Does your wardrobe have hanging space for multiple personalities?

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Do you have days where you channel a little bit of hippy with your corporate?  Do you dress according to the style of the people you are going to be meeting with?  Do you wear clothes depending on how you feel?

If you answered yes, pats on the back to you all.  You’re wardrobe is filled with variety and you are able to have fun with that variety every day … depending on the part of your personality you would like to show to the world.

If you answered no to all of the above, don’t go into a wardrobe panic.   It’s just time to think about ways to spice it up a little to prevent you from sliding into a style rut.

Start by thinking about your personality.  If this is too difficult, ask a good friend or your partner to help you.

Next, consider your current wardrobe. Do you have outfits that fit each part of your personality or the many roles you play?  Remember, being able to show others a glimpse into your personality is essential for creating a strong personal brand.

Few of us can be pigeon-holed into one style personality.  My style personality can vary from corporate to relaxed elegance, fun and feminine or edgy.  How I dress on any particular day depends a lot on how I’m feeling, what I’m doing and who I’m meeting.

If I’m working at home for the day but know I’ll be ducking out to pick up my kids or go to the post office, I need to feel comfortable but look great, so I choose an outfit from one of my favourite lifestyle labels (MiMi FiRST, Metalicus, Mela Purdie, Katie Hosking or wYse – all these a fabricated using easy-care, easy-wear materials).  If I’ve got corporate meetings, it will most likely be an outfit from the Country Road and Witchery section of my wardrobe. Edgy?  That’s where Tulipani, Dogstar and sass & bide win my votes.  Fun and feminine?  I opt for Toko Emporium, Morrison and Sacha Drake.  And sometimes I mix it all up a little across all personality categories … get the picture?

Essential in understanding and creating a multi-personality wardrobe is the ability to dress appropriately to suit different occasions.  You need to be able to dress down when it’s called for and conversely, dress up to the nines if that fits the event to which you’ve been invited.

Whenever I see a city corporate type trying to relax here on the Sunshine Coast on holidays or for the weekend, I want to rush up and stage a style intervention. Immediately. They so clearly look out of their comfort zone (shirt or t-shirt is usually still tucked in!) because dressing down is a foreign concept to them.

And how many times have you gone to a formal event on the Sunshine Coast (home of casual with a capital C) and guests have arrived in jeans?  Yes, we can get away with being a little more relaxed day-to-day here on the Coast but if the event warrants it, why not show off the more dressy side to your personality?

It’s good etiquette and you’ll make your best impression possible.  Good impression=Strong personal brand.

(some days I’m a little of this …)

(some days it’s more this …)

(or this …)

(or this …)

What are your style personalities?  Leave a comment below.

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  1. Great post! Working from home, my style has naturally evolved into a tracky-dack look 90 percent of the time. Embarrassing. I used to be far cooler when I worked in an office 🙂
    However, for anyone who’s into that, some of my favourite dress-down looks come from; I’m also a big fan of Bonds boot-leg yoga pants. And the thin but really warm black Intimo cardies – I have a long one that converts to a wrap-around top as well as a halter neck top (true!) and it has never, ever lost its shape even though I am not the kindest washer/dryer.

    All this dressing down makes it far more fun and exciting when I do have to dress up to the nines and some of my favourite outfits EVER have come from the boutique Joshua and Sean Don’t get me started on their handbags 🙂

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