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So you want to dress like Nina Proudman (season 4 finale)

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Seriously. STOP READING ย NOW. I ย would prefer to not receive any more emails from fans up in arms that they had the episode spoiled for them because they read my blog/email/Facebook post/Tweet beforehand.

Feel free to come back when you’re ready, willing and able to join in the debrief.

Right … so let’s get down to it.

What an emotional episode. Nina said it all with her opening line, “how do you grieve for a man and prepare for a baby at the same time?”.

Patrick's funeral | Offspring | Season 4

How do you?

When you’re Nina Proudman, family rallies round, that’s how.

From arranging flowers and organising storage of food drops, to returning from travelling around Australia (Darcy and Cherie), to completely setting up the baby’s nursery while Nina was with Billie on what was supposed to be her “babymoon” with Patrick at the Crown Metropol, to all arriving at the hospital just as Nina gives birth. On the floor!

Rising above it all was Billie. Finally classic Billie was back, bringing with her sisterly support and one-liners only Billie can deliver … and get away with.

On arrival at the Metropol to Nina: “I packed a few voluminous maternity garments.”

On Nina’s fear she won’t be able to love the baby: “I’ll love the baby till you’re ready to.”

On Nina undressing to swim in the Metropol pool: “You’re like a giant sea mammal stranded on land.”

On Nina almost giving birth in the car: “Hold it in Neens.”

On warning a woman about getting into a lift with them at the hospital: “A baby could fly out of this woman at any second.”

On claiming special birthing rights after the delivery: “I was the first human she eye contact with, we’ll always have a special bond. They’ve done research on ducklings.”

Now, I know a lot of women out there who have given birth to babies will be shaking their head at how quickly it all happened for a first baby. Truth is, it does happen this way for a small percentage and I guess it made better TV than having a protracted 24 hour labour that ends with an emergency C-section?

And so, Offspring Season 4 ends with Nina alone with her new baby girl and her visions of Patrick. Bittersweet, yes, but I think there’s life in Season 5.

Offspring has always been about family – either connected by birth or brought into the fold by circumstance. It’s about family that may seem imperfect on many fronts but not at the core of what keeps them all together – love.

Style notes

Nina wore numerous covetable outfits in this episode … theย silk, kimono-style pyjamas in the opening scene; the funeral outfit of a black sheer top (similar here) over a stretch slip dress; the long white kaftan (think it may have been this one) worn over a red and white polkadot tankini (may have been this one without the tie:ย buy here) at the hotel; and a navy and white tunic (perhaps One Season) after giving birth at the hospital.

Nina Proudman funeral outfit

For this final Nina Proudman post for 2013, I thought I’d do a little recap for you on where to shop this spring-summer for Nina-inspired clothes. As I’ve mentioned throughout the series, your best time to stock up will be in the next couple of months as labels release their spring 2013 collections.

Where to shop


One Season


Johnny Was

Karen Millen


Phyllis and Mimosa


Lee Mathews

Mika & Gala





Zambezee Boutique


Sofia Londero

The Dressing Room

Blue Bungalow


Tree of Life


Just Jeans

Ok, so it’s the final Offspring de-brief for 2013 … make it a good one!

Tell me in the comments below what you loved about this episode and the whole season? Also, if you would like to share a label or store where you’ve sourced Nina-inspired clothes, leave a link in the comments so I can add it to this post.

Thanks so much for playing along. I’ve loved turning up here every Thursday to chat with you. x

Offspring photo: Channel TEN

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  1. This is a total longshot, but do you know the label etc of the dress that Geraldine wore at Billie and Mick’s wedding? It was a charcoal grey with a mustard coloured peacock on it.

  2. I have only just watched the final episode – I knew there would be tears – it wasn’t about that- it was more that once I had watched it, that was it for the season …and Patrick :'( …… Like the final Douglas Adams novel which sits unread on my bookshelf, once I read it, that’s it.
    So now I have bawled and grieved….. And wait patiently with my Nina withdrawal symptoms.
    One final thought however – during the wake there was a friend of Patrick’s that wanted to meet Nina – the writers rarely throw away lines … Something in this???? Anyway.. What to do for a year or so????

