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Whenever anyone even slightly beauty product-obsessed walks into my bathroom or my office, they tend to either gasp or let out an audible sigh.

I have drawers dedicated specifically to hair products, to lipsticks, to BB and CC creams, to illuminators.

I’ve also got baskets filled with skincare products. And a trolley filled with anything I’m trialling right now.

You name it, I’ve got a drawer filled with products “on file”.


I have THE best job in the world.

I’ve been playing with products, powders and potions for the best part of 15 years now – first as a beauty writer in my journalism job and now as a blogger.

It’s legitimately part of how I make a living.

And yes, I find that very, very cool.

Don’t be jealous … there is a way that you too can feel like a beauty editor in your own home.

want to feel like a beauty editor | bellabox


bellabox is all your beauty dreams come true.

In a nutshell, you sign up for a subscription and each month, a new box of five or more beauty samples is sent to you.

Each bellabox incorporates new, cool and innovative brands plus others you may already be familiar with.


It’s a chance for you to try something new from under $20 a month including postage.

It’s a low-cost way to maybe discover the next big thing you *need* in your permanent beauty kit. You can even buy your favourite bellabox discoveries online from the bellabox store.

I’m a sucker for gorgeous packaging and you do feel pretty damn special when your bellabox arrives on your doorstep.

What’s in the box?

That’s the big surprise. Usually you don’t know what you’re going to receive each month.

Bellabox does, however, give some hints away on its Facebook and Instagram pages but this month I’m spilling the beans on just what you’ll find in this month’s influencer box if you’re a new Bellabox subscriber.

bellabox August 2015

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

NIP + FAB Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Facial Pads (5 pads)

I’ve been embracing these pads before an event to give my face a pep-up just like the celebs do (Kylie Jenner loves these). These wipes exfoliate the skin and get those skin cells turning over to brighten, smooth and freshen skin. I love the ease of the pre-loaded individual pads – so very handy for a lazy-girl beauty like me. (Pictured is the full-sized product, not the sample)

NIP + FAB Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Facial Pads | bellabox

Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara

This comes in the box as a full-sized product and is a mascara you’ll fall in love with. We’re talking bold, thick lashes here with plenty of volume. The secret is all in the formula and the high tech brush. I love using the ball tip of the wand to coat each lash for a defined look after applying it with a side-to-side motion at the lash line. I find that this makes for easy definition of my eyes whether I’m creating a natural day look or finishing off a smokey eye.

Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara | bellabox

Skin and Co Truffle Therapy Serum

The foodies out there all know the power of including truffles in cooking but did you know they have been part of this Italian-born skincare range for more than a generation. American actresses in the 1950s first visited the Skin and Co store in Tuscany, taking the lightweight formula filled with essential fatty acids back home with them. This is such a great product for keeping skin hydrated, which is such a big thing for me as my skin ages. This serum, used in conjunction with a moisturiser overnight, left me with my morning skin that was soft and nourished.

Skin & Co Truffle Therapy Serum | bellabox

OGX Healing + Vitamin E shampoo and conditioner

Heal your hair from the outside in – that’s what the Vitamin E formula of this haircare duo will do. Healthy hair is helped by what we eat and drink but why not give that a boost using products such as these. The nutrient injection to the hair strand helps to smooth the hair from root to tip, making it look shinier. The test for me is in the styling after using a hair care product and this one passed the test. My hair styled easily and felt soft for days.

OGX Healing + Vitamin E shampoo and conditioner | bellabox

NUXE Reve de Miel Day Cream

This is such a luxe day cream to wear – no SPF – but ideal for over a sunscreen and a winner for those with dry and sensitive skin. The creamy texture is an elixir for end-of-winter skin. It will soothe but it will also repair and protect skin. I don’t know about you but the cold winds at this time of year really do need this kind of cream as an antidote. I want my winter skin to feel like it’s been wrapped up in cotton wool and this is how it feels with this day cream. As a bonus, at least 90% of the ingredients in this formula are natural and it’s paraben-free.

NUXE Reve de Miel Day Cream | bellabox

There are limited number of this box available. If you like what you see, make sure you sign up here.

Whether you are beauty obsessed like me or are a busy woman in need of some tips and tricks around your beauty routine, you’ll find that each month bellabox has something interesting and fun for you to incorporate into your daily beauty life.


Thanks to bellabox, three lucky Styling You readers will each win an annual membership to bellabox (valued at $199 each). Entering is easy. Answer the question below in the comments.

