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Things I’m loving

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When I picked up Master SY from school last Friday he told me “it feels like I’ve been here forever”. I tell, you those words were music to my ears.

To have him settle so quickly and easily into a new school is just such a weight off the parental side of my brain.

Me? I think I’m assimilating quite nicely to my new natural habitat.

Part of my natural habitat assimilation process has involved a significant amount of eating and drinking as is evidenced by the things I’m loving this month.

Stokehouse Brisbane did not disappoint.

Stokehouse Brisbane

Redskin flavoured macarons, anyone?

Stokehouse Brisbane

Had heard that Kettle and Tin offered up a damn fine Bloody Mary so took it upon myself to verify that over a recent Sunday brunch. Status: VERIFIED.

Kettle and Tin Paddington, bunch of goat's cheese proscuitto omelette and bloody mary

Grappino just across the road from Kettle and Tin lived up to its reputation. Look at those fine Moreton Bay Bugs in a mighty fine risotto.

Grappino Paddington

Good food has also come out of our kitchen. It’s amazing how many brownie points are achieved by every Sunday baking just one thing for the lunch boxes. This pineapple and raspberry-topped lemon and coconut cake was a hit (if you have a Thermomix it’s the lemon and coconut cake recipe in the Everyday Cookbook with my own variation).

Lemon and coconut cake topped with pineapple and raspberries

As was throwing some craisins into a batch of ANZAC biscuits.

Anzac biscuits with craisins

Drinks-wise, when a girlfriend gives you mangos from her prolific tree, you are left with little choice but to make frozen mango daiquiris. Yes? (Ring is from Vintage Pip as I know you’ll ask. It is indeed fabulous.)

frozen mango daiquari

And bless that girl Baby Mac … look what she sent us in the post last week. A SodaStream. Now my non-drinkies days will be fancy too. If I’ve got fresh soda water and a squeeze of lime in a jar with a straw then I’m good to go and feeling extremely virtuous.

soda stream

Even lazy meals are healthy around these parts. Our butcher, Meat at Billy’s, has all kinds of pre-prepared good stuff (highly rate the pork medallion and lamb kofta and haloumi kebabs below) and now I’ve finally got myself to Botanica Real Food, I’ve got the salads sorted too. The sweet potato wedges? We toss these in a drizzle of olive oil, maple syrup and nutmeg and bake. Delish.

Meat at Billy's Botantica Real Foods

Someone on Instagram did point out that I do eat a whole lot of food and she couldn’t understand how I stayed so svelte.

Bless. Never considered myself svelte but I am all about quality over quantity … and thankfully in my new habitat whenever I step foot outside I’m greeted with a hill. I’ve been making friends with those hills, I tell you. And I’ve been getting my namaste on twice a week at yoga (can highly recommend Cue Yoga at Red Hill). Good to have a new routine in place.

Walking the hills of Brisbane

Walking the hills of Brisbane

I’m a regular flower buyer. Love them in the home. Lately been very lucky to be on the receiving in of flowers from other people. Love this arrangement by Divine Flowers that came to me thanks to a divine friend.

Flowers by Divine Flowers

And love these that came from the garden of Megan from Bungalow Living.

Fresh garden flowers

Speaking of Bungalow Living … Megan came visiting to show me some of her cushions. Somehow she knew I had a thing for cushions. Don’t know how really? Here’s some I prepared earlier. (The one front left was a gift from Cushionopoly)

Cushionoply cushion, I love linen kantha quilt

Word has apparently spread about my obsession with interest in soft furnishings. I’ve been interviewed for a story about cushions and was forced to not only count them all up but to nominate a favourite. Tough questions and #firstworldproblems rolled into one interview, my friends.

And one last thing I’m really loving right now. The next stage of my book is here. Received a first look at the designed pages in the mail yesterday. Exciting times.

Unlock Your Style by Nikki Parkinson Hachette Aug 2014

Tell me, name three things you are loving this month? Share your list below.

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  1. * I’m loving the super-hot weather which is making me actually GO for a swim every evening when I get home.
    * I’m loving social media (as always)
    * I’m kinda loving, but scary at the same time, the new direction I’m considering taking, regarding my career and online presence. Hopefully I can make the big decisions soon!

  2. 1. I’m loving that my boss decided to take me to Bali with her for 5days.
    2. Loving the high distinction I just received for a subject at uni
    3. Loving Hot Yoga classes, addicted actually!

    So glad your move has transitioned well! Seems like a bit of an adventure whenever you walk out the door!

  3. What a happy post. And excellent news that Master SY has settled so well into his new school. I’m loving: 1. my new rug….sigh…it’s perfect.http://www.domayneonline.com.au/homewares/decorator-items/rugs/aura-circles-rug-marine.html 2. lots of new plants out in the front garden – more greenery and flowers, thanks to hubby and 3. I’m surprised about this one, but I’m loving mineral water, ice and lemon. I’m doing Febfast and really enjoying my alternative evening tipple. It’s refreshing on these hot nights. Although I am looking forward to more Campari spritzers in March 😉

  4. That food all looks so good! My stomach certainly seemed to voice it’s opinion on them! Love the cushions and your ring is fab!

