Get your winter body ready for summer

Get your winter body ready for summer

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Editor’s note: My blogging friend Kim Abbate from Working Women Australia is escaping the cold of winter for the tropics. I’m only a teensy bit jealous as I’ll be heading back to Bali in October. If you’ve got a Bali trip on the horizon, you might find this post helpful. 

Hi Stylers, I feel really excited to be guest-posting here today – especially considering the topic!

You see, in a few days, I’ll be sitting beside my sister on a flight to Bali after she surprised me with a free holiday! We’re heading away with friends for 10 days of caprioskas, (safe) sun-worshiping and lazy days. Can. Not. Wait.

It’s all very exciting, but there’s been a bit of prep to get my winter body ready for summer. It’s bitterly cold here (just 50kms from the snow) and my feet, arms and legs have not seen the light of day for a few months. They are in desperate need of some TLC before they’re ready for the beach and poolside.


Getting your winter body ready for summer collage SY

Here’s what I’ve been doing in preparation for some sunlight on my lily-white body (and all on a budget too!):

1. Getting my feet sandal-ready: After being enclosed in boots, tights and ballet flats for so long, my heels really need some love. I’ve been using this Pharmacy Choice Heel Balm (only $10) just before bed, then putting socks on. In the shower, I scrub my heels and the balls of my feet with a Dr Scholl’s scrub and voila! My tootsies are ready for strappy sandals. The Dr Scholl’s bar looks like a cake of soap and I have one in the shower year round. At only a few dollars it’s one of the best bargain beauty tips I’ve discovered. Every chemist I’ve ever looked in sells them, but I haven’t been able to find them online.

2. Giving my face a bit of extra protection before we leave: As much as I adore the sun, my face is generally kept out of it. I try to protect my *cough* ageing skin with little sun exposure, and I’m attempting to give it some extra moisture before hitting the pool. In the last few weeks, I’ve been using my night cream as a day cream. It is much, much thicker and I can feel the difference in my face already. Living close to the extreme winter weather, it’s probably not a bad idea to keep this up throughout the cooler months when I return. My skin tends to dry out over winter going from bitterly cold school drop off (often minus 1 or 2), to the over-compensation of a very warm house or office. I still have an SPF in my BB cream, so I’m not missing out there. Overall, the switch has made a noticeable difference, and I’m hoping it won’t be such a shock to my skin when the humidity envelopes my face.

3. Faking it til I make it: I have to do it – fake tan. I’ve avoided it for most of my life, but last year I discovered Ambre Solaire which is the best one I’ve found for my skin. Although I tan quite easily (due to Hungarian heritage), my skin always starts summer with a translucent glow! This one is really easy to apply, doesn’t leave your hands *gasp* orange and starts out with a slow glow (you can apply more if you want to go darker). I’ve applied the foam twice, and presently have a nice, subtle hue. It will most likely wash off just as the real tan kicks in.

4. Protecting my hair from the sun: Hands up who has curly, boofy, crazy hair – ME! Without my GHD I’m completely and utterly lost. There is absolutely no point in attempting to keep up my daily straightening routine whilst in a humid climate, but I still need to take care of my hair. I’ve been using this hair mask twice a week for the past two weeks as a preventative measure. It gives my hair some extra moisture and will hopefully mean that I don’t resemble Guy Sebastian circa 2009 the moment I step off the plane. Fingers crossed!

5. Stopping my hands from ageing well before their time: One area of sun protection that people often overlook is their hands. It’s something I’m acutely aware of, and I always, ALWAYS use a hand lotion with sun protection in it. I’ve bought an extra tube to take away, and I’ll keep up my regular applications poolside. My hands already look old, and I want to prevent any further sun damage. This Palmers Hand Cream only costs $4 and has an SPF of 15. Bargain!


I’m hoping that these few simple things will help my ‘glow-in-the-dark’ skin blend in nicely once I hit the banana-lounge with my trashy romance novels.

Do you have any other tips you can give me? I still have a couple of days to do them.



Family picKim Abbate is a work at home mum who blogs at Working Women Australia. Her blog focuses on topics that relate to busy working mums and centres around the topics of: Work, Home, Health & Family. She is the mother of two young children and lives in a small country town called Bright in regional Victoria. She has a passion for empowering women and drinking coffee. Or wine. Generally wine.




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  1. Remember to exfoliate your skin too Kim! Before you leave I mean, that’ll help the moisturiser absorb better onto your skin too. 🙂 Oh and exfoliate your body too before applying the Ambre Solaire (my fave too)

  2. Fab tips. I’m off to Bali in less than5 weeks now and besides buying a costume has not thought of body prep! Phew, you have saved me! Off to pharmacy tomorrow too, that bar sounds fab.

  3. I am going to have to get one of those foot bar thingos for the shower. My feet are TERRIBLE!

    Have the best time lovely, enjoy the sun, the time and the beauty. Catch you on the other side.


  4. I agree with all the things you have chosen ,i agree with you about the hand cream i discovered a bit too late about ageing hands and now look for handcreams with SPF! I will have to get me one of those Dr Scholl Bars as i walk more heavily on my left leg,and have a very bad skin build up on my left foot ,thankyou for the tip.I also love Ambre Solair fake tan it is great isn’t it.I would recommend putting leave in conditioner in your hair while you are swimming or make your own (just put some conditioner and flitered water in a spray bottle) and spray on your hair ,helps with the frizzy factor and helps it not dry out or some Argan oil,which ever you prefer,drink lots of bottled water,get a pedi before you leave if you have time and have a great time Kim!

    1. What a great idea about the leave in conditioner Lisa! I’m definitely going to do that.

      My pedi is booked for an hour before I leave to go to the airport 😉

  5. Don’t forget your hat and drink a glass of bottled water (not from the tap!) with every cocktail! Oh, and have fun! xxx I’m heading off to the snow this week – don’t think I’ve ever not looked forward to a holiday quite as much! 😉

    1. You sound like me Kim-Marie i hate the snow with a passion,stay indoors and keep warm and watch the boys that is my tip,and take lots of $$ xx

    2. Oh the snow is GREAT fun! You’ll have a blast (if you can get past the cold factor.

      My big, floppy hat is packed and ready to go. Good tip for the water with cocktails – thanks x

  6. How funny- yesterday I searched on your blog for your 13 Bali tips and sent it to my friends for our upcoming trip in October. When are you going? You might meet a crazy fan in the street. Don’t get a fright!

    1. I’m heading down to my local chemist now to pick up a new one for the trip, so I’ll post a pic on my Facebook page so you can recognise it.

  7. Hi Kim, thanks for the tip about the Dr Scholl’s bar! I’m definitely going to get it. Have a great time in Bali.

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