Create a flexible business with The Body Shop At Home

Create a flexible business with The Body Shop At Home

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It’s more than eight years since I made a crazy now-or-never leap into the world of running my own business. To this day, I still can’t quite believe I did it.

I had pretty much worked for the same company my entire life. I was very much used to a weekly pay cheque. I was very much used to paid holidays and sick leave. All of this was comfortable, safe and secure (relatively – HAH, I was working in media).

Something in me though decided that comfortable, safe and secure wasn’t enough. I loved what I did but increasingly doing that job wasn’t on my terms. I was part of a bigger picture that I didn’t have any input on.

My husband had just taken a job that would see him commuting about four hours a day and the reality of that was sinking in. Essentially the non-commuting parent becomes the primary parent during the week.

That was a lot of emotional and physical responsibility. If there was an emergency with any of the three kids, then I’d have to be in a position to drop everything and be there because my husband couldn’t be.

Ironically that worst-case scenario played out only two months before we moved to Brisbane and our commuting family life came to an end. Our youngest was knocked unconscious on the tennis courts at his school – and was out for eight minutes. If you have or have had school-aged kids, you know when school phones you they usually start the conversation with “don’t worry there’s nothing wrong with …”. When they didn’t start with that, I knew it wasn’t good. That drive to school was one of the longest I’ve ever had to do. But I could do it. Because I had the flexibility of working for myself.

Everything worked out ok that afternoon/evening but I didn’t need this playground incident to bring home to me why that choice I made to work for myself was the best choice ever. Every day, there is a reason why it’s something that just works for me. And that something always comes back to flexibility.

Create a flexible business with The Body Shop At Home

Working for yourself isn’t for everyone. I certainly didn’t think it was something I’d ever do. But whenever I’m asked about the best things about my business, flexibility is one of the key motivators for me.

I guess one of the biggest stumbling blocks to starting your own business is fear. Fear about not knowing what to do. Fear about how to make an income to replace that what you may have brought in while working for someone else.

When The Body Shop At Home asked me to work with them on a campaign to make women aware of this way to start a business, I jumped at it because so much of that fear around starting a business can be removed if you are starting with a set structure and an awesome, globally loved brand like The Body Shop.

As a The Body Shop At Home consultant you have the flexibility to create a business that fits in with your lifestyle. You choose your hours. You choose your rewards.

A big, big thing that I see as being such a bonus to starting this kind of business is that you get ongoing support and training. You don’t need any experience. You don’t need to be a beauty expert.

You just need to step out of your comfort zone and back yourself.

Create a flexible business with The Body Shop At Home

The Body Shop products

I want to talk about The Body Shop products because these products are the reason why becoming a The Body Shop At Home consultant will feel like being a part of something greater – and a force for good.

I test and trial hundreds of beauty products every year. The Body Shop products always stack up. Always. I’ve been buying them since the 1980s, when I was enticed into a store while on a trip to Europe during my uni years. I’ve bought many, many more products since.

Create a flexible business with The Body Shop At Home

In 1976 The Body Shop founder Anita Roddick disrupted the beauty industry (long before business disruption was a thing), showing that you could make a business about beauty but also about GOOD.

Today, The Body Shop’s commitment to Enrich, not Exploit has never been stronger. When you buy (or sell) product from The Body Shop, you are making a positive difference to our planet and communities around the world. The never test on animals and never make false promises.

A starter kit for The Body Shop At Home costs $155 and includes $600 worth of products and business tools to get you on your way. All the favourites are included.

Find out more about becoming a The Body Shop At Home consultant HERE.

Create a flexible business with The Body Shop At Home

Want to buy The Body Shop products in a more personal way?

So, the idea of starting a The Body Shop At Home business isn’t for you but you want get to experience the products in a more personal way?

It’s possible to do that by hosting your own party with a The Body Shop At Home – there are also great offers, discounts and free products available by shopping this way.

Find out more about booking a The Body Shop At Home party HERE.

Create a flexible business with The Body Shop At Home

So, tell me, is this an idea that interests you? Have you hosted a The Body Shop At Home party?


Thanks to The Body Shop At Home, one lucky Styling You reader will win a $200 voucher to spend at a their next party. Entering is easy.

Answer the question below in the comments.

What’s your favourite The Body Shop product and why?

Entries open Wednesday, November 2 at 4.30am (AEST) and close Wednesday, November 16 at 5pm (AEST). Australian entries only, sorry. The winner will be judged on originality and creativity (photos can be included and uploaded with the comment). The winner will be emailed and their name will be published here. Entrants must include an email address when the filling in the commenting system below to be eligible to enter. Voucher must be redeemed at a The Body Shop At Home party. Full terms and conditions here.

