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What to pack for a holiday in Europe spring-summer 2018

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Lately, I’ve found myself trawling Instagram for updates from places we visited in Europe last year. The European spring-summer season is in full swing and I just want to jump on a plane and go.

It’s not to be for us this year (don’t feel sorry for us – we have other plans!) but I will travel vicariously through my friends’ adventures as they take off on amazing holidays.

Maybe you are in full planning mode as you read this post? It is the peak time for Australians heading to Europe for a holiday, so chances are you know someone who is scratching their heads and wondering what to pack. Maybe they’re there already.

In this post, I’ll share my tips on what to pack for a holiday in Europe spring-summer 2018, as well as two capsule wardrobes for you to use as starting points for creating your own capsule wardrobe.

The reasons for the two capsules are: 

1. Spring in Europe can vastly differ from the height of summer, temperature-wise.

2. Europe is a huge continent. Where you are travelling to in Europe will also play a part in determining what you need in your suitcase.

It could be that for the time you’re travelling – and where you’re travelling to – that you need a combination of both capsules.

This was the case for us three years ago when travelling to Europe in June-July. We needed Queensland winter clothes for the UK but quickly transitioned to summer clothes for southern Italy. 

My number one packing tip for any destination is to track the temperatures at your planned destination. I do this in advance by Googling the average temperatures for that time of year. As it gets closer to the time I need to pack, I follow the actual temperatures more closely, via my phone’s weather app.

Because I’m a weather nut – and have been since Year 8 Geography – I compare those projected temperatures with how those same temps would feel at home. 

To give you an indication of temperatures in Europe in May, Paris has an average minimum of 11 degrees and maximum of 20 degrees; Barcelona 14-22 degrees; Rome 11-23 degrees; London 10-18 degrees. Yes, that’s much like a Queensland winter! 

In July, Paris’ average temperature range is 15-25; Barcelona 21-30 degrees; Rome 19-31 degrees; London 15-23 degrees. And any one of those destinations could be hotter. We missed a prolonged heatwave by just days last year.

My number two tip for creating a travel capsule wardrobe is to keep the colour palette super tight. You want everything that you pack to work back with each other – and to have dress-up/dress-down versatility.

How many pieces you pack for your travel capsule will depend on how long you are travelling for and how much access you have to washing facilities while travelling. Increase the number of garments to suit your individual holiday needs.

15-piece European spring holiday capsule

If you’re travelling at the start of spring or to northern European countries in summer, then you will need more layering pieces and the addition of ankle boots to your travel capsule. It will still be quite cool/cold, so having thin, warm layers that don’t take up much space are needed.

You may also need a jacket warmer than a leather one. This one is a winner in my books as it rolls up into its own bag and takes up next to no room. I’d include long-sleeve tops and tees and at least one knit cardi.

Key extras: a raincoat, umbrella and sunglasses. Accessories-wise, a statement pair of earrings and/or a statement necklace can go a long way to transform your day dress or separates’ combination into evening.

What to pack for a European holiday - spring 2018 | STYLING YOU

 solid colour dress | print dress || long-sleeve tee | white tee | solid colour teepant | jeans | leggings | jacket | cardi | tote | cross-body bag | scarf | sneakers | boots

(Guide only: please note items may no longer be available)

15-piece European summer holiday capsule

If travelling in the height of summer and only to warm countries, then you can very much lighten the load. Include a hat, swimsuit and fold-up beach bag that can be stowed in your suitcase. The wedges are optional but I do like to include them for evenings out. 

I’d include the same key extras as I’ve listed above.

I also always travel with a scarf – even in summer. A cool cotton scarf helps keep the sun off my chest and provides modesty if needed. 

What to pack for Europe in summer 2018 | Styling You

solid colour dress | print dress |white tee | print topgrey tee | shorts | skirt | pant | sneakers | sandals | wedges | scarftote | cross-body bag | hat 

(Guide only: please note items may no longer be available)

Why travel insurance is as important as your passport

For me, I don’t book a holiday without first taking out travel insurance. Often the time of booking flights and accommodation can be long before the time of travel and you can never be certain of what might happen between then and showing your passport at customs.