How would winning a 12-month subscription to Bellabox enhance your beauty kit?

Entries open Thursday, August 20 at 5am (AEST) and close Thursday, September 3 at 5pm (AEST). Australian entries only, sorry. The winner will be judged on originality and creativity (photos can be included and uploaded with the comment). The winner will be emailed and their name will be published here. Entrants must include an email address when the filling in the commenting system below to be eligible to enter. Full terms and conditions here.

For more information and to subscribe, visit bellabox.com.au

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Comments 183

  1. My bag is full of lipstick,

    Bellabox, help look chic!

    Encourage me to try new things,

    I wonder what surprises the first box will bring…

  2. Eyes, nails and skin will shine,

    If these goodies become mine,

    Primp, preen and prance about

    “THANK YOU bellabox!” I’ll shout

  3. Love seeing the latest products and its so exciting to discover what you like and then what you want to continue to buy. Its a win win for me and bellabox.

  4. It’s all about opportunity! The opportunity to try before buying, to discover that ‘oh my gosh why didn’t I know about that product!’ experience and the opportunity to share my opinions, lots of fun and being involved in something I’m passionate about 🙂

  5. Two of my favourite things. Presents from the parcel man and I’m a beauty product addict! 🙂 What fun to share my thoughts on these products with my friends, workmates and family!

  6. Beauty in one box
    Encouraging me to spend time on me
    Loving my skin
    Loving the box
    A new array of products to try
    Beautiful products
    Only I could dream of trying
    Xtremely excited, awaiting for my box each month

  7. Oh Styling You, as you can see,

    It’s kind of difficult having skin like me.

    When I go to parties I know everyone will stare,

    They think I’m wearing a costume, it’s just not fair.

    At the moment all that I have in my beauty kit,

    Is some grease, oil and a fair amount of spit.

    If you would kindly subscribe me to Bellabox,

    In no time at all I’ll look like a fox!

  8. This new mama is so time poor
    My beauty regime has gone out the door!
    I’m so devoted to my family,
    But rarely leave any time for me!
    My skin is dull, my hair is frizzy
    No mani/pedis – I’m just too busy!
    To win a BellaBox for a year
    Would make me scream, then cry, then cheer!
    A little indulgence just for mum
    To pep me up when I’m feeling glum!
    It’ll brighten my skin, repair my hair,
    My beauty kit will no longer be bare!
    My confidence will get the boost it needs,
    A wonderful surprise indeed!

  9. I love updating my beauty kit with fresh new and exciting products! But sometimes it’s overwhelming with all the options, so this would make life a lot easier (and funner). This would also be great to try things I probably wouldn’t think to purchase myself!

  10. I went to use some of my beauty products recently and was trying to work out when I bought them. Then I realised it was before I had kids. My oldest kids are 12!!!! I was horrified so it all went in the bin. So now is a great time to restock and experiment with new products.

  11. Oh it would be so nice for the postman to arrive with something just for me. Something that does not require a payment. Or a signature. Or that comes in a yellow envelope full of so called bargains!

  12. I could try new products without having to source them, I could look in my beauty case and see a glamour girl looking back at me.

  13. No more wondering if I’ll have an allergic reaction before I buy anything. Bellabox will let me test everything first – no more after purchase regrets!

  14. My current beauty haul
    It’s very small
    Goodies, samples and more
    From a Bellabox prize delivery
    Is truly worthy of hoping for!

  15. Maybe it would give me the courage to actually throw away the eyeshadow I’ve had for SIX years and the eyeliner I’ve had for SEVEN! My beauty kit is embarrassing.

  16. My motto is “TRY BEFORE YOU BUY” With a Bellabox subscription I’ll certainly be able to do that! What a great idea giving potential customers the chance to sample new products before making a decision and sometimes regretting it

  17. I have always wanted to subscribe to this awesome beauty box but have not been able to. This would increase my confidence ten fold! Thank you.

  18. Bellabox goodies have such flair,
    although my friends act like they care,
    the arrival of the newest Bellabox
    is when they have time to spare!

  19. I’m going back to work after an extended break and have no idea about the newer products or how to best use them. Trials are a great idea – new products to use without the initial huge expense

  20. I’m going back to work after an extended break and have no idea about the newer products or how to best use them. Trials are a great idea – new products to use without the initial huge expense

  21. This fabulous prize would definitely encourage me to try different beauty products! I am quite stuck in my ways, and tend to only buy products that win ‘Beauty Awards’. By receiving a Bella Box each month, I get to make my own judgements, and best of all, try before I buy!! Who doesn’t love that?! 🙂

  22. This would feel like my birthday every month with a surprise in the mail. Not being able to leave the house much, it is hard to buy beauty products. This would cheer me up no doubt each month.