  3. Oh, what a fabulous season it’s been. Fashion, script, acting. The whole trifector. Loved everything about this program. Mostly that it’s Australian.

  4. Hi Nikki, just wondering if you know what brand dress Billie wore to the funeral? Also, do you know what brand Nina’s outfit might have been? Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Thanks so much, this is great info. I have similar colouring to Asher which is why I like her eye makeup so much. Always trying to find that perfect shade!

  6. I’ve long been a fan of One Season and recognised many of the tops, they are so easy to wear. I love the eye makeup colour Ninas character wears, do you know what it is?

  7. Thank you for a great blog and sharing in the Nina/ Offspring clothes obsession! I’ll miss the Offspring de-brief every Thursday but will still check in to your blog. Thanks for sharing your fashion insights and hunting down the labels!

  8. Better late than never! Absolute cracker of a show. Billie had me at every word. Was missing my sister and like others here lucky enough to have a sister called her after the show. Thanks for the awesome roundup list of clothes.

    Nikki, wanted to tell you I went to Myer Sydney last night and had a full makeover done at the illumisqua counter. Omg, I kid you not I had the nina glow afterwards. Amazing products. I went a little crazy in a good way:). Geez skinny jeans, statement pieces and new makeup look. What to tackle next, looks like its going to be a new white shirt! Thank you from one very happy girl.

      1. Yes, purchased the skin base foundation, the satin primer, pressed powder, blush and I think it’s called glam shimmer. I felt like I had nothing on at all, managed to put it on today too and still looked fab. Im so thankful I could give you a hug!

  9. I want to know what Kate ‘Patrick’s sister’ was wearing at the funeral. They were both so put together at such a sad event.

  10. Laughed and cried… The pool scene got me and then again at the end. My first baby almost arrived in the car on the way to the birthing centre. Hobbled in and basically started pushing,,, 2nd baby was out ridiculousy quick so I could relate to Nina’s birth! Miss the show already… Drove to work this morning and the radio station here in Perth had put together a Nina tribute with quotes from the last two shows edited into a rhianna song … ‘i want you to stay….’and my eyes welled up again… I had already warned my students that I may have puffy eyes today!

  11. I get side tracked looking for people I know in the back ground. It’s filmed at my work, in the gardens and streets around it. I keep looking out for cafe’s I might have had lunch at!

  12. I cried again from start to finish, with plenty of laughs in between, it was a wonderful finale. Loved the sister scene at the pool where Billy said she would have enough love for the baby for both of them, I totally lost it then, as i so miss my sister who has lived in London for the last 10 years. I have recently started a business from my home in Sydney. I source fair trade accessories from artisan groups around the world and have embroidered belts made by women in Peru that are just like one that Nina wears, as well as lots of Nina style accessories. I love your blog Nikki, (especially Nina style chats) and thanks for the opportunity to let people know about it.

  13. Thank god Billie woke up to herself! Someone should have slapped her into gear weeks ago! I didn’t think I could bear any more crying last night, but then it got funny and back to old offspring style! And yes that was one speedy birth! I only had speedy ones (<5mins, like a slippery dip really!) after the pethedine with the last 2, Obs and gobbs man didn't even make it there!

  14. I got right back in this season, after dropping in & out during seasons 2 & 3. As a result I now record these seasons off the Universal channel on Foxtel & have been enjoying an Offspring marathon!
    It’s a total bloody pisser that Patrick had to go but it makes for a gripping story & that’s what we want, as viewers.

    Thanks to your good self & Nina’s pregnancy uniform, I have made a maternity denim purchase & am quite pleased! X

  15. I know a girl who lost her husband last year when she was 6 months pregnant. So sad. Reality is much worse than a tv show.

      1. See, that’s why I cried, to be honest – I was thinking of people like your friend, Lil – and women who’ve lost their partners or husbands in action and have babies who will never know their fathers. There’s always some fact in the fiction and that’s what gets me. Real life never gets tied up neatly in a bow, or rarely, at best. ๐Ÿ™

  16. I thought this episode was really sad and incredibly well acted. BUT I wish they hadn’t had the “imagination scene” with Patrick at the end where he “meets” the baby…I was sort of thinking it would be Nina & the baby soldering on..alone. But either way, she looked tops as always!

