5 ways to create Champagne moments in your life

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I’ll be upfront with you. I do not struggle to create Champagne moments in my life.

Far from it, I excel at it.

Champagne is my celebratory drink of choice.

Every milestone moment in my life – and plenty more in between – have been marked with Champagne.

From the moment I hear the sound of the cork popping, to the pouring of the exquisite, bubbly liquid into my glass, there’s a hint of anticipation. And more than a hint of play.

Champagne captures my heart every single time.

It underlines the moment and lifts me out of the mundane into a luxe personal bubble.

It puts me in an immediate playful mood and invariably leads to dancing.

It’s not about quantity. It’s about savouring the quality.

And that’s why these days, I’d much rather spend more to create and play in the moment more (mind you Champagne is more accessible that it once was – and Piper-Heidsieck very much falls into that category).

5 ways to create Champagne moments in your life - PLUS win 1 of 17 pairs of shoes

Date nights

If you have kids then these nights are not an easy feat to organise and execute but I truly believe that if you’re in a relationship they are essential. Going out – just the two of you – gives space for both of you to reconnect without the busy-ness of family and everyday life interrupting – and to play. If you have family available to babysit, great. If not, initiate a date-night-swap with friends who also have kids. You have their kids once a month; in return they have yours. This saves on babysitting costs and as the kids get older, the kids get just as excited about the night with their friends as you do about spending time out together. These nights can be as simple or as extravagant as your budget allows. See a movie together, dine at a favourite restaurant, drink Champagne on the beach, book a night at a hotel near home. Whether it’s a few hours or a whole night, the energy in to your relationship will flow for weeks afterwards.

Lunch with the girls

There is something about a girls’ lunch that has me excited from the moment the date is set. It’s a chance to glam it up (well that’s the case with my girlfriends) and spend a long, leisurely few hours madly talking. Champagne is a given. All First World problems will be solved and you’ll finish the afternoon (or evening) feeling like your soul has been filled. Spending time having fun with women who “get” you, women who support you in the down times and women who celebrate your wins is priceless.

Plan a holiday or weekend escape

I love hanging at home but I also love getting away, exploring new places or revisiting favourite spots. It doesn’t matter if that getaway is down the road or a long-haul flight away, the excitement starts with the planning, the booking and the anticipation. We will also take Champagne with us (or buy on arrival) – it cements the moment and sets the playful tone for the weekend or holiday.

5 ways to create Champagne moments in your life

Create a beautiful meal at home

We love to cook at home with good, fresh food and many of our dates nights are spent doing just that … preparing favourite dishes or simply peeling and eating cooked prawns washed down with a glass of Champagne. The key to these nights working is to keep it simple. It’s not about creating a Michelin-starred dish, it’s about starting with the best of ingredients and then not messing with them too much. It’s about setting the scene with candles, flowers, crockery … employing all your table-scaping skills to make it an occasion, not just a meal.

Design a pair of shoes (you might just win a pair!)

Ok, so this might not be a regular Champagne moment but having designed my own pair of heels with Shoes of Prey I’m ready to play again. Piper-Heidsieck’s Champagne bottle colours provided inspiration, as did the spirit of the season. We’re entering the party time of year and I love nothing more than trotting out a LBD for any impromptu invites. These heels offer the right level of evening glam with a red sparkle surprise that will make me smile every time I wear them. The very much complement a glass of Champagne, yes?

Piper Heidsieck heels


Piper-Heidsieck and Shoes of Prey are giving you a chance to win your own perfect pair of shoes for spring. Design your own pair at Shoes of Prey using a luxurious palette inspired by Piper-Heidsieck, and you could win that design. This month there are 17 pairs to be won. Yes, 17 winners will have a Champagne spring in their step this party season.

To enter and for full terms and conditions, head over to the Piper-Heidsieck page on Facebook. Happy designing … I’ll be judging October’s winning shoes.

5 ways to create Champagne moments in your life

So tell me, does Champagne AND shoes excite you as much as me? When was your last Champagne moment?

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Comments 51

  1. It been far to long between champagne moments that I literally can’t remember when I last had champagne… Always the driver.
    But next month I have a ball to go to with hubby, a room in town is booked and I’ll be sporting a long backless red ball gown. This definitely calls for champagne a plenty & the chance for some fancy shmancy heels!!!!

