1 minute makeup

The one minute makeup

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You know I’m not one to fuss around when it comes to spending time on my everyday makeup routine don’t you?

Sure, if I need to get my fancy schmancy on then I’ll go all out and allocate appropriate time or out-source to achieve the required level of makeup brilliance to suit the occasion.

But if it’s for the day-to-day, I’m a lazy-girl from way back.

Not so lazy that I go without. Judge away if you like but I do feel more put together if I’ve slapped on a bit of a face.

Doesn’t have to be much and usually takes me two minutes max.

The advent – and my enthusiastic embracing – of BB and CC creams (if BBs and CCs seems like a foreign language to you, here’s a link to all the posts I’ve ever written about them) has certainly made this task all the easier because if my complexion is evened out then I’m most of the way there.

This week I’ve nailed a one minute makeup scenario using five new-ish products – including a CC cream from NIVEA – that have landed on my desk and were promptly put to work in the Styling You bathroom.

This combination is one that makes me look fresh (when I’m mostly not feeling so fresh). It may work for you too.

1 minute makeup


1. Garnier Skin Naturals Perfect Blur $16.95: Consider this your Instagram filter but one that you can walk around with on your face all day. It’s a makeup primer that creates a smooth base for what you put on top but it also has magic properties that reflect light so that your skin looks all kinds of fabulous. Love the matte finish and love the price point of this product for what it does.

2. NIVEA Q10 Plus CC Cream $19.55 (the product pictured is the NIVEA Daily Essentials Tinted Day Cream not the new CC Cream): This is NIVEA’s first offering in the BB/CC market and it’s a good one. It combines the power of its Q10 wrinkle-fighting formula with the colour correction properties to even out and brighten skin tone. I find the hydration components to be good for my skin, which is on the dry side. Would love to see a higher SPF than the SPF 15 but this would work for me most days as I spend the majority of my time inside.

3. Maybelline NY The Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara Smoky Eyes $19.95:ย I haven’t met a Maybelline mascara that I haven’t loved and by rights this one should only come out when teamed with a smokey eye. But one morning I accidentally reached for this baby and my eyes loved the results. In a one-minute routine like this where I’m not adding eye colour or eye liner, it works to pop those peepers in a lazy-girl way.

4. Ere Perez Bondi Blush Pure Rice Powder $31.90: I may do all of the above very quickly but when it comes to adding some “icing”, if you like, I’m all about the glow. Love any product that makes me look like I have a glow when I very much do not. In the interests of lazy-girl application, I swish the colours in this blusher together and apply from the temples down to the tops of my cheekbone. This is a vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and non-chemical product.

5. NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Decanso $39:ย My lip colour collection is vast. Can’t leave home without something on my lips. You’ll find lipsticks, glosses, hybrid gloss/lipsticks and now crayons. Love how they go on soft and creamy and keep your lips hydrated. Application is a cinch because you can angle the crayon like a liner, line the lips and then fill.

So tell me, do you put a quick face on before heading out the door each day? Share your lazy-girl makeup routine in the comments below.

  • I have grown to appreciate the simply makeup routine. I have been going for the less is more lately, too.

  • Katherine

    I need some help with eyes…..what are you supposed to do if you wear glasses???? i can’t see what i’m doing without them so end up with mascara on my skin over the lash line. then i’m trying to clean up by poking a cotton bud up or down inside my glasses……first world problem but anyone got any tricks???

    • I wear glasses but can still see when applying makeup so I’m not much help sorry!

    • J

      Get a magnifying mirror.

    • Kerry

      you can buy make up glasses where one lens folds down while you do the other eye …. search online

  • Dianna

    Photo says the Nivea is SPF 8, not 15 as mentioned in the article. Just FYI.

    • Yes if you see the clarification in the copy Dianna, it should make sense.

  • Gillie

    Love the looks. I’m allergic to any skin creams or sunscreen, so never wear them, except for Hamiltons bath oil and water smoothed my skin. I’m a great sun dodger too.
    Soft smudged twist up eye pencil in greens/ aqua/olive, mascara dark brown, several coats, lipstick, usually a base colour and one to bring right colour to skin and outfit, AND always tiny bit of gel to wayward eyebrows,takes no time and I have multiples of the colours I like in several places round the house in case I can’t get bathroom time…and brush my teeth!
    Breakie on the smile is bleh, as is a chocolate line on the nose from a coffee!
    Front of my mobile phone makes a quick check mirror when I’m out, then off to the ladies to fix mess!