  23. to get surprise trials every month is not only exciting but will be enriching, trying products i would not normally try or even have heard of, is a great way to explore and do it in the comfort of my own home, who doesn’t like receiving conventional mail in a technology world and especially one that comes with beauty treats, every woman’s dream

  24. I’m not much of a shopper. I hate the idea of spending my weekend in a crowded shop. To have the pick of products sent straight to my home will save me stress, research time and inspire me to try new things

  25. i would love to receive a beautiful box of beauty goodies in the post each month! Looking after everyone else in the family often means that this Mama is a little time poor when it comes to adventuring with new products. This would be a game changer!!

  26. I love reading reviews for beauty
    products but living on a budget, I’m usually reluctant to take the
    plunge and buy. A box of beauty surprises once a month would be much
    better than a letterbox full of bills and brochures! I would
    definitely be over the moon with a Bellabox subscription 🙂

  27. Enhance my beauty kit? Are you kidding? It would be my beauty kit!
    I never know what to buy when faced with so many choices at the beauty counter so I just walk out with nothing or end up spending too much money on something that is completely wrong for me.
    This is such a unique way for people like me to try quality products so I can then build my beauty kit and tell all my friends about my special finds.

  28. I have been dealing with a broken leg that took 6 operations and 6 years to heal………….that’s six years of having someone else do all my shopping for me, and he’s a bloke. He tries hard but he doesn’t always see the appeal of finding a new product and trying it out. But I do. That’s why bellabox would mean so much to me………..I would finally feel “back in the picture” if I won it would be great!

  29. I used to be a hardcore beauty junkie but since having a baby and going back to work full time, my days of wandering leisurely from beauty counter to counter in department stores have sadly ended. I’m also 99% sure I’m using years old products that I shouldn’t be- gross!

    I’d love a Bella Box subscription as it sounds like an amazing way to try new items without having to leave the house. 🙂

  30. I would love to win a bella box subscription! Apart from the monthly enjoyment of finding the latest and greatest products to try, I’d love to be able to share these finds with my daughters, especially my eldest. She is staring to show a real interest in personal care and I’d love for it to be something we can look forward to and enjoy together. It’s the kind of thing I could see would help her discover a good skin care routine and commitment to self care generally; things that will give her pleasure and rewards for many years to come.

  31. Old habits die hard! Change doesn’t happen easily and I know I need a change for the better at my age – I’m doing and using the same named products I used ten years ago!!! Not only do I need to be directed to quality products but I need to actually try them to be convinced. A Bellabox year sub will build my confidence to try, like and change for a better looking and feeling me!

  32. Winning a subscription and updating my make- up kit would give me the opportunity to have some fun, modernize my look and even make it worth while learning some new techniques to glam myself up.

  33. I am one to have a product that I’ve used for years and stick with it. Very rarely do I look outside the box to try new things, money being a big factor. However, I love the idea of being able to sample some new amazing products without having do the searching yourself. I feel that winning a subscription to bellabox would be a life and game changer!
    [email protected]

  34. Do you know, I’ll tell you a secret, I’m 46 and really only starting a beauty regime now, because I want to teach my daughter better habits about her skin, where I failed.. Wow, my 16 year old daughter would love me even more for this, and whilst I would be winning it for her, I’m positive there’s going to be lots of little gems for me every month also! win! win!

  35. My beauty kit consists of the basics – mascara, a lippy, eyeliner and foundation. To win this amazing prize will show me what else is available to beautify my face and help me solve the aging race.

  36. I have something to confess, it may take awhile to digest.
    I put myself through a basic make-up course,
    due to turning dirty thirty, I did not want to look like a turkey.
    I now feel a little remorse, as this was my driving force,
    to practice, play and experiment, with all that is relevant within the Beauty and Health element.
    Winning twelve months worth of Bellabox beauty products would totally rock my beauty kit sox off, it would open my eyes to all the supplies,
    as well as adding a smile to my dial.
    I now give appreciation for the lovely donations, for if I win I will document my transformation of foundations, hydration and beautification.