  2. Champagne is such a happy drink…all the sounds, the POP (or gentle pop as purists would insist on)…the hissing as it is poured…the crackle of bubbles…the clink of the glasses as we toast whatever the moment, and the look of smiles all round. Who can be sad with all that going on?
    I doubt very much you would hear a song about “Crying in your Champagne”…save that for beer 🙂

  3. Nikki so glad to hear you’re a bubbles lady – I am ABSOLUTELY a champagne moment girl as is my mum. Every family event she will ask “Champagne?” with a twinkle in her eye and she brings one with her for visits (or several). Piper Heidiseck is a good one. Mum popped off to Perth for a vintage car rally recently. So cute. She’s 78 now and I’ve attached a pic of her gussied up for the Presentation Dinner in her 1920s inspired outfit just before she grabbed a glass no doubt. Here’s to champagne!

  4. I love a glass of champagne to share with someone on any occasion or no occasion at all!! Pipers is definitely a fav, and more recently Bollinger which may have been consumed on the deck Friday afternoon with a girlfriend or two!! x

  5. LOVED the comp – so much fun designing shoes! Last champers moment was last week when my mum sold her unit – yay! The move to Melbourne is complete! Have a great weekend Nikki xo

  6. My last champagne moment was with my friends of 35 years, it was a celebration of making it to 50 and looking forward to the next 50

  7. Ooh-la-la Piper – possibly my fave bottle of champers!
    I love making ay excuse to pop open a bottle of bubbles. Last Saturday night was the last time I enjoyed a glass {or 6} with my girlfriends at a friend’s engagement party. And the time before that – the weekend before – when hubby and I cracked open a Chandon when the bank approved our loan application to build our new home. Love me a good glass of champers – and even more so in Summer. C x

  8. Any time is champagne o’clock to me! My last champagne moment was a couple of weeks ago for a ‘big’ birthday celebration, where champers and cocktails reigned supreme! On the night I also happened to be wearing a beautiful pair of heels from Shoes of Prey! I have size 12 feet so it’s really difficult to get shoes to fit that are in the tiniest bit glamorous. The pair I designed not only look beautiful, they fit like a glove! For me, they are worth the cost for a special occasion. xx

  9. Champagne is my drink of choice so I have some ‘almost’ every night (cos of course I have my 2 alcohol-free nights a week!!!). Generally it’s consumed in the bath while I’m reading. EVERY NIGHT (‘cept those two. Of course!).

  10. Champagne and shoes make me squeal. My last champagne moment was my first date with my partner 5 months ago <3

    1. Snap – I have 2 in my fridge at the moment – one Moet and one Pipers and it is just divine knowing they are ready and waiting for the right moment (and that moment may just be that I have them chilled and ready to go!!)

  11. I do love champagne! Champagne for everyone!! We have Moët on the ready for youngest toilet training success celebration. Been 2 weeks at home and our little man has ticked all the boxes and made us very proud. Celebrating with friends at local tennis club BBQ tonight

  12. Ahhhhh Nikki, you speak my language ; ) And it just happens to be Friday…Friday 5 o’clock is my favourite champagne time (who doesn’t want to celebrate the end of the week?!)…off pop a bottle of the Piper Heidsieck in the fridge – haven’t tried this one, so very much looking forward to it.

  13. We love champagne moments so much we wrote our wedding vows fuelled by the bubbles – which led to our wedding ceremony including toasting each other with more bubbles! Happy memories 🙂

  14. I can’t wait to do this Nikki ,I am going to Create the very best champagne moment shoes ever,and because of my knee I can’t have sexy high heels anymore (love yours btw) …
    My favourite drink is a Bellini champagne with a touch of peach yum,have a great weekend Nikki with the Woogs it’s supposed to be a gorgeous weekend xx

  15. My drink of choice is champagne. To me is says, party, reward and celebration, so I’m very lucky to work for a business that has the drinks fridge stocked with bubbly for Friday afternoon staff drinks. Every small celebration (Yay! It’s Friday!) is better with champagne, but a special dinner at home with my husband would be my favourite.
    As for shoes, well I just love them. Sometimes that don’t love me back and I’m currently “grounded” by a knee problem that has me searching out interesting flats . However the fact that my shoe buying habit was referred to in 3 speeches at my wedding over 16 years ago, speaks to the longevity of that love affair.

  16. Champagne has always been my favourite drink !! And shoes !! My two favourite things !!My last champagne moment was with a glass of rosé Moët while strolling around ‘France’ in the World Showcase, Epcot, Walt Disney World, Florida !!

  17. Champagne and shoes! Delicious combination. Conjures up party nights out with friends followed by a couple of days of sore knees from all that dancing, love it!!

  18. good morning nikki! … “when the student is ready, the teacher appears!”
    … no I actually do not need any lessons around this! … I’m good at it!
    ie. shoes especially and champagne in the past … I do miss those first bubbles to get me started! … dancing, singing, being silly getting me out of my shell or cave! … can still have one if I wish! ;0
    always done those very things and more!!! … enjoy the journey! … <3 it!
    and you! … cheers m:)X
    btw hope your throat is getting better! X

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