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I’m sitting here on my lounge with my laptop. My tea has long gone cold.

It’s 30 minutes since that surgeon came out and matter-of-factly told Nina and Kate that Patrick had not made it through.

I haven’t bawled so much since Molly died on A Country Practice in 1985. And then on Facebook I was reminded of other small screen deaths: Mark Green (ER); Matthew (Downton Abbey); Frankie’s daughter (Love My Way); Claire (McLeod’s Daughters).

And I thought, if it were Days of Our Lives, we wouldn’t need to be sad because Patrick would come back to life. Maybe played by a different actor and as Stefano’s long-lost grandson. But back all the same.

I know these characters are not real but we let them into our lounge rooms every week and we invest our emotions into the plots around them.

And boy did those emotions came tumbling out of me as the trailer screened for next week’s episode.

It was at this point that Mr SY phoned (he was away last night for work) to find a blubbering mess of a wife on the end of the phone. He made all the right soothing kind of noises even if he really didn’t “get” what I was going through. A bit like when Queensland loses a State of Origin Football match and I know better than to say, “it’s just a game”.

I promptly took to Twitter and Facebook for group counselling. Thank-you all who joined me. I expect to now fully go through the stages of grief with all of you. Many of us are already on to the angry stage. Others are declaring that they will only wear black between now and next week’s finale. Others again are refusing to watch ever again.

Anger about the plot aside, Asher Keddie pulled off another award-winning performance.  I just wish it didn’t have to have been performed around THAT theme with THAT outcome.


Ok, so after all that I think we need a little lie down and a Nina Proudman fashion diversion, don’t we?

Neens got around in the same outfit for most of the penultimate season four Offspring episode – not one I think any of us will want to copy verbatim given its link to such sadness. The blue boots, belted jeans, stretch cami, layered necklaces and drop earrings are all familiar to us from this season but it was the draped – or waterfall – jacket she wore in last week’s episode and this one that I had quite a few questions about it.

I thought we’d focus on the jacket if that’s ok with you?

The reason for my focus is two-fold.

1. This is a style of jacket that is flattering on everyone.

2. It’s the style of jacket that you’re more likely to pick up in store over the next month because of the change in fashion seasons.

It’s a trans-seasonal jacket that suits for autumn and spring if you live where I do (south-east Queensland) and all-year-round jacket if you live where Nina does (Melbourne) for a wardrobe layering piece.

You may be lucky to pick one of the exact jackets up at The Dressing Room, Melbourne.

A SY reader did ponder recently as to what Nina might wear in winter in Melbourne. I think she wouldn’t deviate too much from her style. There’s just be a few more essential layers to block out the cold.

Melbourne-ites, tell me what you think? What add-ons would Nina need for a winter wardrobe?

Anyhoo, back to the draped jacket.

The key with this look is that it needs to fit and sit well across the shoulders for it not to overwhelm and become boxy. The fall line of the drape is supremely flattering because when it’s worn with a block colour underneath, it creates the illusion of a more narrow torso. The way the lapels of the jacket fall pointing inwards also helps to give an illusion of a waist, making it kind of a miracle jacket really.

A kimono-style jacket can achieve the same thing but its sleeves are wider and the whole garment is more floaty.

And much like carf works to add interest to an outfit, this style of jacket does too. I prefer to wear this style with necklaces rather than add extra drape with a scarf but try for yourself and see what works for you.

Nina Proudman style | Maternity fashion | season 4 Offspring

Shopping inspiration

I don’t have an exact match on the jacket Nina is wearing but I’ve put together a bit of a shopping prompt for designs in this style currently available to buy. If you see something you like, my hot tip is to get on board as this style gets snapped up quickly and won’t be around again until next spring.

9 Nina Proudman draped jacket shopping suggestions

 1. Crossroads jacket $19.95 (on sale) | 2. Witchery jacket $149.95 | 3. Mimosa jacket $179 | 4. Sussan jacket $99.95 | 5. Sara cardigan $49 (on sale) | 6. Katies jacket $79.95 | 7. Talulah jacket $180 | 8. Howard Showers cardigan $119 | 9. Trenery jacket $199

Ok, let the de-brief begin … how are you coping after last night’s episode? 


Offspring photo: Channel TEN

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  1. Well it’s taken me this long to process Wednesday night’s episode (I had to watch it again! ). As a nurse my heart sank when Patrick’s head hit the ground & I kind of knew we were talking cerebral bleed. I was extremely disappointed by the shockingly blunt way the doctor delivered the news & lack of support for Nina, I would hope that we could do it a lot better these days. Anyway, it was wonderful acting as usual by the cast & I’m preparing myself for buckets of tears for the next episode.

  2. Any idea where I can find a belt like the colourful (embroidered ) one Nina wears in this episode or possibly the last one??

