How to create a simple summer makeup look

How to create a simple summer daytime makeup look

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{Editor’s note: this post has had links to products updated on October 12, 2017 – they may not match the images in the photo but they are what I’m using now}

I’m a makeup (almost) every day kind of girl. That might not be you and that’s ok. It’s me.

I like to have an even complexion staring me back in the mirror. Makes me feel and look fresh when the reality might be quite different.

My everyday daytime makeup differs vastly from my nighttime efforts and those efforts differ vastly from the efforts of the pros who I enlist for official photoshoots.

In fact, the aim of my everyday daytime makeup look is to look just like me but with a subtle non-makeup-makeup look.

It’s me but with the skin tone even, eyes lightly defined and a little bit of a glow and illumination happening.

The good news is, this look is far from complicated. At the most I use eight products. Sometimes less, if I don’t feel the need for eye shadow or if I’ve just had my brows and lashes tinted. 

I thought I’d share my tips on how to create a simple summer daytime makeup look in case you’re looking for some shortcuts or interested in a new product or two.

How to create a simple summer daytime makeup look

How to create a simple summer daytime makeup look

1. Start with a cleansed, moisturised and sunscreened face. A great makeup look starts with a good skincare routine. Keep yours up for the long haul and you’ll need your makeup to do even less.

2. Prime or, like I’ve been doing lately, apply a CC cream. This is the prep work before the foundation or tinted moisturiser. A primer will act like velcro between your skin and the next makeup layer. The CC cream magically evens out the skin tone to create a super blank canvas for your foundation. The foundation then doesn’t have to do as much work on the complexion evening-out front.

What I’m using right now: Erin Bigg Cosmetics Brightening CC Cream SPF 20+ in medium

3. Apply foundation or tinted moisturiser or BB Cream. How thick you like your coverage will depend on how you like your makeup to look and sit on your skin. I like at least a medium coverage and a product that helps on the luminosity front. This summer I’ve fallen big time for this Hourglass product and am on my third tube. It’s described as a skin tint but it has incredible coverage – my kind of coverage. It’s not the cheapest product but about a half a pea size will do my whole face when applied with a beauty blender. I use the blender and this product as concealer too.

What I’m using right now: Hourglass Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tint in light beige

4. Get your glow on with illuminating and contouring powder. If I’m in a hurry, I simply swish a my cheeks with the Glindawand cheek colour – it provides a blush and illuminator. But because too much illumination is never enough, I add the Erin Bigg Illuminator as well!

What I’m using right now: Glindawand Cosmetica Cheek Colour in Ophelia + Erin Bigg Cosmetics Illuminating Powder in 24K Peach

5. Add eye colour. Some days I do; some days I don’t. Mostly I do and I’ll cover the entire lid to the brow bone with the vanilla colour of this palette. Then I’ll apply a blend of the two lighter browns across the lid.

What I’m using right now: HOURGLASS Modernist Eyeshadow Palette in Monochrome

6. Apply eyeliner. I like a brown for daytime – and one that won’t budge. I’m on my second pencil of this Stila product. I love it. It glides on beautifully and stays in place all day. If you’re a little scared of eyeliner, that’s ok. The best tip that helped me get more confident with eyeliner was the knowledge that you don’t have to apply it in one line but more in small feather-like strokes, working your way across the lid to the outer corners.

What I’m using right now: Stila Smudgestick Waterproof Eyeliner in Espresso

7. Apply mascara. Can never leave home without it. I prefer a “tube” type of mascara that coats my lashes and doesn’t drop to under my eye. The “tubes” simply wipe off with warm water and cloth.

What I’m using right now: Paintbox Cosmetics Pro Curling and Volume Mascara

8. Apply eyebrow pencil or gel. Ditto on the leaving home front. Eyebrows really do frame the face. Many people start with this step and I can see why – your face gets an immediate lift.

What I’m using right now: Chanel Le Gel Sourcils Longwear Eyebrow Gel

9. Add a pop of lippy or gloss. For daytime, I tend to be a gloss girl. I’ve always got a selection on hand at any given moment. This one has taken up residence in my bathroom kit. It’s so subtle and gorgeous on.

What I’m using right now: Bare Minerals Marvellous Moxie lipgloss in spark plug

So tell me, what’s your daytime makeup routine? Spill in the comments below. We want to know all your tricks and fave products.

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  1. I leave the house every morning for work with my make up done. But then I don’t touch up at all, unless I have a presentation or client meeting in the afternoon. My latest find is Urban Decay Makeup Setting spray. I love that it has a slightly mattifying effect on my oily skin and really does seem to help my makeup last longer.

  2. I like everyday makeup too Nikki I always cleanse moisturise and sunscreen and prime then either a BB cream for home or a foundation,always do my brows cause I haven’t got any!! Then mascara and a hint of blush or bronzer and a lick of gloss and I’m happy.If I’m going to the shops I’ll add an eye colour and lippy.
    Thank you for sharing your routine Xx

  3. You look lovely! That’s a perfect everyday look.
    I do wear makeup nearly every day, mostly a quick light go-over. I’ve been using Elizabeth Arden City Smart sunscreen as a primer – it’s really pricey, but gee I love it. I am liking a Revlon 2 in 1 compact makeup and concealer at the moment – a good even coverage done quickly. Then a quick Nars orgasm on the cheeks, perhaps a bit of eyeshadow on a good day, and always mascara. I like to look a bit polished, but not too over-done for the day 🙂

  4. You always look luminous! I have a more olive complexion and I’ve been a bit reluctant to use illuminators – I need some lessons I think! I love the Diorshow range of products and their Bloom primer/sunscreen – its expensive but feels amazing. Where do you buy hourglass from?

  5. I like to conceal with M.A.C Studio Finish concealer and then lightly dust M.A.C Studio Fix powder foundation over my face. Bronze with NARS Laguna, curl lashes, apply mascara with Maybelline Manga and then set makeup and take away any powder residue with Australis Setting Spray. Apply gloss! So quick and perfect for running errands.

  6. I like your makeup routine Nikki, nice and fresh, For me it’s sunscreen, either a tinted moisturiser/BB/foundation. Depends what I am doing. I recently bought the ModelCo BB and mineral powder which I am liking for work, and I have a Youngblood foundation for when I want more coverage. I have two Bobbi Brown bronzers that I use for day, and my all time favourite Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette for night. Haven’t seen the Hourglass Skin Tint, been on a Mecca self imposed ban! x

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