  37. Mirror, mirror on the wall,
    Lately, we’re both seeing,
    Flaws we don’t adore,
    A Bella Box full of tricks,
    Is the perfect gift, to restore,
    My self esteem and confidence,
    So you’ll reflect once more,
    The most beautiful me of all !

  38. My Make up box needs a refresh
    Bella Box would make it spesh
    Would feel like XMAS every time
    Samples to try and save a dime
    Oh Bella Box… I’m sure we’ll mesh

  39. I love trying a product and having the opportunity to sample them before adding to my beauty routine – saving me money in the long run!!

  40. I just ordered my bella box the other day! I am so excited for the first one to come! Great post Nikki.
    RHI MAE xx

  41. This would keep me in the know with all things new in beauty so I can be ahead of everyone and it will show because I will be beautiful

  42. I find it hard to gamble on new products when I only have a limited beauty budget. I tend to stick my old tried and true. But who knows, maybe i’m missing out on a wonder product from my sensible, frugal ways!

  43. I am a mother of boys. You would think this would mean my beauty products would be safe, right? Wrong! If there is silence, 10bucks says they’re in my ensuite painting their nails, applying lipstick/eyeshadow/mascara, or emptying my moisturiser. I’ve learnt to embrace it now, & allow them to try different products. They love me giving them foot massages with creams or being ‘silly’ & letting them put on a face mask with cucumber slices. A bellabox would allow for more opportunities to try new products & have some fun…plus it’d be nice to receive pretty mail as opposed to bills!!!

  44. My tweens have pillaged and plundered and I’m left with the outcasts or what I can recover – so it’s time to start again, quality replacements needed.

  45. The amazing heat strength of Winter sun, heating inside of my car, has melted the contents of my make-up bag, accidentally left there for a whole day. BELLABOX would be perfect to help replace the resulting goo-ey mess.

  46. With 3 kids, a part time job, a business and everyday life, gone are the days and hours spent slowly perusing the cosmetics counter at the department store or even the local chemist! Having the products sent to me to try would make life oh-so-much easier!

  47. As a busy mum of a toddler and a newborn, special treats and a bit of beautifying don’t happen for me any more. I’d love to be able to have the opportunity to pamper myself each month with the arrival of a bellabox!

  48. To have a box of beauty treats, would really make me feel oh so sweet!
    So please Nikki consider my plea and my face won’t be as wrinkled as my poor old knees……

  49. A bright, bubbly Bellabox collection will enlighten my everyday beauty kit with inspirationally intrinsic character and artistically aesthetic expressionism; embracing heartfelt femininity, confidence and individuality.

  50. I would like to try Bellabox beauty products because I’d love to break out of my regular, “industrial” branded cosmetic skin and into one that uses eco chic products to bring out my natural, sophisticated, green beauty but don’t know what to try!

  51. What better way to get natural products that otherwise I would never be able to get use and afford I love your site and information

  52. It’s a great way to try new stuff. Now I’ll know what a girl’s best SPEND without paying full price in large quantities. It’s the best BUY far!

  53. I would love to try out the new best products on the market instead of making the mistake of buying the wrong products, knowledge is power!

  54. this would give me the opportunity to test new products as i am so busy with my family, it can be hard to keep up with it all!

  55. As my birthday is very close to Christmas I get to celebrate but once a year, with the Bellabox I could celebrate every month and try beautiful products at the same time!

  56. I have been following the same skincare & beauty regime (with only minor variations) for many years so would love to receive samples of new products every month to learn more about what exciting products are available & what is best for my skin as well as updating my image!

  57. I believe in the law of attraction. So now that a tough time has come around and I can’t treat myself as much to beauty products and services I it is still important to look and feel good and attract thoses good times back into my life.

  58. It would be like Christmas every time I get a surprise from Bellabox and that excited happy feeling is the best cream for any beauty regime.

  59. Winning the Bellabox prize would completely change my beauty routine – it would give me one! I am very inexperienced when it comes to all things beauty/makeup related. Please help!

  60. I would never think to use anything outside of moisturiser, foundation and a bit of lipstick, so the chance to add some new products to help with my life makeover I have recently had (new job, new clothes, new hair after a tough couple of years) would really help polish it all off! Thank you for the opportunity.

  61. I’m always looking for new and exciting products to add to my regime. I invest a lot of time into my skin and hair and am always looking to improve. I love the idea of being part of the discovery of a new brilliant product.

  62. Unlike our enviable style sister, Nikki, my sparsely populated bathroom drawers (together with my self-esteem) could use an injection of Bellabox extravagance.