  3. The brown jacket is from ‘The Dressing Room’ in Brunswick but it’s old…and sold out.

    I didn’t even like Patrick that much but that was such an awful episode to watch.

  4. Oh! Mark Green…..my word, of course. ER had some full on ones. Pratt at the beginning of the last season was a massive shock to me….cried and cried!
    I am still at Shock and Denial in the stages….kinda think I need to watch again, just to let it sink in properly before Wednesday next week……

  5. I never watched much ER but I remember Anthony Edwards’ performance as Mark Greene – such a good actor.

  6. I haven’t balled like that over fiction since Love my Way was on. I did cry when Frankie’s daughter died. And in true Australian style, both deaths were realistic. Life was just happening, and then it momentarily stopped. So real. Not over the top like some US series 😉 As for those outfits, I love them all. I’m a big fan of jackets like this and live in Melbourne. I layer more underneath (more singlets, and long sleeved tight tops. It seems to work for me (with a scarf, and possibly a beanie and gloves). I do remember Nina wearing a winter coat in the first season with a scarf. It rocked, of course! I think we will be wearing our Melbourne blacks until next week. It’s been brilliant television screenwriting, and acting. Pure brilliance!

  7. Still feeling a bit numb… Next week is going to b a tearjerker too & not sure if even the birth of a baby could brighten things up for a pseudo happy ending to the series… I just hope they don’t try to match Nina up with someone early next season… Oh & I hope Billie & Mick can reconcile next week! That would b some reprieve…

  8. Last night left me dumbfounded, heartbroken and slightly angry. I could barely sleep with my pseudo grief, and vowed to not watch the show again. Today the real world is back – ‘Nina’ is like a friend – and I stick by friends. I continued to watch Love my way when they did the unthinkable, and in today’s daylight will watch Offspring again. People die, it is reality and it has invaded my little space of escapism, but although Patrick is lost to us, the gorgeous Matt is not – I am certain he will pop up with his alluring smile. So, I will continue to watch – the writing is good and honest, the performances outstanding.. I will mourn and cry, and watch the amazing nina cope… I would have much preferred it not to be Patrick, but, that’s tv. Now- where are those tissues….

  9. As soon as Patrick stepped off that footpath last night I said to my husband, “It’s going to be him.” I had been hoping it would be Jimmy who died as Billie just seemed too obvious and surely they weren’t really going to kill off such a major character. There was always that little voice in the back of my head though saying that from experience of other drama shows that everything was just getting a little bit too warm and fuzzy in Nina and Patrick land and something bad was going to have to happen soon.
    I only started watching the show this season so I guess maybe I am not quite as invested as the long term viewers but I don’t really understand how people are saying that they won’t watch anymore. How can you not want to see what happens now and how Nina copes with the baby and all of her family supporting her. I think this will be the thing that finally makes Billie snap out of it and she will back being Nina’s biggest support. Billie and Mick might even reconcile after seeing what has happened and thinking about what if it had of been one of them who died and realise how much they still love each other.
    It will be one of those significant moments in a story that changes everything, some things for the worse obviously but also some good things will come out of it too.
    On a different not though, love a couple of those jackets and I think they could really suit me. Not sure why I seem to like the most expensive ones though 🙂

  10. That was a heart-wrenching episode last night – still feeling the after-effects today! Maybe the reason we feel it so strongly is that the writers have created characters we can all relate to and we don’t want to be reminded that we’re mortal. Hug your SO tighter tonight!
    I couldn’t help but think of you at the end Nikki – wondered if you’d have to start trawling through websites for clothes when you would have preferred to be commiserating with a friend! You are a real trouper! x

    On the fashion side, I LOVED the belt Nina wore (as unlikely as it would be with a real-life belly!). Any idea where that was from, Nikki? The jacket was gorgeous. I have a few versions from previous seasons – from Trenery and Katies. Great trans-seasonal additions or to combat air-con in summer. x

    1. I think that’s why we feel it – the characters are 3 dimensional so we feel like we know them. No clues on the belt sorry Nic – do not know anyone who wore one at that stage of their pregnancy. Last thing you’d want on your bladder!

  11. I was convinced Patrick being hit by the car was just a diversion and she was going to get the call that Billie had killed herself and Patrick was going to pull through. Never have I crossed my fingers so hard and prayed for the survival of a fictional character. After all the heartache and counselling and hard work put in where is the happy ending they deserve. I think they deserved it and the loyal fans deserved it. I am not sure if I even want to watch next week I feel so gutted.

    Interestingly I was reading the article where the writers were extremely disappointed with the promo of the death which was not what they wanted for the character.My husband found it highly amusing.

    Still the scene where Nina has been told and the camera pans away to show her just standing shell shocked in the hallway, gutted. I just kept thinking what a gorgeous pregnant silhouette they have given her.

