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Next week I’ll be meeting up with some of my oldest friends.

The occasion is our university residential college’s 30th reunion. It will all start quite civilised with a lunch in the dining hall at the college.

The same cannot be guaranteed for the rest of the afternoon and evening’s activities.

You see, whenever we get together (and the average is about annually) we really do not think we are the almost-50-something women we are.

No, we think we are the fresh-face young country kids of our fresher university days when we first met.

Two of us now have “kids” at the same university.

Yet, when we get together, in a blink we are back there on that first day of college, arriving in the “big smoke” from all corners of Queensland, hair newly permed and ready to party study.

When I look back at the curled-corned and discoloured photos from 1985, it is with a big wide grin because I remember just how much crazy fun we had.

NIVEA CELLular Anti Age | Irina Werning collaboration | Portraits of Youth

That’s why when I first viewed Irina Werning’s Portraits of Youth photographic and video collaboration with NIVEA CELLular Anti-Age I couldn’t help but smile either.

Irina is renowned globally for her stunning recreations of old snapshots.

She’s not only an award-winning photographer, she’s a costume and set designer, so she matches the scenery, clothing and vintage feel of the childhood photographs.

This is the first time she’s photographed Australian women.

Check it out for yourself.

These three women had vivid feelings and memories from a favourite childhood photo. Irina took them back to that time by recreating that photo.

Natalie Bianchi (Coffs Harbour)

NATALIE BIANCHI | NIVEA CELLular Anti Age | Irina Werning collaboration | Portraits of Youth

It was Christmas morning and my mother had sewn my outfit especially for that day, and my brother, Robert, and I got a brand new bike each. You’d think any little girl would love a pink retro bike, but I secretly wanted a BMX bike! That’s why it’s an ‘I’m not sure if I want to cry or smile face!’ My mum and dad thought I was crying because I loved the bike so much, and to this day, I have never had the heart to tell them the truth! Natalie

Alina Murphy (Canberra, ACT)

ALINA MURPHY | NIVEA CELLular Anti Age | Irina Werning collaboration | Portraits of Youth

In the photo I’m all dressed up for my fifth birthday celebrations, pictured with my cat, Rainis. I loved animals as a child, and Rainis was my first cat. Being a mother myself to a five-year-old girl, this photo helps me to connect with her, and re-imagine my own youth. My daughter Erica looks a bit like me, but she has darker hair. – Alina Murphy

Susie Owen (Sydney, NSW)

SUSIE OWEN | NIVEA CELLular Anti Age | Irina Werning collaboration | Portraits of Youth

I remember my mother and grandmother were there on this day, covering me in fake and makeup, transforming me into this fabulous, graceful performer! I was very close with my grandmother growing up, so this photo brings back very special times with her. They’ve said that I was a natural performer as a child, I loved rhythm and music. When I hear the music, I instantly remember the steps. It’s still a big part of me. – Susie Owen

How incredible are the re-creations?

All these photos helped the women remember the youth they may have felt they had lost.

My favourite part of recreating images is the reaction I get from my subjects, particularly women. There is something truly special about re-visiting your youth in this way. I think it helps people re-connect with the things they did when they were young and makes them feel more youthful themselves. There is great beauty in allowing someone to recreate childhood memories – it brings out a youthfulness in their presence. – Irina Werning

Who says you can’t feel that way again? Not me.

NIVEA CELLular Anti-Age range

Now, it may not be possible to completely turn back the time and return our skin to its pristine glory … but … it’s possible to re-ignite your youthful look from deep within.

I shared with you my thoughts on the NIVEA CELLular Anti-Age range here – and I’ve been personally using it on and off since January.

NIVEA CELLular Anti Age | Irina Werning collaboration | Portraits of Youth

In a nutshell, the formula behind this range is designed to get your skin cells to behave in a younger way, to stimulate them and improve your skin’s renewal process.

The science behind the range works to charge up the metabolism of the skin’s cells, it “teaches” skin to behave younger, so skin cells are rejuvenated, hydrated and revitalised.

Key product ingredients include Hyaluronic acid, Creatine, Magnolia extract. All occur naturally in your skin so work in harmony with your skin cells.

With each product – day care cream, night care cream and eye cream – all priced under $30 each, it’s an affordable and accessible range that will bring you results.

It’s certainly done so for me.

My skin feels hydrated and rejuvenated. No, it might not look like my 18-year-old skin but for 30 years on, I’m not doing so badly.

Well, that’s what I tell myself around the company of friends from the same “era”.

Now, with our skin sorted, if only Irina could come and recreate the 1980s for us … taffeta, pearls, sweetheart necklines and all.

The Uni Crew

The NIVEA CELLular Anti-Age range is available in supermarkets, discount department stores, Priceline and selected pharmacies. For more information on the range, visit here:

So tell me, have you tried the NIVEA CELLular Anti-Age range? Thoughts?

Do you have a photo from your youth that holds a special memory … that when you look at it you can’t help but feel the energy of youth?

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  1. I tried the night cream but sadly I found the perfume too strong a scent for me, so I had to stop using it; very disappointing.

  2. Loved this post! Linking your advice about a great skincare product with our memories of fun times with uni friends is brilliant. I read somewhere that “we really only feel as old as we think our friends look” so I’m going to suggest to my friends that we all start using this!!!!!

  3. I’m such a sop in my old age, that video is gorgeous. Those pics have totally inspired me and I’d love to try to recreate some childhood pics. What a lovely campaign.

  4. Those photos are gold – every single one of them. I haven’t tried this NIVEA range but I’ve previously I’ve always liked NIVEA products, so thanks for the heads up! x

  5. I need to try nivea, I used to use a tinted moisturiser of theirs before BB creams. Love the photos. Must be fun to recreate!

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