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If someone had told me a year ago that my first blog ambassadorship would be an activewear brand, I think I would have fallen over on the spot.

I’m not a fitness blogger or a nutritional guru. I’m just a 40-something chick who 12 months ago decided to take charge of her health so that she could aim to FEEL the best she could every day.

Part of that has been finding the right exercise mix for me – so that I stick to it!

Another big part of sticking to that exercise mix has been how I feel in my activewear – in a yoga class or out walking the hills near where I live.

I’ve been a fan and a customer of Female for Life for about three years now so when owner Melanie Becker asked me to become the brand’s ambassador for the next six months, I was completely blown away.

You might have read this post I wrote for Female for Life earlier this year? The letter from a reader in that post was a big motivator in saying yes to this role.

That reader shared with me her frustration at wanting to “fit in” with the other women where she exercised and to wear garments that were made for her shape and in a quality fabric that breathed.

I sent her in the direction of Female for Life.

In August when she came to meet me at my Melbourne Unlock Your Style book launch she said she was not only still wearing Female for Life but she was feeling a whole lot better about life as a whole.

To me, that’s the key.

Life is too short not to live it.

Female for Life is inclusive in its size range – catering for size 6-24.  It’s only available online but if you find out your body shape – and which pieces are more likely to suit you – as well as measuring yourself against the size chart, you can’t go wrong.

Sizing is labelled from Petite to Bella and equates easily to Australian and international sizing. I wear the Curvy size which is size 14-16.

Female for Life offers quality activewear made by a small family of sewers in Brazil.  Melanie has been to the village and met the family making her designs and said it felt like meeting her own family.

The quality of the fabrics made in Brazil was what led her there to develop the range in the first place. They are firm but flexible and breathable.

The comfortable, sucker-in quality of the pants is something that you need to feel to believe.

In fact, I remember when my first pants arrived way back when, I looked at them and thought that they wouldn’t actually fit me. How wrong was I?

They stretch, hug and shape, without cutting into you and without falling down when you walk, run or downward dog.

Today I’m sharing with you some of my favourite pieces from the current Female for Life collection. At the end of the post you’ll find a discount code should you want to jump on the Female for Life wagon with me.


Female for Life top and pants - yoga time

Limited edition casual top $79.99 | Limited edition Tigeria pants $99.99

Female for Life top - off to yoga


Walking and brunch


Female for Life top and jacket - walk and brunch

Limited edition Hot Rocket jacket $129.99 | Lovely & Loose top $78.99 | Limited edition Dot Zip Lime pant $87.99 (also available in black)

Female for Life top and jacket - walk and brunch

Female for Life top and jacket - walk and brunch - zip pock handing for card coins and key

Summer power walk

Female for Life jacket top and shorts - summer walking

Limited edition Sport Styling jacket $124.99 | Lovely & Loose top $78.99 | Love My Bum shorts $73.99

Female for Life jacket top and shorts - summer walking

Special offer

Female for Life is offering a $15 discount for new customers. It applies to items not on sale and can’t be used in conjunction with any other offer. Enter nikkilovesffl at the checkout.

* All but two of above featured garments were gifted to me as part of my ambassadorship with Female for Life. I worked two of my existing Lovely & Loose tops into the outfits.

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  1. Looks like great stuff. Sports wear actually does make you feel like exercising, doesn’t it. And material that firms you up whilst still stretching and being comfy is definitely the go. Great light in those photos by the way.

  2. Congratulations, you’ll be a great ambassador. I am totally going to check out Female For Life online. I’ve been looking for some gear to make it easier to get out and doing more exercise. Makes me feel a bit more energised!

  3. I love feeling good about everything I wear, so that has to include exercise gear as I do something active everyday, whether it’s walking, pilates or weights and classes at the gym.

    Many years ago, I used to wear over-sized t-shirts on top of 3/4 tights. Now in hindsight I know I looked much bigger than I was- or even thought I was- at that time! Nowadays I prefer my exercise gear to be a bit more skimming: I think it looks much more like my style and really is much more comfortable once you warm up, than having sweaty clothes stuck to you.

    I’m happy to spend on clothes I wear regularly, that look good, last through multiple washes and make me feel great.

  4. good morning lovely nikki and sy boys and welcome to Adelaide! … a lovely day here … not! … sorry about that for you! … I’m on the south coast and it is worse here!
    have a wonderful launch at the dillons bookshop, they will look after you beautifully! … old stomping ground for me and my family … many good memories there!
    you look great nikki in your workout gear and your whole body shape has changed … good work! … enjoy hun! explained yesterday why I wouldn’t be there tonight! … love m:)XXX

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