  63. It would allow me to try different brands and exciting new products without having to spend hours shopping around when I’d rather be making the most of every day.

  64. By adding items I’m yet to try and am sure I’ll fall in love with, along with complimenting the beauty items I already own in order to look my absolute best each and every day 🙂

  65. Adding to my beauty box with amazing products that make me feel special. Allowing me to have new products to try, explore, maybe invent a new way to wear them 🙂

  66. Love trying new products and my makeup draw needs a desperate update, love the idea of a box with a variety of products and will feel like xmas every month.

  67. Enhance is a GREAT word for the chaos happening in my home with my beauty products. I need structure, organisation, an ability to just sight a product and use it without having to dig around looking for it! Twenty years ago I was a 30- something gal who had a Caboodle Beauty Box and I was organised, Yes – prepped everyday to looking good and having my beauty products on hand. The passing of time has made me rather lazy, not to mention being extra busy! It’s a case of grabbing a beauty product on special and one that’s not benefitting my skin at all. Bella Box would give me something to look forward to every month and encourage me to take my skin problems seriously. It would definitely boost my self-esteem and encourage me to start taking some pride in myself again. The passage of time has not been kind to my skin not to mention my dis-organisation. Enclosed is a photo of the chaos happening with my beauty products, if that’s what you can call them.

  68. Please help! My makeup bag mainly contains products that are half-used, most are well past their expiry date and I have zero clue on what products to use for my skin type.
    The Bellabox will open my eyes to the endless amazing products out there for me to try and fall in love with.

  69. A Bellabox would encourage to be more adventurous in my beauty routine, I tend to stick to tried and true definitely time I tried something new!

  70. Help! Please get me out of this skincare & makeup rut! I get the same old boring items all the time, it’s just so overwhelming. I’m craving a bit of variety and adventure, but where to start? Bellabox would be a fabulous way to branch out and get the inside scoop on all the latest and greatest beauty products. Would could be better than the anticipation of tearing open that gorgeous box every month!

  71. it would encourage me to ‘step outside the box’ of my current beauty regime. I tend to stick to what I know, never really trying anything new, despite so many factors – including age and environment which should encourage me to find what suits me and my needs at the time.

  72. A Bellabox subscription would enhance my beauty routine because I love trying new products and collecting samples. I never stick to just one product Or brand. I’m using this great eye cream at the moment. But a part of me is hoping each night I apply it that none will come out of the cute little bottle … Because I have a small sample one I am just dying to try. I can’t live without having a few different face masks in all sizes and types. Plus why cleanse your face with the same stuff morning and night? Here look – I’ve even made a nice space for all those Bellabox goodies!

  73. It will help me discover that there’s far more impressive products out there than what i pick up in the $2 bargain bins!

  74. It would open my eyes to new products and experiences. Giving me the chance to try things I may never have seen before and to then share with other friends the rich treasures I’d receive

  75. I am very lazy and very rarely try anything new in my beauty routine; I usually sitck with what I know. This would be a fab way to branch out and see what else I could be trying and doing!

  76. Enhance my beauty kit? It would BE my beauty kit. I am not the “try all of the samples at the chemist” kind of girl (I leave that up to my 11 year old) but am very happy to purchase something on a recommendation of a friend (or blogger). Something new to try each month would be a fabulous kick start for this country girl (no Priceline or department store beauty counter in my main street). Then I would be able to online the best bits

  77. I am a WAHM with 2 small children – I can safely say I never get to the shops to try new things. I will keep using what is in the drawer even if it is not the ‘right’ product. I’d love some variety to help get back into the swing of treating myself!

  78. I’ve been so tempted to join Bellabox but as a mature aged student with a family I just can’t justify it – yet! I would absolutely love the luxury of my very own surprise parcel every month, packed with gorgeous goodies just for me – it would make me feel like a celebrity!

  79. Ooh I’ve heard of Bella Box but you’ve explained it in more detail…sounds amazing, with two teenage daughters I’m sure every product would suit someone around here…would love to win this!!! <3

  80. So many beauty products I dream of trying
    Would be a dream come true
    Pampering myself from head to toe
    Thanks to bellabox & Stylingyou!

  81. I find the range of products out there overwhelming and confusing. A bos of edited supplies would make my life much easier and keep me up to date with what is available

  82. I am a resilient woman living through a drought in Western Queensland every bit of time and effort go into keeping stock alive BUT its harsh on the skin (think freckles and wrinkles) I would just love a bit of something fresh in the mailbox to keep me (not the cattle, ME) going.