Comments 34

  1. I’ve never found any product to rival the Body Shop Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion. This lotion has added luxury and comfort to my every day life for many years. I sometimes apply it before bed when my feet are literally stinging after a long or hot day, and I expect my feet to still be sore and tender the next day… However, the cooling power of the peppermint oil combined with the nourishing elements of the lotion ALWAYS rejuvenates my feet by the next morning. Truly a favourite that I cannot do without!

  2. Oh I just can not go past The Body Shop Almond Nourishing Hand and Nail Butter, glides on smoothly and leaves me hands feeling soft and supple reversing the effects of a day of cleaning, rubbing and scrubbing.

  3. My favourite Body Shop product is the Moringa body butter. The scent is so lovely, feminine and fresh. It is also really hydrating and sinks in quite quickly considering that its a rich formula. I love using it in the morning but its also an indulgent treat to use before bed that leaves you with beautiful supple skin come morning.

  4. Rainforest moisture hair butter. Not only does it leave my hair glossy, it contains Community Trade ingredients from Ethiopia, Italy and Paraguay. The Body Shop doesn’t advocate slavery making me proud to be a consumer!

  5. “Everything” is my answer for my favourite The Body Shop skincare products. The reason is very simple because most of skincare products from The Body Shop do not used chemical ingredients and premium plant oils without alcohol as preservatives. I adore their customers services too, they are very helpful their customers. As The Body Shop growing stronger ever, I would see more people sharing success business and enjoying luxury indulging skincare products with The Body Shop.

  6. Body butter! I could smother myself in the sweet scented stuff every day! The strawberry one smells delectable, if only it tasted as good id probably be eating it.

  7. Anything from the satsuma range, we LOVE it in my house. So much that I have to hide everything from my 2 toddlers, otherwise they scrape all the body butter out, or douse themselves in half a bottle of perfume!!

  8. If you had asked me this questions about 4 weeks ago I definitely would have said their mascara! However I recently went into a party and the host recommended the tea tree bb cream for my acne prone skin and it has been the best investment I’ve ever made in my skin! Without changing any other products, it has cleared up my skin out of sight, it has great coverage and lasts all day! Hands down the best body shop product I’ve ever owned! Also their lotus water perfume is divine! (Sorry I realise you said 1 product but I could go on for ages!)

  9. I think the body shop has done amazingly well with developing their ranges with the times to keep things fresh and contemporary. I love the oils of life range and chamomile cleansing balm (great for removing sunscreen) for me. Back in the day I was very fond of their vanilla perfume oil and remember my lovely vanilla scent was one of the things that attracted my now husband to me. Must be his sweet tooth;). Now my 11 year old daughter and her friends are loving the body butters and lip balms in particular so buying birthday gifts for that age group has become a breeze. Now looking at these comments I’m going to need to try the bb cream!

  10. I just love the bb cream, it’s magical! How it manages to colour match my skin is don’t know, but it is amazing. best ever!

  11. For me the Peppermint Cooling foot lotion is a godsend after dancing CEROC all night- Home after a great night and wash the feet, apply the lotion and I am in heaven and bliss into a Cinderella like sleep — oops even if it is after 12!!

  12. The Dewberry perfume of course! They need to bring back a limited edition release so I can once again be transported back to the 90s and into my teenage body as we cluster around the testing station, dabbing perfume on with the little glass tester sticks, tossing our peace sign earrings and swinging our ying yang necklaces like we were so cool and spiritual.

  13. I adore the Body Shop perfume oils! They smell amazing and the little bottles are small enough to fit in my tiny clutches but still last for ages!

  14. I have a few favs in The Body Shop too! Must get myself some of the Peppermint Foot Cooling Lotion as haven’t tried that one. The peppamint has got me!

  15. Flexibility is everything! This looks like a great opportunity with training and support and not a huge outlay upfront.
    I’m a huge fan of body shop products. My fave is the chamomile eye make up remover. Ive been buying it for years and love that it comes in 2 sizes. Larger bottle for home and smaller bottle for travel. Xx

  16. I love the peppermint foot cooling lotion. I put my footspa on after a long week, sit enjoy the break give my self a foot rub with the lotion. The peppermint lotion from the body shop makes my feet tingle then I have the energy to do my weekend chores.

  17. Have been wondering what the HELL am I going to do with myself now that the kids are all grown up. This might just be the thing I’m looking for!

      1. White musk oil, mmm…I loved Anita Roddick and the whole Body Shop philosophy, I still feel 19 when I walk in their store …what a fabulous new concept of theirs.

  18. So many memories of The Body Shop. The coconut soap, and body butter in a tub, White Musk oil, all the beautiful scents. Just typing this has me remembering the smell as you walk towards or past the stores. Anita Roddick was one amazing lady! 🙂

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