  12. I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to be Billie who died as that would be too obvious. I’m glad Nina & Patrick had that nice moment on the car before he carked it. My biggest fear is not being able to have a “nice last moment”. Asher is a fantastic actress and whilst I hate this part of the storyline it’s GREAT writing!

    On another note, I think you should do a “Nina Proudman style for fatter ladies” as we’re not all skinny like she is but would like to emulate her wonderful style.

    1. Hi Mel, Nina’s style can easily be translated for all sizes. In many of the shopping inspiration pieces I’ve done I’ve included items above a size 16 (as a above). Skinny jeans are for everyone and tunics can easily work.

  13. I was sure it was BIllie ( I love her but I was sure it was her) Patrick has to go be famous in real Life in USA damit!!!

  14. Right to the very last moment when the doctor was explaining the prognosis, I still thought Nina was going to get a call that Billy had just been killed in a car accident, and that Patrick was going to pull through. Absolutely devastated that it was Patrick, but wow, Asher Keddie’s performance was incredible, and I think will continue to reveal how good an actor she is along with the rest of the cast with a storyline like this. I won’t stop watching, this show is brilliant. And so are those blue boots of hers.

    1. Me too! I was waiting for the twister and it didn’t come! On the lighter side Eddie Perfect promoted his Perth concert right when Patrick got hit. He must of got a gazillion tweets because he then said “Worst time EVER to market my show!” That made me laugh 🙂


  15. Nina’s wardrobe would definitely need additions in Melbourne winter!

    Bare legs are a total no-no here, so I think she would do lots of maxi skirts with black opaque tights with the woolen lining hidden underneath! Then she’d be warm enough but the tights wouldn’t be a feature of her outift.

    She would definitely need more big, woolen, wintery scarves in all sorts of delightful colours and all her tops would have to be long sleeve. Plus of course you can’t get around outside without a coat! So trenches and bright coloured wool coats would be perfect. I can see her rocking a mustard three quarter length coat with brown boots.

    I’d love to see her in some cute berets or beanies too but not sure if Nina would wear them!

      1. Summers in Melbourne are very hot – what Nina wears really is autumn/spring in Melbourne. I agree with Leah for Melbourne – longer sleeves. Can’t go near jeans or especially boots in summer though!

  16. I am really sorry it was Patrick. Whilst I don’t watch Offspring, I know a lot of you do and can imagine it was quite a emotional rollercoaster! Bringing it back to the clothes – I am quite excited as I am finally onboard with a Nina trend!!! I was feeling quite left out for a while there 🙂 As it turns out I have a waterfall jacket on today and love those Witchery, Mimosa & Trenery options. They could all hop in my wardrobe now. Please.

  17. Oh good God!! I only just watched it online and then had to pop here for some therapy. The offspring writers are the masters of light and shade- all those people saying they will turn off next season are forgetting that after the pits of sadness the only way is up. I can’t wait to see how they manage to turn our collective tears into laughs- but have every faith they will somehow pull it off.

    1. On the one hand I see what you are saying but on the other, I can’t trust the writers not to want to extend themselves next season or perhaps the one after and have really tragic story lines ready for Nina’s baby….more than I am willing to take voluntarily!

  18. I miss the escapism from ugly real-life situations, that Offspring used to offer. As they couldn’t keep Patrick’s charactor on the show, I do wish that they would’ve ended the whole series with Nina and Patrick having their healthy baby and facing a future full of possibilities as a family and not even bothered with a fifth season. I can’t see me getting any joy from the show without the sad loss of Patrick lurking the background. Judging from the comments here and on Facebook, I think most of us have been touched by tragic loss and crave ways to take a break from things that are just too sad. I know it’s ‘only a show’, but clearly they’ve lead us down a path that most of us don’t want to go.

  19. Nikki I’m still so shocked! You know I thought it was going to Billie, which would have been bad enough, but Patrick ?! I posted an interview with the writers where they tried to explain their decision but I’m calling BULLSHIT!! Having recently had a baby I just can’t imagine how Nina is going to make it through the birth let alone raising the baby? It’s all just so sad. I think I might actually have been happy if they ended the series after next weeks episode by letting Nina get her happily ever after with Patrick! I would have sacrificed my favorite tv show to save Patrick!!!


    I agree the jacket is divine. Nina is a beautiful pregnant lady.

  20. I am such a wuss…I recorded last week’s and this week’s episodes on tivo and decided I would only watch them if it wasn’t Patrick who died. I know nobody can have it all, even tv characters, but Offspring was an hour of escapism for me – quirky, funny, a bit strange and having bumps and ups and downs but not of the too gut-wrenching variety. For me, there is enough sadness in real life when you look around and Offspring in some ways was a refreshing change from that. If I want gut-wrenching drama then I will look for a show that promises that. But as for Offspring – I’m out now. Having said all of that – I really do love Nina’s fashion sense (even though it is totally impractical to work in obstetrics with all of the scarves and necklaces – see, they kept that unrealistic, why not the happily ever after!?).