    1- Day dreaming about moving to Melbourne, fingers crossed it will happen this year.
    2- Getting emails, and validation on what I do, means something to someone.
    3- Snuggles with my cat!

  5. This post made me smile. So happy to hear you and the family are settling into Brisbane so darn well! As for me…
    1. Chilli jam. We have an amazing bakery around the corner from our place who make their own chilli jam which they sell in jars. We whack it on just about everything!
    2. French Champagne, specifically Mumm. Chris bought me a bottle for Valentine’s Day which we enjoyed together. It’s all the more special because we remembered the tour we did of the Mumm Champagne caves while on our honeymoon.
    3. Friends made online. I’ve been fortunate to gather the most amazing group of friends through social media and blogging. They are incredibly supportive and caring and down right hilarious (not to mention stylish) and I’m so grateful for them.

  6. So happy to hear Master SY is enjoying his new school, you can’t help but worry if they will be OK 🙂

    1. Even though I’m still technically three weeks behind, I’m passing all of my study & even got one unit complete in a week!
    2. Amending plans for our trip to Thailand in June/July – I’ll actually get to wash & swim with an Elephant, which is high on my bucket list!
    3. New routine at work seems to be working out, just needing to tweak a few things.
    4. Birthdays & celebrations galore since January started – Australia Day, my Mum’s 70th, hubby’s 52nd, a friend moving into their own place, hubby’s best mate 62nd & heaps more besides!
    Sorry I just couldn’t stop at three, until posting this reply I didn’t realise how lucky I am 🙂

  7. You have some good things going on Nikki & it’s lovely to hear you are all settling in so well- especially Master SY 🙂

    Three good things in my life…
    My boys. At various times they all drive me crazy ( especially the teenager!) but they are the best.
    The ladybaby growing in my belly. It’s exciting knowing that our family will be complete soon.
    All the baked goods coming out of my kitchen. If only I could figure out a way to make this a job so I didn’t consume so much of it all…

      1. I love that story! It’s just about making a plan & taking that first step isn’t it? If only I wasn’t so fearful…one day 🙂

  8. 1. Shoe buying at the end of summer shoe sales.
    2. Being in a job finally where I get to work ‘normal’ hours
    3. My DH and the fact that the teens are entering a new ‘settled’ stage in life.

  9. Three things I am loving…… that our summer season pool is still open and I am still swimming everyday, that the work train is still moving and that the girlies have settled into school again. No need to ask for anything more. Love your view

  10. I am so please that your son has settled in to his new school happily ,it’s a big weight off your mind.it looks like a lovely place you have moved to except for the hills I am not a fan,I can’t wait to buy and read your book Nikki!
    Three things I am loving my increased intake of fruit and veggies and trying some whole food recipes,the love on Instagram and I am finally seeing a rheumatologist to sort out my joint problems(my GP thinks I have another auto immune disease) it will be great to actually know the cause.
    I love the things you are loving those cushions and flowers and meals look lovely Nikki ,glad your so happy in your new house x

    1. Oh Lisa, I hope you get some extra help with your joint problems. I’m seeing a new GP this week who is supposed to be a bit of a holistic thyroid specialist so I’m hoping for some good long-term health direction too.

      1. Yes I hope so too ,I will know more in 2 weeks but she thinks I have a condition called RSD not set in stone yet though!
        I do hope your new GP is helpful with your thyroid problems and is nice too my GP is the best xx

  11. 1. My mum coming to visit for a week tomorrow and the prospect of being able to get out of the house and exercise every day without a 6 month old throwing sophie the giraffe out of the pram or grumbling because of hunger, thirst, tiredness or mysterious baby ways….

    2. Joining the library for the baby – she checked out 10 books and although I still know Hairy Maclary off by heart it is lovely to diversify.

    3. Black and gold accessories. I’ve always been a silver girl but I bought this Kate Spade wallet (http://www.polyvore.com/kate_spade_new_york_city/thing?id=97338468 ) and discovered that my iPhone cover (gold and white chevron) and my gold leopard print shopping bag made for a bit of a trend!

  12. after having thyroid surgery this month, it looks like I was sliced across the throat, upside great halloween costume built it, but i’m LOVING that I will have an accuse to wear scarfs in any format I wish, every day!! Also loving the two weeks of that require bed rest……. time to research my little business idea on the internet, and loving my kids moving into the new year and all the reactions of uni and high school

  13. 1. Brought a cold pressed juicer – best gadget ever!
    2. I’m trialling a Mon-Fri month rotation at work – Hello Sat-Sun at home 😉
    3. My girl is on her second placement at a Brisbane law office…she’s as happy as a skylark and loving life = Happy Mumma

  14. Happy you are all settled and the family is happy too.
    Love all your pics and so excited for the progression of the book coming along. Cannot wait!

  15. This post also makes me happy to live here!
    We are really lucky to live in such a lovely place!
    This post also makes me want to buy some more cushions!

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