stacey – Aunties rock!
    Amy – I saw these on Michi Girl yesterday or the day before and immediately thought of you. x
    Bec – cheese and chutney takes me right back to my gran’s kitchen. And yes, poor Betty – maybe in season 4 she’ll get her chance to show him what for!

  6. What’s made my week? Discovering the best cheese and chutney combinaton a minute ago after literally years!
    Love the Mad Men you – very Grace Kelly. It is the best TV show of all time. Poor Betty!

  7. When I was singing a song to Monte and he filled in the appropriate words when I left a gap. Yep, suddenly he can say quite a few words and as my first child – how can this NOT have made my week!!

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