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If you’ve been a reader here for some time you’ll know that I’m a big fan of lazy-girl beauty short cuts.

This doesn’t mean that I let maintenance slip … well not always.

It does mean that I stock my beauty cabinet with products that mean I can get the beauty essentials done super quickly and efficiently.

This is particularly the case when it comes to dealing with the hairy situation on my legs and armpits.

In winter, yes, leggings and jeans are my friend … but in summer, there’s no hiding those pins because it’s too damn hot.

Keeping the situation smooth and hair-free has been the Nair Sensitive range, specifically:

Nair Sensitive Hair Removal Shower Cream

Nair Sensitive Strip-Free Wax

Styling You for Nair Sensitive

If you haven’t tried hair removal creams or home waxing since the ‘80s (like I hadn’t) then I suggest you embrace.

They are easy to use, save you a tonne of time and mucking around with salon appointments.

And they get the job done so you can get on with your day.

Want to see what a regular Styling You day looks like?

Nair asked me to share the everyday moments of my day in this video. So come on in and take a peek at my typical day.


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Describe a “hairy” everyday moment in your life …

Entries open Thursday, October 29 at 4.30am (AEST) and close Thursday, November 12 at 5pm (AEST). Australian entries only, sorry. The winner will be judged on originality and creativity (photos can be included and uploaded with the comment). The winner will be emailed and their name will be published here. Entrants must include an email address when the filling in the commenting system below to be eligible to enter. Full terms and conditions here. *Subject to availability in chosen style and size.

Styling You for Nair Sensitive

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Comments 67

  1. I always seem to forget or decide on no stockings on dress or skirts when my legs aren’t just shoved under a desks… The poor short little legs are wildly hairy and pale as snow! I kid myself the clients don’t notice!

  2. While coffeeing with friends, I was stroking my chin, as I pondered a “hairy” question, and found a dreaded chin whisker that was a good cm long!

  3. I used to have a head full of hair. Since undergoing chemotherapy treatment 5 months ago, my “barely there” hairstyle has been pretty lacklustre to say the least. Fortunately my close-knit group of girlfriends have been too kind by sending me a variety of wigs to cheer me up. I now have a “hairy” collection in my closet, filled with different celebrity hairstyles to save my day — the Demi “Ghost” Moore wig, Meg “You’ve Got Mail” Ryan wig, Cameron “There’s Something About Mary” Diaz wig (no kidding!), and don’t get me started on the Kardashians clan wigs. I hope that I will grow my own hair one day, but until then my mornings will continue to be spent making some “hairy” decisions on whose hair I should be wearing before leaving for work everyday! 😉

  4. Going to work every day is quite hairy, having to deal with irate customers, but luckily I get some cute ones occasionally and I feel quite sexy with my legs nicely naired!

  5. Taking of photo of my feet in ankle boots that needed to be sent back, to show how they didn’t fit, only to realise that I hadn’t shaved my legs… Not the most flattering photo, so I whipped into the bathroom, shaved around my ankles and retook the photo.

  6. Forgetting the warm weather thanks to Melbourne’s crazy weather mood swings and having to wear sleeve tops due to unshaven armpits. Thanks Melbourne.

  7. Working shift work in a 24/7 call centre is a “hairy” moment every day because being single & working nights I tend to forget the necessity of leg shaving until something important comes along like a job interview to get me back into a 9-5 M-F life again. That’s what happened yesterday when I had no extra time to shave the forest on my legs and had to wear pants to the interview at an office where everyone was dressed up for Melbourne Cup in their frocks & fascinators. 🙂

  8. With pale skin and dark hair my legs never look hair free after being shaved, but worse is that by the next morning I’m back to being prickly again much to my children’s disgust!