  83. I am a resilient woman living through a drought in Western Queensland every bit of time and effort go into keeping stock alive BUT its harsh on the skin (think freckles and wrinkles) I would just love a bit of something fresh in the mailbox to keep me (not the cattle, ME) going.

  84. I’m too embarrassed to share a picture of my stash of beauty products! Being a bit time-poor I don’t have the opportunity to check out what’s new, let alone what I should be using on my face! Bella box sounds like a fab idea!

  85. for someone who loves experimenting and testing new products and sharing my findings with friends and family, there can never be enough products in my ‘beauty kitty’ – it seems to be the right time to grow my ‘kitty’ into a box –> Bellabox!

  86. What an awesome way to try new innotive and amazing products, instead of using the same products I’ve been using for a decade or more

  87. I am currently being beauty shamed on an increasingly regular basis by my 14 year old daughter, both in terms of my knowledge of what beauty products to use and also how to use them. Please Bella Box – save my dignity 🙂

  88. I am currently being beauty shamed on an increasingly regular basis by my 14 year old daughter, both in terms of my knowledge of what beauty products to use and also how to use them. Please Bella Box – save my dignity 🙂

  89. Beauty comes in small packages, especially when that package is a Bella Box with a variety of products that I can try and test to find the perfect products for me. This way my beauty kit is well enhanced and so are the results in my skin, body and hair care regimes.

  90. I would love this for my daughter, she’s just on the path of experimenting with makeup and loves to try new things. I’d love it for me too, but I know she’d be extremely excited to start her beauty kit with this

  91. My Beauty Kit is non existent, I have 3 small children and everything I have goes to them. To win a Bellabox would be a little somethig for me to excited about each month thats only mine.

  92. As a stay at home Mummy of 3yr old and 5mth old girls I have limited opportunity to shop for and try out beauty new products but my skin hair and body NEED attention! my need usually come last in our house so it would be SUCH a treat to have something special arrive at my doorstep once a month just as a treat for me – I don’t have to share right?

  93. I’m so sad, having the worst month of my life. I will be ok, It will never be the same. I will work on things to look forward to.

  94. My beauty kit is virtually non existent! Having lost touch with the latest and greatest in beauty my current regime needs work! What a wonderful way to try the latest and greatest and work out what is best for me! Yes Please!

  95. I adore trying new face and hair products and the way it would enhance my current beauty kit would be immeasurable!! I am too embarrassed to even provide a photo of my current beauty kit but lets just say it’s a hotch potch of more tried and true than new!! I will provide a photo instead of my face with the caption “did you say win a 12 month subscription to Bellabox??”

  96. I’m a beauty kit tragic – I never know what to buy or what I need – so a BB subscription would help me try a great range of products, and take the guess work out

  97. Beauty Kit? What have I been missing out on? I’m 37 and don’t have a beauty kit. I would love to see what all the fuss is about and Bella Box seems a wonderful way to start my beauty kit.

  98. After a few years of basically “feeling like total crap” I visited a new specialist who ordered a gazillion tests and finally hit the nail on the head with a specific diagnosis. So once my new treatment takes full effect (finding the right level of medication) I should start to feel more like 44 instead of 84! A Bellabox surprise each month would help me to glam up my outsides while I’m getting my insides ticking over the way they should and in 12 months time I should be a whole new me!

  99. I get so lost with what to buy. What really works? And more importantly what works for me? A BB monthly subscription would open up a whole new world of opportunities to me. Fingers crossed.

  100. Was just made redundant and turned 40 in the same week so feeling quite second or even third rate at the moment, bellabox would add a surprise just for me each month and would often include products I wouldn’t have even heard of let alone have the opportunity to try.

  101. Excellent question. The BB subscription would enhance my beauty kit by tripling its size with the first delivery! I would love to add to my cheapest-available-tinted-moisturiser, cruddy-eyeliner and gloopy-gluggy-mascara. Actually, I’d like to throw those things out and start all over again, but with some sort of clue as to what I’m doing! (Does the BB come with clear instructions on how to use the items in the BB? #beautynoob)

  102. This could breathe some life back into my struggling beauty kit! After a good look at it, I’m embarrassed to say, it’s stocked with the same products I was using at 20, as I am now at nearly 40…same brands, same colours…no wonder I’m looking as tired as my beauty kit is!!!!!