  • Pna03

    I bought the perfect blur today and Nivea cc cream. Instructions for blur says apply after day cream so do you apply nivea cc cream 1st or another moisturising cream and then the blur and then cc

    • It’s confusing, isn’t it?! I would put a normal moisturiser on, then blur, then CC. I always need the extra moisturiser so would do this under my CC or BB anyway.

    • Percival

      Moisturise —> Primer —> foundation/bb/cc cream.

      Give your moisturiser a few minutes to absorb before applying your primer, then again wait a couple minutes for your primer to settle before applying your foundation. A cc cream doesn’t necessarily need a primer underneath, but it will give you a smoother finish and minimise the appearance of pores and fine lines, as well as helping your makeup stay on and looking fresh for longer.

  • Chilipadi1

    I think you forgot one important step – eyebrow taming! Or is that just me? My present weapon of choice for keeping those wayward hairs in place is SpeedBrow by Benefit.

    • Great product but I must say apart from my monthly threading tidy-ups I’m very lazy-girl with my brows!

  • Shelley Wake

    The perfect blur cream is amazing! I went out and bought some not really expecting much. But I have to say it is fantastic! My skin feels really soft even after wearing under foundation all day. Great hunting Nikki

    • Oh that’s great to hear Shelley – awesome product!

      • Chilipadi1

        That Blur Cream is just great. It feels amazing when you put it on and I am getting compliments galore. Thank you so much for the suggestion.

  • Vicky

    Where is the nivea cc cream stocked? I am actually in NZ and it’s definitely not here. But I could get someone in Aus to send it to me ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Kylie Johnson

    I saw the ‘blur’ cream the other day and I was really intrigued. I actually I thought I’d see what you thought of it before buying it! Now I know, I’ll head off to Priceline!

  • Perfect solution for girls on the go – I love anything that gets me out the door super quick in the morning!

  • Petra

    I haven’t heard of a CC cream, so will click on your link to see what it’s about. Funny how us women are always on the look-out for better creams, coverage etc etc! It’s a fun game to play!

    • Petra

      Just read it – thanks heaps – now I know!

  • Louise

    What a great selection. I went straight online and bought a couple of the products. I love blogs like this!

  • Norlin Mustapha

    Yeah, I love a really quick put-together look and BB Creams are my bestie right now. I’ve tried CC Cream, but am trying to wrap my head around it still, when comparing to BB’s. Oh this double alphabet stuff is mixing my brain up! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I think there it’s all just a jumble. There are BBs that are more colour correctors and CCs that are more like BBs. Finding one that works can be a mine field but worth the trialling!

  • Lee Dowd

    Nikki, I bought the Dermalogica age perfect primer and Nars illuminator that you featured in summer and have never looked back . Luv and luv!!!

  • Mish Young

    I saw the Garnier Perfect Blur yesterday while taking advantage of the Priceline 40% off [ended yesterday] but I didn’t pick any up & now I wish I had! Sounds like a good excuse to pop to the shop on Saturday ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yes, those Priceline sales are winners, aren’t they … still good value at full price!

    • shimmmergirl

      Noooo, I saw it there last week. I should have just bought it. I love a good sale.

  • Since having a baby 17 months ago I’m suddenly okay with going out the door sans-make up. I now often do the groceries with a bare face. I’m not sure if it’s me being comfortable in my skin, or just being lazy ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Love the post, will be looking into that Perfect Blur thing!

  • barbarabriguglio

    I can’t leave home without at least a tinted moisturiser, lippie and a little swish of cream blush.
    At my ‘advanced’ age I can’t get by au natural these days ๐Ÿ™‚

    Nikki, where can you get that Nars lip pencil? Myers?

    • Me neither! NARS is stocked at Mecca Cosmetica and Mecca Maxima.