  17. I was really enjoying the show until the last 5 minutes when I was interrupted by a phone call about a domestic dilemma. Doesn’t everyone understand my TV viewing requirements? It’s only one night a week. Anyway I said “can’t talk I’m watching Offspring”. Didn’t go down too well. Bit un-Proudman of me. Nina would have taken the call…
    I loved the whole episode. Thanks for all of your style tips Nikki.
    I heard Matt Le Nevez on the radio. He said something to the effect of ” Matt LeNevez here, Dr Patrick Reid from Offspring. Check your pulses ladies, I’m still alive. It’s just a TV show. ” lol

  18. I loved the finale yesterday. Was ok for the funeral but cried at the rocking horse reveal. I liked that there were some humorous moments as well, especially with Billie to lift the mood. Can’t wait for next season. I have really enjoyed reading your posts on Thursday and have looked at your other posts too. I’ve recently started buying from Dorothy Perkins (a UK brand) website to get my Nina look. I previously bought some items from their Singapore store so I knew what their quality and sizing would be like. I bought this chiffon cardigan amongst other things

    and am now waiting for this kimono to arrive
    I’ve had no problems with the sizes so far and love that the sizes are from a UK size 6 to 20.

  19. I’m going to miss my Thursday morning ritual of sitting down to read your Offspring debrief Nikki (til next year) -but on the up side, Nina brought me to your blog, which I’m slowly catching up on and learning so much from. Can’t wait for your book.

    Offspring has just got better and better, I loved it at the beginning but now I’m thoroughly addicted. I thought the writing and acting was incredible last night too, long may it last. I agree that super fast labour definitely can and does happen for first babies! And yes Billie gets the best lines!!

    Loved Kate’s dress at the funeral. Thanks for all the shopping suggestions, I’ve picked up some great stuff over the past few months thanks to you (funnily enough I don’t have the opportunities for long leisurely shopping trips that I did pre-babies… although I’m sure Nina’s wardrobe will endure!) Maybe you could do an inter-season Offspring shopping update sometime in the spring, to tide us over til next year?

    1. I’ll see what I can do Carmen … there’ll always be a bit of Nina in many of my fashion posts as she’s very much a part of my multiple style personalities! Thanks for coming here for Nina and sticking around for more!

  20. This episode made me love Billie that much more! Nothing like an amazing sister bond to pull you through! I loved it all! I’m just sad we don’t get any more Offspring until next year?! How will I cope?!!!!! Lol x

  21. I thought it was a cracker of an episode, despite the constant flow of tears. On so many levels it marks the point in time that we all saw the bumbling Nina become a grown up. Bizarrely I actually felt quite proud of her dignified presentation at the funeral. Her words โ€˜I loved him and I knew I was lovedโ€ were utter perfection. I also thought it was such great story telling to have her out of context at the fancy hotel where she just looked so lost and sad. I really think this can be a great
    turning point in the script that can see Nina become more grounded and I canโ€™t
    wait to find out the name of the baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. It was the “I love the baby until you’re ready too” that got me. So simple and heartfelt and just what she needed. Cried…..

  23. I didn’t watch it but still read this.

    I don’t think I am ready to watch it, but I am coming around. I still may not.

    I will probably come back next season.

    I was out running this morning, and I thought that I would really like it if Nina got a puppy dog. Extra points if it was a staffy. More points still if she named it Chris Havel.

    I always get my best ideas while exercising.
    I shall miss these debriefs, with you and the lovely ladies on here

    Cilla xx

  24. I really liked the crochet look hoodie she wore when she was walking down the street.
    We didn’t get to find out the baby’s name – hope it is not a female version of Patrick like Patricia!

  25. Loved it. Husband couldn’t believe i was crying as soon as it started. I loved the old Billie back. It’s brilliant writing when we could of slapped her last week and yelled “pull yourself together!!” or being guilty of secretly hoping Billie would die not Patrick. Yet she was back to her usual fine form, being the best support for Nina. Laughing at the noisy neighbours at such a sad time was great. I even thought Mick was a bit mean to say the marriage was over. I guess we will see next year. Loved all the clothes, thanks so much for all the Nina fashion advice Nikki xx

  26. Nina looked fab as always, but I’m afraid it was Geraldine’s blue dress that I related to most last night. (slightly earlier than I thought I might have joined this demographic, but anyhoo). Might you know where it was from please, Nikki? Then I’ll be ready for when I win lotto and can afford either surgery or a truck load of support garments.

