Nikki Parkinson Styling You at Thargomindah - Photo by Shanna Whan

Journal October 2019

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I was chatting to a friend this week about how I mentally and physically prepared for the month just gone. October 2019 was my biggest work month to date since starting my business. I know there will be bigger months ahead of me but I’m grateful that I planned to cope as best I could.

I don’t advocate wearing busy as a badge of honour but when you run a business there will be times that are fuller than others and it really helped me to accept and acknowledge that’s what October was looking like for me. What I did to support myself was keep up regular exercise, keep up healthy food options, get early nights and say no to events or invitations that were not directly linked to my business. Was I still tired at the end of the month? You bet. But I didn’t get sick and I got through the month in one piece. YAY!

Pour yourself a beverage of choice and read on for a full and thorough debrief. 


We had our biggest launch ever with the Styling You The Label spring-summer collection going online at the beginning on the month. We really listened to you and have created a collection that includes more of what you were looking for in your everyday wardrobe. More easy-care pieces; more comfort; and more pieces that can be dressed up for work or down for the weekend. We say yes to all of that and more!

Journal October 2019 - Styling You The Label

We popped up at West Village as part of Brisbane Fashion Month. It’s always so wonderful to meet and see our customers trying our designs. We’ll be popping up again before Christmas in Brisbane. Stay tuned for news of that.

Styling You The Label West Village pop-up

top | skirt | sneakers

And then we ended the month as part of the Brisbane Fashion Month finale show (you can watch here). It was such a privilege to be in the line up with so many designers I love and celebrate and to do so with my friends and family. We revealed our resort collection that night (pre-orders are currently open with the launch proper happening on Sunday night, November 10).

Brisbane Fashion Month - Styling You The Label - Nikki Parkinson and Stacey McGregor

cape | jumpsuit | necklace | dress | shoes

We’ve now planned out our styles for the first half of next year. Scary, I know, but that’s how fashion land works.  


A big part of why October was so busy is that Styling You and Styling You The Label was proud to be a part of a number of events.

I loved helping celebrate Atelier Christian Alexander’s 5th birthday. Dale Dorning, who regularly does my hair and makeup, works with Christian and I got to meet so many of their fabulous clients.

Nikki Parkinson and Abby Coleman Atelier Christian Alexander 5th birthday

cami | jeans | cape | top | shorts | heels (Nikki)

My friends Dannielle and Edwina put on another Wild Spark event – this time in Brookfield, Brisbane. They brought the country to the city and it was wonderful to hear speakers from western Queensland and the Northern Territory, as well as eat fabulous steak (Five Founders) – Australia’s first carbon neutral certified beef, produced on a number of stations, including Dannielle’s. The girls then took the show on the road to Mudgee but I was already booked for Channel Country Ladies Day.

Danielle Doyle and Edwina Pilch Wild Spark events

Channel Country Ladies Day is actually a whole weekend – and it runs every two years in a different location in western Queensland. The logistics for the event are huge even it it was a city-based event. There are 250 women to be accommodated and entertained.  Doing all that 12 hours west of Brisbane in Thargomindah was a huge feat. The committee did an amazing job.

I was one of nine speakers and entertainers (I also got to hang out with Birdsnest’s Jane Cay – one of my business heroes – her sister Sally, comedian Bev Killick and motivational speaker Allison Mooney) who were flown from the city to Thargomindah, across the driest of lands, a very visual reminder that the drought is still very much affecting our rural sisters and the communities in which they live. Meeting such amazing women, who show up every day despite the challenges the drought adds to their lives was a privilege.

Channel Country Ladies Day flight to Thargomindah

I connected with two women who are absolutely killing it with their business/organisations, despite being located remotely. Joy McClymont from Off The Track Training is someone I met via Wild Spark’s Danielle and she is helping women in remote and regional areas – or any women who just can’t to a gym – stay motivated with their health and fitness goals. I’ve just signed up to her program. Shanna Whan, a former photographer (she took these amazing photos below), is someone I’d admired online and even more so now we’ve met. Her movement (and soon to be not-for-profit organisation) Sober in the Country – is testimony to her grit and determination to bridge a huge gap in rural health and services. Look out for Shanna soon on ABC’s Australian Story.

Nikki Parkinson Styling You at Thargomindah - Photo by Shanna Whan

Nikki Parkinson Styling You at Thargomindah - Photo by Shanna Whan

jumpsuit | sandals | earrings | necklace | bag (Mimco, not current)

Nikki Parkinson Styling You at Thargomindah - Photo by Shanna Whan

It was hands down one of the most memorable weekends of my life. 

Remember, if you’re looking to support our rural sisters, we’ve updated our list of online business operating in drought-affected areas of Queensland and NSW. You can check it out HERE.


Apart from travelling to Thargomindah, I rounded out the month with a trip to Sydney to see Marie Forleo – an internet marketing genius who I’ve followed since about 2012 and couldn’t see in Brisbane because I had the Brisbane Fashion Month show. Heading to Sydney turned out to be a better move. I got to see samples for our autumn-winter 2020 collections, I got to hang out in person with my friend Beth (we chat almost every week but hadn’t seen each other since February), catch up with Christina from Hair Romance, and spend a day/night with my eldest son (who’s heading away again with the navy at the end of this month).

