How to get the perfect eyebrow

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In my formative and early adult years I really did not pay enough attention to my brows.

By enough, I mean ANY attention.

I truly did not understand the power of the brow and its magical abilities to make or break a face until a little more than five years ago.

Yes, I’m a late bloomer.

I’d dabbled in some brow waxing and tinting before then but with mixed results (brow colour that looked like black Nikko pen and skin damaged by waxing).

When my daughter was actually burned by the wax used in one brow tidy, I called it quits on salon brows for both of us.

Tweezers became our friend until the day that I was introduced to threading.

I’m always up for any weird and wonderful beauty treatment and when I had my first threading experience, of course I blogged about it.

If you clicked back to read that post you would have seen it’s been a long time since that first threading.

Have I still been getting my brows threaded?

You bet.

Every month since.

Now, whenever I talk threading on social media, I always get ALL the horror stories.

This makes me sad. Not because people are sharing what’s happened to them, more that they give threading a bad name when it needn’t be so. They shouldn’t be experiencing the bad in the first place.

I’m fortunate that I’ve never had a horror story. I’ve always had my brows threaded at Get Threaded – their staff have completed a nationally accredited course. If threading is done correctly, it shouldn’t be painful and it most certainly shouldn’t make your skin bleed.

Yes, you *feel* it pulling the hairs but, no, it’s not painful. I do get some redness – but nothing like I used to experience with waxing.

How to get the perfect eyebrow

How to get the perfect eyebrow

1. My “how to get a perfect eyebrow” story starts in the salon. I do believe that this is something worth spending your beauty budget on. I like the finish that threading gives my brows. I love the way I don’t have to do anything to my brows between threading visits, although this could have something to do with my advancing years and hair not growing as much.

2. Having someone do your brows who understands how to shape them is as important as the stray hair removal. The shape of your brows is so important for framing your your face. Without a well-defined brow, your face can disappear. Well, not literally but you get my drift.

3. A defined brow starts with a shape to suit your face shape and concludes with filled-in colour. I get my brows tinted every month. It’s a very fine line for me between defined and Nikko-pen look so I rely on my brow artist Teagan to get the line right. She does

4. When I do a full makeup, I use a gel or pencil product to fill in the brow and create an illusion of thickness and defined colour.

5. A great trick I’ve learned when doing my eye makeup is to do the brows first. This sets the scene – and definition – for the rest of the eye makeup I’m applying and often shows that I don’t need as much eye makeup on the rest of my eyes to achieve good eye definition.

Bottom line: if you nail your brows, you’ll nail your whole look. And if you’re not happy with your current brow situation, seek out a brow specialist. You won’t look back.



So, over to you … tell me about your brows. Do you see a brow artist who deserves a good shout out here? Share below in the comments and make sure you include their location as a community service for all SY readers on a quest for the perfect brow.



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  1. Ive been doing my own brows for years. I spent quite some time researching and learning how to best shape mine, and i do get compliments. If i ever were to go to a pro i would try threading. I also tint mine, but im taking a break from it as my hair js brown for the first time in years and the black dye is far too dark. Eyebrows are your face’s frames, theyre so important.

  2. I actually don’t need to do any mantinence to my brows my brows Nikki, they are that sparse and always have been but I do get them tinted when I get my hair coloured! I always do my brows unless I’m very sick!
    I use brow powder with a small angled brush and then I use a little clear brow gel or wax and use the end of a brow brush to comb them through,I also do mine before any other makeup Xx

  3. thanks hun! … i’m lucky! … my eyebrows are full enough and dark so i don’t have to touch them these days as I plucked and cajoled my brows into submission as a teen in the ’60’s … OMG where did that time go? … oh well it’s my truth!
    i do have a designer brand filler inner … it’s nice and easy with a brush! … if i’m going to a wedding or something!
    have a good one hun! lol m:)X

  4. I am a threading convert. I had a young, camp housemate last year who told me it would “change my life” and it did. My monthly brow threading and tinting is my absolute non negotiable personal maintenance task. I have long black hair so you know, if it stretches out to 10wks between hairdresser visits I don’t look too bad but 10hrs past my brow due date and I start getting antsy!

  5. Apart from the hair on top of my head I have very little body hair. Short stubby eyelashes and light and sparse brows, nothing on my arms.
    When I got married and the makeup artist filled them in I couldn’t believe the difference.
    Nowadays I get them waxed (found threading too painful) about every 3 months and a tint monthly. They still need filling in every day( gaps!), but it’s the one thing I add with a BB even when I’m not really going anywhere. It just makes me look done.

  6. My lovely hairdresser waxes mine at my regular visits, which is challenging for her as they are asymmetrical. One day a few years ago she said she might just tint them, if that was okay with me. Wow, what a difference that made. She knew what I needed. I don’t always get them tinted, but always fill in lightly when I do my makeup. Xx

  7. My 16 year old daughter has become an expert at doing brows and has now ‘trained’ her 14 year old sister ! It’s funny how its only the last few years brows have become so popular !!

  8. I get my brows waxed, and don’t touch them otherwise. But, my natural hair colour is dark. My daughter had hers tattooed about a month ago, the feathering technique. I was a bit concerned, but they look amazing. She said the technician measured her face, and where her brows should be, tested colour on her skin and discussed how dark they should be. It’s in a salon not a tattoo parlour (if they are still called that!) The colour is topped up after 6 weeks, and has to be redone in about 2 years.I can’t remember the name of the salon she went to, but it’s on the Sunshine Coast. If anyone would like to know the name I will find out.

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