Nina Proudman Offspring Season 7; Episode 10

The 10 best Nina Proudman fashion moments from Offspring Season 7

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I took a little peek over on the Offspring Facebook page and I quickly retreated. It was a not a pretty place, I tell you. Keyboard warriors aplenty taking swipes at this season’s Offspring offering.

The way I see it, we’re SEVEN seasons down, we’ve taken full ownership of the characters and most of us would like things to stay the same. BUT. Just as in real life, they don’t.

For my two cents, I think the essence of Offspring remains. The highs, the lows, the crazy, extended family that shouldn’t work but does … and the fashion.

Offspring never set out to set trends and inspire us in what we wear but it has done so. There is a character now for just about every style personality – great for people like me who have multiple style personalities.

While I’ll always LOVE and covet Nina’s wardrobe, Billie and Kerry also shined this season with their corporate-with-a-twist outfits.

It’s the skill of the wardrobe team that sees those characters enhanced through what they wear. We fall for the characters through the script but also through their wardrobes.

In a way, this kind of style inspiration is seemingly more accessible. We think of the characters as “real” because they’re acting out real-life (albeit sometimes exaggerated) scenarios. 

In the Season 7 finale, I loved each of three Nina Proudman looks. I’m diehard when it comes to her jeans and flowy tops outfits – because they’re the outfits I first fell in love with. And they’re the outfits that we can easily translate to our casual wardrobes.

And the season always finishes on a statement frock high – the vintage maxi, wrap kimono dress certainly ticked those boxes.

Nina Proudman Offspring Season 7 | episode 10
Vintange maxi skirt; Linda Tahija earrings

The 10 best Nina Proudman looks from Offspring Season 7

The boots

The gorgeous vintage knee-high Gucci boots from Season 6 appeared a couple of times but it was the Seed high-ankle, suede boots which Nina wore most this season. The costume designers bought several of this style and then died each a different neutral colour.

Offspring's costume designer talks Nina Proudman style for season 7 | Asher Keddie wears Scotch and Soda knit vintage scarf custom-made pant Seed boots

The jewellery

Nina makes a fine statement with her jewellery selection. She knows how to work a layer. I loved introducing you to maybe new jewellery brands, which you may not have heard of.

Nina Proudman Offspring Season 7 Episode 8 Linda Tahija Jewellery

Catherine Murphy

Nina embraced the maxi frock in season 7. One of my faves was by Catherine Murphy. It appeared in the first episode and madly had women “adding to cart”.
Offspring's costume designer talks Nina Proudman style for season 7 | Asher Keddie wears Catherine Murphy dress and Linda Tahija jewellery

Albert and Victoria dress

Another dress that had everyone in a frenzy was this Albert and Victoria dress. It’s completely hand-made on demand – and boy there has been a demand.

Nina Proudman look Season 7

Floating trench coats

There is something about the way Nina floats into room.I  just cries out for an outer layer that floats with her.

Nina Proudman look trench coat


Who said knitwear couldn’t make a statement? Not Nina Proudman either. Texture featured heavily in this season.

How to recreate the Nina Proudman lookHow to recreate the Nina Proudman look | Season 7 | Episode 4 | Outfit 4

Neck ties

We saw Nina in quite a few different neckties. Most people seem to have an opinion as to whether they are a good move. I, for one, say why not.

Nina Proudman look Season 7

The interview outfit

Perfection. Simply perfection. Love the lace top; the culottes, neck tie and boots.

Nina Proudman look Season 7

The maxi skirt outfit

I love it when we get a glimpse back in time to autumn-winter on Offspring. 

Nina Proudman look Season 7

The de-brief (spoiler alert)

I do love a happy ending, I do. Yes, it rounds things out nicely but I get the feeling we haven’t seen the last of the drama just yet.

I sincerely hope there will be another season. As has been happening all season, Nina continues to gain more confidence. She’s even cinsider a new position at a new hospital.

“I can never be who I want to be if I stay here,” she tells her closest staff.

A family conference is called to intervene what’s going down between Geradline and Phil D’Arabont.

Much to-do has been made about Nina telling Zoe about the new baby … and Harry waiting (mostly) patiently on the sidelines.

Dan and Billie are ON. Turns out Dan’s a famous writer. Also turns out that the word YOGhurt (emphasis on the YOG) is VERY important .

Zara and Jimmy are back on track and on fire. Zara’s back at med school and Jimmy’s doing nightly food deliveries up until Zara remembers that Jimmy’s first calling is Tacos.

It’s all just fine and dandy as everyone gathers for the celebration – Will and Kerry’s honeymoon. Even Harry’s family manage to enjoy themselves.

All is very right in the world of Proudman. Until Season 8. Will there be a new season? I sincerely hope soon.

So tell me, what’s your favourite outfit from season? What was your favourite moment from Season 7?

Photo credit: all scene photos are from Network Ten.  

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  1. Hi, any idea where Nina’s earrings and white shirt are from at the start of Episode 10? I cannot find details on them anywhere!!! Thanks so much

  2. Hi Nikki,
    Any ideas at all about the source of Nina’s gorgeous cream leather bikers jacket? So beautiful and such a good contrast to all her flowy dresses and maxi skirts. Love to know where it is from x

  3. Kerry’s dress looked stunning for the wedding vows but fave outfit was Nina’s Albert and Victoria maxi, just perfect. Jimmy and Zara reuniting made this viewer happy. Shame that such a great show is at the receiving end of negativity. Let’s hope for a season 8!

  4. Such a shame about Facebook… I popped over there yesterday to try and catch up as I had missed last week with no opportunity to view on Ten play. It was already nasty!! There’s a fine line between love and hate I guess – but indifference is worse 🙂

  5. My take on the neck ties is it’s a ‘professional’ move. I feel like the neck tie in some way represents a feminine ‘tie’ and for that I liked it. I loved Ninas new work look and felt it reflected her career growth and aspirations. In previous seasons at times I thought her boho style was a big contrast to Martins suit and tie… Personally I loved Zara this year with some of Billies key peices.

  6. I loved the Catherine Murphy dress and the interview outfit ! I would love them to do another season – maybe skip ahead 6 months to just before she is due and has already started the new job !

  7. Just loved it when Harry’s father finally melted talking about being a grandfather. Any idea where Nina’s trench coats are from – I just loved the blue & pink ones from last night. Sorry if you have answered this before. Thanks xx

  8. My favourite outfits of Nina’s would have to be the maxi dresses and her gorgeous flowy tops and her trench of course,I think like you this is the Nina I fell in love with in the first series.Thank you Nikki for all the research you do on offspring fashion Xx

  9. I watched last weeks episode yesterday, then wanted to stay awake for last nights, but been sick for bloody weeks on end and just couldn’t do it. I love Geraldine, she makes me nearly wet myself. And all the clothes, everyone’s. Best line for me was Deb Mailman saying ‘I write erotic fiction’ nearly choked on my coffee!

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