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The Nina Proudman date lunch outfit

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Despite what everyone who reads this blog on a regular basis may think, I’m only semi-obsessed by the style of Nina Proudman on Offspring.

She’s not real after all ;). Oops, sorry if that’s too confronting for some.

This fictional character’s style does, however, fit one of my many wardrobe personalities … the dressed up casual personality.

I just adapt it a little to better suit me.

Ankle boots, instead of knee-highs. One necklace instead of three. My refusal to let go of my arm party and cocktail ring.

Now, I realise that with this outfit I’m showing off a little as to just how mild winter days are in my part of the world but please believe me that the nights and early mornings do get on the chilly side. Apparently it will be 10 degrees overnight most of this week.

And this is an outfit that would be way too warm for me to wear in summer … unlike Nina who seemingly works a Melbourne summer in jeans, boots, tunic top and jacket.

Speaking of all things warmer weather, for those of you keen to emulate Nina’s wardrobe by filling your own with boho tunic tops, kimono jackets and summer maxis, stay patient. There are options out there now but in two months when the spring collections start arriving in store, there will be so much more.

Nina Proudman inspired outfit | Johnny Was tunic, Virtu jacket, Samantha Wills necklace, Proof sunglasses, NYDJ jeans, Nancybird bag, Marie Claire boots

 Johnny Was top* (long-sleeved version here) | NYDJ jeans* (on sale here) | Marie Claire ankle boots* | Virtu jacket |  Nancybird bag | Samantha Wills pendant  | Proof sunglasses | Location: Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia

About the location

We live about 30 minutes south of Noosa so it’s almost criminal that we don’t venture north and visit this magical spot more often.

When Mr SY asked where I’d like to go for a birthday date lunch just with him, I suggested we try out the new Peter Kuruvita Noosa Beach House, not least because our good friend and former Stokehouse Brisbane and Wine Bar Maroochydore chef Tony Kelly had just been appointed executive chef at Sheraton Noosa, where the restaurant is housed.

Noosa Beach House Peter Kuruvita

Noosa Beach House is located in what was formerly known as Cato’s. There’s a bustling street-front bar opening on to the passing parade that is Hastings Street (spend an hour with this view and I can almost guarantee you’ll spot someone famous). Overlooking this bar is the restaurant, the latest to be developed by Kuruvita, an acclaimed chef, restaurateur, author, and TV presenter.

Let’s just say, we didn’t hold back.

Noosa Beach House Peter Kuruvita

Entrees of ocean trout and tapas plate, main meals of steak and Moreton Bay bugs and desserts of pavlova and citrus tart. As Mr SY said, we smashed it.

All I could say was, thank goodness they handed out bibs before I tackled those bugs … I’m a shocker with white shirts and hadn’t yet got the above outfit photo.

Noosa Beach House Peter Kuruvita Moreton Bay Bugs

What’s winter like where you live? Could you get away with this outfit? Had a great meal out lately? If so, feel free to plug the restaurant or cafe below.

Items marked with * were sent to me for editorial consideration

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  1. I thought recognised the gorgeous beach in your photo. I live at Noosa and find the Nina Proudman style perfect for our winter months! Hubby & I are regulars at Noosa Beach House too but mainly out the front in the Bar/Coffee lounge are. Its quite blissful. Loving following you and this fab blog of yours by the way Nikki. Sending you much bliss xx

  2. Love the Nina inspired look, I wear similar with ballet flats. Living in the country boots seem a bit too dressy for town but I love them so much!! Freezing cold on the farm so thermals and ugg boots it is. Havent been to the city out for dinner for awhile. Getting creative in the kitchen instead 😉 especially soups and curries.

  3. Best meal lately – Fins at Kingscliff!
    Just 30 mins from the GC. We often go to Byron (1 hr) for a good meal too due to dearth of options here.

    I have two new silvery foiled knits that are sitting in their bags waiting for appropriate daytime temps…

  4. Oh Nicky, I nailed a couple of NYDJ jeans at DJs on sale. What a win!
    It is freezing and wet in Melbs, but I am headed to Bali with all your tips in a month. I would venture to Noosa again just for Peter’s cooking

  5. Love the style and your so-called winter temperatures… I’m envious.

    How about doing a post on ankle boots with big calves? I can’t find boots that will fit, and whenever I put on ankle boots with skirts or skinnies it looks like my feet are about to snap off…

  6. Love that bit of Nina style-jacking, Nikki!
    I was channelling Rachel Khoo yesterday with striped boat neck top, red lippy, skirt, liquid eyeliner and side bun. Loving it.
    Imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery.
    cilla xx

  7. What a lovely looking weekend and lunch. I will take the bit cooler temps and the lovely blue skies over that drizzling rain we had last week in Brisbane. Plus this weather is perfect for straight hair (which lasts for at least a few days too)!!

  8. Love, love, love Noosa. We don’t get there near enough. Would love to try the Beach House, as I have always loved the Stokehouse in Brisbane. A great place to go on a Sunday afternoon for cocktails and delicious food with friends as the sun sets over the Brisbane river.

    Other places I’d recommend in Brisbane? Pony, Ortiga, Public, Peasant, Sixes & Sevens, Alfred & Constance, The Walrus Club, Riverbar & Kitchen.

    How great is winter in Brisbane? Loving the blue skies!

  9. I spent Saturday morning at soccer with a bitter Southerly blowing, definitely snowing down south. Did not warm up all day and yesterday I had my padded outdoor jacket on over my three layers of tops, and a neck muff. I think we live in the coldest house in Sydney.

    Your outfit looks good but something I won’t be wearing until September. You are lucky living there, I hate the cold.

    1. Eek … yes, it must be snowing, can even feel it up here today. When it’s still 10 degrees on the school run, I know it’s been cold overnight. We are lucky that if you can find the sun in the middle of the day that we warm up.

  10. I love Noosa. The place has such a glamorous vibe and your outfit was bang on.
    This Sunny Coast weather still tricks me in the winter though. Yesterday I was warm as toast on my morning dog walk, this morning brrrrr – knee high boots and mac over my tunic and leggings and I was still chilly.
    As far as grub goes…Ebb and The Boat Shed still have my vote for eating out on the coast 🙂

  11. I too can rarely wear white tops without getting something on myself- yesterday it was the chocolate off the top of my cappucino!

    The Nina style requires only a little bit of extra layering in Sydney at the moment, as it has been quite mild in the middle of the day- so far. I found another boutique near my home with Johhny Was in stock over the weekend, but it would be great to have some cheaper options of these styles as well, but as you say the spring stuff will be out when we are still wearing jumpers and coats

  12. I love this outfit on you Nikki,I am a tad jealous of you at the moment I am sitting here in my clothes with my dressing gown over the top it is freezing we had a heavy frost this morning and brr it’s cold.I love your part of the world I have been to Noosa it is very trendy and cool.
    Mr SY is lovely to take you out to a Birthday lunch just the two of you.We have a great Italian place and the best Chinese in the daggiest restaurant you have ever seen ,plastic place mats and flowers ,very fancy like but the food is the best I have ever tasted so we go there quite often.We went on Saturday night and the food never disappoints.Nina clothes will have to wait in my part of the world till Spring or the occasional warm day.

  13. Your posts make me homesick! Currently living in Melbourne but very much looking forward to returning back to the Sunny Coast at the end of the year. Im loving seeing some style on the coast and not jeans and haviana’s!!!

  14. Love this outfit, Nikki. As you say, not much in the shops at the moment to ‘Nina-up’ the wardrobe but I consider this notes and planning time! I’m a tad jealous of that Queensland weather, though! Restaurant looks amazing as well.

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