  103. Having just had my third baby and not looking or feeling my best due to lack of sleep, dry skin & hair & carrying extra post baby weight. A Bellabox arriving at my door each month full of goodies would be just what I need to get back into a beauty routine, feel good about myself & use great quality products. I would be one happy mum!

  104. I have been getting the BB for the past two years and love the surprise of opening the box each month to see what is inside and have found some incredible beauty finds and now have a box I put them all in.

    Unfortunately recently my husband and I had to make some decisions about where we can cut costs so I can afford my cancer treatment and medical expenses and my BellaBox subscription was one of the first things to go. $15 a month mightn’t sound like a lot but when you’re trying to scrape every cent together so you can afford medical expenses it all soon adds up.

    If I won a 12 month subscription it would help me to not only smile each month when the package arrives but it would be like receiving a special gift each month.

  105. As a busy Mum of 3 under 10, my beauty finds are quick grabs from the supermarket or department store. My days of hovering at beauty counters are well gone. Bella Box would reintroduce me to the treasures in the beauty world that I have forgotten about.

  106. Having my immediate family overseas often involve me being
    on Skype or Facetime until the wee hours of the night. I always try to look my best for them, but my usual products and make-up don’t help when trying to look youthful and fresh at that time of the night.
    I would love to try the fantastic quality products of Bellabox to pamper my skin and give my look a refreshed appearance and feel.

  107. To achieve soft skin so sleeky chic, I’d thank these mini SPF-filled
    beauty products, super unique! Little in the palm, will help
    protect lots from harm. Yes please Styling You! Help Lizzie Lou 🙂

  108. As a pregnant woman with ever-changing skin, a Bellabox would help me to work out what my skin needs and feel human after bub!

  109. 55 and feeling a bit “dated” in more ways than one. Bellabox is exactly what I need to help update my look.

  110. It will help me to have quality products in my kit as opposed to the “not-so-nice-but-it-will-have-to-do” Products that I currently have!

  111. I could move on from the trusted beauty tools of my high school years and find some great products that compliment my beauty

  112. As a 50 plus (ouch) women I’m finding my skin is going through many changes and to be able to try new products and be able to find ones that suit me would be wonderful. Bellabox could make my next 50 years a fabulous beauty experience!

  113. Winning a Bellabox subscription would be like opening up my very own unique birthday present…every month; have my own grown up toys to try and keep me as no 1 trendsetter in my house of teenage girls! I’d share of course!

  114. Winning the Bellabox subscription would see me have an opportunity to introduce health and beauty products other than just soap and water into my regime. Working in a very dehydrating aviation career I know I need to be using more than just soap on my skin but simply don’t have the funds or knowledge to know where to start.

  115. I have been looking at the Bellabox for a long time now and wanted to subscribe. However I lost my job almost twelve months ago and have been trying to find something since (it’s literally the hunger games out there). I recently decided to pursue my passion of nursing and go to uni. My partner and I have a mortgage and he takes good care of us but I hate spending money on myself so the beauty thing has gone out the door. I would love the Bella box just to have something to look forward to every month and enjoy being a lady and not feel guilty about being unemployed.

  116. Receiving the Bellabox subscription would mean the world to me. As a pre service teacher the products and knowledge would come in handy.

  117. After losing nearly 30 kilo’s I’m feeling great on the inside , a Bellabox subscription will allow me to enhance the outside .

  118. I’m 54 years old and a bit of a disaster with skincare and makeup. I only use suncream occasionally and would love to sample new products from Bellabox and begin a skincare/beauty regime…..after all you’re never too old to start !

  119. I have really sensitive and find it hard to find products that work it gets expensive to try new things in search of something that does. Would be amazing to have new products delivered to my door each month!

  120. I LOVE beauty products – and love trying new ones! I may have a secret obsession with how products smell lol . The Bella Box would be amazing to try new things and with 2 girls one getting into the age of using products now..i may have to share though.

  121. My mum died when I was fairly young and I never learnt the ins and outs of makeup. A year of Bellaboxes would allow me to try new products and work out what works for me. Also, as a mum of little ones myself now, this would bring a little ‘day spa’ to me each month (and who would say no to that?)! [email protected]

  122. I have Hashimoto’s and my skin and hair always look dull and dry. I hardly wear any makeup because I never know what to use from the thousands of options on the store shelves. I stand in the store trying to figure out what to use and usually go home empty handed and confused. I need some direction to help me try different products and the Bella Box sounds awesome.

