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11 things I’m loving right now

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We’re well and truly into the bowels of winter now, aren’t we?

MY birthday month is over but it’s a big birthday month here for my boys. My eldest baby turns 18 on Thursday (I KNOW. The parenting fast forward button is a scarily fast one); my youngest is eight in a few weeks’ time.

They’ve both been hanging out a lot together during these holidays and I like watching that bond, especially as they only now see each other when uni is on a break.

Just quietly the almost-18-year-old is probably ok with this arrangement.

Me, I’ve been embracing having the family at home, hibernating a bit (school holiday rules mean no-one shifts out of their pjs before all day 10am), working a bit, reading a bit, watching a bit and paying homage to all the things I’m loving right now.

Here’s a snapshot:

Internet reading: Loved Wendy Harmer’s piece on The Hoopla in response to an “ageing gracefully” newspaper feature that referenced five Aussie celebs like a judge would prize hens at the local show.

Ageing gracefully Sunday Tele

Photo credit: The Hoopla

Book reading: My girlfriend bought me Sally Obermeder’s book, Never Stop Believing, for my birthday. Read it recently across a rainy long weekend only to find out when I’d finished that my blogging mates, Mrs WoogBabyMac and Kerri Sackville, would appear every Tuesday on the new Channel Seven afternoon show Sally now co-hosts, The Daily Edition (heads up: they’re on this afternoon just before 4pm). It was like getting a live sequel to book I’d just finished. Sally’s story is frightening and uplifting in equal parts. Definitely an inspirational read.

Sally Obermeder Never Stop Believing

Pinning:  Talk about sartorial humour … Tiffany Beveridge’s very funny Pinboard, My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler, follows the pint-sized style of her imaginary toddler, Quinoa, and her equally designer-styled mates. It’s all in the very funny captions. Here’s a taste.

My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler

Photo credit: Pinterest

Dining out:  My fave food store has now opened a cafe, so if you’re ever at Cotton Tree and love good, wholesome, fresh food served up in a coastal vintage setting, then Get Fresh Cafe is the go.

Also, in the Brisbane suburb of Ashgrove, we stumbled upon a cool cafe called U & I Espresso. It’s just around the corner from my parent’s new place so suspect we’ll be visiting often.

Get Fresh Cafe Cotton Tree

Watching:  True Blood is back and I’m very much ready for a new-season of Eric. Oops, I mean immersing myself in a plot about vampires and other supernatural creatures that mirrors the acceptance with equal rights of minority groups into our society.

And I’m extremely late to this TV party but one wet weekend indoors and I’m fully hooked on Game of Thrones. I’m only one season down but I tell you it’s taking all my willpower to sit here writing this post instead of starting season 2. If you’re already a fan, you must read Smaggle’s The Game of Thrones Guide to Finding the Perfect Man.

Eric Northman True Blood

Photo credit: HBO

Cooking: It’s all been about digging up our old favourite hearty fare recipes and trying some new ones. Look away my veggo friends as these slow cooker lamb shanks served up with cheesey polenta were the bomb. Recipe here.

Braised slow cooker lamb shanks

Movie going: Finally got to see The Great Gatsby last weekend. Even my daughter saw it before I did. I was in awe from start to finish. The fashion, the jewellery, the liberal amounts of flowing, product-placed Moet … the flawed characters bought to cinematographic life as only Baz Luhrmann knows how … and a cranking soundtrack to pull it all together … it was all just breathtakingly amazing and worth a big-screen visit.

The Great Gatsby

Photo credit: WarnerBros

Mood creating:  When I saw this light posted on Willow & Bird’s Facebook page, I knew I had to make it mine. It is a pineapple after all. And it’s now quite at home in a spot where we needed a warm glow. Even Mr SY agrees.

Pineapple lamp | willow & bird

Home decorating:  An insurance job that started late January was finally finished recently, the last addition being new flooring to our hallway. The floating timber replaced what was previously carpet. It didn’t quite match the floating timber in the living area but that was easily fixed by this indoor-outdoor rug from Peoni Home.

