A simple summer makeup look

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I’m almost there.

Packing and unpacking is bad enough but add in record January temperatures and then yesterday’s humidity of a gazillion percent and, let’s just say, I’m a little over it.

Call me crazy but do you know what’s getting me through … apart from nightly glasses of icy cold Villa Maria Sauv Blanc?

Thinking about what I’m going to wear (thanks #everydaystyle) AND popping on a simple summer makeup.

It only takes two minutes and just gives me a little lift each morning.

Here’s a video showing a glimpse of the new SY bathroom and what I use.


Product details

Simple summer makeup - two minutes for a fresh glow

1. Dermalogica Age Smart Skinperfect primer. Cannot get enough of this baby. My BB cream collection is being neglected because of it. Enough said.

2. NARS Illuminator in Orgasm. An oldie but a fave. Use all over or just as highlights. Either way you’ll be faking it till you make it.

3. Covergirl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm in Haute Pink Twist. Pink picks me up when I’m running on reserve.

4. Benefit They’re Real mascara. Tired eyes get the boot with a quick application of They’re Real.

5. (not pictured) Mineral or foundation powder of choice

… and voila …

how to create a simple summer makeup look

Do you have a simple summer makeup look? Share below what you pop on.

  • josstheboss

    My goodness – can I just say one of the biggest things that stood out to me here was Villa Maria Sav Blanc. It is my new favourite summer wine, first discovered by us down at doug & pearl in Cleveland. You have excellent taste as always. 🙂

  • josstheboss

    My goodness – can I just say one of the biggest things that stood out to me here was Villa Maria Sav Blanc. It is my new favourite summer wine, first discovered by us down at doug & pearl in Cleveland. You have excellent taste as always. 🙂

  • Peta

    Hi Nikki, I was soooo glad to hear that other people also like to do a simple makeup even tho you might be only staying at home that day, I feel so much better to know that it is not just me who does this!!! I do agree that it just gives you a lift!
    I have been trying to perfect the ‘day at home’ look and have been struggling a little, so thanks very much for the blog, I am so keen to try the primer and illuminator now.
    Lately I have tried the Mac prep n prime BB compact which is quite light but almost seems to have worn off by the end of the day, and highly recommend Lanolips in Mulberry as a perfect lip colour/look for a simple make up face!
    Happy New year to you and your family 🙂

  • Beccs72

    Love the video… More more more!

  • My summer makeup look is actually my Year Round Everyday Makeup Look because I am very low key (read: lazy and lacking skills)! I use 6 products: primer, mineral pressed powder foundation, brow dust, mascara, blush and lipstick. A hot pink lip really is a miracle worker!

    • And you have age on your side my lovely one – you always look gorgeous. And rock a pink lip like nobody’s business!

  • Em

    Agree – love the dermalogica primer. A little goes a long way! I also think it’s worth having the SPF even on an inside day – you still get exposure. I also quite like the face of Australia one but isn’t tinted so use it under a bb. Love the benefit mascara but have been using maybelline one by one volume express having picked it up for half price and it’s pretty good too. As for illuminator – I’m a recent covert to the glow. Perhaps also coincides with my entry to my mid 40’s! With a pop of lippy colour that me most days too!

    • Love my Maybelline mascaras too … always in my makeup collection and any way I can add glow, I do too!

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Very well timed post Nikki ,love your new bathroom btw looks lovely and I agree totally about the Dermalogica primer it is the bomb ,love it. I can also recommend australis makeup spritz it is a spray that you spray in your face after makeup and works well,also works as a cool down spray.
    I am glad you are getting through your unpacking and hope you are finished soon.
    I need all the help in the freshness part ATM as my dad had 2 heart attacks yesterday and I have been worried sick and very busy,thanks for the tips Nikki!

    • Oh my Lisa, that’s just awful news. Thinking of you xx

      • Lisa Mckenzie

        Thank you Nikki x

  • Nellie

    Great post Nikki. I love benefit mascara and have found the Max Factor Maxmasterpiece mascara an excellent cost effective dupe. Easy on the pocket and effective 🙂

  • Kelly

    I love that mascara – it is my all time favourite! And now I know what you do with illuminator! I have also tried some Ponds BB cream and it is pretty good – a bit thicker and the light is quite light.

    • I do illuminator just like war pain on the top of my cheek bones too – but for this simple sun-glow look I do all over.

  • I love that Dermalogica stuff! The best. I also just ordered a giant tube of Pore-fessional balm from benefit. That stuff is the BOMB. Good luck with the rest of your unpacking girl… you’re a gun! Go Nikki! xxx

    • I’m driven in the unpacking stakes by my need to have order in my crazy life Smags xx

    • Cheekiechops

      Oh yes Pore-fessional by Benefit, it’s my little friend. I followed Mrs Woog with the Benefit High Brow too. BB cream all the way on hols, Garnier I think and Chanel Antigone on the lips and a spritz of Jo Malone Lime, Basil& Mandarin c/o another reader of yours!

  • Riss Milligan

    Love love love the video! That is my type of make up routine esp with 2 littlies running around. Thanks so much for sharing. Am off to investigate the Dermalogica product as I’m yet to find a face CC/ BB that sits well on my face. Oh and gorgeous bathroom! Goodluck with those boxes…

    • This sits well as it’s a primer too. It smooths out my skin and adds a little colour with an SPF 30 – love it.

  • GoddessMel

    My summer look is pretty much the same as what I wear all year round: BB cream (currently loving Maybelline Dream Cream), curled lashes topped with mascara (Covergirl Eyelights for Hazel Eyes for day; Napolean in Extra Black for night); and either Nivea Tinted Balm in Red or one of my Revlon tinted balms (today it’s red; my other go-to is a bright pink). If I’m a little sallow I pop on some Benefit lip & cheek tint in Grapefruit and I’m good to go.

  • Norlin Mustapha

    It’s all about the BB cream for me – quick and easy and no fuss! And I can’t agree more that popping on a burst of colour on your lips to make you feel good. For me it’s a lip crayon in any berry shade.

    • I feel like I’ve cheated on my BB collection with this one but it does the same thing only with added benefit of smoothing out my skin.

  • Janelle@awhitefarm

    Pretty!! Thanks for sharing…the primer sounds a winner! x

    • It is such a winner Janelle! More expensive but ticks so many of my boxes!

  • Anna Franklin

    I’m about a year late but… OMG! BB Cream! LOL! I’ve just been wearing that this summer and very happy. So that’s Napoleon primer, BB cream, Avon bronzer, bit of green eyeliner for the blue eyes. I get my eyebrows waxed and tinted and eyelashes tinted as well to avoid panda eyes, especially in the heat and for running. I’ll be checking out that Dermalogica primer. Hmmm…. Thanks, Nikki!

  • shoppegirls

    Thank you for sharing your easy ready to go make up tips. I may have to give a few of them a try.

  • Sue

    Morning!! Sitting outside with my morning coffee after putting on sort of similar summer makeup, with one addition. Eyebrow pencil, it really helps me pull it together , sort of :-).

    • My brow shaper would be horrified that I’ve left eyebrow colour off this list – you’ll be in her good books!

  • Anything that has ‘Age Smart’ in its title deserves my attention…my next purchase for sure! x

    • You won’t be disappointed Bev … and yes it’s more expensive but I’ve manged to make that first tube last!

  • Kalyani

    Nice n easy Nikki! I always love your tips:-) I’m tempted to try these products now!
    Happy New Year