Fire pit, red wine, soft pants and emu australia boots

13 things I’m loving right now

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Hello winter. I see you. I feel you in my toes and I embrace you with all your wool and mulled-wine goodness.

I am so lucky where I live that winter is fleeting and usually comes with mild daytime temperatures. It’s not an inconvenience at all. Especially as I know that in three months’ time it will all be over and things will heat up again … all too quickly.

So I love to embrace all that this short season offers, hairy legs covered by tights or jeans included.

Here are 13 things I’m loving right now – things that each in their special way are helping me embrace the season.

1. Shopping for essential supplies and basking in some early morning sunshine. Bag: Skipping Girl*

Skipping girl bag

2. Shopping online for non-essential pretties … because it’s your birthday month and packages should arrived with your name on them. Tee: sass and bide

sass and bide sequinned tee

3. Stopping for a moment to enjoy the little things. Life is way too short. Wooden block: kikki.K

kikki. k enjoy the little things

4. Enjoying a sneaky red on a Saturday evening in by the fire while wearing soft pants and warm boots.

Fire pit, red wine, soft pants and emu australia boots

5. Taking time out to get some business inspiration from real people. Magazine: Renegade Collective

Renegade Collective

6. Getting even more inspiration from a fellow blogger. Book: Not Quite Nigella

Not Quite Nigella by Lorraine Elliott

7. Taking that inspiration further and into the kitchen. Nothing says Sundays in winter like a roast served up with smashed carrots and French peas.

Roast chicken | Smashed Carrots and French peas

8. Except unless your winter Sundays look more like soup. In which case you might like this recipe here. I added in bacon and goat’s cheese as well. Delish

Roasted tomato and red onion soup with grilled polenta

9. Loving the new location of my fave tea shop, The Silva Spoon. Warmed ourselves nicely with bourbon tea and lemon meringue cheesecake.

The Silva Spoon | lemon meringue cheesecake and bourbon tea

10. Thank goodness I can work off said lemon meringue cheesecake wearing activewear I created myself. Top: mylo-dee bespoke activewear

mylo-dee activewear

11. Spending a lot of time here and thinking I may just need a motivational quote intervention.

Styling You office

12. If not at my desk, I’m on the road therefore necessitating acquisition of stylish geek accessories. Notebook cover: Kate Spade

Kate Spade Macbook Air 11'' cover

13. Which all makes me super grateful for having a warm, comfy bed in which to collapse at the end of the day. Never underestimate the power of good linen. Never. Quilt cover: Freedom Furniture*

Bed | Freedom Furniture quilt cover, chevron red and neon yellow cushions | Pony Rider heart cushion | red cotton throw

Now, it’s over to you. Tell me about one thing you’re loving right now. Go!

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  • Fabulous picks Nikki! Love them all! Winter is an all time fave of mine 🙂

    • I do like it … but then I crave the warmer weather in September. Fickle!

  • Qinnie Wang
  • Zanni, Heart Mama

    Just discovered the Renegade Collective…love it! It’s so intelligent 🙂

  • Lisa Messenger

    Hi Nikki, thanks so much for including us in your list. We’re happy we made the cut! Love, Lisa Messenger, editor-in-chief, Renegade Collective x

    • Lisa, I love your magazine – the passion and energy behind it is so enthusiastic.

  • Ahhhh I love all these things. Especially your need for a motivational quote intervention!
    What am I loving right now? Sleep!
    Oh wait, can you love something you’re not getting any of?

  • My crocheted nanna blanket. My Dylan’s Candy Bar iPad cover. Silva Spoon Reflection Tea (I must order some more actually – the thought of going to bed without it terrifies me!). My Sterling & Hyde Petra tote in Hermes leather. My Body Parts Scarflette from Finders Keepers. Supposed to be one thing, wasn’t it?! What can I say. I’m a girl of excesses!

    PS – My gods, I luff your work space! I’m desperately trying to find a corner of my house that I can repurpose as my desk. Open plan is not working for me now – not enough walls or corners!

    • This is literally a corner of our lounge/dining area that I stealthily took over a couple of years back 😉

  • Fi @ My Mummy Daze

    I love your work space, Nikki! So clean and chic. I’m also a huge fan of your fire pit. I felt a little warmer just looking at that pic when it came through my FB feed! Maybe it was the red wine too! Fi xx

    • Thanks Fi … by Friday it doesn’t look this good but at least Monday starts ok!

  • Pagan

    Soft snuggly stretchy comfort-food-insulation-hiding layers of merino and wool-blend Metalicus… just like PJs only stylish!

  • Kathryn

    There are so many things to love about this time of year. One thing is hard…… I’ll say that I love soft snuggly things that get dragged out in the cooler weather … fluffy slippers and scarves and little crocheted blankets and beanies and velvet pillow cases and tea cosies and and….more.

    Oh my goodness, that lemon meringue pie looks delicious. I love warm winter desserts too.

  • Sonia

    I’m loving spending more time in the kitchen, which is very unlike me. We’re using an SA company called Provi To Your Dore that delivers all of the produce (local, fresh, exact amounts) and recipes needed for healthy, delicious dinners. It’s giving me more confidence in the kitchen and I’m actually enjoying cooking!

    • Oh wow that company sounds genius! No wastage and amazing food every night.

  • Nedyah

    I’m loving my “borrowed” slippers from a fabulous 5-star hotel in Europe we stayed at last xmas (winter time there!) ps: love your blog, first time commenter

  • Loving wearing my boots! And coloured skinnies, and scarves, and just revisiting my winter wardrobe again

  • I love that Sass & Bide top.

  • sydneyshopgirl

    I’m inspired for the season, Nikki!

    SSG xxx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I love what you are loving Right Now Nikki especially as you don’t have a long Winter season as we do 🙁 I am loving wearing my scarves again with a warm knit and boots ( there are some seriously good sales on knitwear atm ) My book I am reading Under the Dome by Stephen King,and I saw it is coming on telly soon ,do watch, it will be good ,it must be a series cause the book is 900 pages!
    Getting my Pjs on early after dinner cleanup and the slowcooker it is great for my lazy girl ways.

  • Libby Gee

    It has to be the fashion. Love wearing my boots and not roasting in them (or looking stupid) As a former Melbourne girl,who now resides on the Sunny Coast too, I love the chance to dress in cosy items, especially scarves….and sitting on the couch at night wrapped up in my granny blanket!

    • Oh, I totally agree and I’ve never been a Melbourne girl but do love my boots!

  • Erin

    A good red in front of a fire is the BEST thing about winter!!! Good call!!!
    Erin –

  • Anna Franklin

    Good linen! Can’t agree more. I think I”m addicted! I so love getting out my continental quilt every winter and dressing it up in French navy and a touch of sequins or even billowy white self-stripes. Cosy Sunday mornings with the newspaper and laptop to roam my fave blogs.

    • Oh exactly how I like my Sunday mornings to go, Anna … and good linen makes all the difference!

  • Persephone Nicholas

    One thing I love in winter (and it definitely feels like winter here in Sydney), is curling up with a good book. I’ve just read R.J. Palacio’s ‘Wonder’ and loved it so much I’m now reading it all over again with my kids!


    • I so agree … ’tis the season to curl up with a good book. Thanks for your recommendation!