Russell Hobbs Steam Power Steam Station | Husband ironing tips

Russell Hobbs Steam Power Steam Station: who rules the iron in your house?

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Mr SY and I have been living together for more than 16 years now. In the early days I tried to impress him with my domesticity, cleaning like a mad woman, cooking dishes beyond my capabilities and ironing his business shirts.

Turns out it was all in vain. Or was it? (insert evil genius laugh here).

His mum, a woman who I send thanks to EVERY day, had expertly trained my husband in all the domestic ways. 

Such was the levels of his expertise and work ethic, my mediocre attempts at keeping the dust at bay and keeping his wardrobe looking crisp, were just that – mediocre. 

And he let me know in not so uncertain terms that my attempts were just not up to scratch. So, I did what any loving partner would do. I stepped aside so he could lead by example and show me just how it was done. 

And by stepping aside, I mean I happily gave up ironing and cleaning all together. That, my friends, is winning.

So, when the good people at Russell Hobbs Australia contacted me about trialling, reviewing and featuring the new Russell Hobbs Steam Power Steam Station, I shared the email with the husband.

His reaction to the opportunity to not only receive a new and superior ironing set up but to also teach the Styling You community how to iron correctly, was akin to the excitement he usually reserved for trying out a new craft beer or spending a Sunday getting lost in the aisles of our local hardware store.

Since the arrival of the Russell Hobbs Steam Power Steam Station into our home and our lives, it’s taken pole position in our lounge room AND during each ironing session, he HAS NOT STOPPED extolling its virtues.

I nod along, feigning interest, while doing what I do best …

Russell Hobbs Steam Power Steam Station | Husband ironing tips 12

Now, I know that ironers in the Styling You community will also share his excitement, so I sat him down for a little interview about the Steam Power Steam Station. 

ME: What were your first thoughts on using the new “beast” (everything gets a nickname in our house)

HIM: It’s professional grade. I like that the water tank (which is removable for filling) is in a different part from the actual ironing unit. This makes the ironing unit light and more manoeuvrable. I like that you can set different steam levels. It gets really good heat and better levels of steam; three times more than a traditional iron.

Russell Hobbs Steam Power Steam Station | Husband ironing tips

ME: Is it quicker to iron clothes?

HIM: Yes. You don’t have to go over the same patch as much.

Russell Hobbs Steam Power Steam Station | Husband ironing tips

Russell Hobbs Steam Power Steam Station | Husband ironing tips

ME: What also excited you (about the iron!)?

HIM: There’s an auto safety shut off feature and it’s got some really good storage functions too. You can wrap the power cord around it and there’s a power point on the side, so it holds it nice and secure. On the other side is a hook, so you can coil up the water/steam hose. You can store it in the cupboard vertically, so it doesn’t take up much space. 

ME: On a scale of 1-10 where do you rate yourself as an ironer? (I of course give him a 10 because I don’t have to do it!)

HIM: About an 8, I guess. I’m not a professional but I take a fair bit of care in it.

ME: On a scale of 1-10, where would you rate me? (not a trick question, I just want to confirm my place at the bottom of the ironing ladder).

HIM: About a 6 or a 7. I don’t think you’re as much as a perfectionist about it as me. (ironing place confirmed!)

Part of my evil ironing avoidance scheme has also been to ensure that no child leaves our home without ironing skills. Of course, I’m far from qualified to teach them, so that task has also rested with the husband. His current apprentice is our 13-year-old son and it seems the (ironing) apple and love of a new gadget does not fall far from the tree.

ME: Has using the Steam Power Station been easier?

TEEN: Yeah, I don’t have to press as hard down and, I guess, I don’t really have to go over it too much because the pressure is completely better than the last one.

ME: What ironing do you do?

TEEN: I iron five or six uniforms. 

ME: Is Dad a good teacher?

TEEN: Yes, but sometimes he can be a little intense. Most times he’s ok.

Tips for better ironing of shirts/uniforms (not from me)

Russell Hobbs Steam Power Steam Station | Husband ironing tips

1. Start with a lower heat.

2. Be careful with fingertips as you hold the shirt an the iron.

3. With shorts or pants it’s important to smooth it out with your hands first, before you apply the iron. This reduces the risk of getting double seams or track marks.

