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Take the stress out of getting dressed with our free outfit planner

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I was interviewed for an article about Invisible Women Syndrome. It’s something that I talk about a lot here – and have done for years.

The fashion and beauty industry don’t really talk to us any more. Well, they try to talk to us but they do so in a way that either completely misses the mark (20-year-old models are not going to convince me to buy the clothes they’re wearing) or they do so in a condescending way (no more articles telling me what to wear in my 40s, 50s, 60s etc please).

Just because we are of a certain age doesn’t mean we have to dress a certain way. I say dress for your attitude instead.

Repeat after me: Style doesn’t come with a use-by date. 

There isn’t some magical age when we should stop prioritising ourselves with a little self care.

For me, that daily self care includes exercise, eating well, popping on a face of makeup and wearing an outfit that makes me feel good.

To some, the latter may seem frivolous and superficial (and that’s ok) but for me, what I wear each day can have a huge impact on how I feel.

I want to feel my most confident for what I have planned – whether that’s working from home; running errands, going to meetings, watching my son play sport or heading out somewhere fancy.

Working on my confidence from the outside in, really does help me to feel my best for tackling what each day holds.

To take the daily stress out of the what-to-wear question, I organise and plan.

The organisation bit is all about having a wardrobe that contains only clothes that make you feel fabulous. 

Less really is more.

A capsule wardrobe built on a foundation of basics (with a smattering of show-pony pieces) to fit YOUR everyday lifestyle is what I encourage you to aim for.

{click HERE for the process I follow}

Once your wardrobe is edited and working for you, the next step in keeping things stress-free is all about daily and weekly outfit planning. 

I know this is not for everyone but it’s something that works for me. 

Every Sunday I make time to map out an outfit plan for week ahead. I write this down in the Notes app on my phone so it’s there as a reference every morning for me. I also hang key pieces on a small clothing rack in my office. This helps as a visual reference point.

How to plan your daily outfits | free printable | Styling You

Maybe you’ve been looking for a prompt to help take the stress out of getting dressed?

Take the stress out of getting dressed with our free outfit planner

We’ve created a weekly outfit planner printable that you can download for free and fill in each week.

What’s included:

  • A spot to note the predicted weather
  • Space to note what events/happenings you might have on that day – and upcoming events to plan for
  • Space to include not only the clothes but also the shoes and accessories for that outfit
  • An extra spot for evening outfits if a change is needed
  • A daily spot to write down how you FELT about the outfit you were wearing
  • A weekly reflection about which outfits you liked best
  • Space to write down any wardrobe gaps you might identify when putting together your daily outfits

Once downloaded to your computer, print it out each week or laminate one copy and write on it each week using a pen that can be wiped off.

When complete, attach it to the wall near your wardrobe or where you get dressed each day.

It’s very ok if you change your mind and deviate from the plan (I do frequently) but what the plan does is give you a stress-free starting point from which to work.

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{Special thanks to Amanda Fuller at Kaleidoscope Designs for her skills in making this look so damn good!)


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  1. Planner downloaded and ready to go! I’ve already had a wardrobe browse with the planner in mind and discovered quite a few options for new outfits using some of my fave items and a couple of staples that I’ve purchased during the season. Thanks, Nikki – like with anything we do, a little planning and a dash of spontaneity can go a long way to making an experience more enjoyable and a boost to one’s confidence 🙂

  2. i think it’s a great idea nikki!
    especially for those who are going out to work!
    it would take a lot of stress out of one’s life I think!
    mind you I could never be that organized!
    lovely to see you back hun!
    hope it’s a little cooler there today! … we have it hot too!
    have a good one! much love m:)X

  3. Good timing, just overhauled the wardrobe today. Have my basic pieces & looking for show ponies! My wardrobe goals this year is include: nail my signature style and wear more colour. I have a wardrobe of black, navy, grey but nothing else! Hope you had a lovely holiday Nikki xx

  4. Thanks Nikki, what a great resource!
    I find a bit of wardrobe planning does make the week go a little easier! I started doing it when I travelled a lot for work – I had to get organised on Sunday night for a very early start on Monday morning, and also pack one or two outfits ready to go. Now, I no longer travel so much, but I still like to start the week with a bit of an idea of what I will wear. I def check the weather app, too! I’m going to give your planner a try, it’s a bit more comprehensive than what I do in my Notes 🙂

    1. Luc, travelling for work would definitely make you organised. Yes, the planner is more comprehensive that my regular Notes addition but it is all the things I have in my head when I’m planning an outfit so I think I’ll feel better about having this filled in each week!

  5. I have a vague idea what I’m going to wear each week, but I don’t really plan as such. I also have far too much stuff: clothes, shoes, accessories and I really need to both have a really good clean out and start planning to either wear or get rid of the things that never seem to make it out of the wardrobe.

      1. Happy New Year!
        Good to see you back too- although following along on Instagram means it’s like you’re never away.

  6. Thank you Nikki!!! oh & welcome back! We are going away tmrw & no I haven’t packed !! This will be very useful for packing as well …. I’m a chronic overpacker!!!

  7. Welcome back Nikki. I used your holiday packing guide for our holiday to Hawaii and it worked perfectly – I had a lighter suitcase and plenty of choice!
    My wardrobe goal in 2017 is to make the transition to my new life of part-time working from home, which I’ve started on, but still haven’t quite worked out how to integrate much-loved pieces into a more casual day time lifestyle, where I only need a corporate look occasionally. The planner will be great – thanks!

    1. I’m so glad it worked for you! Believe me when I say I have to follow my own guidelines or I still go over. Good luck with transitioning your wardrobe. That was me almost 9 years ago. It took some time to evolve so be kind on yourself. I hardly have any corporate now, save for a few blazers and some dresses that could dress up that way.

  8. Yay my (usually) early morning coffee partner is back! Hope you had a lovely relaxing holiday, doesn’t it go fast though. Love this planner, although I wear a uniform so really don’t have to plan much. I agree with Lisa, it’s not frivolous to wear makeup and look good for yourself, my Auntie used to tell me ‘you owe it to yourself to look as good as you can for as long as you can’. She was beautiful, and always cared about her appearance. Looking forward to another year with you x

  9. Love this Nikki and welcome back! I’m a wardrobe plannner from way back I check the weather app and then plan my outfits for the week and iron any that need it and hang in my study ready for the week ahead.
    I also don’t think you’re frovilous wearing makeup and looking nice for you,it’s a huge self esteem booster and I believe if you look good it can make you feel good Xx

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