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It’s no secret around here that I love a BB Cream for an everyday beauty look – something quick and easy to enhance my complexion and give it a bit of a glow without a whole lot of fuss – but if I have an occasion or an event to attend, then I don’t hesitate in reaching for the big guns.

A foundation.

The tricky bit is that I want a foundation to give me some coverage and even out my complexion but not give me a caked-on feeling.

Finding all that in a budget price-point has always been a challenge.

Not any more.

Last month Maybelline NY introduced its Dream Wonder Foundation to the Australian market. I was sceptical at first as it takes a lot for me to put my trust in a new formula – especially when it’s something that you need to work for you, not against you.

Maybelline NY Dream Wonder Foundation

The more I use it, the more I’m convinced that you should try it if you’re still looking for the holy grail of foundations – and want to find that foundation in a price range that’s easy on the beauty budget.

Let’s throw in a before and after photo before I get into the reasons why you’ll love this product. I tell you, there is no hiding in that before photo. My current camera picks up EVERY thing. I figure that you would rather see the whole truth and nothing but the truth so here goes …

Maybeline New York Dream Wonder Foundation - Before and After - Sandy Beige shade

The overall difference between the before and after is that my complexion tone has been evened out across my face – airbrushed even. Redness on the nose, chin and cheeks is gone and there’s a more pinky undertone to my skin.

An even complexion is the number one thing I look for in a foundation, as it’s the number one thing that will make us look a younger. Yes, wrinkles show our advancing years but uneven skin tone is even more of a giveaway in that department.

The second thing I look for is how the product sits or blends into the skin. It can’t sit “on” my skin. It needs to become “at one” with my skin. This is the difference between coverage that cakes and coverage that blends and enhances.

The formulation of Dream Wonder is fluid so it will actually surprise you that such a lightweight liquid (it’s 12 times lighter than traditional liquid foundations) can deliver the coverage. It does so thanks to concentrated pigments that give you perfect coverage that’s buildable.

The application is an interesting one too. You need to shake the bottle well before opening up the applicator.

Maybelline NY Dream Wonder Foundation dropper applicator

The applicator is in a dropper shape (see photo above). You dab this one “drop” at a time onto the top of your palm or directly on to your face. Use your finger tips to blend the fluid into the skin on your face. You really don’t need much at all.

Maybelline makeup guru Nigel Stanislaus shows you how in this video.

Dream Wonder is available in eight different shades – I’m wearing Sandy Beige. When trying to find the right shade for you, head to a store that has samples available to try. Place “stripes” of foundation along the jawline – the one that naturally blends to your skin colour is the correct one for you.

You also might find that like me you need a couple of shades. In winter my skin is naturally lighter (and I’m less likely to have had a spray tan) so I like having a couple of colour options available to me at all times.

Maybelline NY Dream Wonder Foundation

I also like that the foundation contains an SPF20+ sunscreen. I’d still wear a 30+ underneath but it’s a good insurance policy if for some unlikely reason I forget.

Want to see how Dream Wonder foundation looks on other Australian women – of different skin tones and ages? Check out this video below.

Maybelline NY Dream Wonder Foundation (RRP $21.95) is available at supermarkets, pharmacies, variety and independent stores.

Tell me, have you tried this foundation yet? Think that it’s a foundation that could be great for your makeup kit?


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  1. Hi Nikki
    I bought this foundation on your recommendation and I love it – it’s lightweight enough for everyday but has enough coverage as well! Thanks so much 🙂

  2. Either the color or the texture is not right for this model. It looks very dry and cakey on her. Either a darker shade or a creamier foundation may look better.

  3. Will have to give it a try when my next foundation runs out. Do you use a primer or do you find it goes on and stays on nicely without it? Love how it evens out the skin tone.

  4. Your skin looks pretty darn good to start with Nikki! 🙂 I’m unfortunately an allergic sort of girl – prone to redness flare ups etc- so am reluctant to move away from the hypoallergenic products . Do you have any comments regarding that ? I would love to change to a lighter feeling & less expensive brand

  5. i think i will definitely be giving this one a try. I love BB cream, Im onto my 4th tube however I do feel I need some extra coverage especially with some slight redness on my chin and nose. Thanks for the write up. x

  6. I definitely will give this one a try,you had me at the word “airbrushed” Nikki I have always liked Maybelline foundations,I find they are the best for a budget one,I also have red tones in my skin,and don’t like thick heavy foundations that accentuate every line I have.Thank you Nikki for trialling this and letting us know how good it is Xx

  7. The foundation that I currently use is no longer available and I am about to run out, and because I want that matte vintage look from my foundation it usually takes me ages to find something that gives me the coverage I want but still has the ability to stand up to the Qld humidity!
    Nikki how did you find this foundation coped in the heat of the day and do you think it might work for what I am wanting?

    1. Hi Mish, it does give a slight matte finish but I’m not sure if it would be enough for your look. I always add powder to my t-section over foundation and this is all I needed to touch-up during the heat of a QLD day.

  8. I sure have tried the Dream Wonder foundation and, like you, the more I used it the more I liked it. I like the way it goes on as easily as a foundation and then settles into your skin to finish light and powdery. A winner in my books!

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