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Journal June 2019

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Forgive me, dear Stylers, it’s four days since the mighty month of June ended and I got so caught up in my holiday (a highly recommended thing) that I forgot to put fingers to the keyboard.

If you’re new around these parts, these journal posts are my monthly catch-up with you. Life can get so damn busy that it’s so easy to let the months slip by and think you’ve not done anything.

When I write it all down, it reminds me that I AM doing stuff. And that life is good. I highly recommend it’s something you do too. It doesn’t have to be on the internet, you could write old-school style into a journal. Why not give it a try?


We’ve extended our pop-up stay at Hummingbird Boutique until the end of July. Thank you so much to everyone’s who popped in to see us in store. We’ve loved having our little home away from home.

Styling You The Label pop-up shop Hummingbird Boutique Paddington

I’m signing off on our spring-summer collections as I type AND working on next winter’s offerings. If you’ve got any requests, send them our way. If you’ve shopped with us, make sure you join our VIP Facebook group for style inspiration on how to wear your SYTL pieces.

Having just travelled with some of our pieces packed in the bag, it’s been so exciting to experience just how well they work as part of a travel capsule. And I’ve loved seeing SYTL customers wearing their pieces all over the world too. Keep those photos coming.


The main event of the month was my Birthday Festival, OF COURSE. I restricted it to one week this year, which is really quite restrained, but I did manage to pack a fair bit in.

There was my quarterly “meeting” at One Wybelenna with one of my oldest girlfriends.

One Wybelenna

I sipped Champagne with a girlfriend at the Custom’s House Veuve pop-up. And we dined out with family and friends the next night. Both evenings gave me the opportunity to trot out two new White Label Noba purchases.

White Label Noba dress Styling You The Label blazer FRANKiE4 Footwear RUTH boots in gold

(Wearing: White Label Noba dress; Styling You The Label blazer; FRANKiE4 Footwear RUTH boots in gold)

White Label Noba pants Styling You The Label cami Bohemian Traders blazer FRANKiE4 Footwear TESSA heels

(Wearing: White Label Noba pants; Styling You The Label cami; Bohemian Traders blazer; FRANKiE4 Footwear TESSA heels)

Maiocchi held its winter soiree and I counted that as part of the festival because I got to sip bubbles and munch on macarons … while hanging out with some of my faves.

Maiocchi winter soiree @stace_mcgregs @ilovethatskirt @stylingyou

My beautiful friend Kirsten hosted her first @kirstenandco “Actual Team Meeting” event and I could not have thought of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon. The unofficial theme was pink and I’m nothing if not a joiner.

@kirstenandco Actual Team Meeting


We flew to Queenstown at the end of the month for a week-long ski trip. More about that on the blog soon but you can check out my Insta Story highlight in the meantime. I cannot believe it’s taken me almost 24 years to cross the ditch. What a place!

Nikki Parkinson Styling You skis Cardrona Queenstown New Zealand


The Party by Robyn Harding. I’m not sure how I landed on this book but maybe it was because it was pitched as a cross between The Slap and Big Little Lies. And that’s how it rolled. It was heart-wrenching, frustrating, and emotional. Let’s just say that if you’re a parent of teenage kids it might scare you off ever hosting a teenager party at home.


Star-Crossed by Minnie Darke: I loved listening to Aussie actress Melissa George narrate this beautiful Australian-set love story. As an FYI, I have an Audible subscription that gives me one free audiobook a month. I usually have an audiobook and a reading book on the go at the one time!


Yesterday the movie – what a fun, beautiful, heart-warming and funny movie this is. Do yourself a favour. It won’t tax the brain but will give you all the warm and fuzzy endorphins.

Three of my fave series are back! Rejoice! PRAISE BE! Big Little Lies (second season); Younger and The Handmaid’s Tale. All are SO different but so addictive for different reasons.


Birthday-related eating and drinking: Greca at Howard Smith Wharves (seriously great Greek food with a view of the city that makes Brisbane feel like Brooklyn, NYC) and Walter’s Steakhouse (do order the house speciality and have them serve your steak sizzle-style at the table).

In Queenstown we dined out like Royalty, enjoying everything from burgers to fine-dining options. The common theme? Good, wholesome fresh produce, served well. Check out my Styling You Eats Insta Story highlight for Queenstown for more tips on where and what to eat.


This Brave+True coat was bought on a whim on a cold Brisbane day from Hummingbird Boutique and became my favourite thing to wear for apre skiing.

Brave + True coat Styling You The Label top and cashmere wrap Outland denim jeans FRANKiE4 Footwear EMiLY boots

(Wearing: Brave+True coat; Styling You The Label top and cashmere wrap; Outland black jeans; FRANKiE4 Footwear EMiLY boots)


Hopefully by next month our pool/deck reno will be complete. We had a bit of a hold-up in waiting to get a pool fence re-installed but it’s in now and the pool should be finished next week. Hip, hip hooray.

Pooldeck reno update


The best birthday present of all was having my eldest home for four nights when his ship docked in Brisbane. We even got to go on board for a tour. He’s so happy with his chosen career and it showed in the pride he had in taking us around the ship.

Navy mum on board HMAS Success

(Wearing: Styling You The Label dress and leggings; Uniqlo jacket; FRANKiE4 Footwear JACKiE sneakers)

Holidaying with the youngest and my husband has been pretty damn special. It’s been great to be away and relaxed, with the most taxing thing getting up in time to make the snow bus up to the slopes.

Styling You family holiday Queenstown NZ

Beauty obsessions

These are all snow trip related: Bettyquette Betty Balm (keeping my lips from cracking while being a ski bunny); Dermalogica spf 50 sport (no-one wants a goggle tan as a souvenir of their snow holiday); Amazing Oils magnesium roll-on (I popped this on my legs each night as recovery, post-ski).

dermalogica protection 50 sport

bettyquette Betty Balm

Amazing Oils Magnesium Pain Relief Gell Roll On

Have a fabulous July. Do you celebrate Christmas in July? Doing Dry July? Tell me what you’ve been up to.

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  1. Hi Nikki,
    My husband have started July celebrating our 30 year wedding anniversary, with a two night stay at Mount Tambourine. Like you, I always look for somewhere to eat or drink when spending time away, but this trip was about enjoying some good wine and each other’s company in front of the fire taking time to appreciate each other and the life that we have together.
    Part of that appreciation is due to my Breast Cancer story (I am now 3 years along that path), which brings me to the reason for writing this comment. You mention in your post to send along suggestions for your collections. As part of my Breast Cancer treatment I had a double mastectomy, and have elected to ‘go flat’, that is no reconstruction nor do I wear prosthetics. As a result I am always on the hunt for suitable clothing, the biggest hurdle is good basic tops in plain colours, with either a frill or gather in the bodice. I was wondering if you wanted to take up that challenge in designing good basics tops and T for the small breasted/no breasted woman.

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      Oh Teresa, there is nothing more magical than being away and enjoying each other’s company. Love Mt Tambourine. I’m so glad that you are taking time to appreciate yourself and each other after such a working through breast cancer treatment. I’m very much going to take your suggestion on board. Our Cate shirts might work for you too as they drape over the bust area.

  2. I have been following your holiday through Instagram. I don’t comment sometimes only because I don’t know what to say, especially seeing where your Mum and Step dad drowned xx. Life is good, it has it’s ups and downs, journaling is such a great idea to remind us xx

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  3. I’m loving your new colour theme for your site (you’ve probably had it for ages and I’m a bit slow in commenting) – also love your hair length. So glad you got to enjoy my home country – you looked very sophisticated with your lovely holiday gear! Take care..

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