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It’s not uncommon to spend a lot of time, money and effort to create your business’ logo, business card and website.

These are all vital tools of the trade for any business – large or small.

But how much thought do you give to the brand you project each day when you get ready for work?

Or how much emphasis do you put on making sure your entire team is presented in the best possible way to reflect your company’s brand?

If you silently answered, “not much”, then make 2010 the year that you and your staff become aware that your brand starts with good dress sense and great grooming.

As a business leader, it’s essential that you tap into your personal brand.  Understand that the way you dress not only indicates what type of business you run but also the personality behind your business.

As a team member, it’s your responsibility to uphold the values which your workplace places on dressing to meet customer and client needs. 

Consciously making an effort every day should not be seen as a burden.  Through the tips and tricks below, it is possible to organise yourself (and a family!) AND get to work on time looking polished and ready to go.

1. Plan the night before what you are going to wear.  This applies even more so if you don’t wear a uniform.

2. Make sure those garments are pressed and ready to slip on after your morning shower.

3. As part of your planning, think about which accessories you can include with your outfit.  It’s amazing what the addition of a belt, scarf or pair of earrings can do to lift an outfit.

4. Wash and dry (or let dry naturally) your hair the night before.  That way in the morning all you have to do is style with styling irons. If you struggle with styling your own hair, book an appointment with your hairdresser, specifically to work on styling.

5. Practise your work makeup routine when time is not at a premium.  Better still, invest in a one-on-one session with a makeup artist and learn their shortcuts so that you can use them every day.

Embrace these five steps as part of your working week. Not only will your confidence grow but so will your business.

Who do you know whose personal brand reflects and enhances their business?  The authors of Like Chocolate for Women and creators of skincare range, Twenty8, Kim Morrison and Fleur Whelligan (pictured below) know how to pitch their brand via their personal style.  Author and speaker Rachael Bermingham does this well too.  And the directors of Faye Rolph Models, Simone Merlo and Monique Parry always project the image their business is trying to sell.

 Like Chocolate for Women's Fleur Whelligan and Kim Morrison

 Faye Rolph Models' Simone Merlo and Monique Parry

 Rachael Bermingham

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