Dogstar’s Masayo Yasuki holds nature close for Spring 2010

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I’ve spoken before about my multiple wardrobe personalities.  Some days it’s all feminine and frou, frou; others it’s edgy and pushing my normally conservative boundaries.  For those days, Dogstar is one of my labels of choice.

Queensland-based designer Masayo Yasuki began her label in 2000 and has built a loyal following of people who have fallen for the quality and craftmanship of the label’s off-centre designs.  The label isn’t about the latest trends from the catwalks of Europe, it’s about honouring your individuality and walking that talk.

For spring 2010, Masayo wanted to “hold nature close” through a collection that uses linen, silks and cotton to represent freedom, a way of deconstructing the complexity of modern times.

“Those words ‘take your time; taste the wine’ echoed in my head; I was enamoured by the concept of turning back the clock to a time when technology wasn’t a master, and better didn’t always mean faster,” she says.

The resulting collection – Romance Even Now Smoulders – consists of calm, flowing lines and loose, comfortable fits that are contrasted with raw edges, pleated layers and thin layers of miasmic tulle.

Available in 60 outlets around Australia and New Zealand – as well as four Brisbane dogstar stores located in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane and Southbank. The label is designed and manufactured in Australia.

Dogstar is showing at this year’s Mercedes-Benz Brisbane Fashion Festival on Saturday, August 7 at 9pm in the Mercedes-Benz Group Show 3 with Laylah, Francis Leon, Maiocchi, Nelson Molloy, Tulipani and George Wu.




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