  9. My hairy moment is rushing to the doctors. With 4 boys I tend to neglect the hair that gets covered up. No one will see. no one will know. Well low and behold, at the doctors for my annual check up. oh.. I see you are due for a pap smear Mrs Buhagiar!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, all I kept thinking about was the jungle down there, and the embarrassment and I couldnt re schedule 🙁

  10. “Ow, prickly, Mummy!” my youngest son used to always complain when I’d sit cross legged on the floor with him sitting on my bare legs while I was tying his shoe laces. Of course, we all know that busy Mum’s don’t usually have the time to upkeep perfectly smooth legs 😉

  11. Sublime sunshine down at the beach. Fresh intoxicating smell of the surf , relaxing sounds of the sea, my friend points out that the back of my legs have hairs that I’ve missed and recommends Nair.

  12. Deciding to wear a skirt to work only to discover that I have hairy legs….and no pantyhose without holes and a blunt razor. And then I have to iron trousers and consequently miss my bus, and be late for work. I need help!

  13. What is up with randomly finding that one hair that’s like two inches long? Did everyone else see it? Did it pop up over night? How did I not notice it until it got this long???

  14. Got laser hair removal last year and thought it worked a treat – until my niece pointed out (loudly) at the swimming pool that I had big patches of hair on the back of my thighs that i couldn’t see!

  15. We’re renovating our house and you’d think that I would have learnt by now that varnish and paint don’t mix with leg hair… but nope, I still never get around to sorting it out and face the wrath of the paint every weekend! :p

  16. Wanting to roll up the cuffs on my pants or wearing jeans with cutouts and I don’t have time to shower! I just shave the strip around my ankle and the parts of my legs that can be seen so it looks like I have made the effort.

  17. Weekly swimming lessons with my 2yo and 11 month old daughters. Every week I’m madly trying to shave some bit of hair off myself while squeezing myself into my swimmers!

  18. I’m a male so I have hair everywhere, one day my partner thought it would be great to wax my legs, but only if I could have a drink beforehand. One too many drinks later and they were nice and smooth (not without tears). She wanted to go higher but I’ll stick to doing that myself thank you!

  19. Having too much to do and not enough time, I just take a deep breath, close my eyes for a few seconds and then just get on with it!

  20. I have a hairy back. Everyday, I struggle to pluck rogue hairs. Black ones. Blonde ones. Grey ones (I call them “extra blonde”). They’re hard to reach! And you ladies think you have grooming issues!

  21. That’s easy. Negotiating individuals trying to reverse park in the local school car park without either:

    1> Getting your own car damaged
    2> Getting out and jumping behind the wheel of said vehicle yourself. There’s only so many hours in the day.
    3> Resisting temptation to roll down the Window and yell that it is far easier to park a $15k Honda Jazz rather than the hunking great big $100k Toyota Landcruiser Sahara they can’t even see over the steering wheel of.

    At least I have time to do my hair while I’m waiting (see what I did there? lol)

    BTW it says in the T&C to include e-mail in the commenting section but SURELY you don’t want me to put my e-mail here publicly for all the world to see? Swimming through SPAM as it is. Goodness Gracious!

  22. Hot, dark and indulgent, instant at the crack of dawn, but suddenly I have misplaced my cuppa, and it’s gone cold…thank you kids!

  23. My “hairy” everyday moment isn’t about me but my husband and here’s why!

    Hubby likes to think he is fashionably chic with his “designer stubble” but the truth is I hate it, and he knows it, but I think it’s his one and only way of showing “power” over me.

    This gets me thinking and wondering why villains are mostly either stubbled or bearded! Why a hero is always cute without stubble and why defence forces have made a clean shave face a mandate! Why does nearly every groom get clean shaved on his wedding day?!

    Now don’t get me wrong I love my husband. He loves me. But I just feel
    he is not clean. You know what I mean? He is never clean shaved EXCEPT when he visits his mother!

  24. when the kids ask me to jump in the pool and i go OK lets go, then i look at my legs and think on no hairy monkey in the water. Thats when i say hey kids lets go for ice cream instead.