4. For shirts, it’s easiest to do if there’s a set process you follow each time, so you don’t miss anything. Start with the collar. Do the back of the collar so you don’t fade the outside of the collar that’s visible. Next you do the sleeves and the shoulders. Then start on the body, working from one side to the other. 

5. The best way to do more ironing is to do more of it. It’s the repetition of it and then it becomes second nature.

Tips for better ironing of anything (from me)

1. Be so bad at it that others will step in.

2. Encourage and praise those who do.

Where to buy

The Russell Hobbs Steam Power Steam Station (RRP $199) is available at Harvey Norman, Big W, Harris Scarfe, Betta and Bi-Rite stores.


Get excited. One Styling You ironing lover could win a Russell Hobbs Steam Power Steam Station. Follow the steps below to enter.

  1. Follow @RussellHobbs_anz on Instagram
  2. Answer this question in the comments below: Who irons the pants (or everything) in your family? What’s their best ironing tip?

Entries open on Wednesday, October 31, 2018 at 5am (AEST) and close on Wednesday, November 16 at 5pm (AEST). Australian entries only, sorry. The winner of the “answer the question” competition will be judged on originality and creativity. Both steps of the competition need to be fulfilled to be judged a winner. The winner will be emailed and their name will be published here. Entrants must include an email address when the filling in the commenting system below to be eligible to enter. Full terms and conditions here.

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Russell Hobbs Steam Power Steam Station | Husband ironing tips

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  1. Unfortunately I’m the ironer in this household as poor hubby even has difficulties folding his underwear neatly enough for it to fit into his underwear drawer let alone using an iron… eeeek!

    Although credit must be given where credit is due & he runs circles around me in the kitchen… bless!

    My tips are…
    1) If you own an archaic iron without a steam feature as I do, to spray your garments with a water spray bottle prior to ironing.

    2) To help prevent burns & shiny iron marks on delicate fabrics, use a clean cotton cloth that has been wet & hang wrung as a barrier between the garment & iron, works a treat.

    These handy tips were passed down to me from my dear Mum before I flew the nest & have prevented me from ruining many a favourite garment. 😉

  2. I iron infrequently at my home as the iron is complete rubbish. At my partners home he does all the ironing, himself & 2 teen boys uniforms…. hurts my eyes watching him as he is a leftie and it looks plain awkward! He gets through it but how good would it be to have Sunday afternoon beer/ironing routine reduced to one beer whilst standing at the board and the other by the beach

  3. My daughter, best ironing tip, leave in basket for a couple of days she will get sick of looking at it and iron it, so the iron would be a perfect xmas present for her

  4. I am the sole ironer in my home. My tip is not to forget to hang out the washing straight away and my tip to myself is to stop buying so much linen clothing.

  5. My husband! He irons all my work clothes on a Sunday night and never complains when I give him 10 outfits for three days work! A girl needs options!

  6. Love the smell of clothes when they get washed and ironed in Bali, buy Strike Mountain Dew floor cleaner for $2 in woolworths put in a spray bottle with water give your bed linen or clothes a blast before you iron, you will be whisked away to the beautiful island as you iron your clothes, hey a girl can dream while she’s ironing can’t she, shame there is no Ketut to do it for me, I’m sure the Russell Hobb steam system would help me out!

  7. Mum is the word and mum is the ironing lady. It’s a love hate relationship 🙂 my best tip would be as soon as it’s off the line or dryer iron it! The fresher it is the easier and quicker it will be!

  8. I’m the ironing lady at our house, unless I get it sent out and then it’s a beautiful English lady who helps me keep on top of my endless business shirt pile! Not my tip (It’s actually something I learned from her), but once the business shirts are pressed (with starch of course), hang them up and button up the top button. The shirts don’t wrinkle as much when they’re hung up.

  9. I am the ironing lady in my house, would love to be paid $25 per basket – I would be a millionaire by now surely!

    I moan about ironing but cannot imagine leaving the house in unironed clothes, I have bought my children up to be the same.

    My best ironing tip is more of a washing tip…use vinegar instead of fabric softener, fold straight from the machine, smoothing out as you go. Hang after half an hour and never leave washing baking in the sun. Fold straight from the line and then ironing takes half the time.

