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Styling You’s new blog design + WIN $500 Freedom voucher

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Oh, HI there. Yes, if you’ve landed on this here page, you will have noticed I’ve given the blog a pre-spring makeover.

Well, not me, the wonderful team at Swish Design has been working on SY’s new look for a couple of months behind the scenes.

It’s the fourth makeover for this blog. I know, I have a problem.

It’s something I can trace back to my childhood when I’d infuriate my parents with wanting to move things around my bedroom. Just to make it all look different. This was actually an interesting exercise given that the space I was dealing with was of shoebox proportions.

The moving around and the general schuzzing of my space made me happy. It still makes me happy. You don’t always need a wholesale makeover, just little additions, tweaks and finishes that better reflect who you are now.

The uber-talented Kelly Exeter at Swish started work on my blog re-branding last year and over that time she’s helped create a fresh image for SY. The new blog design is the final piece in the puzzle.

New look SY

I wanted my home page (I’ll pause while you go and check that out now) to show more of what Styling You is all about in one glance. That’s why you’ll see the latest posts up the top plus the “popular” posts towards the bottom (who knew that Bali post I wrote in January at Denpasar airport while delayed after a family holiday would be an ongoing crowd pleaser?).

So many of my readers come and read via the home page each day so I thought this would be a good thing for you – especially if you’re wanting to dig further back into the archives.

My advertisers and sponsors keep this blog business going so you’ll still find those ads there but a bit more breathing space has been added to where they sit (if you are an online business interested in advertising on this site, details are here plus see below for a special discount offer I’ve got running right now to celebrate the new-look SY).

I’m excited to be celebrating the new SY look with Freedom

The new-season collection has arrived in store at Freedom. I am so in love with the injection of colours and textures, I thought a giveaway around this collection would be a wonderful way to celebrate the new SY look.

We’re playing more and more with textures and layering, with brilliant pops of colour that have the knack of lifting moods and creating a bespoke aesthetic. We’ve sourced the world to deliver the best of the season, now’s a good time to try colour in the home and be bold! Korren Bentley, Freedom homewares buyer

This is just what I like to do at home …  start with a neutral base and add pops of colour that can be easily changed – with the seasons or just on a whim.

Thanks to Freedom Furniture, it’s so easy to do just that. And better still, I’ve got a $500 gift voucher to give away to one lucky reader. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to spend the $500 … I’ve done a little virtual shopping, picking out my new-season faves. Can you guess which piece is my ABSOLUTE must-have?


Freedom Furniture Spring 2013

1. Chevy cushion $24.95 | 2. Dots bowl $49.95 | 3. Clock $79.95 | 4. Masala vessel $29.95 | 5. Table lamp $99 | 6. Pineapple statue $49.95 | 7. Infinity hourglass $19.95 | 8. Magazine basket $49.95 | 9. Throw $59.95 | 10. Palm print cushion $34.95



Australian entries only, sorry. Entries open on Saturday, August 17, 2013 at 7am (AEST) and close on Tuesday, August 27 at 5pm (AEST). The winner will be notified via email and his or her names published here. Full terms and conditions here

Advertise on SY

If you’d like to book either the 300×150 or 300×250 ad spots on SY, I’ve got a special promotion running for the duration of this launch competition. To save 25% off the monthly rate, enter either of these codes at the checkoutnewSY250 (for 300×250 monthly ad); newSY150 (for 300×150 monthly ad space).

Let me know what you think of the new look or if you come across any problems when you’re navigating around. 

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  1. It’s nice to have a bit of a revamp! Everyone needs to.

    I love your Freedom picks. I’m loving grey and yellow (interior wise) at the moment.

  2. I’m loving the new look. Everyone needs a change every now and again! It like being born again and gives you an energising new perspective on life!!

  3. Great new look, Nikki. Simple and stylish – love it!

    Re your inspiration picks, well I’d have to choose the table lamp, even over the pineapple statue (I know!). I’ve got golden yellow curtains in my bedroom, and a couple of lamps in bright yellow would be the go. Is yellow ok for a bedroom? Probably messing up my feng shui, but they cast a beautiful sun-set-sun-rise glow when the light hits them. But I can’t put my makeup on in there as I tend to look a bit jaundiced!