      • The Perfect LBD

        Oh Lord… Mecca Maxima – dangerous!… as close to Sephora as we can get for now. Still don’t have all my favourites but pretty darn awesome

      • barbarabriguglio

        Thanks Nikki

  • Benison O’Reilly

    Wher e can you get the lip pencil, Nikki? Looks just my style & colour.

    • Mecca Cosmetica Benison – linked above.

      • Benison O’Reilly

        Thanks Nikki

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Yes most days I must have a bit of a face on mainly to even out the redness in my skin!I do like the sound of that Garnier Perfect blur sounds great I do like an Instagram filter.I am a lazy girl when I comes to everyday make up,will be checking out these new products,thank you Nikki for reviewing them!

  • robynsgoneagain

    I also have 2-minute out-the door-routine. I love Total Effects for starters and a light covering of Nude Mineral Powder. After seeing it on your website i tried the Essence Eyeliner and its great, especially the price. My Rimmel mascara lasts all day and I always have a Maybeline lipstick not too far away. Out the door – easy!!

  • Angie B

    Oh just what I was looking for! I love the BB cream but so want to try the CC – does it give a nice foundation-y coverage Nikki?

    • No Angie, it’s more a tinted moisturiser type coverage so may not be what you’re looking for? For a foundation type coverage in BB I’d look at Jane Iredale or Clarins.

      • Angie B

        Ok, thanks heaps that was the info I was wanting! Im off to get the mascara – love your posts!

      • Katherine

        also the Clinique moisture surge that’s tinted is really good. i find the Clarins one too strongly perfumed personally.

  • The Perfect LBD

    The Garnier Perfect Blur sounds a goer… Nikki I am right in thinking it might be a less expensive version of my #1 product Benefit Porefessional? or is it more about smoothing and reflecting rather than filling? Or is there a better pore-spackfiller hanging in your draw of makeup magic?

    • It’s similar but doesn’t have a colour to it like the Porefessional has. That’s a very good product and I do have it in my kit too. Dermalogica’s Skin Perfect is more of a match but similar in price. This is worth a try to see how it stacks up as price is good.

      • The Perfect LBD

        Will do!… the lack of colour isn’t a problem – filling in the ridge I have on my nose from ‘piggy rubbing’ as a child is!
        Thanks for the tip

  • Annette Hill

    I must be ‘so lazy’ a lot because I often go make up free day after day – having said that, I agree Nikki – BB creams are the business for a quick routine. I use Garnier and an Art Deco concealer if my skin is misbehaving. It’s a little creamy one, and by far the best I’ve ever used – stays put all day long! That, sometimes a little mineral powder over it, mascara, blush, lippy and shazam, I’m out the door. You know i mean business if there’s eyeliner. Might try that ‘perfect blur’ – my blank canvas could use a little help : )

  • Cstar

    Big fan of these types of post and yesterday’s post, oh and the Model and me posts . Love a well priced product or two. I am a Benefits porefessional gal but happy to try Garnier as less $$, Garnier BB all the way then Revlon for heavy duty make up fix, Chanel lippy for a bit of posh and I get my glow from Clinique. No brand loyalty for me!

    • I do love a Chanel lippy for a bit of posh. My fave is Madamoiselle. Have it on today!

  • Tamsin Walker

    I do love my workout days though, because no makeup makes for a super quick exit from the house!! I do like using a makeup brush, I’ve only started using one and it can make application quick. I like my Esteรฉ Lauder double wear, it actually stays on all day. Although maybe if I tried putting my primer on under the BB cream that might last ok, but I feel it wipes off too easily.

    • Yes, some of the BB creams disappear very quickly. Others have more of a foundation consistency. In either case a primer does help as a binding agent between the skin and the product.

  • I thought my 5 minute face was pretty good…until you knocked it out the park with 1 minute! Loving the sound of the Garnier ‘Perfect Blur’ and the new Maybelline mascara (I do love a Maybelline mascara too). Will be adding them to the shopping trolley this weekend!

    • I have a five-minute one on today Sonia … out to lunch so more of an effort with the eyes and using foundation!

