natural skincare products you might love to add to your kit - Sodashi Arabian Oud mist, Go-To Skincare Much Brighter Skin, Bettyquette Eyemazing eye serum, ManukaRX pro-ageing trio

More natural skincare products you might love to add to your kit

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As a beauty product junkie, I’m always buying and trialling new things. I’ve been doing so for my job for about 20 years now. I wouldn’t call myself an expert but I’m definitely an enthusiast. In this post I’m sharing more natural skincare products you might love to add to your kit.

As always, if I’ve recommended something it’s because it works for me and/or I love it. This applies to gifted product, sponsored promotions and things I’ve spent my own money buying. All gifts and paid partnerships are always disclosed.

Have a watch/listen to the video … and scroll on down product details and links.

Natural skincare products featured

Go-To Skincare Much Brighter Skin: this is the much-hyped Vitamin C serum from Zoe Foster-Blake’s skincare company, Go-To. We’re big customers of the brand with everyone in the fam, including my teenage son on board the Go-To train. I jumped on and bought this serum at launch and have used it every morning since. It’s good. Very good. For starters, my skin and Vitamin C are menopausal enemies. This is the first Vitamin C in years that I’ve been able to use and not react to. I’m using it after cleansing and toning and before my face oil, moisturiser and sunscreen. Apart from the essential, non-reaction component, it also contains niacinamide (B3) and glycerin and hyaluronic acid. The result? Exactly what the name of the product says: brighter skin plus supreme hydration. Oh, and unlike SO many other Vitamin C serums, this one doesn’t stink. Quite the opposite. You can see how I include other Go-To products into my skincare routine HERE

Bettyquette Eyemazing hydrating eye serum: the Brisbane-made natural skincare brand founded on face and body oils has just released and oil/serum especially formulated for your eyes. The key ingredients are jojoba and camellia oils, as well as Vitamin E. The combo aims to hydrate, de-puff and fight dark circles. I’ve only been using for a day so will report back. At the moment with a foster dog that doesn’t sleep through the night, my eyes are deeply in need! Check out all the Bettyquette products now in new airless pump bottles and new packaging. You won’t be disappointed.

Sodashi Arabian Oud Face & Body Mist: I’ve been a long-time fan of this Australian luxury chemical-free brand and whenever there is a spa offering treatments using Sodashi products, I choose those treatments. Last weekend, my fellow spa buddy (it’s been a year of spa-less mourning for us since One Wybelenna shut its doors) booked an afternoon at the Away Spa at the W Brisbane. While an indoors spa doesn’t have the feel that One Wybelenna did, the treatments matched any we’d ever had. I booked in for the Balancing Act treatment (think massage, meditation, crystals, the whole woo-woo she-bang). It was BLISS and was concluded with this mist. Like the marketer’s dream that I am, it came home with me and I cannot stop misting. It’s in my morning and evening skincare routine. It’s on my desk. I sprayed my pillows with it. Won’t stop. Can’t stop. It smells divine (oud wood, frankincense, sandalwood and damask rose), is super hydrating and is a “perfect tonic for tiredness and stress, bringing focus and clarity to the mind, and invoking a sense of strength, peace and stillness”. Quite frankly, I can’t get enough of that kind of help right now. You?

ManukaRx Pro-Ageing Trio (gifted product): I’d heard and used Manuka honey but I had not heard of Manuka oil and its many benefits. Mānuka oil, also known as Leptospermum Scoparium oil, is an essential oil that comes from steam-distilling leaves and growth tips from the New Zealand native mānuka tree. It has natural anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant qualities. I love the ethos of pro-ageing and behind this trio of products – more of this instead of anti-ageing marketing I say. My skin responded beautifully to each of the products – no irritation and the hydration qualities I look for in my skincare. 

natural skincare products you might love to add to your kit - Sodashi Arabian Oud mist, Go-To Skincare Much Brighter Skin, Bettyquette Eyemazing eye serum, ManukaRX pro-ageing trio

Other products mentioned in the Live video:

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  1. HI Nikki, thanks for another great video. (I always watch them on ‘catch up’ as I am at work when they first air.) You always present lots of great tips and tricks and useful products. I was inspired to purchase the Go To products after your recommendations, and the parcel of these items has arrived today. I look forward to using them. Life is hard here in lockdown Melbs, but seeing your vids and reading your blog posts brings a bit of sunshine to my day! Keep up the good work! 🙂

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