  4. Love it. I’m on RC’s third redesign… a little zshushing never hurts, so long as it’s not every three months or so 🙂

  5. How timely… I have been salivating over the Freedom catalogue all weekend – their colour eclectic pieces and have been frantically moving pieces of furniture around all weekend to create a new fresh and colourful look in our living area. I am wantng to introduce some yellow amd turquise into our living area and have fallen in love with their latest look! Going to go in there tomorrow and have a look at some cushions, although I have promised my husband I won’t buy anything!

  6. OF COURSE you’re going to keep changing your page, Nikki. Makeovers are what you do best. I particularly like this one – very fresh for the warmer weather ahead and I love your new little SY logo. x

    1. Kelly did my logo for me late last year when she did my manifesto. We’ve just been putting all the other pieces together ever since … plus on the tech side, all the coding of the last 5 years has been cleaned up and created from scratch – a biggie for having a stable site!

  7. Snap! I am just the same and would too drive my mum nuts when I was a kid with seasonal room I drive my own kids nuts with seasonal whole house makeovers lol!

  8. Looks great Nikki. I like the freshness of it ! I move things around in my house too – just because. I don’t have a blog/website but if I did, I reckon I would change it around a lot too.

  9. I’m in the throes of website change too at the moment but, as an indecisive Libran, I’m finding it hard to settle on a look! I love what you’ve done Nikki, especially the post ‘snapshots’ at the top. The whole look is clean and modern. Well done!

    1. Thanks Michelle … it’s tricky, isn’t it? I usually hand over the creative control to my designer and each time they seem to get where my head’s at and I only need to make minor adjustments to their vision.

  10. Squee! I’ve been eyeing off that exact Chevron cushion at Freedom for a few weeks now.

    The new blog layout looks great! 🙂

  11. The new look is great Nikki, love it. I bet your favourite pick would be the pineapple?? I would pick some new cushions for my couch or if I was to win a $500 voucher maybe I could put money towards buying a new couch? I would love to buy the couches you purchased from Freedom. They look comfy

  12. Excellent makeover Nikki – I was the same as a child, always wanting to change things around in my room and nothing’s changed now – my friends often comment that my living room has been inverted, tilted 90 degrees or ‘that table wasn’t there last week’ when visiting me. Keeps things fresh!

  13. Such a beautiful design. I like that your adverts are spaced out now, not so cluttered…Kelly is so talented. Love the new look.

  14. Stylie design, love it! Very clean and crisp for the summer ahead. I love how you’re including home fashion as well. After 37 years I’m moving into my dream home. Years of watching reno shows and subscribing to Real Living, I finally get to unleash my own home design, can’t wait 😉 Look forward to your tips Nikki.

  15. Looks great Nikki so fresh and excellent to see everything at a glance, well done change is always good. And loving the new photo very glam but welcoming.

  16. It’s just lovely! Kelly is a clever chick with her ability to take a brief and work it into your style.. I love it’s magazine with the up to date modern touches to view & link to what each reader needs to find. Your own input for it all is obviously part of your journo training & on-line savvy. Congrats dear Nikki – you have always been an inspiration to me as a fellow blogger! Love Denyse
    PS hair cut ‘ style is incredibly cool & flattering! Love it

  17. we all know you too well Nikki – the Pineapple without a doubt!! Loving the new look … inspiration received – time to act!!!

  18. Hi Nikki,

    Adore the new blog. I read your blog each morning on my phone before I get out of bed, love the clothes, love the stories, love it all. I believe that my makeup draw has tripled in size since starting to read your blog in January. I think I have also managed to catch up on all the model and me and keeping it real posts pre me reading SY. One little problem I noticed while having a look at the new layout (I adore it!) was the bottom most popular post about “How to wear ankle boots” the pic is correct on the home page but the blurb is a Nina Proudman post from above – looks like it has been doubled. Hope you understand what I mean. Love your blog, keep doing what you are doing, I think it is great – and I’m not a mum, just a med student, who loves her fashion and gets so many tips from you at 22! With love, style and fun, Diana x

  19. Wow- that was a surprise! I am not one to embrace change (scary!) but I like it! I especially like the new photos of you Nikki- more natural. I hope the book writing is coming along.

  20. Great colours. Loving the extra room, good for when I’m on my phone because I tend to click on the wrong item due to chubby fingers! For sure it’s the pineapple! How cute is that! I love changing rooms, once I changed the bedroom while my husband was out drinking, when he came home he walked into the bed and fell over. Needless to say I wasn’t very popular that night! I get the urge to change a room quite often. What about other stylers?

  21. Nice job Nikki-Everything looks really fresh. Great competition too- You gotta have the dots bowl right? Me too!

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