  25. I went to the skin specialist to get a skin cancer checked, and I had not shaved for 2 weeks. As soon as I started to pull up trousers to show him, I though “Oh No, I am such a prickly pear” I was really embarrassed as it was the middle of winter

  26. Leaving my legs unkempt and unshaven all month long because I simple cannot be bothered. The last thing I want to do after putting the toddler to bed is shave my legs. I rather turn into a zombie and watch tv.

  27. After wearing long pants all winter, I had a date, threw on a dress when i got in the car I looked down at a forest on my legs. I can’t wait until summer , i shave every day.

  28. Dodging the plovers (birds) that have chicks in my backyard. Yes, that’s right, plover chicks. Mother plover is always cranky.

  29. Getting all dressed up for a night out, got the kids & baby settled with the baby sitter only to notice that you need to change your dress because you’ve got hairy armpits… It’s the life of a working mother!

  30. Because we have birds, we have mice running through the house at night and hungry carpet pythons dropping by for a meal. Now that makes my hair stand on end!

  31. The Wookie Wife with her furry legs prickling me at night. Thank God it’s warming up again and she’s out of shaving hibernation.

  32. The ensuite & bathroom after my husband has been near them. And yes I say near because he doesn’t even need to go in there, and the floors, counter tops, bath – every surface is covered in his long (head) hair AND man pubes lol I am forever sweeping up his ‘hairs’ and am surprised he’s not bald, not even balding, with the amount he sheds!!

  33. I thought my six year old had dirty knees until my sister waxed her legs. That’s not dirt its hair. Needless to say my girls are very hairy!

  34. Wanting to impress my partner for our weekend away I attempted my first ever DIY bikini wax. Unfortunately for me the wax wasn’t meant for the bikini area and I couldn’t get it off. The only person I could turn to for ‘help’ was my mum who couldn’t stop laughing when I showed her the ‘hairy’ situation I got myself into.

  35. I was having an important meeting with someone and at the last minute I decided to wear a skirt instead of my usual pants. Fast-forward to my lunch meeting and I have my legs crossed and suddenly notice my guest looking at my ankles… and the dark hairs sprouting from there. EEK! I always forget my ankles, but this was at the end of winter so I had quite the growth going on there! Oh lordy!

  36. When my legs see the first rays of the Summer sun, they don’t look like lady’s legs….they look more like Big Foots legs…or even Sasquatch’s take your pick…

  37. I obviously need a haircut because whenever I’m breastfeeding my toddler he twirls my hair around his wrist, bringing my face closer and closer to his. One time he went too far and got a hair strand wrapped around his finger so tightly it made him bleed!

  38. being quite hirsute….and vision not being what it once was, I had been shopping thinking I looked okay and then got home to discover long dark hair beneath my chin……darn hair just seems to grow so fast. Recently took the nair shower cream away with me and it was great!

  39. I work in Child Care and I once had a child sit near my legs at group time and start to rub them. I looked down to ask them to stop and they shouted to the room, “You have bindies poking out of your legs.” Oops clearly forgot to shave that week!!!

  40. My 5 year old and I were waiting at the bus stop and he suddenly lifted up my skirt at the front exposing me and I had not done hair removal for a long time…

  41. Oh I am the same, haven’t tried home waxing since the 80’s and I distinctly remember the pain. It’s great to know that Nair has moved with the times and given us girls an option to remove hair at home again. I really let my legs go during winter but I keep up with the armpit situation (can’t stand hairy pits) but I recently bought a nice pair of summer leggings that I thought would cover my haven’t yet shaved ankle area only to discover the pants are a tiny bit short and all was exposed.

  42. My hairy moment was when I got offered a chance to go on holiday with a friend at the very last minute. It was a beach holiday and she had an apartment and everything – I just needed to show up.
    I packed all the essentials, togs, PJs, beach dresses, sandals and a hat and ever sunscreen. I thought I was super clever and organised for getting everything together so quickly.
    That was, until I went to put my togs on and realised I looked like a “wild woman”. I would have killed for some Nair!
    Instead I spent the week in board shorts!