  10. I am the ‘Iron-Lady’ in my house, although I must confess my skills haven’t been put to use in quite sometime …. my cheapo iron DOES MY HEAD IN so I only use it when I’m absolutely desperate. So, my tip is iron the collar and wear a jumper over the top (luckily we live in Victoria) !

  11. My husband and I get to share the ironing. That way we both get to watch our favourite shows that we have recorded- it’s actually something that we look forward too!

  12. I’m the ironing lady and I love it! The best tip for me is do the laundry right so it’s easier and quicker to iron before you get there. I fold all my clothes wet leave them 20 then hang them, that way I only have to whip the iron over it. I’m of Italian heritage so my parents always said it doesn’t matter what you are wearing (Kmart or Gucci) as long as you are presentable and ironed!!!! Omg I love a good iron, sounds like me and Mr. Sy would have a beer and talk irons.

  13. Sadly Nikki I’m the ironing lady in the house!! When we got together i did the same as you but alas I was better at it than my husband and he was thrilled to have a cleaning and ironing lady in one!! I use the ironing time wisely and study French, so it’s not so bad!! I wash shirts and hang them on hangers as many others and this certainly helps with creasing. I often put a peg on a seam too, to weigh it down and keep the shape.
    Best Tip: Put linen ( shirts etc, rolled ) in a zip lock freezer bag ( to keep it clean) and pop in the fridge ( or freezer short term for if time poor) whilst ironing your other garments. The iron glides over the chilled fabric and there’s not the need to re-iron creased areas! Works for me! Tell Mr SY!!

  14. My lovely husband is the ironing guru here. Like yours Nicki, my husband loves a quality iron- and is a great master of it! His tip- keep it up to date. I was always as iron as you go person- but luckily for me – he cannot stand a basket of ironing to sit there- I just shut the laundry door!!

  15. The one and only me! My fav tip would be to iron for the week ahead. Hang tops and shirts on a coat hanger onto the line then when dry into the wardrobe. I also iron and listen to an audio book… my best way to combine chores with mindfulness!

  16. Me, but honestly try to avoid it as much as I can! So hoping this makes ironing a breeze 😉 I hang dry as much as I can and my tip is so do the ground work first before the iron even hits your garment. Sort piles into like items to whip through them quicker and make sure you align your clothing beforehand to ensure you don’t need to reiron or faff about.

  17. I am O.I.C of the ironing department around these parts. I have been known to combine ironing and wine time. Trust me .. it does make ironing a whole lot more enjoyable… especially if the ironing pile is large!

  18. I am the lucky holder of the ironing job in our house! I would love anything that makes the task that little bit easier and less time consuming. As my husband is away at least half the year for work I realise it’s time for me to teach my 12 year old so she can help lighten the load and to have that skill for the future. I have my fingers crossed!

  19. I hate ironing! I LOVE washing, even vacuuming, however, the thought of having to stand for hours each and every weekend to empty the ironing basket while everyone else is having fun gets me whinging. Don’t get me wrong, I love the look of freshly ironed clothes, but the process of ironing doesn’t do much for me. So, about five years ago, I waved the white flag and called a long term (well permanent) ironing truce with my husband. We now mostly iron our own clothes, helping each other out when needed and share the load with Master 9’s clothes.
    My tip for easing the pain of ironing for hours would be to hang shirts on hangers straight from the washing machine and before ironing. If unable to get to the iron straight away, fold the clothes carefully to ensure minimal crinkles.

  20. I am the ironing lady in a house full of males. My number one ironing tip would be is to fold or hang on hangers the clothes that need to be ironed to prevent the creases setting in. This makes the ironing much faster!

  21. When we first married, my husband ironed and I didn’t. Then his work
    life became next level stressful so I took over – somewhat poorly. I am now 10 yrs chief ironer. Yes I iron pillow cases, hankies and tea towels. Usually on a Sunday and sometimes begrudgingly. When I make time to iron – preferably during the day I actually find it quite relaxing. I get to switch off my brain and go into auto pilot of smooth flat seams. I have however recently appreciated the return to shirt ironing by my husband. I think I have the superior skills now but having to iron 6 business shirts can be a little bit tedious now on the back of 3 sets of school uniforms. My best tip: fold from the washing line to reduce creasing. Hang shirts from the line for the same reason!

