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I’ve lived in south-east Queensland all my life yet it still shocks me EVERY SUMMER just how hot and humid it can get.

This week has been no exception.

I’m often asked why I don’t wear more clothes that are fitted and the answer is a simple one … flowy tops or dresses equal personal/portable air-conditioning.

As long as the fabric is breathable then I’m good to go.

I’ll still raise an unattractive sweat but it feels a whole lot more comfortable than if my clothes were tightly fitted.

I also get asked about slips and whether layering them underneath makes it hotter to wear the dress.

Once again, as long as the fabric of the slip is breathable then, no.

In fact it can actually help you to feel cooler as the fabric can draw and absorb your sweat, leaving your outer layers fresh as the day.

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Binny dress Red Phoenix Emporium earrings Stuart Weitzman platforms

Binny dress | Red Phoenix Emporium earrings | Stuart Weitzman platforms

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Everyday Style | Styling You readers share their daily style

Left column (from top): @thestyleadvisor | @theplumette

Middle column: @funkyolgirl | @boutifully | @sophisticatedmumma

Right column: @glamourmama1 | @absoluteamy

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Not everyone who’s joining in with #everydaystyle has a style blog – or any blog – but each week, I’d like to introduce you to a couple who do. You may be able to identify your style with them. You may connect with their lifestyle, their age, their shape or where they live.

Each woman may inspire you to stretch outside your style comfort zone a little. If that’s the case, subscribe to their blogs, follow them on Facebook or Instagram and show them the love. They’re worth it.

with one glance

With One Glance: Davina is a professional Brisbane mum of three who has well and truly caught my eye with her 31 Days of Summer in Metalicus personal challenge. As you know, I’m a huge fan of the label and truly back its versatility. My collection doesn’t match Davina’s but she inspires with how she styles hers.

Middle Aged Mama

Middle Aged Mama: You might know Janet as Redland City Living but just this week she’s re-branded to become Middle Aged Mama. Janet has always blogged about fashion and has a knack for hunting down bargains. Now her blog will also include topics relevant to being a 47-year-old mum to kids who have almost moved out of home.

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If you already play along, who’s style has caught your eye this week?

  • Diana (@funkyolgirl) is awesome! Have just followed her on Instagram and can’t wait to see what outfits she’s going to rock.

  • Thanks to you Nikki I feel part of a community of women with the same interests, all encouraging and spurring each other on! Keep up the good work.

  • Amy Zempilas

    Thank you SO much for including me Nikki! Your everyday style has inspired me to be more colourful and adventurous when putting my Mumma outfits together. Love all the other ladies outfits, and how fab is Funky Ol Girl? Your Binny dress is incredible. A x x x

  • Norlin Mustapha

    I LOVE what @funkyolgirl has got on!!! When I grow up I so want to be her! She’s definitely funky!

  • Snap Amy! I have the maxi skirt version of your frock. X

  • OMG this is so unexpected, I have tears in my eyes. I couldn’t believe it when I saw my blog on your bage!!! Thank you so much Nikki you have made my day with the mention here, Big hugs! xxx

    • PS I am loving Funky Ol Girl, love seeing an over 60 embracing all things stylish and having fun!

      • I love her too Janet! And you’re very welcome … wishing you well with your new MAM branding!

  • Sophisticated Mumma

    Yay! I’ve made it to your selection this week! My first week of posting to #everydaystyle and wow! What a community you’ve created! So much inspiration, fantastic mix of personalities and every budget conceivable. Love your blog and its opened the door for others too…fabulous! X

    • I love the community too Sophisticated Mumma – the mix of styles and ages and shapes is more reflective of the real world than just me!

  • Noelene

    Just thought I would put middle aged moma into bloglovin but didn’t use my glasses ended up reading blogs from middleagedmormanman not really into fashion at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .love trying out the blogs that you show Nikki .

    • LOL … no that wouldn’t be. Glad I’m able to point you in some new bloggie directions Noelene. So many great bloggers out there.

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I do love that dress on you Nikki I think that one and your Mist one are my faves.I like no clinging clothing as well as I sweat when the heat is on or when it is humid.There is some seriously stylish women taking part in #everydaystyle and I love all their outfits I think this is great like you said it makes you look a little harder at what you are going to wear each day and that is a good thing.Have a lovely long weekend Nikki x

    • I love that I consciously mix it up Lisa. Especially on the days (most days) where I don’t have an occasion or event to dress for. You have a good weekend too Lisa … hope you get some respite x

      • Lisa Mckenzie

        Thank you Nikki I hope so too xx

  • Petra

    Loving the pink dress 🙂 The ladies are looking good this week – will check out their gear. Cooler day today – aaahh!

    • It was a special buy for a wedding and it’s just gorgeous. And yay for a cooler day!

  • shoppegirls

    I look forward to your Friday features introducing new blogs. Love the everyday style showcase on Instagram. Thank you for introducing this. Vicki x

    • I love working back through everybody’s outfits Vicki – so much to love!