  43. My hairy moment came as it was just starting to warm up from winter and the more sun-shiny days were here. I decided at the end of one working week that rather than iron my long work pants I’d pull out a pair of 7/8th’s that didn’t need ironing and go with those. It was after-all Friday and we all go a bit more casual on a Friday (don’t we?). I was however sporting underneath the best crop of winter leg hair you’ve ever seen and didn’t have time to shave that morning, but thought to myself, it’s ok, they’re practically long pants I’ll be right, I’ll get away with it. Sitting at my desk – no problem I was confident no one would notice my secret. However at lunch time I ventured outside to check my mail at the nearby post office and as I was walking along I started laughing to myself. There was a nice stiff breeze blowing and I could actually feel the hairs that were poking out the bottom of my 7/8th pants blowing in the breeze. I’m sure the people I was walking past thought I was a little off centre but it was such a funny feeling and I was both bemused and horrified at myself. Suffice to say I sorted those luscious leg hairs out that night but it still makes me chuckle to remember it.

  44. I’ve used Nair hair removal cream over the years but it was my absolute go to during a recent period of my life that was traumatic and scary when I was having chemo. It is not recommended to shave or wax during this time so Nair rescued me. I have very dark and thick hair so I can’t get away with not removing it. As they say if you look good you feel better and being able to be hair free during that time certainly made me feel a lot better.

  45. I remember once my daughter cuddling up with me in my bed. She touch my bare legs under my nighty and said: oh mum, you are hairy…like tarantula. (Yes, that was during those winter months. )

  46. My funny hairy story was when I was reading to a Prep class. I was perched on a little chair with all the little Preps sitting close by listening closely when I felt a hand running up and down the front of my leg , closely followed by a little voice ” oh you’re all prickly”. This was followed by little hands shooting up, all wanting to tell me about their mother’s hairy legs or how she gets rid of the hair! Very funny moment especially given that the book I was reading was “The very hairy Bear”

  47. I hate having hairy legs I shave all winter. But I seem to not be so skilled on the razor and nick myself all the time. Bleeding legs are also not a good look!

  48. What a great prize. Loved this video of you Nikki. I’m a bit apprehensive of at home waxing. Once had a situation where the wax wouldn’t come off my skin! Had to facebook my friends to find out what to do. Might have to give this a try. x

  49. Being of european background I am quite hairy so need all the help I can get lol! I use an epilator for legs all year round, as being a gym junkie I can’t get by even in winter without doing them regularly but for more sensitive areas like bikini line & underarms have tried home waxing before but found it extremely messy (especially the time when I spilt a tub of hot wax all over the carpet -yuk!) & time consuming so still get those areas done professionally. Because my body hair grows quite fast I seem to forever be getting these areas done so it is also quite costly & time consuming. I will definitely be giving these new Nair products a go as I would love a faster simpler solution to my superfluous hair problem!

  50. My hairy everyday moment would have to be when I haven’t had time to do my legs and I get asked out somewhere lovely so I wear a maxi dress to cover my “secret”

  51. My hairy everyday moment is wanting to wear a skirt for work and realising that it just wouldn’t be a good look with my legs still in winter mode. Some nair would probably be a good idea for me to stock. Good for my teenage girls too who have shaving battle scars already.

  52. Sitting in the glorious sunshine in the park with my dog, looking down at my ‘mohair stockings’ poking beneath my capri pants… oops…

  53. My stepmother introduced us (myself & stepsisters) to Nair in the 80s. Oh the pain!!! Needless to say it was thrown in the bin while dialling the beauty therapist for waxing appointment. I’d be interested to try this one – not only for me but my teenager daughter & nieces !

  54. I am just about to finish a course of IPL ready for summer, so probably not the comp for me. But so glad to see that home waxing has left behind those messy, painful days of the 80s and 90s! xx

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