  22. I do all the ironing, my daughter has started to to her stuff in the last 2 months which I am happy about. The best ironing tip was from my Grandmother, to put your linen clothes in the freezer for a few minutes before ironing and it always is crease free.

  23. mrjones irons his own work shirts (I had to teach him though as when I met him he still took his washing home to his mother!!) – all that steam ironing power would makes HIS job of teaching teenjones so much easier – the best tip I have heard mrjones give to teenjones – “don’t take your blazer off today” – we have a long way to go!

  24. I confess that I also leave my husband to iron – but in my defence he only irons his own clothes! I wear things that don’t need ironing because on the rare occasion that I do, once they are washed they hang around waiting for ironing forever. My husband says it I had a Russell Hobbs Steam Power Steam Station I would probably enjoy ironing more than I do with my rusty old Sunbeam that probably predates my first marriage (I’m on my second!)

  25. When it comes to ironing I can only manage it in small bursts or I lose the will to live! Ha, ha! I would rather listen to a radio talk back show (in a language I don’t even speak) while plucking my armpit hair, than press metal to cloth! I set up the ironing board in the lounge and plonk the basket of clothes next to it. I then settle down on the couch to watch my weekly dose of “Bold and the Beautiful” which I have recorded. I iron one or two things every ad break and then settle back on the couch in between ads for my next installment of what my husband calls “brothel TV”! This makes ironing just bearable!

  26. The only items requiring regular ironing are my husbands work shirts and pants, therefore, he does most of the ironing! His tip is to not wait until you have nothing left to wear before ironing or your night will be ruined with hours of ironing!

  27. I do the ironing in our house because only my clothes get ironed or steamed. I wouldn’t trust anyone to iron my beautiful clothes. He is responsible for his own cloths that is washing his own clothes then he hangs them out in a way that they don’t need ironing. Me on the other hand if its not ironed I won’t wear it

  28. My husband is the ironer in our household, We do however tend to iron as required.
    His tip: always make sure you are covered when ironing clothes for the day! Not only is an iron at a very sensitive height, the postie doesn’t always appreciate a live show when they pull in to drop off the mail….

  29. With three boys, I knew I had to do their future partners a favour and teach them the skill of ironing. Something my mother in law never did for me!

  30. No one irons in our house. We gave up on the thing years ago and only dig it out when someone’s getting married. Kids are heading to high school soon,
    so we won’t get away with this for much longer!

  31. My husband does the ironing because , much like the SY household, my particular skill set is better used on other tasks. Besides, he has “a system” (which I nod along and feign interest in) that works for him! His top tip – gentle spin cycle, then hang everything on a hanger to dry. This helps to ensure there are minimal creases before you even get to ironing. He’d love (I’d love for him to have) a new iron. His current one is about 1,000 years old. There may be some separation anxiety, but I’m sure the new iron would endear itself to him very quickly!

  32. I am the ironing expert in our house I have an registered ironing business set up. A steam station iron is the best you don’t have to adjust the setting and irons everything no fuss so you can get ironing done and spend time with family and catch up with friends.

  33. My Partner is obsessed with the clothes washing, he has done it since day 1. He also colour codes his pegs (mostly for the football teams colours he likes ! Yes!) But ironing that is my department. My tip is hang anything you can like shirts tops on a coat hanger to dry, does make life easier, Tip no. 2, make sure there is a nice glass of wine next to the ironing board, it makes ironing more fun and relaxing. 🙂

  34. I am the reluctant ironer. Always hang everything to dry first! Steam is your friend. Steam with the iron will be better than current steaming and then iron debacle.

  35. I wear 100% cotton blouses, tops, dresses, as well as LINEN..or Linen/cotton blends in everything except jeans..So I would love a Russel Hobbs Steam Iron “BEAST” I IRON everything. Cheers,
    ps.. I the IRON LADY does the ironing 3X per week..