Marie Forleo and Kemi Nekvapil Business Chicks

BabyMac and Styling You Not So Mumsy pyjamas

Not So Mumsy The Label pjs (I own three pairs!)

BabyMac and Styling You Not So Mumsy pyjamas

top | shorts | sneakers

Earrings | Sunnies

… and I got to watch bad Netflix shows, order room service breakfast and have a bath with this view! It was my first time staying at Sofitel Darling Harbour and it won’t be the last.

Sofitel Darling Harbour

Sofitel Darling Harbour


The Testaments by Margaret Atwood. If you are a Handmaid’s Tale fan then this is a must-read. It’s set about 16 years in the future from where the TV series is currently at. SO good. 


Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo: I’ve now got the physical book as there are some activities to work through but listening to the audio gave me a good overview of the concept and I cannot stop chanting the title … everything IS figureoutable!

Angie Kent interview on Mia Freedman’s No Filter podcast. I listen to the No Filter podcast each week and always take something away from the interviews. I loved Angie’s interview because I love that she’s bringing a strong, independent game to her time on The Bachelorette. 


Modern Love – Amazon Prime – I love these vignette love stories. Each is so different from the next but the human factor is so captivating.

Muriel’s Wedding The Musical – I caught this during its run in Brisbane and would have gone back the next night if I could have. I laughed, cried and felt every other emotion in between. Do yourself a favour if it comes to a city near you.

Muriel's Wedding The Musical

shirt | jeans | earrings | shoes


We’ve been having weekly pizza nights at home, cooking up a storm in our new outdoor woodfired pizza over/grill/rotisserie/fireplace. 

My son took me to Mr Wong on my visit to Sydney and I died and went to dumpling heaven. Yes, I risked the gluten factor but they were so worth it. You order a platter of the dumplings and the fillings are determined by the chef each day. Ours were packed with scallops, lobster and other delights. I’m still dreaming of biting in to each of them.

Mr Wong dumplings platter Sydney


I had one very big splash out. The ladies at Petrol know me too well and when this Briony Marsh dress arrived in store, I went in to check it out, thinking, no, no, it won’t be for me. Turns out it was. Expect to see me wearing it a lot. It had its first outing for Cup Day this week but will also be worn with gold flat sandals for a Christmas party and I can see me wearing it open with jeans and a white cami. This is how I work through any event/occasion wear purchase. I have to know that I can see more than two occasions where I’d wear it. I never buy just for one event.

Briony Marsh dress Petrol boutique


Home has been my sanctuary this month. My favourite place has been the sofa at night and our deck on a Sunday evening. And I had all my kids together at home at the start of the month. We probably won’t have that happening for Christmas this year so I soaked it all up!


I’m tired but happy. I know it will be a busy run through until the end of the year but I’m being careful with my energy management. I pulled back from running to walking last month as my immune system would not have been able to take it but will ease back into running this month. I continue to smash myself each week at Body Smart. Love the strength sessions for helping to keep me feeling strong.

Beauty obsessions

I’ve talked here about my growing obsession with Trinny London makeup … well, they’ve now launched an Australian site with prices in Australian dollars and free shipping over $150, so that opened a new floodgate, didn’t it? HAH. I find it only takes two-three days for my order to arrive too. I’ve now added two eye colours and a Lip2Cheek to my stack. Absolutely love BFF for under my foundation and my eyes very much love the BFF eye serum. My aim is to create a travel stack that will contain all I need for a fresh, low-key look. Once I’m 100% happy with it, I’ll share what I’ve created and what products. I did Match2Me survey ages ago and I’ve found it spot on with the recommendations for my skin tone.

When my makeup artist used Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow in Kitten Karma on my eyes, I added that to cart quick smart. I mean, it’s basically sequins for your eyes. I use it sparingly in the contour of my eyes over an eye colour. Below is how Dale Dorning worked it into my Melbourne Cup eye look. It was only visible if I battered my eyelashes.

Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow in Kitten Karma - makeup by Dale Dorning

Phewww … as always, if you made it to the end, congrats. Let me know what you’ve been up to!

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  1. What a big month you’ve had Nikki,it makes my tired just reading about it.
    You look stunning in that Briony Marsh dress it’s absolutely stunning on you.
    We welcomed our new grandson Tanner on the 4th of October and I’ve been busy helping out my daughter as she had to have a caesarean this time around. Such a beautiful little boy we have to love ,so sweet and chilled.Piper loves being a big sister.I have hip problems so I’ve been going to physiotherapy and have omg cortisone injections a well.

  2. Wow Nikki, that’s a big month! I love reading about everything you get up to and seeing the photos. Good idea pulling back from running, it’s so vital to listen to our bodies. I will have to look at the Trinny London website, thanks for the tip! I haven’t done anything exciting this month, but I got my annual skin check and passed with no problems, winning! My parents are becoming more and more dependant on me, it’s hard to watch them declining but I know I’m lucky to be able to be here with them. Planting heaps of vegetables and herbs, the garden is my saviour mentally and physically. Here’s to a wonderful November x

  3. You really did have a very jam packed full month in October and we were so grateful you could come along to our Brookfield Wild Spark event. Well done to you for all that you managed in October! I can’t believe it is November now. I just can’t keep up. You are an inspiration!

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