Peoni Home rug | Willow & Bird laundry basket

Floral arranging: I treat myself to a bunch of flowers – or even just a single flower – each week. Love checking in to see what’s in season and have wholeheartedly embraced the tulip of late. One of my fave all-time flowers. Still remember when I was 12 seeing fields of them blooming in the Netherlands. Have been in love ever since.


Eating: At least I get to balance out the hearty food cooking and eating with super sweet Sunshine Coast strawberries. Love that the season has started and these babies came from a farm just down the road.

Queensland strawberries

What are you loving right now?

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  1. Oh my god. I am totally with you on True Blood and Game of Thrones. The wintery weather doesn’t help either. All I want to do is veg in front of the TV, and eat hearty food (like lamb shanks!)

  2. School holidays ARE blissful- a break from the morning dash out the door and extra PJ time! Would love some more tips Nikki for term 3 about winter outfits for the school run and busy day. I feel trapped in black and grey! And you’ve convinced me, it’s time to start Game of Thrones- needing a new series, and this has been recommended to us.

  3. Love your list! Love these posts of yours actually. I loved the Great Gatsby – was worth the indent across the top of my nose I get from wearing 3D glasses – haha! Am currently loving red wine….anything that’s red but especially a smooth Bordeaux I discovered a few weeks ago…also loving the odd glass of homemade limoncello whenever it’s warm enough (love all those surplus lemons). Loving that I didn’t have a hangover after a big party on Sat night. Also loving lots of café catch-ups in the warm. Loving that we have 2 winter breaks coming up, and a week and a half til school holidays/lazy mornings. Loving wearing scarves and long boots almost daily too. Must look into Game of Thrones – thanks, as always, for your tips xx

  4. Love it all and intrigued by this game of thrones business. Would like to see The Great Gatsby but have heard mixed reviews. love the pineapple shade. Fitting for living on the Sunshine coast. Will make a nice ‘souvenir’ reminder when you move to Brisbane.

  5. Am loving the glorious Melbourne winter sunshine and the school holidays – all 3 teenagers are out – am loving the peace and quiet. Loving soft pant days too. The pineapple lamp is gorgeous 🙂

  6. That pinterest thing on the toddler style is the Funniest. Thing. Evahhhh. Also I am obsessed with GoT. I’ve read all the books. I love a bit of dwarvish dragon soft porn fantasy action.

  7. Great post Nikki! How good is that Pinterest board – very funny! That rug is has me reaching for my credit card too. Nothing like a picture of a half naked Eric to inspire a morning trip tot the gym ; )

  8. I’m loving the look of those lamb shanks. I also love a good floral arrangement- and am currently embracing poppies. Sadly, I have yet to see The Great Gatsby, or Game of Thrones. It is on my bucket list.

    1. I warn you that once you start Game of Thrones you will need to drop everything else in your life until you’ve caught up. Since this is impossible for me (and most of us) I’ve taken to hiding my ipad from myself! Just quietly, it’s not working.

  9. I love what you are loving Nikki,especially the pineapple light so pretty and the new floor we have done that in the kids rooms and have to do the study yet it makes it all fresh and new.I have ben buying flowers of late as well they just brighten up the house so much.On the ageing thing I watched a show last night about plastic surgery and fillers gone wrong ,very scary especially the fillers I would never do it but some women just like it.I am loving going to my new “HAPPY” place a Creative Café for Knitters and Crocheters on a Wednesday Morning for 2 hours it is a beautiful space filled with very nice shops and lovely friendly women who are helpful when you need help I am trying to learn to crochet ,I have been able to knit since forever,and one woman has a farm and keeps bees and I can get fresh organic produce at very good prices and help out a local business at the same time,win win.I am loving reading too,I devour books at a pretty fast rate.
    Talking of Birthdays my baby girl turns 23 at the end of the month,I agree how fast this parenting gig goes.Thankyou for sharing what you love and I haven’t seen The Great Gatsby but I watched Safe Haven on the weekend and if you haven’t seen it you must ,great movie for mother daughter time 🙂

  10. What a great list! I must say I’m loving the lazy mornings that holidays provide. Just need my husband to come home from a business trip as by the end of the day my patience is wearing a little thin. However, the sun is shining today so the girls will be heading outside very soon and I can settle down to some reading and a coffee. Bliss!

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