  36. As a massage therapist I iron my table linens so they feel crisp and fresh for my clients. On top of that there is school uniforms, dress shirts and pants and my blouses and such. Usually takes a while to do, going over and over things. I would LOVE a Russell Hobbs Iron. It will go with all my other Russel Hobbs appliances. My tip is to start with the delicate items on the lower setting and finish with the linens on the higher setting so you don’t risk burning anything.

  37. I’m dreaming that the Russell Hobbs Steam Power Station will inspire someone in our family to start ironing! Until then it’s Hi Ho off to the iron service we go.

  38. As I love the look of ironed clothes, looks like I’m the winner in our household!
    Best tip is to use a tshirt folder after your clothes are ironed. Makes the tshirts (and other clothes) look fabulous, neat and tidy.
    A new Russell Hobbs Steam Power Steam Station would make my job that little bit easier…actually, probably a lot easier

  39. I am the ironer in my house. Nobody else really cares about creases. My tips are to use hangers on the line and then iron the items as soon as possible after bringing them in. Reduces creasing and iron anxiety. Stash in wardrobe then blame any creases on the seatbelt after driving to work.

  40. I’m the ironer – I think my partner pretends to be bad so he doesn’t have to do it! My number one tip is to iron dark clothing inside out. This prevents the material getting those shiny marks, especially around the hems and seams.

  41. The ironing in my home is done by me, getting it done sooner rather then later is key, An incentive certainly helps with the job, A decent glass of vino going down my gob

  42. I love to iron, and I’d say the best ironing tip is to hang (business) shirts on hangers and when they are almost dry iron them then using lots of steam. The same goes for linen (I have a lot of this as I live in QLD) Don’t let it get too “dry” as the creases can be difficult to iron. I also have a spray bottle of demineralised water on hand rather than starch. If your iron is hot enough you don’t need it.
    Last tip would be to teach your children to iron. I think it’s a mark or respect for themselves and others to look as neat as they can, even it is just a T-shirt and canto’s.

  43. I’m the ironing person in my house but only when absolutely necessary. My ironing tip is don’t have a never ending ironing basket. Hang or fold everything and put it away. Iron just before wearing if it needs it.

  44. It’s me and my 7 year old in my household so predictably, it’s me who does all of the ironing! My tip would be not to stare at the overflowing basket, willing it to disappear! Put the kid/s to bed, open s bottle of wine and settle in with a movie. Makes the ironing go much faster and while I don’t love ironing, I do get a great sense of satisfaction in emptying the basket and having wardrobes full of ready-to-wear clothes 🙂

  45. I do the ironing in our home and have about 10 business shirts a week to iron! This would be a godsend to me having the steam compartment separate to the actial iron. My tip of the day is to smooth out the area before ironing to avoid unnecessary creases. makes for a more finished look!

  46. 🙁 I’m the iron lady in this household! My tip would be hang everything that is possible to hang out to dry after washing, this way there are less creases to iron. My iron is ready for that big iron house in the sky but I’ll hold off for now in case I win this amazing iron :).

  47. Up until now we have had an ironing lady who ironed ll the business shirts, pants, jeans etc and I would just do the rub overs e.g. tea towels, pillow slips etc. But I have recently finished work (I am 68) so we need to cut costs therefore I will be taking over all ironing duties and I don’t think my current iron will be up to it. I have already asked for a new ironing board for Christmas!! My tip. Always iron the reverse of shirt collars first and and the reverse of the button tabs and listen to your favourite podcasts.

  48. My son is our iron man – and has done since he was young. He even ironed with a broken elbow! His tips are to hang shirts to dry on hangers and use lots of steam! Proud mum

  49. My husband being ex military asked politely during our courting days if he could show me an easier way to iron. 18 years later he’s still showing me. The kids asked if anything was wrong the other week when I ironed a couple of shirts for the family when he was busy. My tip: marry military

  50. I am the ironing chief in the family. I don’t like ironing but between school uniforms and french cuff business shirts it’s a necessary evil. My tips: hang wet clothes on hangers to dry, never put dried clothes in an ironing basket (creates tough creases), ensure there is Netflix and wine or at the very least……chocolate.

  51. I do the bulk of the ironing at home. One of my pet hates is unironed clothes. Best tip, don’t tell your husband he does a bad job of ironing. And teach your son to iron.