I then want to take off knowing that if someone in my family needs it, I’m backed up with help from my travel insurance company. For my last three international trips – to EuropeHawaii and to Bali – I’ve chosen and paid for Allianz travel insurance. I also take out Allianz travel insurance for any domestic travel or road trips we do.

Obtaining Allianz travel insurance is a simple and easy process. I select and purchase my cover online. I’ve found that the insurance cover is competitive in price for the inclusions I select.

For me, it’s about having peace of mind when we travel. I want to know that if anything goes wrong that my family is backed up through medical help or simply help with extra accommodation or replacement belongings should something be stolen.

When our son was sick six years ago while in New York, we weren’t concerned by the potential expense should we need hospital treatment. And when I book holidays in advance, I do so with the knowledge that if unexpected cancellations occur, I’m covered.^

In short, I don’t leave home – or book a holiday – without it.

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My 10-step packing guide for any destination

For me, the holiday planning is all part of the excitement and anticipation of being on that escape. I love nothing more than going down the rabbit hole that is the internet looking for inspiration and ideas for what to do at the chosen destination but also for the types of clothes and accessories that will best suit that destination at the time that I’m travelling.

The formula I use for packing is one that can be adapted and applied to every destination and type of holiday. It’s not complicated. If you follow all the steps it’s quite liberating. I can’t ever imagine returning to my bad old days of throwing everything into a suitcase, sitting on said suitcase to get it closed, and hoping that I’d packed what I needed.

Want to get that formula? It’s all in my e-book.

Last year I released my e-book, How to plan and pack for your next holiday (confessions of a reformed over-packer) and I’m excited to let you know that it’s had a 2018 update and an expansion with some new chapters.

Buy my e-book HERE

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      Maybe try at places like Katmandu for thermal type jackets. Otherwise there would be down-look-a-like jackets around using polyester. They just might not provide the same amount of warmth.

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  1. Hi Nikki. I have just returned from a trip to NY. I could have recited back to you your travel guide I knew it so well. I have been a major over packer prior to this. However this time was different. My capsule was black white and silver. My silver frankie4 Beth’s went on all trips to shows, ballet and phylamonic orchestra. Dancing in a night club included! Beth’s went with wide leg pants, tapered pants and ankle pants with silver flowers. Salli black boots came as well, and Nats were worn all the time including travel. I felt in control of packing this time, a first for me. This was to celebrate my 70th birthday, and was great fun. Thanks for all your help. Rhonda.

  2. Hi Nikki,
    Given the number of domestic and international trips you do, why not consider an annual travel insurance policy? I stumbled on this about 10 years ago when we were regularly travelling and paying hundreds of dollars to insure each individual trip. While savings were important, organizing insurance every time was annoying so I looked for time based options rather than trip based ones. The annual policy was only 50% more that insuring a single international trip and once in place we could book and travel without any added fuss.

  3. Lovely capsules Nikki one day will do Europe, have to do Indonesia for our sons wedding in October this year Xx

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  4. Hey Nikki
    We are heading over to Europe next June/July I know it’s over a year away but have already started having night mares about packing as I do tend to over pack (big time) so reading your article was a great help.
    At least I have a year to plan

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      Awesome! So, when it’s our summer this year, make sure you buy all the things you know you’ll need as they probably won’t be available when it comes time to actually packing!

  5. Hi Nikki ,
    Travelling to Amsterdam, London and Paris in June / July this year so this post was very timely. Confirms my thoughts on the weather but will keep an eye out to see if it is changing closer to the date. Thank you for the tips!

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  6. Hi Nikki, so many lovely pieces. I would love to be planning a holiday, none in my immediate future though. I love the whole process of packing, bit OCD but so exciting! x

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      1. I tend to over pack every time I travel ,
        would you give me an idea of what outfits you would pack for a end of summer Holiday in Europe this year for 4 weeks. I mean something , that is in fashion, and with glamour, that i can mix and match in lieu to create a few different outfits and minimize my usual packing . I thank you so much for your time.

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