  123. I’m 48 and feeling “frumpy” for want of a better word! Something like this Bellabox would allow me to try different products that I wouldn’t normally be able to afford to try, and super exciting to receive a “present” each month beautifully wrapped, and very “female”!

  124. I often have no idea what new products are actually worth investing in. I think a Bellabox subscription could actually take away some of the angst and indecision for me when it comes to choosing new products.

  125. Bellabox has the power to release some hidden potential and transform my current clueless approach to a more confident, informed and “on trend” selection. With the bonus of home delivery. Double whammy winning.

  126. Living in a regional area with no beauty stores, Bellabox is perfect for trialling new products then buying those that suit online. No money wasted!

  127. Living in a regional area with no beauty stores, Bellabox is perfect for trialling new products then buying those that suit online. No money wasted!

  128. Bellabox would enhance my beauty kit beacause I LOVE trying new products and I do like presents in the mail and it would put a smile on my face especially when I have my cervical spinal fusion and won’t be able to drive for at least 3 months,best of luck to everyone Nikki Xx

  129. My 60 plus face is making new demands for skin care and I am constantly refining my regime to make the most of what I have (well not the most of my wrinkles and sun damage but I think you know what I mean). Living in a remote coastal community means I have few chances to in store shop for new products or to get advice. Having new products to trial every month is sure to help me successfully curate my skin care approach and as an avid online shopper I am certain to then purchase through the bellabox store.

  130. Apart from loving surprises in the mailbox, bellabox would be fantastic for me because I’m so clueless! Whenever i shop for cosmetics i become overwhelmed by choice, not really understanding the difference between brands. Sales assistants are disgusted With me and i usually leave empty handed or with something entirely inappropriate for me.

  131. I am a mum surrounded by boys (whom I love with all my heart) and would so love to have some special pampering in my life and as my life is so busy I would not even have to leave my home

  132. As a mum of two, the Bella box would give me the chance to feel a bit glam and try out the products, without having to spend heaps and then focus on the products that definitely work for me!!

  133. Not for me but my mate Deuza Lemos a single mum looking for her dream job who deserves it more than anyone I know. A little bit of special for her life

  134. Great concept! Who doesn’t love beauty products AND a surprise? Double whammy! If I win, it’s yours Annette Luchich, best of luck to you xx

  135. I feel like a bellabox subscription would actually SAVE me money – I’m relatively sure I’m physically incapable of spending less than $40 per Priceline visit! Which all adds up…

    Plus, my sister is usually my go-to for beauty advice and recommendations (next to Styling You, of course!), and she’s just moved to Sydney, which is sad for me but good for her. Having new beauty products arrive on my doorstep would make that a little bit better! 🙂

  136. Anything new to break my lazy bones beauty routine must help. I read with gusto all the info you & Iris May post. Love it. Have good intentions to set off to the shop & restock my supplies. Time gets lost. Busy busy & I end up grabbing my usual bits from the supermarket. I love this idea!
    Thanks Nikki!

  137. I have wondered about these boxes. I love trying new things, like everyone else too. Must admit, I don’t shop in bricks and mortar very much, except Priceline, because it’s about 5 minutes drive away. I hate spending my weekends battling the crowds at our local ‘big’ shopping centre which has a Myer etc. So it’s online for me. Mecca and Adore mainly. This looks like a great way to try something that I might miss! Kathryn 🙂

  138. Living in a regional town limits access to a variety of beauty products. You end up using the same-old items. While online shopping is an option, it can become expensive if the products aren’t quite right. Bella Box would be a great way to trial new items before committing to full-size purchases.

  139. Such a great idea. When I was 14 I subscribed through Dolly magazine to receive a surprise package of makeup each month. I loved it – I received my first ever red lippie in my first box! It’s exciting to discover the benefits of new products which you wouldn’t otherwise have found for yourself.

  140. All the more product for me to experiment with and get creative with my beauty routine. And extras to share with the girls when we make each other over pre party on a Friday night!

  141. I am right in the middle of chemotherapy for ovarian cancer and I am finding my skin undergoing so many drastic changes. I have spent quite a bit already trying to find some products that make me feel great – this would be the perfect chance to sample without the ongoing cost. It sounds like a brilliant way to go.

  142. Looks like a cool box of beauty products. I love beauty products myself and would love to try new products in the market as well as known brands. A 12 month subscription to Bellabox will help me find my next favourite beauty products which will be a great add on to my beauty kit. And if I love the samples in the box, I will definitely buy the full sized products too. 🙂

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