  • merilyn

    morning nikki, thankyou for the tips … vv lazy when it comes to make up but people always say I have lovely skin … whatever! a funny story cut short was when we stayed at my daughter’s place near Tewantin and I went to the chemist for a few makeup products. the woman was soo helpful and I ended up with a lovely innoxa primer, a Revlon mineral cream makeup in compact love them! but she told me discretely that what I had on was far too dark! … which was evident in the light of the shop … my daughter’s bathroom was so dark [‘queenslander’ albeit I love them!] and mr m hadn’t said anything … been for lunch and shopping at noosa looking like a clown! oh well … toned down later in the day! worth s giggle! lol m:)X

    • What a lovely lady to help you out! It is tricky getting that colour match right when lighting is not ideal.

  • Ebony Roberts

    Hi Nikki, I would love a couple of quick piccies of this look if you get the chance – especially that mascara, it sounds amazing! I have been using Maybelline’s ‘The Rocket’ which I love, but I’m thinking about amping up the lashes a little for a change. Thanks!

    • Sure … will pop it up tomorrow on Instagram. I’ve done more of a makeup today as I’m going out for lunch.

      • Ebony Roberts

        Oh lovely, thank you!
        Enjoy your lunch – I hope you can send some of that sunny Brissy weather over here in NY! I miss it so much!

  • Kathryn

    If I’m going out of the house I will put makeup on. As there is very rarely a day where I stay in, I do my face every morning and it’s just about always a quick 2-3 min routine. Thanks for the product suggestions. I find that the YSL Touche Eclat works well for me to brighten me up on days when I need it (like today), but I’ll be having a look at the Garnier product.

  • Marie Gardner

    I use garnier BB cream at the moment as well as their roll on concealer under my eyes etc followed by a bronzer which atm is Aldi’s Lacura brand bronzing pearls which is good as it’s not too dark & I am very fair skinned. ( I bought this to try when it was reduced at Aldi so thought it was worth a try & has been surprisingly good – wish I’d bought more now!) I use whatever lipstick I feel like & that matches my outfit on the day & only wear eyeshadow, liner & mascara when I am going out for lunch, dinner etc as I am lazy! I do love the idea of your lip crayon Nikki & might give this a go. The Garnier Perfect blur also sounds good.

    • Great routine you’ve got going there Marie. I’ve heard good things about the Aldi range – great to hear from a reader too.

  • I do Benefit Pore-fessional, whatever BB cream is kicking around (I think I’m using a Dermalogica one right now… smells like lavender… I’m sure you know which one I’m talking about!), that little Garnier under-eye rolly concealer, Nars blush in Orgasm, a swipe of of mascara and I’ve been using Maybelline Baby Lips recently. LOVE. Just a hint of colour and lovely and moisturising. That’s the bare minimum. I’ll usually do a bold lip or navy lined eyes for evening or events!

    • Smags we so could go to each other’s houses and not bring any makeup with … very similar approach!

  • Kathryn

    Hi Nikki, I’ve seen the ad for the Garnier product on telly and had been wondering about it. Have to pop into the shops on my way to work this morning ๐Ÿ˜‰ so I might grab one. Loving your blog! Have a great day, Kathryn

    • Let me know what you think and thanks for reading!

      • Kathryn

        Well…I bought Garnier Moisture Match AS WELL! Looking forward to trying both. Boy, retail therapy on the way to work was so good ๐Ÿ™‚ BTW I am SkinnerKathryn on Instagram I often comment on your posts. I will get on to this problem of not being able to post my photo on here. I think I have to upgrade my Java thingy, feel like a stalker though having no photo!

  • My routine at the moment is Garnier BB undereye cream as concealer then BB cream all over and Bobbi Brown bronzer if I’m feeling enthusiastic. Then mascara (love maybeline collosall and volume express ranges), a swipe of bronze eyeshadow and a swipe of pencil eyeliner on the bottom lash line if I can be bothered!

    • Very good and effective line-up there Steph!

      • Thanks Nikki. I’m thinking about doing popping my YouTube cherry by doing a video of my lazy girl makeup for my blog soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Love when you share new beauty products with us. I will definitely be giving some of them a try. My routine is pretty simple as well. Consisting of BB cream and a little powder and mascara with a little eyeliner.