    The moment of the series for me was last night when Nina saw Patrick in the pool. Completely undid me.

    Thank you. Al x

  27. It was amazing. I loved every minute and glad they didn’t dwell on the funeral too long. I loved that Billie was back making us laugh. Oh and yes babies do come that fast. I had baby #3 on the bathroom floor. Last night brought back memories ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. I don’t even follow Offspring. I watched a bit here and there but not enough to know much (other than reading your debriefs :)) but I watched yesterday’s episode and I had tears streaming down my face throughout the entire hour. From the heart-wrenching funeral to Billie supporting Nina throughout it all…oh it was a bawl fest for me last night. Which is weird because, again, I don’t even follow the show!

    On a lighter note, the dress that Billie wore for the funeral … wow. Love it!

  29. So glad to have Billie back to her cracking best! Those lines =HILARIOUS!! I wAs glad the birth part was light & funny. This is the Offspring we know & love. I held it together until that very last scene….heartbreaking….
    As for Neens, clearly one of the most beautiful pregnant woman to grace our scenes but I will say I did not like the crochet dress/top. I thought it looked too snug & the colour was a “meh” for me.
    I’m sad it’s over. I’ll miss it but thanks for giving me a place to debrief Nikki. None of my bloody friends watch so you’ve been my go-to for all my Offspring needs xx

  30. I loved the show,the tears and the funny bits and the family rallying around Nina and Billie being the sister should be,yes I loved all her outfits in the episode. I loved how Patrick came back at the end to gaze at Nina and his baby daughter and hold her little hand,I shed a lot of tears but it was a great finale and very well done,Asher really looked like a grieving woman with her soul laid bare.I will miss these Thursday morning Offspring posts,Thanks Nikki for all your research and all the posts you have written.

  31. I cried the entire episode! So many beautiful tender heart wrenching moments. Really loved how Nina’s family all stepped up and were the strong ones for her this time. Will miss the outfit posts x

  32. Thanks so much for a fabulous series Nikki. I’ve loved tuning in every Thursday morning for all the fashions and your recap (except last week when I didn’t get to watch it until Thursday night and had to religiously avoid all blogs and social media until I watched it, as I knew the online world would be a big Offspring-a-thon!)

    I thought it was a beautiful, funny, touching finale to a great season, even though I do think the writers could have taken some inspiration from Grey’s Anatomy who have managed to drag storylines out of Meredith & Derek for NINE UNLIKELY SEASONS!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m predicting a few ‘Truly, Madly, Deeply’ ghost moments in Season 5!

    My ten year old son watched it with me (big treat staying up late) so he could hold my hand. On the way to bed later he said “Mum, I had a few tears too you know.”

    I’ve also loved the fashion aspect and, thanks to your Nina Proudman series, I’ve managed to unlock my inner-Nina and really flesh out a style that suits me, but which I had never really put a name to before, and certainly hadn’t accessorised quite so well. So thanks for that!

    So what now Nikki? What will we do without our Offspring fix??

    1. You were wise to stay offline last week! I’m not sure the dragged out romance works – I used to be addicted to Grey’s but haven’t watched for at least 2 years. Awww re your son holding your hand! And Offspring may be over for 2013 but there will always be a style fix here for you!

      1. Completely agree re: Grey’s. Tis now an occasion for much eye-rolling. But one more season of Offspring with a little happy-ever-after wouldn’t have hurt. Okay, I’ll get over it now and move on . . . . ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Loved the episode, cried the whole way through. Any ideas where to get the top she wore to the obgyn? Knitted? Pale blue/grey colour? I’m going to miss my Wednesay night Offspring. ๐Ÿ™

  34. Brilliant episode. Beautifully done. Bawled at the end when Patrick appeared.
    I love everything Nina wears, just wish I had the bank balance to buy it all. ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. So…I’ve not watched this and even though the entire show has been ‘spoliered’ by reading all about it, I think it’s time I start to watch. Now to get access to it in the US…

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