  52. I iron in our family, I grew up with it being my household responsibility as my Mother worked full time. I have a thing and that is if someone has made me cranky I iron. 🙂 Therefore on those days I get a awful lot of ironing done but my iron is getting a little worse for wear and really could use a new one!

    My tip is put on your favourite bloggers latest video (AKA styling you) and watch that or listen to 80’s tunes via Apple Music and sing and iron to that.

    With two younger children and one that goes through many sets of clothes due to a medical condition I have a lot of washing and ironing.

    I believe I need this Russell Hobbs iron which looks amazing to tackle what I refer to as the magic tablecloth of ironing!! It seems by the time I finish it’s time to start again 🙁

  53. I’m the one who irons, my husband would have a dirty basket and a clean basket if I didn’t live with him. I have 2 daughters who detest ironing but when push comes to shove they will. A son in the ADF. Knows how to iron well given his training . My tip is do the ironing ASAP , I tell myself this as my ironing pile grows and flourishes .

  54. I’m the ironer! Don’t really mind, especially now there are no school uniforms to do (those pleated skirts killed me!).
    Hang things up well after washing, and set up your ironing board in front of tv so you can catch up on all those yummy trashy shows 🙂

  55. It’s me, if I have to.
    My best tip is to hang clothes straight onto hangers from the washing machine and when nearly dry it only takes a quick run over with the iron! Win win for me.

  56. I am most definitely NOT the ironer in our home, 34 years ago I mastered mediocrity in ironing and have never looked back. I’m married to a perfectionist so he just couldn’t cope, so it’s his job now. My top tips are hang everything carefully as soon as the washing finishes, the will greatly reduce the need to iron, failing that have an expert do the job

  57. I have always been the person who irons, mainly because the others have a lack of interest. Luckily for me, it is a chore I don’t hate. I can catch up on some podcasts or TV.
    My tip to ease the load is to hang your washing carefully and lay flat the garments that need an iron when they come back in.
    The new Russell Hobbs iron looks like a winner.

  58. I’m the ironer in my family but I’m trying to get the teenagers on board! My tip is to hang everything on hangers straight out of the washing machine and run over with your hands while wet to diminish wrinkles as the clothes dry. That way when you go to iron, there are less “hard” wrinkles and you can focus on getting crisp, sharp seams where needed. (And if you don’t want a seam in your sleeves roll a towel up and insert it in the sleeve before ironing)!

  59. I’m the ironed in my family but I’m trying to get the teenagers on board! My tip is to hang everything on hangers straight out of the washing machine and run over with your hands while wet to diminish wrinkles as the clothes dry. That way when you go to iron, there are less “hard” wrinkles and you can focus on getting crisp, sharp seams where needed. (And if you don’t want a seam in your sleeves roll a towel up and insert it in the sleeve before ironing)!

  60. Bucking the trend I am the ironer of my tribe … and I give lessons so that when they move out they don’t need to bring a basket of ironing with them when they visit. My tip is a bit like a builder – you know “measure twice cut once” … Check the iron temp, check the fabric content/garment label, check the temp is right & iron away!

  61. I do the ironing in my family…. and there is lots of it.
    My tip….keep on top of the ironing and there will never be a mountain of it waiting to be done. And fold towels once you get them off the line – that’s the bulk of the mountain!!

  62. My hubby is the ironer in our house as well. Shirts and school uniforms are his things. Best ironing tip is to use all the different settings and temperatures based on what your ironing, not just one temperature for everything.

  63. I do the ironing I our household and I was taught to iron by my Dad. A tip that he shared with me was to iron along the reverse side of buttons on a shirt, it will help the shirt to sit better.

  64. My husband also does all the ironing. He realised pretty quickly that the scars all over my arms were from ironing incidents and 21 years later he is still ironing. Although he is always amazed at how much there is, I do all the washing so it is never a surprise to me.

    P.s your shirt ironing technique is what my mum taught me.

  65. Hubby is the ironing expert in our house… much like you Nikki my work wasn’t up to standard… I swear it wasn’t a tactic So he irons his own business shirts.

    Hubby’s ironing tip… Keep her away from your precious clothes at all costs! Iron branding marks are not the new black.

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