  21. I am quite cross about the fact that they killed off Patrick, it was very similar to how they killed off Matthew at the end of Downton Abbey just as she had had the baby. When I told my husband about it he said “well at least they didn’t kill
    off the mother and baby,” I had to explain to him that the whole show
    revolves around the mother so that wasn’t likely to happen! I don’t know whether I want to watch next season or not. I am cranky with them for killing off Patrick, but I want to see how Nina copes on her own with the baby!

  22. While I did shed some tears and told my husband that he’s not allowed to die before me, I think that was mainly because I’d convinced myself it would not be Patrick that died.( Ignoring that it really had to be Patrick otherwise why would Darcy be only on the edge of the funeral group?)
    Anywho, I do think that Nina will cope better with the loss of Patrick rather than if it was Billie she’d lost- and I’m sure I saw the back of Kat’s hair beside Nina as the walked into the funeral.
    I’m interested that others are giving up on the show, because I think that very few in real life have it all. Some loss or tragedy is what most faced with at some stage, with yes joy and happiness as well. The show is reflecting that in an extreme way. Besides once a couple is happy there is nothing to keep you tuning in each week if you know they have got it together!

  23. Yes in deed a sad night here too. Whilst sad, I was quite floored by some of the responses on the offspring FB page. I’m lovig those jackets you selected Nikki, going to have a play online this morning. On the lighter side, love clegg and his one liners! Love that he assumed he was going to be godfather.

  24. I felt genuine pain. The real gut wrenching stuff. Brilliant acting by Asher Keddie though. The last scene of her saying goodbye was incredible and totally thought provoking. It would take a cold heart not be affected. The only thing wrong with last nights episode for me was the doctor breaking the news. It just didn’t fit with the show at all.

  25. Nikki I thought the same thing that I haven’t cried so much since Molly died in A Country Practice ,I was bawling for a long time,so so sad I know it is only a TV show BUT you just feel so bad, I have a Heavy heart today!
    It brought back when our Friend died and his wife still is not coping 2 years later my hat goes off to people who have to deal with such grief.
    Yes I liked Nina’s jacket and actually own a few like that ,a grey and and an Aqua and a black one but they are not winter wear ,more transeasonal or cold summer night.I hope you feel better soon as I will,I am angry that Nina and Patrick did not get their Happy ever after and Patrick won’t even get to see the Baby!

  26. Oh Nikki, sending you a big hug this morning. I went off to bed last night after THE episode of the year and squeezed my hubby very tightly.
    I did wonder how Nina manages to wear such chunky belts against her baby bump, but envied how she manges to stay so stylish… By month 8 I could only about squeeze into my daggyist trackie pants….

    1. Don’t forget she is not really pregnant, I keep wondering how she keeps those jeans up, because in real life you would squeeze the life out of the baby!

  27. I did read this morning that the reason for killing off Patrick was because Matthew Le Nevez was getting a big profile in the US and couldn’t committ to any more time on Offspring. The producer was saying that they only were ever going to have him on borrowed time so they wanted to squish in as much unconventional drama as they could…. oddly enough, that makes me feel a bit better 🙂 Maybe we’ll see him on our screens again soon in a US drama?

  28. I actually don’t watch Offspring, but as I have driven to work listening to the comments about last nights show on the radio, I instantly thought of you!!! Hope you are coping ok today 🙂

  29. I can’t believe they killed off Patrick. I cried my way through a pile of tissues as it was happening but a part of me was thinking how Asher must be loving the chance to show us a different side of Nina. To be honest I didn’t really notice the clothes much except for wondering how comfy a pregnant woman would be in such figure hugging clothes and heels….when I was at that stage many years ago I would have been feeling too big and cumbersome to pull off that look. Finally, what was Patrick making for the baby? A cot, a rocking horse or something else?

  30. Oh Nikki!!!
    1. As a doctor, I would Never break bad news like that! I have never seen any of my colleagues do it either.
    2. I think that the whole parter of heavily pregnant woman dying is a tad too unpleasant and confronting for most people. Especially sad given how nicely their relationship was progressing.
    3. Brilliantly shot and acted.

    Unfortunately the show has lost a lot for me- it was a fresh, hilarious and quirky show and I don’t know how it is going to return to that.

    Plus my dog died yesterday. She had been living with my ex husband but it was a sad day…

    1. I agree Cilla the hospital staff were dreadful. I used to be a nurse and I cannot imagine treating the family of a deceased patient so coldly, much less a heavily pregnant partner, I was horrified. Most hospitals have counsellors, chaplains and other staff who try to give support to families in crisis. They also never rush a person’s last moments with their just lost partner. Made even worse by the fact both Nina & Patrick are doctors at the hospital. It left me feeling hollow.

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